Is Hambo’s New Book Really Creepy?

There’s something really wrong here — or so it seems to us. If there’s no cause for alarm, let us know. We’re talking about a new post at the website of Answers in Genesis, the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo). As you know, he’s the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

Hambo’s new post is titled Division, Conflict, and Chaos. It’s a promotion for the same book he was hawking when we wrote A Great New Book from Ol’ Hambo almost three weeks ago. Here are some excerpts from Hambo’s new post, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Those three words [presumably his post’s title: “Division, Conflict, and Chaos”] really describe the culture and church in the Western world. [Really?] Why is this happening? Is there a solution? Is it just America that is experiencing these problems?

Hambo’s really worked up about something. What is it? He says:

The Australian Christian Lobby ( recently sent an email newsletter stating, “Two ACL staff addressed a [New South Wales] Upper House committee today to support Mark Latham MLC’s Parental Rights Bill . . . [They] represented parents like you who don’t want their children to be taught about gender fluidity in school ….

Hambo has blogged about gender issues before. Is there anything new here? Let’s find out. He tells us:

Yes, there’s a battle for our kids raging through the nations. Most of the younger generations are being brainwashed and captured by the world. [Gasp!]

He continues:

In the US, as well as Australia and the rest of the Western world, the battles over transgender and other moral issues are boiling. Christian freedoms are being lost in the West. [What freedom is lost — the freedom to imprison gays?] Many in the younger generations have left the church, and church attendance is dramatically down compared to recent generations.

Hambo would prefer that everyone belonged to the church — his church. Let’s read on:

Western cultures used to be permeated by the Judeo-Christian ethic but today are permeated by a secular worldview and moral relativism. [That’s horrible!] Why and how did this happen? And what can God’s people do about it? I answer these questions (and numerous others) in my new book …

We talked about and linked to that book in our earlier post. What else does Hambo want to tell us? Here’s another excerpt:

I outline where I believe there has been a general failure to teach and deal with four main areas:

1. There is no neutral position.
2. There is no nonreligious position.
3. We need to teach apologetics.
4. We need to teach foundationally so that Christians have a truly Christian (not simply a “Christianized”) worldview.

Think about that. In Hambo’s view, no one could be neutral and no one could be nonreligious. Is it just our Curmudgeonly imagination, or does that sound extremely dangerous? Ah well, skipping to the end he says:

I believe the message of Divided Nation [his book’s title] can revolutionize how churches and families teach the coming generations. It is available from [sources deleted].

You want Hambo’s book? Then you’ll have to click over to his website and find out where to get it. Maybe we don’t understand what he’s saying, but the book sounds just … wrong! If you think otherwise, let’s hear from you.

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11 responses to “Is Hambo’s New Book Really Creepy?

  1. Derek Freyberg

    Well, at least he didn’t claim that it was “written with the assistance of AiG’s research staff” – the post, that is, no idea about the book and no desire to find out.
    Betteridge’s Law of Headlines would say that the answer to our host’s question is “no”, but I’ll go against Betteridge on this one and say the answer is probably “yes”.

  2. chris schilling

    “Christian freedoms are being lost in the West.”

    Okay, fundie.

  3. We all know what Christian freedoms means. Freedom to play bingo. I’m okay with it.

  4. Is it just me, when I see talk about Judeo-Christian something, I wonder how much the Jews have been consulted in the union.

  5. Charles Deetz ;)

    So much wrong here, Hambo sounds like a clunker compared to his creationist talk. But he’s right to try, creationism is being pushed aside while other cultural issues are more engaging to his audience. Who wants to talk about the truth of creationism when there is the truth of election cheating and the anointed one’s return to power.

  6. Dave Luckett

    Ham’s a shill. He has the same attitude to his subject as a carny barker has to whatever “attraction” he’s touting for. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chocolate wheel or a girly show with the oldest girlies west of the Mississippi. He’ll say – no, he’ll shout as loud as possible – anything that’ll get the marks in. Anything at all.

    And this might. Any correlation to truth is purely happenstance, but he has found a useful idea here – useful to him, I mean. There are undeniably instances – they might not be as common as he implies, but that doesn’t matter – of children down to kindergarten age being taught about transexuality. Not only that it exists and what it is, but that LGBTQA++ people generally are to be fully accepted, and their life decisions, gender choice and sexuality respected by ALL, automatically, as a right.

    Like it or not, a substantial demographic in the US, as in all western nations, has severe problems with this subject being imposed on grade-school children at all, and especially with its being taught as valid, unexceptional and unexceptionable. They think schools, or any tax-funded institution whatsoever, should not be doing this. They demand their right as parents to teach their children the morals and mores they think right.

    While generally willing to uphold and endorse the law, and to approve and enact its sanctions on threats, intimidation, incitement and especially on actual violence, they deny that LGBTQA+ lifestyles are moral, or their choices valid. This attitude might be deplorable. Deplore all you want. It’s real.

    A curious inversion. Ham usually deals in fantasy. He still is, in a sense. But he has one reality firmly in his sights. There is such a demographic.

    Ham is never right in what he preaches. His reading of the scriptures, as I have many times remarked and specified, always adds words and concepts that simply don’t exist in them, or removes those that do, sometimes both at once. But he could be on a winner here. He isn’t right, but that might not matter. He’s appealing to a demographic that really exists, and which can sway entire causes, entire political events on a large scale. If you doubt this, ask yourself who was the last POTUS, and how he got elected.

    “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake,” said Napoleon. The corollary is to always do it while he is not. How can we interrupt Ham?

  7. There is a sidepanel to Ham’spost which reads in part “A crisis of biblical illiteracy in the church has made us an easy target of the enemy of our soul. As a result, bold lies are tearing at the fabric of our families, our churches, and our nation.”

    Indeed, what bolder lie is there than that the Book of Nature is wrong from beginning to end? And what greater biblical illiteracy than to imagine, with Ham, that the Ice Age took place in the lifetimes of Abraham and Isaac?

  8. Dave Luckett correctly notes that Ham

    could be on a winner here. He isn’t right, but that might not matter. He’s appealing to a demographic that really exists, and which can sway entire causes, entire political events on a large scale. If you doubt this, ask yourself who was the last POTUS, and how he got elected.

    And ask yourself how Nigel Farage appealed to a “demographic that really exists” with similarly extreme falsehoods to “sway political events on a large scale.”

  9. I purchased one of Hambo’s books at a salvation army bag of books for a buck sales. Very heavy on religious right topics and bible verses but very sketchy on even pretending there is a creation-evolution debate. It was in effect completely unreadable.

  10. Dave Luckett

    I did ask myself if Farage’s only political success, which now lies five years in the past, was a parallel. I concluded that to mention it would be (a) flogging a dead horse, (b) off-topic for the thread and the blog, and (c) an invitation to Megalonyx to come the Spanish Inquisition, except that nobody expects them.

    And what do you know? On (a) and (b) I was dead right. On (c) I was wrong only to the extent that no invitation was necessary.

  11. If only Farage’s “only political success” were 5 years in the past! Then it truly would be “a dead horse” no one need flog. But alas, the deleterious effects of his populist lies, which commenced 5 years ago, are now set to get far, far worse. See The real ‘Brexit dividend’? Minus £800m a week – and counting

    Or don’t see, as you choose. But if the topic is the creepiness of Hambo’s dishonest appeal to a certain “demographic”, and the strong parallel that Trump makes to that same “demographic”–and the real political damage both can do–then it is awfully hard to avoid the even closer parallel between Trump and his bosom buddy Farage.

    Ye shall know them by their fruits–and we sure have a rotten harvest in The Britain Formerly Known as Great…