The Discoveroids Are Having a Great Conference

This news is really going to thrill you. We found it at the creationist website of the Discovery Institute. The title is Emily Reeves Previews Dallas Science and Faith Conference 2022, and it has no author’s by-line. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

On a new episode of ID the Future [Ooooooooooooh! A Discoveroid podcast!], host Andrew McDiarmid sits down with Emily Reeves, one of the speakers for the January 22, 2022, Dallas Science and Faith Conference.

Wowie! The Discoveroids are having another creationist conference. Isn’t that wonderful? Aren’t you excited? Then they announce the all-star list of speakers:

The two walk through the lineup of speakers for the conference (Stephen Meyer, Brian Miller, Casey Luskin [Hee hee!], Ray Bohlin, Dr. Reeves, and others), and tease some of the talks — including Dr. Meyer on the scientific vision of Isaac Newton!

Meyer is going to talk about Isaac Newton? That should be the event of the century! After that amazing revelation, we’re told:

They discuss how to join the one-day event live, either in person in the Dallas area or online.

Incredible! You don’t even need to go to Dallas. They’ll probably have a million people participating online. The Discoveroid post continues:

For more about the conference, slated for this Saturday, and to sign up, go here. [Link omitted!]

And now we come to the end:

Download the podcast or listen to it here. [Link omitted!]

You gotta admit, dear reader, that was one of the most thrilling posts you’ve ever seen from the Discoveroids. Hey — if you go to the thing, tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya!

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9 responses to “The Discoveroids Are Having a Great Conference

  1. We know they’re going to be more invincibly ignorant than objective this. Positive things influenced by religion? Religion gotta be true. Negative things? Fuhgeddaboudit.

  2. Newton didn’t have anything to do with evolution. That automatically qualifies him as a discoveroid.

  3. greenpoisonfrog

    I like how they don’t even pretend anymore that they are not full-blown Christian apologists. First segment is :”Canceled Science: Scientific Discoveries Some Atheists Don’t Want You to See
    Eric Hedin”. Probably the “scientific” discoveries with no evidence to back them up.

  4. I thought Eric was innocently just asking/both sides yada yada when he got kicked out of Ball State for totally-not-teaching ID creationism. One suspects he was not being completely honest about that.

  5. The mask slipped more than a decade ago, gpf, and is now no more than a distant memory. They are, however, apologists for Abrahamic religion rather than specifically Christian. That’s an … interesting take.

    It makes them rather odd – unique, AFAIK. Sure, there are other outfits that push what they call “Judeo-Christian” values, whatever they mean by that expression, but such actors are never specifically creationist. Rather, they are right-wing conservative. Specifically creationist organisations are mostly also avowedly fundamentalist Christian. I suppose that there are Jewish ones, too, and we occasionally hear from Muslim creationists as well. But I know of no other organ of the creationist noise machine that is unspecific about religion, and generally theist in its apologia.

    Now, you might think that a strength – the DI appeals to any theist, that is, to anybody who doesn’t necessarily go to Church or Synagogue or Mosque, and wouldn’t know theology from thorium, but just believes that there’s a God. But really, it’s a fatal weakness, politically speaking. People like that are, by definition, non-committal. They don’t stump up the donations the way the faithful can.

    Worse, the DI can never actually get along with the sectaries who are the rest of creationism. Fellow-travellers with the creationist caravan they might be, but they’ll all be at daggers drawn if the caravan ever arrives. With one another, certainly, but all of the rest of them with the DI, for sure. It’s the most divergent.

    That caravan will almost certainly never arrive, in that sense. It’s difficult to imagine what could bring it out of the wilderness in which it wanders. So the DI is safe enough from them. In fact it faces the same problems that they do – slow erosion of both numbers and purpose. Still, for Ham and the others, there’s a demographic, which might be shrinking, but it’s always going to be there. For the DI, not so much. If their major source of funding dries up, it’s the end, and the fellows will have to find some kind of remunerative work.

    Oh, how I shall pity them. Not.

  6. Correction, Eric Hedin didn’t get kicked out of Ball State. He retired. For some reason his massive martyr complex led me to believe he was kick out. Apologies to Eric.

  7. Yeah, old Hedin squawked like a chicken when his ID-wink-wink-“science” class was shut down, but he still made tenure. Ooooooh, such persecution. “We are going to punish you, Hedin, with a fate worse than death! Worse than death, we say! We sentence you to … (dramatic music) … TENURE! Bwahahahahha!” Still, I imagine Hedin was as popular among the faculty as a toid in a punchbowl, and he moved to griftier pastures at good old BIOLA where the ignoratti of ID go to retire.

  8. I’m glad he found a home where he could literally go full wingnut and totally-not-proselytize.