The Atmosphere Is Proof of Creationism

This one was found at the website of the Institute for Creation Research. It’s titled Earth’s Atmosphere Is Vital to Life, and it was written by Johnathan Corrado. They say he has a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Colorado State University and an M.Div. [Master of Divinity!] from Nations University [a “distance” university]. Very impressive! Here are some excerpts from his post, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

There are countless interconnected, precise, and non-coincidental features of Earth that directly contribute to our planet’s ability to sustain life. [Impressive sentence!] One such phenomenon is that of Earth’s ultraviolet shield called the atmosphere. The atmosphere’s complex arrangement and seamlessly balanced, life-sustaining attributes distinctly indicate non-coincidental purpose and skillful crafting by a Designer who “is before all things, and in Him all things consist” (Colossians 1:17).

Wowie — the atmosphere was crafted by a Designer! Then he says:

An atmosphere is the layer or layers of gases that envelope a planet and are held in place by the gravity of the planet. [Pay attention — you might learn something!] All the planets (and even a few moons) in our solar system have an atmosphere, but Earth’s atmosphere plays a vital role in our planet’s ability to sustain life. It protects Earth from the harsh rays of the sun and dampens temperature extremes, acting like a protective jacket wrapped around the planet.

Ooooooooooooh! The atmosphere is wonderful! After we skip a couple of paragraphs, the Master of Divinity tells us:

Interestingly, no other planet in our solar system has an atmosphere like Earth’s. [Wow!] Mars and Venus have atmospheres, but they cannot support life because they lack sufficient oxygen. In fact, Venus’ atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and contains clouds made up of sulfuric acid. It’s so hot and dense that no human could even take a breath. [Gasp!] It traps heat in a runaway greenhouse effect, making it the hottest planet in our solar system. Surface temperatures are hot enough to melt lead!

We’re so lucky we don’t live on Venus — and let’s not even think about Uranus! Skipping a scripture quote, the Master of Divinity concludes with this:

Confirmation of the intricate design of Earth is constantly bombarding our intellect. It’s easy to infer that our physical existence resulted from design in contrast to inadvertent, evolutionary causes. [It’s so obvious!] From the astronomical bodies to subatomic particles, the features of our existence are thoroughly balanced and function as a system of systems. As science continues to advance and unfold the mysteries of Earth, scientists continue to discover how uniquely tailored our planet is for life.

If that didn’t convince you, dear reader then you are beyond help. Your destiny is the Lake of Fire!

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13 responses to “The Atmosphere Is Proof of Creationism

  1. “Mars and Venus have atmospheres, but they cannot support life because they lack sufficient oxygen.” I thought it was generally agreed that Earth had life for around 1 billion years before it had more than trace oxygen

  2. The other planets must be the exceptions that prove the rule that one planet was created for life.

  3. skillful crafting by a Designer

    What is it with creationists playing straight man for mother in law jokes all the time. They might as well carry around a snare drum with them for the rim shots.

  4. This must be one of the worst of the hundreds of ‘fine-tuning’ arguments out there.

  5. Theodore Lawry

    Protection against UV follows from fundamental physical laws which apply universally. UV is harmful to life because UV photons have enough energy to break molecular bonds. That also means they break bonds in the atmosphere which is how air molecules absorb UV. That is also how UV triggers suntanning, a defense against the lower energy UV which does get through. The protection happens automatically!

    Anyone who has a PhD in Systems Engineering must know you can’t understand the system without understanding its components. Learn some basic physics, bro!

  6. The atmosphere is a perfect example of their psychotic gawd’s incompetence!!! Test how great our atmosphere is at protecting us. Have these IDiots stand in the bright sun for 3hrs and then tell us how awesome their gawd’s protection is!!!!

  7. If life is created by an omipotent designer, then whatever the environment, life is possible.

  8. @TomS Some omnipotent designers aren’t very bright and so they suffer from omnipotence incompetence. Some would say they are incompotent. Which might be a good thing because if they had brains they would be dangerous.

  9. Earth’s atmosphere as it presently exists is essential to the life on Earth that presently exists. They evolved together. Indeed, the present atmosphere was largely created by the life that existed before it. All life since photosynthesis began has had to cope with a gas that was previously toxic to it: oxygen.

    In fact, the composition of the atmosphere of the early Earth is well known, and the means by which it changed is also well known, and the cause for both is entirely natural. Above all, life evolves to better fit its environment. As the environment changes, so does life. Natural selection makes this not only certain, but utterly inevitable.

    In the face of so powerful a mechanism “intelligent design” is merely nugatory. It is not needed. There is no reason to suppose it took place.

  10. Corrado:

    “All the planets (and even a few moons) in our solar system have an atmosphere, but Earth’s atmosphere plays a vital role in our planet’s ability to sustain life.”

    Yes. a terran atmosphere is necessary for the development and sustainability of terran life

    It is not a surprise that terran life could not have developed nor survived under a radically different atmosphere

    Is life itself limited to terran life? We’ll see


    “Interestingly, no other planet in our solar system has an atmosphere like Earth’s.”

    And so we have zero expectation of discovering terran life on such planets

    But any life at all? We’ll see


    “Mars and Venus have atmospheres, but they cannot support life because they lack sufficient oxygen.”

    They may not be able to support most terran life, but any life at all?

    We’ll see

    Even the Earth contains life that thrives at temperature extremes and does not require oxygen

  11. @Random
    Yes, there is life on Earth which does not depend on the atmosphere. Perhaps a majority of life: in water or ground.

  12. According to creationists, God is not good enough at his job to create life on planets with different atmospheric properties.

  13. PaulD…not true! He did create a world with a different atmosphere and different life. And it shows that the present global worming is totally natural and we should have seen it coming long ago. 3billion years ago a world was created with a heavy CO2 atmosphere, and a life form that used it as their source of energy, and they were successful and multiplied, and totally polluted their air with poison! But this poison (oxygen) allowed us to come along and do it all back to heavy CO2 which is a poison that will allow the original life form to come back. BooHoo for us!!

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