Discoveroids Battle Against Disinformation

This one at the Discovery Institute’s creationist blog is really strange. The title of their new post is For Darwin Day, Website Resists Disinformation Campaign Against Intelligent Design. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! — the Discoveroids are battling against disinformation! The thing was written by Klinghoffer, so you know it’s good. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

One of the key terms of this cultural moment is “disinformation,” also known as “misinformation.” Much of the time these words are aimed by censors at ideas they simply don’t like. [We’re all familiar with it — especially from creationist websites!] Kevin Roose, writing in that leading propaganda organ, the New York Times [Link omitted!], even advocates for a federal-level government “task force” led by a “reality czar” to tell Americans what’s true and what’s not, thus combatting “the scourge of hoaxes and lies.”

That sounds like the New York Times. But how can Klinghoffer, a big-time blogger for the Discoveroids, write a post about misinformation? This should be fun! He says:

The truth is that the theory of intelligent design has been the object of a disinformation campaign, marked by lies and conspiracy theories, for many years.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! After that he tells us:

There has been an urgent need for online resources that present the truth about science-based critiques of Darwinism and the case for intelligent design. Evolution News, the daily voice of the ID movement, is one source. [Well, it’s a source of something!] But where do you go for a general introduction to ID for the total newcomer? Or for the intermediate or advanced learner?

Where do you go for the stuff the Discoveroids always promote? We might suggest the bathroom. Anyway, he continues:

This week leads up to Darwin Day on Friday, February 12 — the birthday of Charles Darwin. For the occasion, the Center for Science & Culture is delighted to launch IntelligentDesign.Org. [Link omitted!] Everything about ID that ought to be at Wikipedia, and much more, is right there.

That’s what the world needs — another Discoveroid website! Let’s read on:

The web address has been around for some time, but we have revamped the site to the point where it is now completely new. … There’s a huge amount to explore, including videos, articles, news, a curriculum, frequently asked questions, and more. All the science stars of the ID movement are represented including [List of Discoveroid geniuses omitted!] But much else is brand new. This is where to send a friend, family member, or teacher who asks, “What’s intelligent design?”

We still think the bathroom is a better choice. Hey — we’ve arrived at Klinghoffer’s final paragraph. Here it is:

Of course I am leaving a lot out, so I’ll [He means “You’ll”!] just have to go and check out IntelligentDesign.Org [Link omitted again!] for yourself. Look back here later for news about a brand new video, “A Scientific Assent” — that is, to intelligent design — that will be featured at the site, as well. [Sounds fantastic!] This is a major step forward for truth against lies.

That last sentence is a real winner! We wish the Discoveroids well with their new website. If you ever visit the place, dear reader, let us know what we’re missing.

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14 responses to “Discoveroids Battle Against Disinformation

  1. Klinghoffer:

    “One of the key terms of this cultural moment is “disinformation,” also known as “misinformation.””

    Disinformation, misinformation — not synonymous.

    The former is a subset of the latter; its meaning includes a necessary element of the intent to deliberately deceive.

    Misinformation may or may not be intended to deceive.

    (Mnemonic: Disinformation — Deliberate, Deceive)

  2. chris schilling

    Klinghoffer’s wife (knocks on bathroom door): “Honey: are you okay? You’ve been over half an hour. What are you doing in there?”

    Klinghoffer (much grunting): “Trying to find the truth. I’m almost done.”

  3. About “disinformation” see the Wikipedia article. It stems from a coinage by Stalin’s KBG.

  4. This is, by some tests, another iteration of ID as conspiracy theory. Someone, somewhere is somehow manufacturing disinformation against it. (Sounds a bit like how their “intelligent agent”, whoever that was, manufactured life.) They are disinforming you because they don’t want you to know the TRUTH! It’s a conspiracy!

    There is no “they”. There is no conspiracy. Life evolved. The Earth is fairly close to spherical. Men walked on the Moon in 1969. Alas, alas, they haven’t been back since 1976, to our shame as a species. And also to our shame, we need some way of counteracting disinformation, and I wish I knew what it should be.

  5. Life evolves.

  6. “But where do you go for a general introduction to ID for the total newcomer? Or for the intermediate or advanced learner?”
    One of the plans formulated in the Wedge Document was that the Discotute – the very outfit Kclinkcy “works” for – would develop such material. He implies here that he and his colleagues have made his money for many years by sitting on their lazy asses.

    “We still think the bathroom is a better choice.”
    Ah, I don’t think one excludes the other, especially not in these corona times. Promised, later this day or this week I’ll take a look and see if I can find some comedy material.

  7. Is there anything which is NOT Intelligently Designed? Even things which do not exist, never exist, cannot exist? What difference does ID make?

  8. @TomS asks: “What difference does ID make?”
    On some days ID turns my bad morning temper into a good one. But I suppose that’s not exactly what you have in mind.

  9. From their new webiste:

    “Such research is conducted by observing the types of information produced when intelligent agents act. Scientists then seek to find objects which have those same types of informational properties which we commonly know come from intelligence. Intelligent design has applied these scientific methods to detect design in irreducibly complex biological structures, the complex and specified information content in DNA, the life-sustaining physical architecture of the universe, and the geologically rapid origin of biological diversity in the fossil record during the Cambrian explosion approximately 530 million years ago.”

    Ok ok, let me not kick in that wide open door and ask “what scientific methods do IDiots use to detect design?”
    No, today I’m interested in “same types of informational properties which we commonly know come from intelligence.” ‘Cuz this sounds like an operationalization of Paley’s (False) Watchmaker Analogy. So what kind of intelligence do we know having inserted which informational properties in which biological structures, in DNA etc. etc.? The only answer a simple mind like me can think of is a Grand Old Designer (blessed be MOFO!), but that would be circular. And IDiots wouldn’t want to be guilty of that, would they?

    Follows a link to a site called New World Encyclopedia. This is amusing:

    “As a theory, ID also does not specify the identity or nature of the designer, so it is not the same as natural theology, which reasons from nature to the existence and attributes of God.”
    Eh, IDiots “reason” something like “this thingy looks like designed to me, hence a Grand Old Designer – exactly like natural theology (aka apologetics). The paragraph called science says:

    “Behe considers …..”
    “Behe ….. his argument”
    Ie apologetics.
    What’s not on that page is an answer to my questions.

    The Attack Gerbil has produced a compilation of some old stuff:

    What he does not do is “observing types of information” or something similar. What he does do is “putting a stop to inquiry by suggesting “God did it.”” [sligthly adapted for convenience].
    Of course prejudiced me immediately concludes that this new site doesn’t offer anything new, simply because IDiocy hasn’t made any progress since at least Kitzmiller.
    But hey, if anyone (IDiot or not) finds something new, please let us know. That’s what this blog is for.

  10. @FrankB and I understand each other.
    But maybe i could go on a little more. I asked for an example of something which is not ID, as a beginning for a difference between X which is ID and Y which is not ID.
    People who think that all things are creatures of God might say that all things are ID. One might say that ID is a cause of existence, the way that creation is.
    But imaginary things, even impossible things, are designed. Utopias are designed. Design is not a cause of existence.

  11. Indeed. I’ve just looked at episode 2 of

    which had a topic about icecrystals. Are the IDed or not? Or from

    “Through the study and analysis of a system’s components, a design theorist is able to determine whether various natural structures are the product of chance, natural law, intelligent design, or some combination thereof.”
    Well, dear IDiots from Seattle, which is it in this case? And how did you determine it?
    My prediction: the next 20 years they will remain as silent on this as they’ve been the last 20 years.

  12. @FrankB
    How does Intelligent Design work without taking account of natural law?

    Artists often work with chance. There is, for example, crackle glaze pottery. Performers react to the audience.

    The division into three is useless.

  13. Slightly OT, but am I the only one to notice Casey’s byline on FrankB’s link notes he is a PhD in Science as he pontificates on the “Tree of Life” and quotes heavily from the old, controversial New Scientist article on What Darwin Got Wrong”. Who knew Geologists were so versed in biology?

  14. Years ago we played this adventure game on our mainframe. Yes, I said mainframe. I am that old. It was called “Warp” set in a seaside village. It was your typical Mystery Mansion, Aladdin’s Cave sort of game in which you wandered around, collected objects and solved puzzles.

    Anyway, one of the objects you could find was the “framastat.” You never learn what it is, what it does or how to use it, but one of the puzzles simply requires you to “have a framastat.”

    “Intelligent design” creationism is a framastat. Just a made-up word that can mean anything or nothing at all. And like the cave in Warp, trying to “learn” anything about IDC takes you down a tunnel, twisting tunnel, twisty tunnel, twisted tunnel, ultimately to the Dead End.