A Podcast That Will Change the World


Yes, dear reader, as you no doubt guessed from the artwork that adorns this post, we are once again visiting the creation scientists at the Discovery Institute.

This one won’t be long, but it’ll be good. We found it at their creationist blog: Physicist John Bloom: Cosmic Design and the Big Bang, and it has no author’s by-line. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

In celebration of Return of the God Hypothesis [Aaaargh!!], ID the Future [Ooooooooooooh! A Discoveroid podcast!] is pleased to feature a classic episode [Gasp! It’s a classic!] with physicist John Bloom, a Center for Science & Culture Fellow and professor at Biola University.

As you know, Biola University is a California bible college. It was founded in 1908 as the Bible Institute Of Los Angeles. We’ve previously posted about the interlocking relationships between the Discovery Institute and Biola. And now we’re going to hear from John Bloom, who is not only a Biola professor, he’s also a Discoveroid fellow. Let’s get back to the Discoveroid post. They say:

Download the podcast or listen to it here. [Link omitted!] Here he explains some of the exciting evidence of design from physics and cosmology, evidence unknown a century ago.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Evidence of design “from physics and cosmology”! Wowie — that’s an exciting podcast! When it’s over you’ll be cheering: “Yah Weh! Yah Weh! Yah Weh!” Well, maybe not. Anyway, the Discoveroids continue:

If this subject intrigues you [Hee hee!], take a look at the new book from philosopher of science and bestselling author Stephen Meyer [Aaaargh!!]

Except for the link to Meyer’s book, which we’re omitting, that’s where the Discoveroid post ends. We’ve written several times about that book, e.g.: The Biggest News in the History of the Universe, so we’re not going to bother with it again.

Well, dear reader, are you going to watch the Discoveroids’ new podcast? If you do, be sure to tell us about it.

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3 responses to “A Podcast That Will Change the World

  1. I was listening to an old-time radio program, in this case the Jack Benny program from November 19, 1950. There was an exchange between Jack Benny and Dennis Day. ( Jack Benny was playing straight man to Dennis Day’s non sequiturs.) Jack Benny had just returned from a command performance for King George VI of the UK. Denis Day had said that he thought that Jack Benny had been at Palm Springs (not England). Jack Benny asked why he thought that Dennis Day said he thought that, because he saw a picture of the king shaking hands with Jack Benny. Jack asked why would the king be in Palm Springs? Dennis said, the king could afford it.
    This immediately made me think of creationism’s explanation for life.
    Why would one think of supernatural agency behind life?
    A supernatural agency can “afford it”, that is, a supernatural agency can do anything.

    One can find summaries of the Jack Benny radio programs at sites.google.com/site/jackbenyinthe1940s/jack_benny_in_the_1950s, the 1950-1951 season by Gaeme Cree

  2. “are you going to watch the Discoveroids’ new podcast?”
    Are you sure you shouldn’t watch it yourself? The host is Casey Luskin. There is not much to watch though, only a goofy photoshop and a text.

  3. docbill1351

    John Bloom – American Loon #1394

    “Diagnosis: Fairly typical anti-science advocate, though it is still impressive how little Bloom actually understands of the science he rejects and the reasons he provides for rejecting it, given his background.”