Letter #1,077: Creationism in School — Why Not?

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of Little Rock, Arkansas, the state capital. The letter is titled Evolved … or created, and it’s the third letter at that link. The newspaper has a comments feature, with only one comment so far.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote her by using her full name. Her first name is Virginia. Excerpts from her letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, some bold font for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]. Here we go!

How the Earth began cannot be proven, because none of us were there when it happened. [Wow! She’s right!] Our schools allow for only one view: evolution. [Yeah, Darwin’s theory of how the Earth began!] I find it much easier to believe in creation as the beginning of life. Why?

Virginia tells us why:

To believe in evolution, you must believe that everything came into existence out of nothing. [Gasp!] I believe if that’s what happened, it’s the only time that has happened. We know you cannot make anything out of nothing.

You gotta admit, Virginia has a good point there. Then she says:

By contrast, to believe in creation you believe an intelligent being designed everything we see. [Ooooooooooooh! That solves the “creation out of nothing” problem!] I believe the universe, the Earth, the seas and everything in them scream “design.”

Yes — you can hear the screaming! After that, Virginia gives us some examples:

Take the human body. Could anyone come up with a better design?

Wowie — she’s right again! Pay no attention to the Curmudgeon’s post titled Buffoon Award Winner — The Intelligent Designer. Virginia continues with another example:

Take just the human hand, as an example. At the end of two arms we have two hands, perfectly placed in proportion to our body. [Perfectly placed!] A thumb and four fingers on each hand are the exact length needed for tying a shoe lace or fastening a button. [They’re perfect!] Our hands receive directions from our brains so that we grasp, hold, write, type, cook, sew, or build. Some hands are especially gifted and enabled by their brain to play musical instruments, write literature, create jewelry, and build furniture, homes and skyscrapers. On and on I could go about just the subject of hands.

Verily, your hands are a miracle! And now we come to the end of Virginia’s letter:

In summary, I see no harm in discussing the possibility of creation along with the theory of evolution in the schoolroom.

She’s right, you know. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the next generation of school kids were taught to think like Virginia?

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22 responses to “Letter #1,077: Creationism in School — Why Not?

  1. I like that. Fingers are designed for
    shoelaces and buttons.

  2. Christine Marie Janis

    @Tom: you can tell Virginia’s age by her use of this example, rather than for texting

  3. Eddie Janssen

    If the hand and fingers perfectly match laces and buttons, that would mean that God had already put into the human mind the exact laces and buttons humans were going to invent. Otherwise we lowly worthless creatures would have invented the wrong size buttons and laces.
    Which then brings up free will or the lack of it. Brrr!

  4. I am reminded of the saying: fingers were made before forks.

  5. What about noses? Noses were made for eyeglasses to rest upon.

  6. Lucretius, On the Nature of Things, book IV 830 and following, remarks on how things existed before their present use, sleep before beds, thirst before cups, light before eyes,

  7. James Chapman

    Did bedbugs exist before there were any beds?

  8. Yes! Look at the arms and hands! They are the perfect example for an incompetent and stOOpid designer/creator!! A little over stress and arthritis(also from the incompetent (or just plain evil) creator and your arms and hands don’t work all that well!

  9. chris schilling

    “To believe in evolution, you must believe that everything came into existence out of nothing.”

    Next to impossible when “evolution” tries it; complete doddle when God does it.

    But with all this screaming design, on the one hand, and Ham’s creation groaning with sin on the other, it’s a wonder anyone can get any sleep at night. I wish everything would just pipe down, including Virginia. I thought she’d never stop banging on about hands.

  10. docbill1351

    Did you hear what Virginia said? Doc Bill’s body is perfect! Perfect, she said!

    I knew it!

    Now, all I have to do is find the source of all that screaming …

  11. upstaidmilret

    Now I know . . . the source of the arthritis that makes it impossible to deal with buttons and laces . . . not to mention pancratitis, resectioned colon,and another dozen afflictions . . . all thanks to the “Creator” who made me perfect.

  12. Dave Luckett

    Ah, docbill and upstaidmilret, you are fallen from perfection because of sin, yours and Adam’s. That explains dandruff, ingrown toenails, and all afflictions between them whatsoever.

    Slightly more seriously, Virginia richly displays what is characteristic of creationists: brazen ignorance. She hasn’t the slightest idea what the theory of evolution is, or what it says. That would be mere ignorance; but Virginia’s ignorance is brazen. She is profoundly and catastrophically ignorant, but she professes knowledge that she hasn’t got. In fact, knowledge that doesn’t exist.

    “To believe in evolution, you must believe that everything came into existence out of nothing.” Contemplate, if you can bear to, the awesome disconnect from fact and reality in that assertion. But Virginia is not merely endarkened herself, she is spreading darkness. She is an agent of it. Her whole letter is a series of lies. She doesn’t know that, I think. But does that make them anything but lies?

    To decide that question, perhaps we should consult an authority that Virginia might respect. Jesus is quoted (John 8:43-44 RSV) as follows:

    “Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because my teaching is beyond your grasp. Your father is the devil, and you choose to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and is not rooted in the truth. There is no truth in him. When he lies, he is speaking his own language, for he is a liar and the Father of Lies.”

    So Jesus laid down the principle: even if you do not understand, even if the idea is beyond your grasp, if you repeat lies about a teaching, you are doing the devil’s work, speaking the devil’s language, and are a child of Satan. Virginia is doing that. The rest follows.

    Now, Virginia might not be a Christian, and she might not accept Jesus’ authority. But it’s a good bet that she is, and does. Perhaps it might give her pause to be confronted with what He said. If I were her, I’d certainly give thought to the consequences of being described as a child of the devil by Jesus Himself. In fact, it would make me uneasy, speaking only for myself.

  13. Piano playing would be so much better with eight fingers on each hand.

  14. @hans435
    But that would take more brain to control.

  15. @TomS
    Well, another proof that we haven’t been intelligently designed.

  16. docbill1351

    @Dave L I haven’t seen my toes in years, but I’ll take your word for the state of my toenails!

  17. @hans435
    The more one thinks about it, the less it looks like a design.

  18. Laurette McGovern

    And in the “Creationsism” portion of the course, after the teacher says “God did it,” then what? When did God do it? How did God do it? Did God do it all at once, or in stages? Is God still doing it? What about all the mistakes in creating living things? And the bigger question, What exactly constitutes the “Theory” of Creationism?

    If I were one of those students, those would be questions I would raise.

  19. @Laurette McGovern
    As far as I know, the deniers of evolution have never recognized that they have nothing to offer.
    What is a starting point of a design or creation, from which something can arise?
    Just think of the all-time favorite, the eye. We know that eyes are formed as part of a nervous system, growing out of a zygote, under the direction of proteins determined by DNA. We now know that it is a very difficult problem to determine what shape a protein takes from the stretch of DNA. Can one imagine how difficult a problem it would be to design DNA to solve a problem of making an eye connected to a brain to make sight possible? How far is ID from anything answering that?
    And that is only the beginning of the origin of the eye.
    It should be an embarrassment for the creationists, to bring up “the eye”.

  20. Techreseller

    Has Virginia ever tried scratching her own back? There are areas we cannot reach on our own. How about trying to look at certain areas of our body for injury, dirt, disease? Without a mirror I cannot see many areas of my body. Perfect design. Hogwash.

  21. @Techreseller
    Thus the need for medical diagnostic equipment.

  22. greenpoisonfrog

    @Dave Luckett Virginia doesn’t need to understand what she knows is incorrect. Evolution is false, why spend time learning about it when there are so many babble verses to misunderstand instead.