At Last, the Truth™ about the Platypus

They’re not afraid to tackle tough issues at Answers in Genesis (AIG) — the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo). They just posted The Platypus Is an Evolutionary Puzzle — Have They Finally Solved It? It was written by ol’ Hambo himself, the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

One of the more enigmatic creatures in the world lives Down Under in rivers and creeks of my native Australia — it has fur like a mammal (and the fur glows in UV light), spurs like a rooster, lays eggs like a bird, has webbed feet like a duck, a tail like a beaver, and venom like a snake. What is it? It’s the platypus of course!

The glowing fur was recently discovered. We posted about it here: The Platypus Is the Intelligent Designer’s Joke. But that’s not what Hambo is writing about today. He says:

This mosaic creature has always been a puzzle to evolutionists. After all, what did such a bizarre creature supposedly evolve from? Well, evolutionists now claim their understanding of the platypus’ origins has greatly advanced.

To back that up, Hambo links to this article in ScienceDaily: Mapping the platypus genome: How Earth’s oddest mammal got to be so bizarre. Then he tells us:

[S]cientists announced they’ve mapped the platypus genome. As they peer into the observational science (DNA sequences), they’ve interpreted them (with historical science) through the lens of their worldview and their evolutionary beliefs about the past. They’ve concluded that this aquatic mammal has lost and gained various genes throughout its history. But this is nothing more than storytelling. [Typical Darwinism!]

That’s quite an ark-load of creationist clunkers packed into one short paragraph. Very impressive! AIG has previously blogged about the platypus, and they said it was Hambo’s favorite animal because it’s so obviously a product of creationism — see Answers in Genesis: Behold the Platypus. Now they have this new study to rant about. Hambo quotes sweet Georgia Purdom, one of AIG’s creation scientistists, who says:

The platypus is very unique because it shares features with mammals, birds, and reptiles. It’s quite the puzzle for evolutionists to imagine what it might have evolved from! Now that the platypus genome has been decoded, scientists have woven together a STORY about genes lost and gained through millions of years of evolutionary history to make the platypus what it is today. [They’re fools!] … However, that DNA sequence doesn’t tell us that the creature really did evolve, how that creature evolved, when it evolved, or what it evolved from. That information is imposed on the data by scientists that start with an evolutionary worldview.

Hambo concludes his post by informing us:

Studying the genomes of various creatures does indeed offer great insight [Really?], but it’s not insight into their origins. [Hee hee!] If we want to understand origins, we need to first look to the true history found in God’s Word, which tells us God created everything in six days and just a few thousand years ago.

As always, Darwinists are hell-bound idiots, while Hambo speaks The Truth!

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9 responses to “At Last, the Truth™ about the Platypus

  1. Dave Luckett

    I’m an ignoramus when it comes to genetics. And the article in ScienceDaily is a report on a paper, not the paper itself, of which I would understand hardly a word.

    But see, I know I don’t know about this stuff. I’m not a big enough idiot to tell a team of scientific researchers that their conclusions are wrong. I’d have to be a peer of theirs in their field to do that.

    But there’s Ken Ham, who wouldn’t know a chromosome from a chronoscope, telling us what the research means. Now, that requires chutzpah! But our Ken has never been lacking in that.

  2. Theodore J Lawry

    Some creationists still think that the platypus is bird-like, it isn’t. If it were bird-like that would be bad for evolution, but since mammals evolved from reptiles, a few reptile like features would be good. The “bill” isn’t duck like at all, a duck’s bill is covered with horn but the platypus uses skin. It’s eggs aren’t hard shelled like a bird, they are soft shelled like a reptile. Mammals are descended from reptiles, there is a beautiful series of intermediate fossils demonstrating that, so the two remaining egg laying mammal should lay reptile-like eggs. Creationists have got it backwards.

    Oh and now Ham says the platypus has ” webbed feet like a duck” but in the Platypus: The Mystery Mammal he is quoted as saying “webbed feet like an otter.” An otter is a mammal, so no “birdness” there! So sloppy they can’t even get basic details straight!

  3. chris schilling

    One of the more baffling creatures in the world lives in North America but hails originally from my native Australia — it has peculiar vowel sounds (which can be understood by Americans with some effort), a wispy Lincoln-esque beard, lays a giant egg every time it opines on the subject of evolution, and possesses all the charm of a snaggle-toothed, pockmarked ten-dollar hooker constantly on the make. What is it? It’s the Hammypus of course!

  4. “it has ……”
    Wait, wait, wait ….. this sounds very much like the crocoduck Ray the Bananaman was asking for. And still Ol’Hambo is not satisfied! A perfect example of that famous creacrap at law (well, a variation actually):

    1. X can’t be evidence confirming evolution theory;
    2. neither can -X.

    So I had to consult AIG. To his credit Ol’Hambo never has blogged about the crocoduck, but I did find and enjoy this gem:

    A good reminder that the majority of christians are our allies when fighting creacrap.

  5. @DaveL: “But there’s Ken Ham telling us what the research means.”
    But Ol’Hambo has something much, much better than you and me – direct telepathic contact with YHWH.

    @TheoJL: “but since mammals evolved from reptiles”
    Aha! Gotcha! According to evilutionists, who have embraced cladistics to “support” their fake story, birds are reptiles too! Atheism fails again! Creacrap wins!

    @ChrisS: affectionally called Hammypussy Australicussy.

  6. chris schilling

    “[V]enom like a snake.”

    I believe only the male platypus has this. No doubt Ken would claim God decreed it thus, but Darwinian intrasexual selection might be a better explanation.

  7. And, of course, it has venom like a snake, and not venom like a shrew, which it’s much closer to, chemically.

  8. One can write a Ham sandwich in advance, for any discovery:

    There is a puzzle for evolutionists.
    The puzzle has been solved.
    No it hasn’t, because that information is imposed on the data by scientists that start with an evolutionary worldview.

  9. Could be used by IDiots just fine; perhaps different terminology, eg athiest materialist prejudice bla bla.
    The important thing is: Darwinism remains false. ‘Cuz bla bla.