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Supernatural Science Camp for Children

This is a good item for the weekend. We present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from Summer science camp teaches kids about God, which appears in the Conroe Courier located in Conroe, Texas — near Houston. The newspaper has a comments feature, but we don’t see any yet. Okay, let’s get started. The bold font was added by us:

Children are learning about God while discovering the world of science at Mims Baptist Church in Conroe. The church summer science camp offers several hands-on activities for all children who have completed kindergarten to sixth grade on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Camp began June 8 and will continue to August 17.

Sounds like a wonderful experience. We’re told:

“Last year was our first time doing the science camp and the children really enjoyed it,” said Children’s Minister, Debby Stovall. “Kids are intrigue [sic] with experiments and God is visible in science and most scientists do not believe in God, but as they start working through things you cannot explain it a part from God.”

So true! Let’s read on:

The power of God, said Stovall, is demonstrated through science. Children learn by curiosity, Stovall said, and the camp is an opportunity for them to learn about scientific facts and also the facts about God.

That’s an opportunity the godless public schools don’t offer. We continue:

A particular lesson about the sun, moon and the stars, described Stovall, helped children understand just how important they are to God. She told the kids there is more than 200 billion stars in the galaxy, and God knows all of them.

Wowie — all the names are known! Here’s more:

“God knows the number of stars, he calls them all by name so how much more important than you are to God than a star,” Stovall said.

That’s a bit unclear. Are we more important than the stars, or is it the other way around? Anyway, let’s move along:

“Kids also learned how the sun may shine, however the moon does not shine, but it reflects. In the same way, we reflect the glory of God when we are obedient to him.”

The rest is mostly several gushing remarks of a woman whose daughter attends the camp, so this is where we’ll stop. We’ve seen other articles about church-run science camps, but this is the first time we actually read one of them. It’s pretty much what we expected.

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Ken Ham Says Bill Nye Is Irrational

We recently posted Bill Nye & Ken Ham — Together Again, describing how Bill Nye showed up a day after the grand opening of Ark Encounter and mistakenly found himself in yet another debate with Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo).

That was followed by WorldNetDaily: The Second Ham-Nye ‘Debate’, where we told you how WorldNetDaily (WND) eagerly quoted Hambo about the event, and reported that he made Nye look like a fool.

Now we have a report of the event from ol’ Hambo himself: Bill Nye and Bananas, in which he tells his drooling fans how he triumphed over Nye yet again.

This is another example of what we’ve been saying for a long time: Debating Creationists is Dumber Than Creationism, and we’re about to see, once more, how foolish it is for anyone to debate — or even appear — in the same forum with a creationist. Here are some excerpts from Hambo’s account of the event, with bold font added by us:

After his Ark tour, Bill made many public statements about his visit. He reportedly said that the Ark was “much more troubling or disturbing than I thought it would be.” NBC News reported, “Nye said the exhibit encourages visitors to trust faith over science and thereby undercuts their ability to engage in critical thinking.”

But here’s what is really disturbing and troubling. Nye wants to convince all children to believe that they are just animals who arose by natural processes — and that there’s no God! The implications of this belief on the question of the meaning and purpose of life are beyond serious!

See? Debates don’t matter. Hambo always gets the last word. Then he says:

Nye also claims that the exhibits inside the Ark encourage visitors to “trust faith over science.” Actually, our exhibits show quite conclusively that observational science in the fields of geology, genetics, and anthropology confirm biblical history concerning man, animals, and the Flood of Noah’s day.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Science is on Hambo’s side. Let’s read on:

In reality, it’s Bill Nye who has the blind faith to believe that somehow life arose by natural processes. And his evidence? That DNA, including its information and language system, arising by natural processes, came about to the fact that “we’re here.” And Nye, who claims creationists are undercutting people’s “ability to engage in critical thinking,” wants to stop all children from being able to think critically about science. Instead, we are just to accept his word and his religion that life arose by natural processes. And Nye calls this “science!”

Nye is crazed by his faith. You have Hambo’s word for it. He continues:

And then Bill Nye has the gall to speak negatively about the parents of a girl who challenged him, saying, “The parents were feeding her word for word.” You see, Bill Nye doesn’t want parents to be allowed to teach their children about God. He wants to brainwash kids, to indoctrinate them in his naturalistic (atheistic) religion of meaninglessness and hopelessness.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Nye wants to “indoctrinate” kids. Hambo would never expose kids to indoctrination!

Oh — this is where the “bananas” in Hambo’s title comes from:

Watch the following video segment, where the following conversation happened:

[Hambo’s quote from the video, with brackets (after these) supplied by Hambo:] Ken Ham [KH]: So we’re related to a banana?

Bill Nye [BN]: Yes. . . . What makes you think we’re not related to bananas?

KH: Can you testify to how information [in DNA that is the building block for life] arose by natural processes?

BN: Here we are.

Not a very memorable exchange. Here’s more:

NBC News also quoted Bill Nye as saying the following: “On the third deck [of the ark], every single science exhibit is absolutely wrong. . . . Not just misleading, but wrong.”

Once again, Hambo gets the final word:

This quote just goes to illustrate how irrational Nye can be when he makes many of his statements. Yes, Ark exhibits do have signs on them offering interpretations based on a biblical worldview, and understandably Bill Nye disagrees with them. … . Mr. Nye can disagree with our biblical worldview, but to claim “every single science exhibit is absolutely wrong” is just plain silly.

Okay, that’s enough. Never imagine that merely because reality and reason are on your side, you can ever change the mind of a creationist.

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Strange Day Free Fire Zone

There’s nothing major to report so far, but we have two minor items that should provide some entertainment. They are:

1. We found a new video from the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries. It’s posted at the website of WorldNetDaily (WND). The thing is titled Flat-earth believers being deliberately misled.

The rev reminds us that he’s not a flat-Earther, which we already knew — see Rev. David Rives — Not a Flat-Earther, but we watched it anyway.

The video is almost 5 minutes long. The rev attempts to explain a few ways to demonstrate the spherical shape of the Earth. There’s nothing of interest here, except for one brief passage at 1 minute 40 seconds, where he tells us that the president of the Flat Earth Society is a self-proclaimed evolutionist, and “that’s one strike against him in my book.” Then, at 3 minutes 10 seconds into the video, he says that because the flat-Earth guy isn’t a bible believer, it’s a troubling warning sign that there may be a cleverly designed plot of evolutionists to infiltrate bible-believers to confuse them.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The rev suspects that those wicked evolutionists are spreading the false doctrine that the Earth is flat. But what he never tells his drooling fans is the indisputable fact that the bible is not only creationist, but from beginning to end it’s also a flat-Earth book — see The Earth Is Flat!

That’s it for the rev’s video. The cutie-pie bible boy is attempting to show that, at least compared to the Flat Earth Society, he’s a sound thinker who always proclaims The Truth. Now for the next item:

2. In the Pine Bluffs Post of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming (population 1,129) we read Community Calendar. It’s dated 23 June, so the information is too old for you to use, but among the community activities they list is this:

Lighthouse Assembly of God is hosting a free Creation Seminar from 6:30-8 p.m. “From a Scientic [sic] Perspective” presented by Dr. Kent Hovind, one of the foremost authorities on science and the Bible. All materials are being provided at no cost. Please call 307-245-3822 for more information or drop in during the next session at 117 W 5th, Pine Bluffs, WY 82082.

No Curmudgeonly commentary is necessary.

Now we dedicate the comments section for your use as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Okay, the comments are open. Go for it!

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Discoveroids: Sex Is Irreducibly Complex

We never expected to see anything like this, even from the Discovery Institute. Nevertheless, look what just appeared at their creationist blog: In Female Sexual Function, Irreducible Complexity and Natural Survival Capacity.

It was written by one of their new contributors, a physician named Howard Glicksman. They say he “practices palliative medicine for a hospice organization.” We’re not familiar with that specialty, but the Wikipedia article on Palliative care says:

In the United States, a distinction should be made between palliative care and hospice care. Hospice services and palliative care programs share similar goals of providing symptom relief and pain management. … Hospice is a type of care involving palliation without curative intent. Usually, it is used for people with no further options for curing their disease or in people who have decided not to pursue further options that are arduous, likely to cause more symptoms, and not likely to succeed.

Whatever it is that the good doctor does, here are some excerpts from his post, with bold font added by us:

Once the sexual organs have matured so the male can produce sperm and the female can release an egg into the fallopian tube, all that is needed for new human life to come about is for them to join together to form a zygote. The natural way that human reproduction occurs is by the male and female physically coming together in sexual intercourse.

Gasp! Most of us already know about such things, but some of you may be too sensitive for the details in the Discoveroid post, so we’ll avoid the explicit material. Also, the good doctor has previously discussed this subject in an earlier post, about which we wrote Discovery Institute Adopts a Jack Chick Argument. But in that one he claimed that the configuration of our reproductive organs requires the Discoveroids’ magic pixie dust, information. This time he has something else to offer.

After describing the “very intimate physical union” that is required for human reproduction, and the “tasks the male must perform,” he devotes several paragraphs to telling us what has to happen in the female’s body in order to achieve fertilization and development of an embryo. We shall tastefully avoid excerpting that material. Skipping to near the end, he says:

In summary, human reproduction involves not only having the right tissues and organs in place, but also having them working together in a well-coordinated fashion. The female cannot be fertile unless at least one of her ovaries can release an egg, her fallopian tube can capture it and move it towards the sperm that have been assisted by the cervical mucus to swim toward it, and then provide a supportive haven for the implantation and gestation of new human life. These all require not only having the right tissues and organs in place, but also having the right amount of hormones and receptors that respond in the right way and at the right time.

Jeepers, it’s so complicated! Let’s read on:

Of course, it goes without saying that all of the parts working together in a coordinated fashion, as directed by specific hormones and their receptors, to enable either the male or female to reproduce demonstrates not only irreducible complexity but natural survival capacity as well.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh — irreducible complexity! [*End Drool Mode*] The good doctor continues:

This means that for every life form that reproduces sexually not only must all of its organ systems that allow for metabolic control but also its male and female components must have developed simultaneously.

Wowie — they had to develop simultaneously! That’s the same argument we first encountered at the Jack Chick website. And now we come to the end:

As for human life, whether it came about by the more plausible explanation of intelligent design or whether one believes the Darwinian narrative, it all had to start with just one male and just one female.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s gotta be Adam & Eve! What a great Discoveroid article!

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