All the Evidence Supports the Discoveroids

How many times over the past year have we written about Stephen Meyer and his latest book, Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe? A dozen? Two dozen? It doesn’t matter. One of the last times was Discoveroids Achieve Publishing Ecstasy.

Anyway, the Discovery Instittue is at it again, Their latest at their creationist blog is titled Stephen Meyer: The Evidence “Cries Out” for God, Not the Other Way Around, and it was written by Klinghoffer. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

On an excellent new two-part ID the Future podcast [Ooooooooooooh! A two-part Discoveroid podcast!] with James Tour [Links omitted!], William Dembski has a kind thing to say about atheist Richard Dawkins: As wrong as he is about a good many things, his “mistakes” are often very illuminating.

In case you don’t know who James Tour is, we described him in James Tour and the Mystery of Life. Besides the Discoveroids, he’s been praised by Pat Robertson and Jack Chick. Also, he’s one of the signers of the Discovery Institute’s Scientific Dissent From Darwinism. Okay, back to Klinghoffer. He says:

Dawkins isn’t merely a convenient foil for arguments about intelligent design and other matters. He sets up important questions, in his way, with a compelling, sometimes brutal clarity. In his new book, Return of the God Hypothesis, Stephen Meyer frames his case in part as a response to Dawkins’s remark about what “we should expect” to see in a Godless universe.

Then he tells us:

In a new BreakPoint broadcast [Link omitted!], John Stonestreet [Who?] notes the helpful formulation from Dawkins:

[Klinghoffer quotes Stonestreet:] In the book River Out of Eden, Oxford biologist and atheist superstar Richard Dawkins famously wrote: “The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.”

Is Dawkins right? The universe doesn’t give a flaming [bleep] about us? Klinghoffer continues:

As Steve Meyer realizes, Dawkins acknowledges that science can indeed be used to adjudicate the ultimate question: Does the best available evidence confirm atheistic or theistic expectations? Accepting this framing, Meyer shows that the evidence of physics, cosmology, and biology together strongly confirms theistic expectations.

Wowie — this is exciting! Let’s read on:

In fact he [Meyer, presumably] goes further, as Stonestreet points out:

[Klinghoffer quotes Stonestreet:] Simply put, Dawkins got it wrong. The universe we live in has properties one would expect if it were, in fact, designed by a God who had us in mind when He made the place. As Meyer’s book shows, this assumption was an original conviction of many who launched and drove the scientific revolution. It’s the conviction of a growing number of scientists today who are willing to challenge the powers that be and admit the design they see in the heavens, the laws of nature, and under the microscope. As Meyer puts it, “The evidence is crying out for a God hypothesis.”

Ooooooooooooh! The evidence is crying out! Klinghoffer grabs that phrase and runs with it:

The evidence “cries out” for a conclusion in support of theism. I appreciate that way of putting it. I have sometimes heard ID dismissed as a species of “apologetics,” with the implication of proponents going in search of evidence, crying out for it, to support a conclusion to which they are already committed.

Klinghoffer has sometimes heard that? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! But now it doesn’t disturb him at all. He ends his thrilling post with this:

If arguments for design were mere apologetics, that would be discouraging, at least to me. [Hee hee!] What Meyer says, though, is the opposite. Rather than God crying out for evidence, the evidence cries out for God.

This changes everything! Under these new circumstances, anyone who continues to be a Darwinist is nothing but a hell-bound fool! Don’t you agree, dear reader?

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10 responses to “All the Evidence Supports the Discoveroids

  1. Does anybody have a hint as to how the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is the sort of thing that we should expect of the supernatural, the omnipotent, a designer? How about just plain change?

  2. Derek Freyberg

    Klinkerwinker: “All your evidences are belong to us”.
    Skeptic: “You keep using that word, I do not think It means what you think It means”.

  3. chris schilling

    “The Klinghoffer that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if he has, at bottom, no influence, no importance, no relevance, no foreskin, nothing but blind, unwavering allegiance to a form of regurgitated creationism.”

    — Riccardo Dorkins

  4. Charles Deetz ;)

    Is this new from the DI: “a God who had us in mind when He made the place”?

  5. If God “had us in mind when He made the place”, why did he first make the place utterly inimicable to life? And thereafter, what was the point of all those aeons of trilobites, dinosaurs, &c &c that then went extinct?

    All for just us? Gosh, aren’t we special!

  6. –it’s like chopping down a Giant Sequoia tree and whittling it down with a nail file in order to produce a single toothpick

  7. Eddie Janssen

    I think the Intelligent Designer made all the other stuff so that we have something to discover. Otherwise we would get bored, rather quickly.

  8. There is a differece between having an excuse and having evidence.
    If one assumes that an omnipotent and inscrutable agent is responsible, then just about anything is consistent, having an excuse.

  9. docbill1351

    I just did some digging. Appears the Biologic Institute is history, green screen and all. On their 2019 990, Director Axe will no longer draw a salary, but will be a prof at Biola “Univ.” Office space is for rent. Location is listed as “permanently closed.” Their final 990 showed a loss of $133,000.

    That’s all Folks!