Spring Forward, You Fool! Free Fire Zone

Do you live under the illusion that you’re free? Yes, you probably do — but you’re not. Your masters in the government tell you you’re free, but as usual, they’re lying to you. For proof, give some thought to the ghastly fact that we’re about to begin the annual madness of Daylight saving time.

Every country has its own way of imposing this tyranny. In the US it’s the Uniform Time Act, enacted in 1966 when Lyndon Johnson — the barbaric madman! — was President. It’s an intolerable governmental intrusion into all of our lives which upsets the natural order of things twice a year, and serves no useful purpose.

Like good, dutiful citizens, we will all obediently comply. In the US, most of you will reset your clocks tonight, so that when you wake up on Sunday they’ll be “correct.” Your Curmudgeon will reset his clocks too, but as we do so we’ll be raising a middle finger to show our discontent.

Aside from the idiocy of running around all over the place resetting clocks, the greatest inconvenience is that our splendid Doberman, Miss Scarlett, has a built-in timer to tell her when she should be fed, and she doesn’t like her routines to be disrupted. Truly, this clock-changing stuff is an outrage!

Take a moment and think about it: Today they control your clocks. What will they control tomorrow — one of your bathroom fixtures? You know the one we mean. Sure they will. Why not? So go while you can, whenever you like, and enjoy every unsupervised minute of it. That kind of freedom won’t last much longer.

And so we’re declaring another Intellectual Free Fire Zone. Please use the comments for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it!

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14 responses to “Spring Forward, You Fool! Free Fire Zone

  1. Daylight Saving Time is in effect 2/3 of the year. Standard Time 1/3, hardly a standard.

  2. “Like good, dutiful citizens, we will all obediently comply.”
    Tssk. Neither in 2018 nor in 2019 I felt like resetting my clocks, so I didn’t. And my computer resets automatically.
    At the other hand my sense of freedom doesn’t depend on what time it is. Coincidentally Dutch newspaper had a pretty good interview on the topic of freedom:


    “The concept of freedom has been hijacked by the elite”.
    Freedom a la the elite, championed by our dear SC.

    “de verplichting om gezondheidszorg te kopen een ontoelaatbare inbreuk was op hun recht op vrijheid.”
    “The obligation to buy health care was an intolerable infringement of their right of freedom.”

    “Uit opiniepeilingen was gebleken dat een grote meerderheid van de Amerikanen wilde dat de zorg toegankelijker werd. Het was zonneklaar dat het systeem te duur en inefficiënt was.”
    “According to polls a vast majority of Americans wanted health care to be accessible. It was evident that the (American) system was too expensive and dysfunctional.”

    Freedom according to modern social conservatism: the right to exploit the vulnerable, poor and defenseless. That’s why it propagates strong armed forces and low taxes at the same time.
    And that’s why I am a “self-proclaimed socialist” (according to DaveL; it escapes me who else should proclaim me a socialist, but perhaps he can tell).

  3. Daylight Saving Time is trivial, compared with the imposition of Standard Time. And Standard Time was imposed by the railroads, in the USA, not the government.

  4. Say we have one time throughout the world. To forestall people from complaining that can’t start their day at sunset – just because their clock says 6:00 AM on local sunset, they can’t adjust their behavior to a different clock setting – also introduce decimal time. Nobody says that you have to eat lunch at .5 decidays past zero.

  5. Well, Curmie, rather than raising your middle finger you could always move to Arizona – they maintain Standard Time year ’round. That was the case here in Indiana until a few years ago. The legislature was convinced by then-governor Mitch Daniels that it would be better for business to go with most of the rest of the nation because out-of-staters were always confused about what time it was in Indiana. They still are because parts of the state are in the Central Time Zone, while most of the state is in Eastern.

    I live in the part of the state that’s Eastern, so it’s still not yet dark at 10:00PM. Great if you’re a golfer (which I’m not); not so great if you’re an amateur astronomer (which I am). Oh, well. The number of hours of daylight are the same either way, so it doesn’t really make much difference. Changing the clocks gives us retired types something to do — we are always looking for a little excitement in our lives.

  6. As a retired type myself, I’m happy to have handed the job to technology: I’ve progressively replaced almost all the clocks in our house with radio- controlled ones synchronized with the UK’s national time standard broadcast on 60 kHz long-wave radio. This automatically takes care of the spring and autumn changes, leaving only the microwave oven and gas cooker for me to struggle with. In the US, I believe WWV is available for the same purposes.

  7. Our Curmudgeon:

    “[Daylight Saving Time] — the idiocy of running around all over the place resetting clocks — upsets the natural order of things twice a year, and serves no useful purpose.”


    ” . . . a bipartisan group of U.S. senators this week reintroduced a bill that would eliminate standard time and keep daylight saving time year-round.

    “The Sunshine Protection Act, proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), along with four Republican and three Democratic senators, says we should ditch standard time since we only use it four months of the year, from November to March. ‘The call to end the antiquated practice of clock changing is gaining momentum throughout the nation,’ Rubio said in a statement.”


    Didn’t you vote for Senator Rubio (R-FL)?

  8. Dave Luckett

    Why, FrankB, you’re a socialist because you say you are. I’ll accept that. I am in much the same position (er… not literally) as when I interact with people whom I don’t wish to offend who think they’re women or men by recent conscious choice. I treat them as they perceive themselves, not as I perceive them, because I wish to be civil and to avoid conflict over matters that make no difference to me. I will keep my definitions and opinions to myself.

    So you’re a socialist, if that’s what you want. I won’t quibble over definitions. It really makes no difference to me what you call your preferred politico-economic model. It does make some difference what that model actually is, mind.

    You’ve said in the past that you approve of Iceland’s. I have no objection to that, although I think that what works for a polity with the population of a moderate urban area would be difficult to apply to a large and varied nation. But fine. I’m certainly not about to tell the Icelanders, or anyone else, how they should run their nation. It’s their nation.

    And that extends precisely as far as it’s none of my concern. But…

    A pronouncement that the means of production, distribution and exchange should be in common ownership is a direct threat to my rights and my interests. I am concerned about that, and I will oppose it to the last breath in my body. But that, I gather, is not what you threaten, so fine, I need not oppose you.

    In other news, in the election held yesterday, the government of Western Australia has increased its majority by a landslide. Labor will hold 53 seats out of 59 in the new House. The main factor seems to be public approval of how the government handled the COVID threat – immediate lockdown, mandatory masks, signing in at every venue visited, and other measures. But as Jo Bjelke-Petersen remarked when the boot in Queensland was on the other foot, “We can send the opposition home in a taxi”. The only fear I have is the arrogance of untrammeled power. There will hardly be an opposition. I’ve been a Labor voter all my life, and was one again, yesterday. But I’m not sure I like this outcome, all the same.

  9. See today’s comics bring up timely topics. See Foxtrot and Non Sequitur.

  10. Daylight Saving has probably reached its ‘sell-by’ date.
    In the EU (which used to include the UK) we finally settled on a system whereby we all changed our clocks (if we choose to change them at all) at the same instant regardless of which time-zone that we chose to be in.
    This is bad enough, the situation in the US is totally crazy. Not only do places choose to be in different time-zones, and choose whether to observe DST locally, but when they do change their clocks, they change them at a time as read on the same clock.
    This must make for a logistics nightmare; a journey making multiple drop-offs involves contending with the normal time changes due to the time-zones (which are generally fixed — except when they aren’t) but, during the night of the clock changes, has to contend with time changes that change dynamically depending on the exact time and position on the journey.

  11. @Alan(UK)
    It used to be worse in the US. Today the local choices are constrained. Hawaii and Alaska are isolated, so we don’t worry about them. Today, I think, Arizona is the only other exception to the uniformity of DST. The US is mostly
    Farther south than Europe, which means that there is less of change of daylight between summer and winter. It is to be expected that Floridians have a different take on it than Minnesotans.

  12. Arizona does not keep DST but the Navajo Nation does, but the Hopi Reservation, which lies entirely within it, does not. Gulf County, Florida, is split between two time zones.

  13. Gulf County Florida split into two time zones has a population of about 14,000. What barrier separates the local population so?