The Biggest News in the History of the Universe

The Discovery Institute has been blogging for more than a year to tell their devoted fans about the upcoming book by Stephen Meyer. One of our earliest — but not the first — posts about it was in July of last year — Discovery Institute Claims They Discovered God.

Although the book isn’t yet available from its publisher, they’ve never stopped blogging about it, and today they’re at it again. The title of their latest post is Stephen Meyer: Why You Should Pre-Order Return of the God Hypothesis Now, and it was written by Klinghoffer.

Wowie — they tell us why we should pre-order the thing. By the way, you know who Stephen Meyer is, don’t you? His Discoveroid job description has changed over the years, but as their bio page indicates, he’s one of their senior fellows and currently the Program Director of their Center for Science and Culture — that’s their creationism shop. It should not be forgotten that Meyer was a central figure in the infamous Sternberg peer review controversy. According to the Discoveroids’ 2016 Tax Return, Meyer’s salary was $250K.

Okay, that’s enough background. Here are some excerpts from Klinghoffer’s post, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

By enlarging his scope to include the origin and structure of the universe [Wow!], Meyer reveals why science confirms not just merely a generic intelligent design in a nature.

That was a bit of a tease. We’ve already been told what Meyer’s book reveals, but let’s go along with Klinghoffer at his pace. He says:

The end of this month brings the publication of Stephen Meyer’s Return of the God Hypothesis, the book that completes his trilogy that began with Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt.

Ooooooooooooh! It completes his trilogy! That’s really exciting! Klinghoffer tells us:

It’s a dramatic arrival for a book because this time, by enlarging his scope to include the study of the origin and structure of the universe, Meyer reveals why science confirms not just a design in a nature, of unknown origins, but the involvement of the personal God known to Western theism.

Ooooooooooooh! The book doesn’t merely reveal the existence of the Intelligent Designer — blessed be he! — but it also reveals that the designer is none other than Yahweh himself! Isn’t that exciting? Klinghoffer continues:

In a new video [Ooooooooooooh! A Discoveroid video!], Meyer explains something else — why you should pre-order Return of the God Hypothesis now rather than waiting until the publication date! The publication date is March 30. Watch now: [Video embedded.]

That’s the end of Klinghoffer’s post. If you’re not yet persuaded, you can click over there and watch the video. Hey — if you decide to order now, here’s the book at Amazon: Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe

Well, dear reader, what are you waiting for? This is the most amazing discovery since … we can’t think of anything that even comes close. So watch the video, and then order the book. Your life will never be the same. Go for it — now!

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9 responses to “The Biggest News in the History of the Universe

  1. h/t Glenn Branch; whoever would have guessed that Return of the God Hypothesis was the exact title of a paper he wrote in 1999, when he was still at Whitworth?

  2. Dave Luckett

    Reminds me of a description of a vehicle I saw on a dirt road south of Kununurra when the Big Wet came in, oh, fifty years back. “Mud to the axles, spinning its wheels, goin’ nowhere.”

  3. Theodore J Lawry

    Did he write a trilogy or a trinity?

  4. Theodore J Lawry

    @PaulBraterman In the 1999 paper, Meyer cites a 1983 paper by Guth and Sher that an eternal cycle, or “bouncing” universe, is impossible because of entropy. Later work, from 2018 says that maybe the universe could be eternal after all, so there wouldn’t have to be a First Cause to get things going. I wonder what Meyer’s new book will say? I bet I know which side he will be on, if he even admits that it is possible that the universe could be eternal. Will he “teach the controversy?”

  5. Charles Deetz ;)

    Call me a cynic, but my hypothesis is that the authors of the bible made it fit for the creation, not as a factual representation of god’s actions. And without addressing that, Meyer sounds like a self published genius.

  6. “This is the most amazing discovery since … we can’t think of anything that even comes close.”
    Fortunately Tony Bourge and Burke Shelley can: “…. powdered milk.”

    But what is the exact answer to that pressing question: why should we pre-order that book? Why not wait for two weeks – StevieM announces in that video it will be out on 30 March?
    So I watched the video (it’s only 1 minute long, so within my attention span). The only answer presented: special offer until that glorious date (do you feel the tension rising?!) and the address of another webpage. Stevie really likes teasing! Of course you all want to know what that special offer is. Well, make sure you sit safe on a comfy chair, my friends. You’ll be baffled. Also keep your false teeth safe; it may fall out of your mouth.

    – Pre-publication excerpt!
    – A digital booklet (27 pages) that tells us: What is Intelligent Design?
    – 80% discount for StevieM’s online course on intelligent design (usually 147 bucks)!
    – Private Zoom Q&A with StevieM in April!

    Hurry folks, capacity is limited. You know the rest of your life will be void and empty if you miss this golden – no, diamond! – opportunity.

    That 1999 paper PaulB links to also has 27 pages. And we all know that IDiot StevieM doesn’t believe in mere chance.

  8. OK, so I took a look at StevieM’s Return of the God Hypothesis. To his credit Dutch atheist philosopher Herman Philipse more or less agrees that the god hypothesis has returned. Chapter 1 of God in the Age of Science? is called The Priority of Natural Theology; chapter 2 The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Natural Theology. So let me compare.
    At the end of page 2 StevieM writes

    “Two types of arguments for God s existence from nature have proven especially effective in the history of Western thought: design and cosmological arguments.”
    (I can already hear TomS crow about the first)
    Philipse only treats them in chapters 13 and 12 respectively. That’s because these arguments (plus a few more) assume that

    1. Theism is a meaningful theory; it isn’t.
    2. Theism has predictive power with regard to any existing evidence; it hasn’t.

    As for cosmological arguments I happily add a quote from another Dutch atheist, apostate and ex-theologian. Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis in the last quarter of the 19th Century already wrote

    “To derive from the concrete world a divine world requires a salto mortale.”
    Cosmological arguments always decree that first natural causes require a supernatural cause, while supernatural causes never require any cause. Just because. StevieM does this on page 8 with

    “….. since the cause of the beginning of the universe must transcend time, space, matter, and energy.”
    Immediately before:

    Taken jointly, general relativity and the Big Bang theory provide a scientific description of what Christian theologians have long described in doctrinal terms as creatio ex nihilo Creation out of nothing (again, nothing physical). These theories place a heavy demand on any proposed causal explanation of the universe, since the cause of …..”
    Predictably StevieM, the IDiot he is, makes Georges Lemaitre turn in his grave (I refer to a comment of mine a few days ago).

    Few apologists can resist the temptation to add fine-tuning (fta) to their favourite version of the cosmological argument. StevieM is not an exception (page 9). According to Philipse fta is a design argument and sure enough StevieM presents yet another version of Paley’s False Watchmaker Analogy: an imaginary control room of the entire universe, which is about the silliest I’ve ever met.
    On page 11 StevieM conflates Many Worlds Interpretation (which btw is quantum mechanics, not relativity theory, but which IDiot cares) with the multiverse hypothesis (for which there actually is some evidence, even if it’s weak).
    From page 14 on we get the usual creacrap about “molecular machines”, “complex specifity” etc.
    The next thing quoteworthy is

    “the relationship between science and Christian belief”
    StevieM admits that IDiocy always has been about promoting YHWH and that it’s neutrality has been nothing but a scam. This one is funny:

    “the best data we have (concerning the Big Bang) are exactly what I would have predicted had I nothing to go on but the first five books of Moses, the Psalms and the Bible as a whole.”
    Still all those well educated christian theologians during 18 or 19 centuries didn’t manage to make those predictions.
    Btw the Big Bang does have possible natural explanations: my favourite at the moment is quantum field fluctuations.
    So will StevieM address these issues in his new book? I’ll admire your courage if you bet he will.

  9. @FrankB
    Going on the five Books of Moses, etc. one would come up with non-Euclidean geometry, etc.
    May I express doubt that the person who wrote that has not come up with an understanding of the Big Bang.