The Truth about Antarctic Ice

We found an amazingly informative article at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. Hambo’s article is titled Ice Cores — The Secret to Understanding Earth’s Climate?, and we’re certain that you’ll find it enlightening. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Are ice cores hiding secrets about earth’s climate? Well, yes and no. [Huh?] Here’s what I mean: yes they are, in the sense that they preserve post-flood history [Ah, post-flood!]; and no they aren’t, in the sense that, unlike what many secular scientists believe, they don’t tell us about climate changes over hundreds of thousands or millions of years.

Great beginning! Then he says:

Recently an article highlighted scientists searching to find old ice — ice that’s supposedly millions of years old [Hee hee!] — in Antarctica. They want to find this ice because of tiny bubbles of gas inside. And they believe that gas preserves a history of the atmosphere back millions of years, which can help us understand climate change then and now.

Hambo tells us why those scientists are fools:

But because these scientists have the wrong starting point — slow and gradual processes over millions of years — they’re going to reach the wrong conclusions about the ages of these ice sheets and how the data preserved in them can help us understand the past and present.

Ah yes — millions of years! Hambo explains why that’s so wrong:

You see, in a biblical worldview, Antarctica hasn’t been covered with ice sheets for 30 million years. When we start with the history given to us in God’s Word, we understand the Antarctic ice sheets like this: Antarctica moved to its present position in the extreme south during and soon after the global flood, likely due to catastrophic plate tectonics. [Link to an AIG article omitted!]

Yeah, the Flood caused the continents to go slipping and sliding all over the place. Hambo continues:

The flood triggered an ice age. [Not mentioned in the bible!] Vast amounts of snow piled up in many places on earth, but particularly at the poles [The bible doesn’t mention the poles either!], building the ice cores in decades or centuries, not slowly and gradually. So those little air pockets haven’t been sitting there for millions of years — they record the atmospheric conditions during the centuries following the flood.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! And here’s the end of Hambo’s article:

Sadly, because evolutionists have the wrong interpretation of this ice and these air pockets, politicians end up making bad decisions about supposed man-made climate change because they have a totally wrong understanding of what really is happening (and has happened) in this world.

If only they would listen to Hambo! What’s wrong with those people?

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15 responses to “The Truth about Antarctic Ice

  1. Yet another example of climate science denial by the creationists. All of them; AiG, CMI, ICR, DI.

    I had thought that the way that kangaroos got from the Ark to Australia was by similar rapid tectonic change. But according to The Genesis Flood, it was more straightforward. They hopped, being pushed southwards by the more successful placentals, but Australia separated from Asia before the placentals could catch up with them. Much less interesting 😦

  2. “And they believe that …..”
    Isn’t Ol’Hambo great? Evilutionists believe, Ol’Hambo knows.

  3. The ages of ice cores are not just guessed at, they are determined by counting annual patterns and other measurements.

  4. Dave Luckett

    TomS: that’s mere fact. The natural world is replete with misleading facts. This is an imperfect world, fallen from its original perfection, so why would it surprise anyone to find that alternate cycles of freeze and thaw, partial and incomplete, would resemble annual markers, when they were in fact laid down on an hourly basis?

    As for the marsupials. Paul Braterman, – which are only kangaroos, as everyone knows – it makes perfect sense that they would retreat before the advance of the placental mammals, and that Australia would obligingly break off under their very feet, and head for Antarctica at roughly the speed of a rowboat. (It slowed down in historical times, because reasons.) And those heathen geologists who say that the continent is actually heading roughly north, having separated from Antarctica itself, are simply denying God, solely on the basis of measuring the movement with their delusional instruments or something.

    Who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

  5. “… these scientists have the wrong starting point …”.

  6. WordPress ran away without allowing me to finish …
    Creationists know that the literal interpretation of the Bible is the correct starting point to any scientific problem.

  7. @TomS, you are using the kind of reasoning that Ham very wisely warned us against! You’re invoking a completely unjustified uniformitarianism, assuming that events in the past took place at the same rate as events today. how do you know that in the extraordinary conditions following the Flood and the removal of the Canopy, those are annual bands and not daily bands?

  8. @Paul Braterman
    So, how about giving an alternative calculation? For example, it’s wrong by a factor of 365, then the ice formed from 5000 years ago looks like 1.825 years. And then sync the bands with historic times. What was the atmosphere like at the time of Caesar?

  9. you still don’t understand! We need to work out when things really happened by looking in the Bible, and calibrate accordingly. But of course things must have been settling down to their present speed by the time of the patriarchs, because Abraham only lived until 175

  10. @Paul Braterman
    So calibrate!
    The workers on ice cores calibrate. They don’t just say that this must be really old.
    The workers on tree rings calibrate. The workers on radioisotopes calibrate. How many systems of dating things beyond 5000 years? However many, one can bet that they calibrate before giving a date.
    There was a recent Chinese mission to return moon rocks which deliberately chose a younger source in order to improve calibration.

  11. you’ve forgotten AiG’s Scientific Method; don’t calibrate, obfuscate!

  12. Eddie Janssen

    Wasn’t there something about the energy release in creationist plate tectonics (normal plate tectonics, squeezed in one year) that would vaporize all the Earth’s oceans?

  13. No problem, EddieJ, YHWH can absorb far more energy than our entire can contain.

  14. All of the excuses for not considering the laws of nature, they make any argument making reference to a law of nature worthless.
    In particular, the argument from design is invalidated.

  15. Theodore J Lawry

    No Ham’s web page he says their Answers News broadcast covers such gripping topics as:

    Did eating meat make us human?
    Did aliens annihilate themselves?
    Are picnic and brown bag offensive terms?
    And more!

    And always the “answer” will start with “the Bible says…”
    These people should get over themselves!