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Extra-Solar Planet Update: July 2021

We haven’t had one of these since May 2021. It’s time for an update because this stuff always infuriates creationists. We won’t repeat all the usual introductory information, but some repetition is inevitable.

The picture above this post illustrates the universe described in Genesis, written around 1,000 BC at the time of the Babylonian empire. Immovable in the center of the universe is the flat Earth, which was created as the abode of man. It’s supported by pillars. The Sun orbits the Earth, as does the Moon. Above them are the stars. They’re not suns, they’re lights embedded in a presumably solid firmament, which also revolves around the Earth. Above the firmament is heaven, the glorious realm of Yahweh. Below Earth is the lake of fire, described later in scripture. That’s the universe and we’re in the center — the focus of divine attention. No other worlds are mentioned in Genesis — or anywhere else in the bible. There’s no place for them.

Creationists believe that the universe described in Genesis is The Truth. However, virtually everything learned since then seems to contradict that primitive universe. Creationists don’t like any astronomical information that goes beyond the bible, but to avoid looking too crazy they’ve accepted some of it. Most of them are no longer flat-Earthers. Although many passages in the bible say that The Earth Is Flat!, and none say otherwise, most creationists now deny that the bible is a flat-Earth book. And since Galileo, creationists have reluctantly accepted that the Earth is merely one of several planets in our solar system — but that’s where they drew the line, until recently.

With a lot of grumbling, most creationists have accepted that there are other planetary systems out there — but no life! That’s important. Although some are now hedging their bets and saying, “Well, okay, maybe primitive life — but no intelligent life!”

We haven’t found any life out there yet, but the search has barely begun. Meanwhile, just the number of planets out there is enough to drive creationists crazy — and the number keeps growing!

Our information comes from NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration — see Exoplanet Exploration. For each statistic, we’ll give you the latest figure as well as the figure we reported back in May, almost three months ago, which will show you how things are progressing:

Confirmed planets: 4,438 (old figure: 4,383) 55 more!
Planets awaiting confirmation: 7,604 (old figure: 5,912) 1,692 more!
Planetary systems beyond our own: 3,290 (old figure: 3,254) 36 more!

Remember — our observations are only of nearby stars (relatively speaking). Considering the percentage of neighboring stars that have planets, it’s generally accepted that most of the stars in our galaxy have planetary systems — which means that the odds against a life bearing world out there are getting slimmer by the day.

And so we leave the creationists — writhing in pain and anger. Whether they’re Hambo-type creationists or Discoveroids, it makes no difference. They all insist that Earth is unique, and there’s no life — certainly no intelligent life — anywhere else. But every day the facts keep piling up against them. That’s why we like to bring you these updates, and it’s why the creationists don’t like us. They don’t like reality either, but that’s their problem, not ours.

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Does Gay Sex Prove God & Disprove Evolution?

This comes from a source we’ve never visited before — Metro Weekly, located in Washington, DC. Their website declares that they are “Washington’s LGBTQ Magazine.” Make of that what you will. Their article reveals a dimension of the evolution debate that we didn’t know about before. It’s titled Gay sex proves “existence of God” and discredits evolution, evangelical pastor claims, and they don’t seem to have a comments feature. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

A right-wing pastor [Egad, a right-winger!] has claimed that gay people having sex proves the “existence of God.” Jack Hibbs, pastor at Calvary Chapel church in California, made the claim earlier this month in a sermon against evolutionary theory, spotted by RightWingWatch [link omitted].

Then Metro Weekly says:

He [Hibbs, the right-winger, presumably] argued that those who believe in evolution should oppose same-sex marriage because it contravenes “survival of the fittest,” and that there should be “no such thing as homosexuality” because evolution would have “washed that out.”

Good start, huh? After that they tell us:

Offering a bizarrely enticing description of sex between same-sex couples [Gasp!], Hibbs said, “When two people of the same sex get together, it’s out of sheer wanton lust and pleasure only for self. Nothing comes of it. No life can come from it. No family can come from it,” he continued.

The rev seems to know what he’s talking about. His quote continues:

“If you’re an evolutionist, you have to be against same-sex unions,” Hibbs said. “If you’re an evolutionist, what is one of the statements? [Statements?] It’s the survival of the fittest, right? And in evolutionary theory, the survival of the fittest has to procreate.”

Well, dear reader — if you’re a Darwinist, that’s one of your “statements,” isn’t it? Let’s read on:

He added: “But if evolution is true, then there would be no such thing as homosexuality, because over the last 400 trillion, billion, zillion, quadbillion, zillion, nillion, years, evolution would have washed that out.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! We assume the rev is a young-Earth kind of guy. Another excerpt:

Then came his most curious assertion: “Homosexuality — LGBTQ actions — prove the existence of God, because God’s word says this would be some of the outcome and actions of the Last Days.”

The Metro Weekly writer disagrees with the rev. He says:

Ignoring Hibbs’ fascination with LGBTQ people enjoying “lust and pleasure” with one another, his argument is somewhat illogical. [Somewhat?] For starters, homosexuality and same-sex sexual activity have been recorded for thousands of years. That’s a fairly lengthy period for humanity’s “Last Days,” given gay sex actually predates Christianity.

Skipping a few other arguments, Metro Weekly ends with this:

So while Hibbs may believe homosexuality should have been “washed out” over a “quadbillion, zillion” years, that’s not the case — and although a number of theories abound as to why that is, none point to “Last Days.”

Your Curmudgeon doesn’t care who wins this argument. Most likely no one ever will. But we’d like to see what ol’ Hambo or the Discoveroids have to say about it.

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Do You Have Doubts about the God Hypothesis?

This one at the Discovery Institute’s creationist blog isn’t very long — for which we’re grateful. It’s titled Stephen Meyer: Is the God Hypothesis Scientific?, and it was written by David Klinghoffer, a Discoveroid “senior fellow” (i.e., flaming, full-blown creationist), who eagerly functions as their journalistic slasher and poo flinger. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

An often-heard reservation about intelligent design, and about what Stephen Meyer calls the “God hypothesis,” is that neither is “scientific.” Thoughtful people will say, “Well, as a theist — a Christian, Jew, or other — of course I accept ‘intelligent design,’ meaning that the universe somehow reflects God’s design. But I can’t accept ‘Intelligent Design’ as a scientific argument. You can’t put God in a test tube.”

That “often-heard reservation” sounds very reasonable. The entertainment value of Klinghoffer’s post will be observing how he tries to brush it aside so that the mindless reader will come away thinking that he made a brilliant argument. He begins:

Whether ID is a scientific or philosophical thesis is not the most burning question ever asked. As others have said, the real question is whether it’s true.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, that’s the “real” question. One can play the same game with astrology. Who cares if it’s scientific? The real question is whether astrology is true! But let’s not spoil the fun. Klinghoffer is talking about the Discoveroids’ “God hypothesis” and he’s just getting started. Now he says:

Yet if scientific considerations compel an inference to design [Hee hee!], and more so, to a theistic conception of a transcendent creator, that’s surely important.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, if that happens, it’s surely important. Then he tells us:

Stephen Meyer addresses the subject in a concise video lecture, “Who Is Nature’s Designer?,” from his DiscoveryU course, “Stephen Meyer Investigates Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design.” [Link omitted!]

Ooooooooooooh! Meyer has a video on the subject. Isn’t that exciting? Klinghoffer continues:

Watch it now and consider sharing it with those who hold the aforementioned reservation.

The video is embedded in Klinghoffer’s post, so you can click over there and watch it — if that’s your pleasure. The only thing remaining in Klinghoffer’s post is yet another plug for Meyer’s book, so this is where we’ll leave him.

But we have a question for you, dear reader. Have your doubts been answered about whether Meyer’s “God hypothesis” is scientific?

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Self-Published Genius #121: The Great Deception

Today we have a new addition to our series about Self-Published Geniuses. This is where we bring you news of authors with a vanity press book in which the author claims to have made paradigm-shattering discoveries, and announces his work by hiring a press release service.

The title of the press release is Author Daniel Snuffer’s newly released “Evolution: The Great Deception” is an intensive examination of the theory of evolution. Like so many others in our collection, it was issued by Cision PRWeb, which says it’s “the leader in online news distribution and publicity.” Here are some excerpts from the press release, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

“Evolution: The Great Deception”: a potent consideration. [Great title!] “Evolution: The Great Deception” is the creation of published author, Daniel Snuffer [Hee hee!], an avid reader who overcame dyslexia and veteran of the US Marines.

Snuffer sounds like a great guy! Then the press release quotes the brilliant author:

Snuffer writes, “Man is driven to find the GOD he lost in the garden of Eden [Yes!], and now you know the truth! [Huh?] Some men are so desperate that they look to cold dumb rocks for the majesty of creation, and that pursuit leads them to another creator, another god, and the greatest lie ever told — evolution.”

Wowie — evolution is the greatest lie ever told! The quote from the author continues:

Perhaps some people just didn’t get the GOD gene [There’s a god gene?] or perhaps they got it, but the gene is just flawed. How else could evolution end up leading to the worship of strange gods?

What strange gods is the author talking about? He tells us:

It is all just rocks, fake pictures, and the dirt shoveled out of the way trying to bury GOD with a lie. You can seek the popular opinion and ignore the GOD coursing through your veins, but it will be at your loss and truly sad. The fire will still be in your heart, but it will burn for a strange god and one that lies.

It sounds like a truly horrible fate. The press release then says:

Published by Christian Faith Publishing [Aha!], Daniel Snuffer’s new book is an impassioned plea born from the author’s faith-based study.

We’ve seen that publisher’s name several times before. Here’s their website: Christian Faith Publishing. It leaves no doubt — they’re a vanity publisher. They even let authors pay their fees on a monthly installment plan. With that, and the press release, we know the book qualifies for our collection.

After that essential information, we searched for the book at Amazon — and we found it! Wowie — it has 188 pages and it costs only $14.17 in paperback. What a deal! And yes, Amazon has a “Look inside” feature. Hey — there are no reviews yet. You can be the first!

Near the end of the press release it says you can view a synopsis of the book on YouTube. We haven’t looked, but you can’t resist, can you?

Okay, dear reader, that’s all we know. So go ahead and buy the thing — and tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya!

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