Three Exciting Creationist Videos from ICR

This stuff was found at the website of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the granddaddy of of all creationists outfits, the fountainhead of young Earth creationist wisdom. The big news is that like some of the other outfits we follow, ICR is producing videos. Isn’t that exciting?

They’re starting a new series titled Natural Selection, and three videos are already available. They provide links so you can see them merely by visiting the ICR website.

For each of the first three, they give us a brief statement of what the video is all about — and a link so you can watch it! We always omit such links, but you can click over there and find the links — if that’s what you want to do. With no further introduction, here’s what they say about the videos, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Natural Selection Part 1: A Darwinian Deception: In his book On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin outlined the theory of evolution by means of natural selection. But what was Darwin’s purpose behind such an idea? [Great question!] And how did this concept permeate the scientific community so thoroughly? [Yeah, what happened?] On this episode of Creation.Live, Drs. Thomas, Hebert, Guliuzza, and Tomkins answer these questions and more as they discuss the scholarly literature on the subject.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But that’s only their first podcast. Here’s the next one:

Natural Selection Part 2: A Poor Personification: Charles Darwin compared natural selection to a human breeder, but the analogy has faced substantial criticism, even from within Darwinian camps. [Really?] What exactly is natural selection supposed to be? Has it been measured, quantified, or even observed? [Great questions!] On this episode of Creation.Live, Drs. Thomas, Hebert, Johnson, and Guliuzza answer these questions and more as they discuss the scholarly literature on the subject.

Overwhelming, isn’t it? And here’s what they say about their third podcast:

Natural Selection Part 3: A Seductive Swindle: Darwin’s idea of natural selection involves long ages of trial and error, making it a fundamentally death-driven concept. [Gasp!] Could such a process be adapted to fit a Christian narrative? Or is natural selection an idolatrous idea that can seduce even those who hold to a biblical worldview? On this episode of Creation.Live, Drs. Thomas, Tomkins, Clarey, and Guliuzza answer these questions and more as they discuss the scholarly literature on the subject.

Okay, dear reader, we’ve done our part. Now click over to ICR and watch their videos. Then get back here and tell us all about the experience.

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8 responses to “Three Exciting Creationist Videos from ICR

  1. Natural selection, so “seductive” that scientists practically want to marry it. No wonder Darwin fooled so manty people unto this very day.

  2. This is exciting stuff indeed oh curmudgeonly voice from the mountaintops.
    And richard ! Yes. yes. Thats what it is !! Logic and the scientific method are not intelligent but they are seductive therefore scientists are actually just cult members. After all, if people are descended from monkeys, why are there bananas ?.

  3. And on a related note ! TODAY , the Supreme Court said parents in Maine can use taxpayer dollars to send their kids to religious schools. BEHOLD. A new generation of scientific. illiterates is on the rise in Maine !! Huzzah..

  4. They have to have some way of getting voters for Susan Collins,R concerned.

  5. The 1st podcast 85 min, the 2nd 54 min, the 3d, 94 min. Nearly 4 hours of creationist boredom! Four hours of four talking heads, without even the heads since no pictures. In 2022! How can evolution possibly survive that? Everyone will tune in, turn on, and drop out of evolution, into the arms of the Lord!

  6. Has it been measured, quantified, or even observed?
    About natural selection, the answers sre; yes, yes, yes.
    About intelligent design, or creation, the answers are no, no, no.

  7. Dave Luckett

    I have no wish to add to ICR’s site traffic, so if I’m going to listen to any of this nonsense, I’ll do it on YT, where it will admittedly add to their channel’s traffic. It won’t be available there for another day, apparently, and I may not have the intestinal fortitude to withstand it, (although intestines are supposed to deal with this material) but if I am spared, I’ll report, he said, pulling on hip boots and fixing breathing apparatus.

  8. A couple points from skipping around the first podcast:

    To the question, “But what was Darwin’s purpose behind such an idea?” the answer is: To replace God.

    At another point they drag in the ol’ Stephen Jay Gould quote, “I had never read Natural Theology straight through before pursuing my research for this book. In so doing, I was struck by the correspondences between Paley’s and Darwin’s structure of argument (though Darwin, of course, inverts the explanation).” And then they complain that it’s “logically perverse” to invert explanations, yada yada.

    Okay that’s enough because I would sooner watch every skit where Jimmy Fallon pretends to break character, which is saying a lot. And boy there are a lot of them too.

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