Hambo Says UFOs & Aliens Are Impossible

We often describe Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) as the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. But that description may be inadequate, because — as you will soon see — he also knows more about the universe than anyone else!

Does that surprise you? Wait until you read Hambo’s latest post at Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry. It’s titled UFO Sightings? Scientist: “We Shouldn’t Rule Out the Possibility [of] Alien[s]”. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

The notion of aliens in outer space is constantly in the news, with more and more people believing in the existence of “little green men” and the possibility that they’ve visited earth. Well, in a recent series of tweets [Link omitted!], one theoretical physicist argues that we need to look into UFO sightings, and while we can’t just assume it’s alien spacecraft, “it’s a possibility we can’t ignore.”

We don’t know who that tweeting theoretical physicist is, but it makes sense — at least to your Curmudgeon — to keep an open mind. Hambo doesn’t think so. He says:

Now, many scientists and others object to the idea of aliens visiting earth due to the vast distances in space. But this scientist says, “The universe is incredibly old, and we’ve only possessed the means for space travel for a few decades. If we consider the possibility that alien races have had millions of years to develop propulsion technology, who knows how quickly they might skip from planet to planet.”

That makes sense to us — but Hambo strongly disagrees. He explains:

And therein lies the heart of the question of aliens: the idea of millions and millions of years. In his worldview, the scientist believes that the universe is billions of years old [Egad!] and evolution is occurring on planets throughout the universe. [Gasp!] So some supposed alien race may have evolved and developed far superior technology than we earthlings have managed to accomplish.

Only a hell-bound fool would believe such blasphemous nonsense! Hambo continues:

But in order for such an idea to even be entertained, you have to accept the notion of a billions-of-years-old universe and biological evolution (contrary to the observational evidence of a young universe from astronomy!). [Link to an AIG book omitted!]

Let’s read on:

When it comes to the question of aliens, it’s a worldview question based on what you believe about the past. Because I believe the Bible’s history, I reject evolution and millions/billions of years so, no, I don’t believe there are alien races skipping around from planet to planet somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. Now do I believe in UFOs? Yes, I do. Anything that is flying around that I can’t identify is, well, a UFO! I also have other theological reasons for rejecting the idea of aliens, which you can read about here. [Link omitted!]

Hambo finishes his post with some wise advice:

So next time you hear claims about the possibility (or even necessity) of alien life, consider the worldview of the person making the claim.

At the start of this post we told you that our description of Hambo may be inadequate. Besides religion and science, he also knows more about the whole universe than everyone else. What do you think, dear reader? Is Hambo even greater than we ever knew?

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12 responses to “Hambo Says UFOs & Aliens Are Impossible

  1. I agree with Ken on that one. If the universe is 6,000 years old, the idea of UFOs is ridiculous. Same with evolution.

  2. Consider the worldview of the person making the claim. Like Hambo.

  3. I used to think that anyone who sounded like a ham sandwich couldn’t be all that bad. And then I remembered ham salad. How could two things that are ham be so diametrically opposed.

  4. Can one exclude the possibility that God created space travelers, even in a young universe? If a whole universe can be created in 6 days …,

  5. So what we have here is another iteration of the GIGO problem. Ham’s input is garbage, so what comes out is garbage.

    But I dunno. Even that is to grant Ham the capacity for rational thought about the garbage he believes.

    He is capable of rational thought about some things. His estimate of the appeal of what amounts to a boat-shaped mall with phony exhibits turned out to be more accurate than mine. I thought that the stock of available idiots would be exhausted in five years or so, but no. There it is, still pulling in the marks. Ham was right about that, even if he was doing no more than applying Mencken’s dictum.

    But selling puffware to imbeciles is one thing. Fundamentalist literalism is quite another. And going beyond that, into notions that aren’t even mentioned in holy writ, is still another. For that last, you need more than simple irrationality. You need a mind that has reversed the usual sequence of credulity.

    Mostly, if you actually perceive a thing, you believe it exists. That can be wrong, of course, but it’s the default. Ham, however, believes and then actually perceives it. Whatever he believes, exists in exactly the same sense as what he had for breakfast this morning. What he believes in, is real, because he believes in it.

    And it works for him. That’s the crazy part of it. It actually works for him. I don’t get it. But there you are. The Universe largely consists of things I don’t get, and the older I grow, the more such things I find.

  6. @TomS good call. According to Ken’s theory, If we didn’t take millions and billions of years to evolve then we don’t exist. Yet we exist. Either Ken became an evolutionist, or Ken is smoking something.

  7. “the observational evidence of a young universe from astronomy”; I’m genuinely curious. What’s he talking about?

  8. @Paul Braterman – It’s the usual Jason Lisle-based nonsense about how if you make the math just so, the universe doesn’t have to be billions of years old. That the math also means that flashlights are impossible is just tucked under the rug. They can never shrink it down to 6000 years, but they do love pointing out all of the edge cases that would appear to shrink they age, if they weren’t edge cases. Things like stars falling apart a bit faster than expected.

  9. Why do you waste your time with this Bozo (apologies to the real Bozo, may he R.I.P.)? You’re never going to change his mind or even embarrass him enough to shut him up! Like many Christians he’s making bank on this nonsense! Oodles and oodles of Benjamin-doodles! He’s got a LOT of people that believe this crap, some estimates are as much as 40% of the U.S. population. And remember they’ve been peddling this Ponzi scheme for 2,000 years and it’s still harvesting big bucks from the sheeples. Good thing none of the followers actually READ any of their gospels or they’d find out the whole thing died with Jesus in the first century.

  10. RaPaR, this blog is strictly to lampoon young earth creationists and to monitor their comings and goings. There is no debate here, because the salient points are only controversial to wackadoodles. The goal isn’t to shut Hambo up or close Hambo down, the zeitgeist is already doing this, though obviously not as quickly as we would like.
    As for Hambo and the Benjamins… Hambo is comfortable, but he could have done better considering the effort expended.

  11. LMAO! I get it, all good!

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