The Return of the Banana Boy

Our long-time readers remember Kirk Cameron, the creationist boy wonder. He was featured in many of our early posts — e.g. Kirk Cameron and the Crocoduck, and also Kirk Cameron: World’s Dumbest Human? In case you somehow missed it, here’s another chance to see him in his supporting role in Ray Comfort’s famous “Banana video”.

Now that we’ve refreshed your memory, get ready for a treat, because among the banana boy’s fans is Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. We just found something amazing at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry. It’s titled “Living Room Reset” with Kirk Cameron at the Ark Encounter, November 19. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Do you need a “living room reset”? [What the flaming *bleep* is that?] The events of 2020 have added new pressures to many marriages and families. Find encouragement and heartfelt conversation about marriage and parenting with well-known actor Kirk Cameron (you might know him from the TV shows Growing Pains or The Way of the Master with Ray Comfort).

The banana boy can save your marriage? Amazing! Hambo then says:

He’s coming to the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter [Gasp!] one night only, November 19, from 6–9 pm for his “Living Room Reset” event. [Link omitted!]

Kirk Cameron, the banana boy, will be at Hambo’s Ark Encounter? Wowie — our cup runneth over! After that stunning information, Hambo tells us:

During this three-hour special event, you’ll hear what has brought the most peace and blessing to their home and some personal and heartfelt messages from Kirk about the things that have made the most valuable differences in his 26-year marriage and with their six kids.

You don’t want to miss that! Hambo continues:

Of course, we encourage all attendees to arrive earlier in the day and purchase a separate ticket to tour the full-size Noah’s Ark. The Ark Encounter, along with the Creation Museum (only 45 interstate minutes away), are the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world.

We know all that. Oh — Hambo ends with this vital information:

You can purchase tickets to “Living Room Reset” through Kirk Cameron’s event page. [Link omitted!] Space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot today.

We know you’re going, dear reader. When you get there, tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya!

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21 responses to “The Return of the Banana Boy

  1. With covid-19 infections shooting up in Kentucky I would have thought that that place had been shut down!

  2. Eddie Janssen

    What is AIG’s position on vaccines?

  3. Eddie Janssen

    Oops, that was me.

  4. “The Return of the Banana Boy”
    Yes! (Fierce fist in the air) My all time creacrap video!

    “you’ll hear what has brought the most peace and blessing to their home”
    Such a disappointment – three friggin’ hours, when the brilliant bananavideo communicated its message in about a minute! The answer is two words, nine letters – YHWH, Jesus.

    @EddieJ is too lazy to look up some info:

    “What is AIG’s position on vaccines?”
    Invented by Louis Pasteur, who was “a strong opponent of evolution and a man of God”.

  5. I’m so happy to learn that “the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world” are in the Appalachian hills. I would have guessed maybe the Sistine Chapel in Rome, or Notre Dame in Paris or maybe the Duomo di Firenze. Silly me.

  6. Oh, and I always thought Edward Jenner who used cowpox as a vaccine for small pox 25 years before Pasteur was born, “invented” vaccination.

  7. Well, to be fair, AIG doesn’t claim that Pasteur invented the first vaccin, just many vaccines. No, they don’t mention Jenner.

  8. The Chinese were basically doing vaccinations a couple of thousand years ago.

  9. Michael Fugate
    people in Asia and Africa were inoculating people long before Jenner…

  10. Michael Fugate

    Beaten to the punch…

  11. @abeastwood
    Leading Christian themed attractions in the world? Places in and around Jerusalem, Bethlehem and such.

  12. Dave Luckett

    The earliest account of Chinese vaccination against smallpox goes back to the tenth century. There are suggestions that Indian Vedic practitioners may have preceded that, but it’s very debateable. Michael Fugate, where do you find the statement that “people in… Africa were inoculating people long before Jenner”?

    Does religion – specifically, evangelical Protestant Christianity – correlate with durable successful marriage? It seems, not highly:,a%20sampling%20of%204%2C752%20individuals.&text=The%20highest%20number%20of%20divorces,Evangelical%20Protestants%20at%2028%20percent.

    In fact, the converse.

    Oh, but those people whose marriages break down aren’t real Christians. Sure, sure. Just like those people who confiscate property and butcher the people who thought they owned it aren’t real socialists.

  13. Michael Fugate

    1706 Cotton Mather and Onesimus. See also Vaccines by Arthur Allen 2007.

  14. You old boys should know this, but prevarication seem to be your norm, for there is only one absolute in all the world, for it transcends all faiths, all philosophies, all demands of states and rituals of superstitions, and that is evolution, for evolution is the only glimpse of the beginning and the continuance and the proliferation ad infinitum of mankind wherever in the planets that surrounds the infinity of stars is found, with the great mystery of the sudden spark that began it all being what we call god because we don’t have anything else to call it, and probably never will…
    So never forgive an insult or an injury to sensibility or body, for it was probably given – as found in these pages – in poor judgement, or worse, in poor taste. One excuses only lawyers and judges in the justice system from this, who view each as a forgivable, but only fineable, excuse. All the rest deserves a sound slap in the face. Stand in line.

  15. Pretty sad they’re still billing him as “Mike Seaver”

  16. What is sympathetic magic but clumsy attempts at vaccination?

  17. No. Cotton Mather, like the Chinese, used actual smallpox infectious material (variolation), which was very dangerous. Onesimus – his slave – described it. It seems that African herders were variolating animals by sometime in the seventeenth century, and the Ottomans were using the same method on humans by the beginning of the eighteenth. But the first use of smallpox vaccination with a related, but different bacillus – cowpox – was by Edward Jenner. The word is derived from the Latin vacca, a cow.

    It was known as far back as the fifth century BCE that some diseases could be caught only once, and the patient, if they survived, was thereafter immune. Obviously, giving a weaker dose of the disease could be of benefit – but how to ensure that it was weaker, and the patient would survive? Various attempts were made to attenuate the agent in the infectious material – remember that nobody before 1860 or so knew anything about the germ theory of disease – but patients still died of the disease to which they were attempting to gain immunity. To Jenner rightly belongs the credit of the first safe innoculation.

  18. Michael Fugate

    Oh do stop with the white savior hero BS.

  19. What is one to say to so devastating a rebuttal?

  20. Apparently no self-criticism.

  21. Self-criticism, is it? Essential, of course, but politically useful only if performed in public, as the Maoists realised. If you do, you’re obviously in the wrong. If you don’t, you’re obviously in the wrong. A perfect double-bind, and typical of them. And you, it seems. But you’re not a Marxist, FrankB. No, no, perish the thought. You’re just a pale-pink leftie who wants social justice and worker-owned enterprise and all that. Suuure you are.