Hambo On Darwin, Racism, Abortion, & Murder

Did you like our happy title? The subject of abortion is not one that interests us, and we rarely mention it here. That’s also true of racism. Today, however, we’re making an exception. Why? Because they’re both the subject of a new article at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG) — the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

Another reason we’re making an exception is because Hambo is blaming both abortion and racism on Darwin. How could we resist? The title of Hambo’s new post is Planned Parenthood: “Done Making Excuses” for Racist Founder, Targets Minority Babies. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

In a recent op-ed, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion mill (i.e., child-sacrificing machine) in America, said they’re “done making excuses” for their founder, Margaret Sanger. What would cause Planned Parenthood — an organization that murders millions of babies each year — to “cancel” their founder (a founder who has been much honored throughout the evil organization’s history)? Well, they’re finally grappling with the truth that Sanger was a racist, an avowed white supremacist, and a champion of “race”-based eugenics.

What does that have to do with anything this blog is interested in? Patience, dear reader, it’ll become evident soon enough. Hambo says:

Now, I’m not going to get into all the shocking details of what this woman (heavily influenced by Charles Darwin) believed. [Ah yes, it’s Darwin’s fault!] We have several articles on our website [Link omitted!] that document it, and this video from Dr. Georgia Purdom does an excellent job explaining Sanger’s views and eugenics in general:

The video is embedded in Hambo’s post. We haven’t looked at it. Your Curmudgeon has written about the goofy claim that Darwin is to blame for Sanger and her ideas. See Racism, Eugenics, and Darwin. But let’s forget about reality and get back to Hambo’s article.

He tells us about this news article which says that although blacks are about 14% of the US population, over 30% of abortions are committed on black babies. Then he asks:

So has Planned Parenthood really gotten away from their racist and eugenicist roots, as their “cancelling” of Sanger would suggest? Well, the numbers say no!

What does Hambo think Planned Parenthood should do — refuse its services to those who request them? This is his advice:

Planned Parenthood needs to do much more than just stop “making excuses” for Sanger — they need to stop murdering hundreds of thousands of children every year! They need to stop specifically targeting minority neighborhoods with their horrifyingly evil “services” that result in death after death after death.

That’s great advice! He ends with this:

Racism is evil. Murder is evil. It’s all sin. [And Darwin’s fault!] Both need to end, and those who work at Planned Parenthood need to repent of their sin and trust in Christ for salvation.

That was a nice, happy article. It’s always a pleasure to read and then blog about ol’ Hambo’s brilliant ideas.

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17 responses to “Hambo On Darwin, Racism, Abortion, & Murder

  1. The abortion rate is, one would expect, higher among the poor and those with less access to medical care. So it sounds as if we have yet another example of race in the US acting as a statistical proxy for class

  2. Theodore J Lawry

    I wonder what Ken Ham thinks of the statistical evidence of the Freakonomics authors that the US crime rate started to decline about 18 years after abortion became widely available? IIRC they had a pretty good case. Of course Ham supports (actually reveres) God decision to wipe out the human race, children included, because they had all(?) become wicked.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    Ditto what Thomas said: “Ham supports (actually reveres) God decision to wipe out the human race.”

    As a metaphor for life, starting clean, it’s a great story. If you realize the message is burn everything to the ground and then start clean, it’s horrible.

  4. Dave Luckett

    Murder is a sin; God drowned everybody, but that’s not a sin. Infanticide is a sin; God killed all the first-born of the Egyptians, but that’s not a sin. God can’t sin.

    Racism is a sin; God favoured one race, but that’s not a sin. God can’t sin. God can do anything, except sin. Some Greek or other asked if He can make a rock so large He couldn’t lift it. Greeks ask weird questions.

    Socrates, that corrupter of the youth of Athens, asked a weird question: Is God good because He’s God, or is He God because he’s good? Stupid. God is God because He’s God, and don’t you forget it. Goodness has nothing to do with it, as Job found out the hard way and Mae West always knew. He’s God because He can unloose Orion’s belt, or clothe the horse’s neck with strength. He’s God, and you don’t get to ask.

    Fine. OK, I won’t ask, then. I won’t bow down, either.

    Nearly everyone who did something great was wrong in some other aspect. Newton, a genius, was in another way a kook who spent decades looking for the Philosopher’s Stone. Galileo had to make a point of personally insulting the Pope. Churchill was, like practically every other European of his day, a racist. (Mind you the charge that he was responsible for the 1943 Bengal famine is ridiculous.) Freud was simply wrong, a lot of the time.

    Margaret Sanger stood up for women’s rights to control their own bodies, and did a great thing. The feet she stood up on were of clay. It matters, but it doesn’t change the first fact.

    History is neither whitewash nor erasure nor hero-worship. It’s too important for any of that. Its regime is the same as that of some of the old-fashioned schoolmasters – all male, in my day – that I suffered under: Do it right, or do it over: Usually, do it right AND do it over, anyway

    Don’t expunge Sanger. Don’t canonise her. She was right and she was wrong. So are we all; but she did something great, and most of us won’t.

  5. Ol’ Hambo’s worldview is so cartoonish.

  6. LIARs4money LIE!!! That is their job and that is all Hambone and his ilk know how to do! Planned Parenthood has never killed a baby or child, but they do an extremely evil act…they help women!! instead of hating them.

  7. @L.Long, to be fair (why?), if you really believe that there is a thing called the soul that enters the ovum at the moment of fertilisation, and that this is what confers personhood, then any kind of abortion, including morning-after pills that prevents the fertilised ovum from being embedded (which I think it’s a technical definition of conception), is killing a person.

    Of course that means that there will be a lot of souls from all the spontaneous miscarriages, including the fairly large number that occur in the first two or three months and I never even recorded, all having inherited Adam’s sin and all therefore bound for just punishment by conscious torment in hell for eternity, but I’m sorry, that is what God’s justice demands

  8. Don’t forget, Paul Braterman, all the children, babies, and fetuses that got washed away in the Flood.

  9. @SC, that’s different. They deserved it

  10. Everybody deserves it.
    Including those who end up in Heaven, who are saved only by the Grace of God, not by anything deserving of salvation.
    We don’t know what is the fate of any particular souls, only that whatever it is, is according to Divine Justice.

  11. @TomS, I thought you were better informed than that. Those who do not believe in Christ [Including all those murdered blastocysts] are subject to everlasting, conscious punishment in hell,is condemned to; eternal conscious torment;https://answersingenesis.org/about/faith/

  12. Dave Luckett

    Paul Braterman: Sickening, isn’t it? This is why I hold these people to be more than merely ignorant and worse than merely wrong. These beliefs demand a total negation of any sort of moral compass. If you can believe this, there is no limit to what you could be led to do. Ham’s following is, in one sense comical. But in another, they are deadly dangerous. I laugh at them, too, but sometimes I find it sounding hollow.

  13. @Paul…Don’t care!! Sincerely held belief is nothing but LIEs wearing lipstick! PROVE there is a soul and then the aholes have something to stand on! Till then … LIARs all!

  14. @LLong, it’s a matter of correctly diagnosing the pathology. Mendacity or delusion? That affects how best to respond

  15. Paul Braterman says: “Mendacity or delusion? That affects how best to respond”

    No it doesn’t. There is nothing to be gained either way. The best response is no response.

  16. Eddie Janssen

    Completely off subject, well almost.
    Ken Ham looks a lot like Tim Cook.

  17. Techreseller

    One other thing on the Planned Parenthood stats. Richer people do not have to go to PP for any sort of care, much less abortions. PP stats will be skewed to those of lesser income and health care availability. And richer parents can get birth control more easily for their daughters.