Wowie — You Can Work for the Discoveroids!

There’s an amazing announcement at the Discovery Institute’s creationist blog. It’s titled Job Opening at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, and it was written by Casey Luskin, described at the end as: “a geologist and an attorney with graduate degrees in science and law, giving him expertise in both the scientific and legal dimensions of the debate over evolution.” Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

One of those unavoidable parts of life is work. We didn’t make the rules! But if you have to work, why not look for a job that allows you to do something you love, while making an important impact on the world?

Hey — great idea! Do something you love and change the world! What job is that? Casey knows, and he says:

We have a full-time, salaried position opening as Assistant to the Managing and Associate Directors, Center for Science & Culture at Discovery Institute. [Link omitted!] From the job description, the responsibilities include:

Casey is too modest to mention it, but he is the Associate Director he mentioned above, so you’ll have the opportunity to work directly for him as his assistant! Wowie! Here’s a list of what you’ll have to do:

♦ general administrative support for the Managing and Associate Directors (e.g., research, scanning, mailing, filing, financial reimbursements and tracking, responding to emails and phone calls on behalf of the Directors)

♦ writing and editing (e.g., writing and/or copy-editing articles for Evolution News and/or Mind Matters News; preparing show notes for the Mind Matters News weekly podcast; proof-reading; writing grant proposals and reports; preparing and producing email newsletters; developing content for new websites; writing scripts for short videos)

♦ project management (e.g., overseeing a video project from beginning to completion) special projects (e.g., building out a course website on the DiscoveryU platform)

Sounds great, but are you qualified? Casey gives us a big list of the job requirements. Here they are:

♦ excellent writing and editing skills
♦ a basic knowledge of Word, Excel, and WordPress
♦ strong administrative and organizational skills, including an ability to focus on details and make sure that things don’t “fall through the cracks”
♦ an ability to prioritize and be proactive
♦ an ability to work independently with limited supervision
♦ a desire to develop and exercise skills in a variety of areas and to work on several projects simultaneously
♦ a desire to work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment
♦ a willingness to work in an office in downtown Seattle
♦ a willingness to be flexible and learn new skills as needed (e.g., Adobe InDesign)
a knowledge of the debate over intelligent design and evolution
an enthusiastic commitment to the program and principles of Discovery Institute and its Center for Science & Culture

That’s a lotta requirements! The last item is very important — it eliminates all the Darwinist fools! Casey’s post ends with this:

If you’re interested, find more information here and apply online here. [Links omitted!] We look forward to hearing from you!

Well, dear reader, whatcha gonna do? You may never again have a chance to work for world-class geniuses who are in the forefront of science — and you’ll be actually working with Casey! Don’t hesitate. Apply now! And of course, tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya.

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4 responses to “Wowie — You Can Work for the Discoveroids!

  1. A glorified gopher who has to kiss a$$.

  2. “One of those unavoidable parts of life is work.”
    Especially the top IDiots from Seattle make a great effort to falsify this.

    “Don’t hesitate. Apply now!”
    I’d love to, but me being a Darwinist fool are already eliminated.

  3. Dave Luckett

    They want “a knowledge of the debate over intelligent design and evolution”, huh?

    The first fact to know is that there is no debate. Nobody is debating. The DIDiots aren’t, for example. At most, they’re doing the schtick from the Monty Python argument clinic sketch, thus: “Look, an argument is a series of factual statements intended to establish a proposition.” “No, it isn’t”.”Yes it is” “No,, it isn’t”… and so on. But mostly they’re not even doing that. A debate actually requires engagement, but they have none, and make no attempt to have any. They’re simply a noise factory, a propaganda mill, an internet presence. Take a look at their blog. No debate allowed there.

    The scientists aren’t debating, either. They pointed out the obvious vacuity of “intelligent design”, what? twenty years ago – how it explains nothing, cannot be falsified from evidence, and not only lacks any evidential basis, but doesn’t actually make any testable hypothesis at all. Nobody is wasting their time on it now, bar a few religious kooks, and they’re not debating either. More in the nature of shouting at the rain.

    The courts heard the whole thing out more than fifteen years back, ruled, and the DI promptly ran away. No debate there, now.

    Nobody in public education is debating, either. Attempt to advocate ID in class, and you’ll get the pants sued off you, and they know it. Nor in public policy. Oh, sure, occasionally some clown in a State legislature will sponsor a bill that they think signals virtue, but which they know damn well will die in committee, and it won’t even mention ID. If the House lost its mind and it got through, most likely it would be completely ignored, but it might inspire even fizzier fruit loops on a school board somewhere to bankrupt the District.

    It’s not happening. There is no debate. Paradoxically, the DI is probably best served by that state of affairs. It allows them to do what they do best. After all, a debate is the last thing they want.

  4. @Dave Luckett
    As far as the emptiness of any alternative, there is the essay of 1852 of Herbert Spencer, “The Development Hypothesis” in