Two Tearful Tales and a Plea for Money

This is one of the most thrilling, heart-warming posts we’ve ever seen at the creationist blog of the Discovery Institute. The thing is titled “Blind Evolution… Explained Everything”, and it was written by John West (whom we affectionately call “Westie”).

Wikipedia describes Westie as: “a Senior Fellow at the Seattle-based Discovery Institute (DI), and Associate Director and Vice President for Public Policy and Legal Affairs of its Center for Science and Culture (CSC), which serves as the main hub of the Intelligent design movement.” Here are some excerpts from Westie’s post, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

He begins with a very emotional quote:

If anyone is having a hard time right now… wondering if there is a Creator, that science erases him and proves that he isn’t real… You are not alone. I was there once… I was in that dark abyss. I was one who once was convinced that there was no God, ridiculed others and belittled them.

Ooooooooooooh! Someone was in the “dark abyss” of science. Westie says:

These words come from Bryan, a young man who recently posted his story in response to one of our YouTube videos. Bryan began to lose his faith in God after reading books by Darwinian biologist Richard Dawkins and others. By college, he was convinced there was no God and that “blind evolution… explained everything.”

Bryan was indeed in a dark abyss — he had been seduced by Darwinism. Westie tells us:

Then he stumbled across a book by biologist Michael Denton, a Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture (CSC), which sponsors this website. That led him to more books and videos produced by the CSC. He says he cried [Ooooooooooooh!] and hugged Michael Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box, and he also cried after reading Signature in the Cell by Steve Meyer.

Bryan is quite the crybaby, but one can certainly understand what caused his emotional outpouring. Westie continues with yet another tale:

Vincent has a similar story. A few weeks ago, he posted this message to YouTube:

[Westie quotes Vincent:] Discovery Institute made me love science again. [BWAHAHAHAHAHA!] When I was a materialist, listening to the likes of Dawkins and Dennett… I became viciously nihilistic and hedonistic. Why should I learn any more science? I am hurtling towards death with no purpose — quick, play all the video games and watch all the immoral videos I can! Oh how thankful I am that I don’t feel that that is all I can get from life anymore.

Isn’t that wonderful? Then Westie gets to the point of those stories:

Bryan and Vincent are just two lives changed by the work of the CSC. Will you help us change millions of additional lives in 2021 by making an end-of-year donation? [Link omitted!]

We’re only half-way though Westie’s post, but the rest of it is all begging you to contribute money to the Discoveroids. After hearing the tales of Bryan and Vincent, who could resist Westie’s plea? So go ahead, dear reader, send ’em some dough — and tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya!

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8 responses to “Two Tearful Tales and a Plea for Money

  1. Theodore J Lawry

    Vincent says he doesn’t watch “immoral videos” anymore and Westie believes him! The science is strong in these ones! BTW, why do
    conservatives” have this hang-up about “morality” meaning “not having sex?” I never understood that one.

  2. He had to read all those books.
    Luckily back in the early 70’s we only had the bible.
    That was enought for me to call BS . Been just fine ever since.

  3. Michael Fugate

    I hope these young males find a purpose for their lives. If they couldn’t find one on their own, will this last? Maybe believing they are going to live forever gives them reasons- hopefully it is not just redirected selfishness.

  4. Dax Williams, I echo you. I, too, only needed the Bible, which I read cover to cover in my twenties, and again later, with scholarly commentary in hand. That was enough for me. Anybody who can actually read it and think that it must be truthful or authoritative or consistent is someone you’d start edging away from, within five minutes of casual conversation with them.

    Or tell them, as the council clerk said to the man who came in to get a licence for his pet halibut, Eric, “You’re a loony”.

  5. chris schilling

    Look, it’s people like you wot cause unrest.🐟

  6. Richard Andersen

    I hope that their plea for money indicates that they are in real financial trouble, Bankruptcy couldn’t happen to a more deserving organization.

  7. @Theodore J. Lawry
    I think that another problem confessed to is substance abuse. There is the famous characterizing of religion as an opiate.

  8. These tales are nothing but the gazillionth version of the famous and old Saulus becomes Paulus story. All those versions follow the same pattern, so I doubt if these two are genuine.