The Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2021: #6 and #5

The excitement continues to build as we work our way up the Discovery Institute’s list of their Top Ten scientific accomplishments for the year now ending. If you’re just joining us, you can find their Number Ten mentioned here: Curmudgeonly Christmas 2021 & Free Fire Zone, and then we posted Discoveroids’ Top Ten for the Year — 9, 8, & 7.

The excitement is building, and understandably so. Two more glorious triumphs are disclosed today at the creationist blog of the Discovery Institute. Their first post is titled #6 Story of 2021: Scientific Paper on Repetitive Elements Slams “Junk DNA”. It’s a copy of one of their posts written by none other than Casey Luskin on 07 October of this year. We ignored it when it first appeared, but now we realize how important it was. Casey says:

When I first got involved with the intelligent design debate in the late 1990s and early 2000s, one of the most common rebuttals we’d hear was, “If life was designed, then why is over 90 percent of the genome composed of junk DNA?” Critics thought this was a knock-down refutation of ID, and they used the argument frequently. But that was in the early days of genome sequencing, and very little was known at the time about non-coding DNA and whether it was truly junk or had useful and important functions.

The rest of Casey’s post describes how some non-coding DNA in the platyhelminth worm was found to have a function. Whoopie! The brilliant work of the supernatural intelligent designer has been recognized, and — this is implied — Darwin was a fool!

That was Number Six for the year. Great, huh? Their next post tells us all about Number Five. It’s titled #5 Story of 2021: Francis Collins’s Troubling Record at NIH. It was written by John G. West, or “Westie” as we affectionately call him. He has a lot of titles, but the most impressive is Vice President of the Discovery Institute.

If you read Westie’s post, you’ll see that it has nothing to do with the theory of evolution, so we ignored it when it first appeared. Upon reading it again, we think we did the right thing.

So now we eagerly await the next four items at the top of the Discoveroids’ Top Ten for the year. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have something worth talking about. So far, however, it looks like they’ve has a really ghastly year.

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7 responses to “The Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2021: #6 and #5

  1. You should have commented on #5, and its statement “Collins has also stirred controversy with his increasingly intemperate attacks on unvaccinated Americans and his support for harsh mandatory vaccination policies that will require the firing of employees who choose not to be vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine”, which again shows the place of the DI in the American political scene

  2. Imagine if Darwin teleported to the future and saw that there was less junk DNA than people thought. He would be like, “Man what am I doing wasting my time on evolution? I’m a fool!”

  3. @Paul Braterman – As an expert on evolution, Francis Collins is quite outspoken on his view about ID. And the Templeton Prize hasn’t gone to the Discovery Institute. Two hard pills to swallow for Westie.
    (Having said that, Plantinga also got the Templeton prize quite recently. Not sure how they decide on who gets the $1.3 million).

  4. bewilderbeast

    Tragic really, their sustained misinformation. They read the science and then write ‘Yes, but this is how Goddidit’ for their followers, trapping them in their Bible Bubble. What’s their actual underlying driving force? Hatred?

  5. Charley Horse X

    bewilderbeast asks…What’s their actual underlying driving force? Hatred?
    NO….profits…no different than faith healers.

  6. The Beloved Curmie, peace be on his pointy head, wrote: “So far, however, it looks like they’ve has a really ghastly year.”

    By ghastly I assume you mean “typical.”

  7. docbill1351: Yeah, typical.