At Last: The Truth™ about Climate Change

Today we have even more evidence that there is nothing unknown to Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. His latest post at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry, is Do We Need “Economy-Wide Lockdowns to Halt Climate Change”?

Ol’ Hambo has posted about climate change before — see, for example: Ol’ Hambo Explains Climate Change. But today he really gets to the heart of the issue. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

If you want to understand the agenda of the radical climate change activists (and there are many in important political positions) and what will happen if they control the culture — read this opinion piece, We need to act boldly now if we are to avoid economy-wide lockdowns to halt climate change.

We didn’t read it because it isn’t necessary. Hambo will tell us what we need to know. He says:

These activists and politicians want to totally control your life, shut down the economy, and shut down your freedoms. [Gasp!] Life would never be the same again. Essentially, they worship the creation (Romans 1) and want the creation to have dominion over people — while they have dominion over those they can control.

Do you worship the creation, dear reader? You might, even without realizing it, so you should keep reading. Hambo tells us:

When people do not build their worldview on the true history of the world as given to us by God in the Book of Genesis [Ooooooooooooh! The Truth™!], they will make wrong decisions and hurt people. How should we apply a biblical worldview to this important question?

Hambo gives us three guidelines for applying a biblical worldview:

1. Man was given dominion over creation by God to use it for man’s good and God’s glory (Genesis 1:28).

2. Everything in nature is not “good,” as everything is groaning because of sin (Genesis 3; Romans 8:22). This means man should be looking after the environment by doing such things as forest management to ensure forests don’t have a build-up of fuel that can allow destructive fires to occur.

3. They must understand Noah’s flood caused massive climate change, produced an ice age [Not biblical!], and has caused climate change ever since. Such change can occur quickly. And God promises in Genesis 8:22 that “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” So those radical politicians who claim man will destroy the earth in a few years are totally wrong.

He explains what all that means:

The point is, God has revealed to us in his Word that massive changes have occurred that affected this world: sin, the curse, the entrance of death, the flood, and so on. [That’s a lot of changes!] When politicians reject this history, they will make destructive decisions. Romans chapter 1 details what happens when people worship the creation rather than the Creator.

Hambo doesn’t give us a link to that scripture reference, but we’ll take his word for it that bad things happen when people don’t worship the way Hambo thinks they should. He continues — no, actually he’s done, and he ends his post with this:

Learn more about a biblical worldview of stewardship in Dr. Gordon Wilson’s book, A Different Shade of Green [Amazon link], or the current issue of our biblical worldview magazine, Answers. [Link omitted!]

That’s it. That’s the whole thing. Now you know the true story about climate change — thanks to ol’ Hambo.

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14 responses to “At Last: The Truth™ about Climate Change

  1. Given Ken Ham’s rampant religiosity, it is hard to understand why he is in favor of man destroying God’s creation. How in God’s name can protecting the Earth be anti-biblical?

  2. There is a scripture which warns us against leaders who are interested in gold and women, and who claim to know more than the wise: 2 Peter 2.
    The end of Deuteronomy 17 warns against choosing such a leader. Proverbs 26 tells us about people who have a bad leader.

  3. Michael Fugate

    And Ken doesn’t want to control your life?

    I get it now, fossil fuel is concentrated sin. It was packed away during the flood and by burning it we are rereleasing sin into the world.

  4. The book should be an eye opener as well. I quote:

    “We have been shockingly bad at using our Bibles and our brains when it comes to conservation and the environment.”

    Unfortunately there is one negative review, undoubtedly by some environmentalist evilutionist Darwinist. I quote again:

    “Ignorant twaddle from a pseudoscientific perspective painstakingly masked as actual science. His facts and figures are cherry picked to fit the opinions of his target audience.”
    Unthinkable that anything endorsed by Ol’Hambo would be like this.

  5. Michael Fugate

    Why would Jesus be interested in ecology when he believed the world would in a few decades?

  6. Good question, MichaelF, with only one painful (but not for you) problem: Ol’Hambo will maintain that it’s loaded and that Jesus did not believe that at all. ‘Cuz reasons.

  7. Charley Horse X

    You know….there are states in this nation that would elect the imported Ham as governor or a Congressman. There are many such pols in the Retaliban Party and many more if not all who rely heavily on votes from those who think human caused global warming is a hoax just like Trump says it is….a China hoax. Ham is quoting Trump in saying such things as “forest management”. Trump has said millions of acres of national and state owned forests should be raked.

  8. Thanks. A useful addition to my dossier on creationism, anti-environmentalism, and global warming denial

  9. @ Paul Braterman: you omitted the Fourth Apocalyptic Horseman of our present Age of Endarkenment: see this collection of articles from Stephen C. Meyer writing for the DI on Brexit.

    But I’ll await an IFFZ to elaborate: I appreciate that it is off-topic for this particular thread, beyond noting the regular confluence of these particular absurdities

  10. @Megalonyx, thx. I didn’t know DI got into Brexit. By “4 horsemen” I thought you meant AiG, CMI, ICR and DI. I’ll see if the other 3 had views on this; although as you suggest I’ll hold off frm further discussion in this thread

  11. Michael Fugate

    Looking at the selection from the book on Google, it follows FrankB’s commentary “good – thank God, bad – blame humans.” If everyone just followed the Bible and every living thing was subservient to male humans so that males in power could use everything as they saw fit to keep themselves in power, then all would be well. It is the age old story – get into power and then make up a story about how you were always meant to be in power.

  12. @Mega: please, repost that link at the next IFFZ. StephieM knows almost as much about history, economics and politics as Ol’Hambo!

  13. And what about the means that you got to be top dog? Isn’t it either by force or by trickery? Not by being a nice guy?

  14. Michael Fugate

    I am about halfway through Ibram Kendi’s “Stamped from the Beginning” which chronicles racism and anti-racism in the US. Very interesting – assimilationism, segregationism, monogenism, polygenism, colonizationism, climate theorists, curse theorists, etc. – all to keep enslavers from paying for labor so they can buy things they don’t need.