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Günter Bechly Is Triumphant

You remember Günter Bechly, a Discovery Institute “senior fellow.” We’ve written about him a few times, but perhaps our favorite was Discoveroid Günter Bechly Has Been ‘Erased’, when Wikipedia deleted their entry on him. One of our last posts about … Continue reading

Günter Bechly Has a New Podcast

A couple of weeks ago we wrote Günter Bechly Says Darwinism Fails Again. Günter was claiming that a new humanoid species found in the Philippines somehow disproves the idea that we evolved from an ape-like ancestor. He wrote: The neo-Darwinian … Continue reading

Günter Bechly Says Darwinism Fails Again

We’ve been expecting this. Discovery Institute “senior fellow” Günter Bechly has a record of celebrating the demise of Darwinism whenever something new is discovered that requires the revision of some species’ evolutionary timeline. A typical example is in Günter Bechly: … Continue reading

Günter Bechly: Evolution Has Collapsed!

You remember Günter Bechly. He’s the Discovery Institute “senior fellow” whose website used to say: I despise the dogmatic and sometimes even fanatical stance of some evolutionists like P.Z. Myers (Pharyngula blog), Laurence Moran (Sandwalk blog), Jeffrey Shallit (Recursivity blog), … Continue reading