Creationist Bill in Maine for 2021

A drooling, feeble-minded, creationist legislator has introduced an idiotic bill into the Maine legislature. We learned about it from our friends at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), who just posted this news item: A new “controversial issues” bill in Maine, written by Glenn Branch, NCSE’s Deputy Director. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

A bill in the Maine legislature would ban public school teachers from practicing “indoctrination” — and contains a provision that could adversely affect science education. House Paper 395 (PDF), introduced in the Maine House of Representatives on February 22, 2021, and referred to the House Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, would, if enacted, require the state board of education to adopt rules to prevent public school teachers in the state from engaging in what it describes as “political, ideological[,] or religious advocacy.”

Where have we seen legislation like that before? Ah yes, a few states have considered such bills before. There was even one in Maine that didn’t go anywhere. We wrote about it two years ago — see Creationist Bill in Maine for 2019, followed by Creationist Bill in Maine for 2019 — It’s Dead. Okay, returning to NCSE, they say:

The rules would in particular require teachers to “provide students with materials supporting both sides of a controversial issue being addressed and to present both sides in a fair-minded, nonpartisan manner,” where “a controversial issue” is defined as “a point made in an electoral party platform at the local, state[,] or federal level.”

Teachers would be required to present both sides? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! There are two sides to virtually everything, so if this crazy bill becomes law, the classrooms in Mane will be very interesting places. The law would require teaching not only creationism, but also flat Earth, racism, astrology, etc. Oh, wait — for the law to apply, the “controversial issue” must be a point made in a political party platform. No problem — there are loads of crazy politicians. NCSE says:

As Ars Technica (January 29, 2019) observed in discussing a spate of similar measures in 2019, “a large number of state party platforms specifically mention evolution and climate change.”

This wondrous piece of legislation is the handiwork of Representative CARMICHAEL of Greenbush, who is listed as sponsor. His bio page at the legislature’s website doesn’t tell us anything about him, except that his full name is Meldon H. Carmichael. We never knew a Meldon before. Hey — he’s not the only imbecile in the Maine legislature. Listed as co-sponsors are representatives DOLLOFF of Milton Township, DUCHARME of Madison, GRIFFIN of Levant, MASON of Lisbon, and POIRIER of Skowhegan. Idiots all!

The Maine legislature convened on 02 December 2020, and is scheduled to adjourn on 16 June 2021. There’s plenty of time for something crazy to happen, so stay tuned to this blog!

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13 responses to “Creationist Bill in Maine for 2021

  1. I intend to found the Flat Earth party, Whose platform is to require airlines to reroute according to the realities of Flat Earth geometry. For far too long, teachers have been allowed to present sphericalist doctrine as if it were unquestioned fact, which it clearly is not, and ignore the controversy.

  2. I took a look at the Maine Republican Party Platform, at, and I suggest that several of the “planks” in that platform are not at all controversial, and it would be inappropriate to “teach both sides”.

  3. Paul Braterman says: “I intend to found the Flat Earth party”

    Ah, so it is imperative that we teach both sides of the controversy in school.

  4. Eddie Janssen

    Maybe a Communist Party can be founded so that the economics teachers can apply for an extra hour a week of economics classes to teach communist economics.
    Oh boy…

  5. Eddie Janssen

    Does that Communist Party have to have a representative in the State Senate or is being a political party enough for this law to apply?

  6. @Eddie Janssen
    In the Maine Republican Party Platform, there are a number of planks under heading IV ” Because capitalism and the free market system encourage individual initiative and a prosperous economy, thereby benefiting Maine workers and families, we support:”
    Therefore, under the provisions of this bill, these supports for capitalism and “free market” must be presented with the arguments for and against. Whether there is a Communist Party of Maine, or not, the fact is that the Republican Party brings up the subject.

  7. Enter pasatafarianism, marxist economic theory, Pythagorean harmony of the spheres – and I also want to have taught objections against negative numbers.

  8. What a bunch of loons! Imagine if parties representing QA or anti-vax won a seat, a teacher would never find time for basic curriculum because EVERYTHING would be controversial.

  9. Richard Staller

    Both sides? You had me at flat earth!

  10. Sadly, these efforts are all Dover Traps.

    The legislators won’t be accountable for the school districts foolish enough to follow the guidelines and end up in federal court. Losing.

  11. OK, there’s an attempt to define “controversial”, and it only makes it worse. On the wording SC quotes, anybody standing for dogcatcher in any county in Maine could say, “I don’t go fer this here eevilootion nohow”, and the local school would be required to “teach the controversy”. Anybody who got up in the State House (or whatever they have in Maine) and echoed Paul Broun, would force teaching it equally in all schools in Maine. If this became law, that would be the only lawful option. Pace docbill1351, it’s not exactly a trap. It’s more in the nature of an inlet chute for a slaughterhouse.

    The result would be a feeding frenzy for crazies of all stripes, not just creationists or climate change deniers or flatearthers. Antivaxxers, Trump-is-President loons, moon landing denialists, Area 51 clowns, sovereign citizens, larouchies, you name it. All they’d need is registration as a party, and anyone with a pulse to stand at a local election, and we’re off to the races.

    I can’t believe that a majority of the House of Representatives of the great State of Maine would be unable to connect the dots on this one.

  12. @Dave Luckett
    Lyndon LaRouche (1922-2019) It has been a long time since I heard about him.

  13. I cannot fully express how happy I am to be a RETIRED science teacher!!!