Curmudgeonly Christmas 2021 & Free Fire Zone

Christmas Greetings To All

This is the only time of the year when your Curmudgeon is in a jovial mood, and so we wish a Merry Christmas to one and all. To enhance your holiday experience, we once again link to the Curmudgeon’s acclaimed poem, which is read to children all over the world: The Night Before Christmas Eve.

We do have a bit of news. At the creationist blog of the Discovery Institute, they’re starting their annual list of their Top Ten accomplishments, Today they just posted Number Ten: #10 Story of 2021: On Evolution and Racism, Scientific American Goes to War Against the Truth. We haven’t read it. We doubt that anyone will, but there it is.

That’s all we’ve got for you — at least so far. Because we’re starting a long holiday weekend, we expect lower traffic than usual for the next few days. Also, because our kind of news rarely gets reported on Christmas, we may not post at all tomorrow. But your Curmudgeon is always on the job, so if we should find anything of interest, we’ll tell you about it.

Please use the comments as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s interesting. Say what you will, but do so tastefully and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it, and have a Merry Christmas!

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15 responses to “Curmudgeonly Christmas 2021 & Free Fire Zone

  1. Kent Hovind is grooming another social media adversary from the UK, by the name of Emma Thorne. She now has a number of Hovind-related videos, but her main one so far is found at:

    A lot of people are impressed with Emma and her responses to Hovind, and rightly so I think. She seems to be good at what she does and she has pledged some of her time and effort to dealing with Kent.

    After having challenged Emma to debate, Kent appears to be refusing to negotiate with her in good faith so as to produce such an event.

  2. For what it’s worth, a philosophy re: “Merry Christmas!” vs. “Season’s Greetings”, “Happy Holidays”,etc. —

    Since there are many who take offense at being wished “Merry Christmas” while others are just as offended by “Season’s Greetings”, how about if we all agree that Christmas can be the time we celebrate the wisdom of the Golden Rule as well as the presumptive birthday of Jesus?

    So whether one considers Jesus to be a deity, or a prophet, or a charismatic man, or just a myth, most of us would agree that treating others as we wish to be treated is a good policy to follow if we wish to live in a smooth-running society. It is a concept recognized by many religions, in one wording or another, not just Christianity. So, Merry Christmas to ALL, and please take no offense! I wish to celebrate what I consider to be the primary concept of Christianity, as it is based on logic rather than something that requires blind faith. (I have a hard time accepting things on blind faith.)

    So Merry Christmas! And let’s hope for a Happier New Year! F**K Covid!

  3. And I suspect that Omicron will say “Right back at you, Retiredsciguy.” I agree that we hope for a happier new year, but………

  4. Merry vaccine tree day everyone.🌴May they fill everyone’s veins with the best vaccine ever from the vaccine tree.🌴(Latin, vaccinicus treeicus)

  5. It seems it was a night like any night,
    The sleepy town bemused and still below.
    The hillside, chill in dying firelight,
    Deserted, bare, bereft. I do not know
    Of miracles. There’s tales, of course, but just
    An idle rumour for a winter’s eve,
    No more than that, impossible to trust,
    With only addled peasants to believe;
    The witnesses confused, of little worth,
    The evidence uncertain, scant, unclear.
    Yet every year I listen, hope to hear
    The blessed angels singing, Peace on Earth.

  6. Live information on the James Webb Space Telescope from NASA – lots of info

  7. It’s on its way. Best Christmas present I ever had. Christmas Day, and the song of the rising bird. There’s hope for us yet.

  8. Shaping up to be a good day! Presents under the tree. The dog stopped eating ornaments. Cats sleeping. Turkey in the oven. Pies made. Chestnut cornbread stuffing made. Champagne cold. Sausage rolls in the oven. Christmas music washing over us from the Klipsch Horns. Seventy-four degrees F, clear and sunny here in Houston! Oh, and the Sun appears to be returning. Whew!

    Still waiting for the Disco Tute Top Ten “id” creationism stories of 2021. Return of the Gerbil should be Numero Uno.

    Here’s to an uneventful 2021 + 1 !!

  9. Belated Christmas greetings to everybody!
    The James Webb Telescope only got off early on Boxing Day here in New Zealand, and I have spent hours of watching the launch and dozens of videos all around the technology of this exciting new instrument.
    I wonder how creationists react to “looking back to the formation of the first stars” or “analysing the atmospheres of extra-terrestrial planets and looking for signs of life”. How do they process this information? Do they think that we spent ten billion, just to disprove the Bible? Or do they simply ignore this information?
    Reminds me of philosopher Thomas Nagel asking “What is it like being a bat?” It is difficult to reconstruct the processes going on in a creationist’s brain.

  10. @hans435 et al.
    What I wonder is what anyone sees in the process of design as exemplified in the JWST that makes one think of the variety of life.

  11. Derek Freyberg

    @Dave Luckett:
    Source for the peom, please – not found by a Google search.

  12. Derek Freyburg: Me.

  13. . “We have Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technology,” he said.

    E.O.Wilson 1929-2021

  14. @och will
    That is a clever trope of EO Wilson, but it is based on the non-scientific Scala Naturae rather than directionless evolution.