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October 2021
Neanderthals — Our Ancestors, Brothers, or What?
Casey Says Evolution of Humans Makes No Sense
If It Seems Natural, It’s Super-Natural
Orwellian Doublethink and Discoveroid Creationism
Fine-Tuning, Therefore Oogity Boogity
Is It Time for the Discoveroids To Get Nasty?
Casey Ain’t No Kin to No Monkey
Discoveroids Predict Desperate Darwinist Behavior
Understanding the Universe Requires Theism
Discoveroids Ain’t No Kin to No Monkey
Big or Small, the Universe Is Proof of Oogity Boogity
We’re Defeated by Evolution’s Biggest Problems
An Ark-load of Discoveroid Waste Material
What Is Klinghoffer Trying To Say?

September 2021
Discoveroids Have the Universe All Figured Out
A Great Review of Stephen Meyer’s Book
Discoveroids Praise Self-Published Genius #125
Is the Discoveroids’ Designer an Engineer?
Discoveroids Have Proof of a Creating Deity
Discoveroids Invade the Spanish-Speaking World
Another Podcast About Meyer’s Creationist Book
Area 51 and the Origin of Life
Westie Says Darwinian Racism Is Everywhere
Common Design or Common Descent? Which Is It?
Darwin Was Rich So His Theory Is Evil

August 2021
Could This Question Ever Have an Answer?
The Problem with the NCSE Evolution Poll
Evolutionary Biology Is Pure Racism!
Evolution Accepted by a Majority? No Way!
The Dawn of a New Age of Holy Moly
Life Is Impossible without Intelligent Design
Natural Origin of Life Is Decisively Debunked!
An Ark-load of Creationist Gibberish
Discoveroids Try To Rebut God of the Gaps
Was Carl Sagan an Ignoramus?
A New Book Explains the Absurdity of Darwinism
If Behe Were King of Science

July 2021
Discoveroids Attack the “Church” of Science
Behe’s Best Argument for Intelligent Design
A Discoveroid Podcast about James Tour
Do You Have Doubts about the God Hypothesis?
Specified Complexity — It’s Back!
Creationism and Gender Confusion
Was Darwin an Insatiable, Lustful Beast?
Was Thomas Jefferson a Crazed Freak?
Meyer Defends Creationism — on a Humor Website?

June 2021
Günter Bechly Is Triumphant
Your Theory Is Stupid, Therefore Mine Is Correct
Intelligent Design & Economics — One More Time
Does the Designer Care If You Become Fertilizer?
Darwin’s Arch Collapses, Discovery Institute Cheers
Discoveroids Say Science Is Totally Corrupt
Will Richard Dawkins Join the Discovery Institute?
Animal Rights and the Discoveroids
Eclipses and Intelligent Design — for Children
A Great New Argument for Intelligent Design
The Big Bang Is Proof of Yahweh

May 2021
Egad — There Are Gaps in the Fossil Record!
All the Evidence Supports the Discoveroids
Learn Why Evolution Is Impossible
How Discoveroids Should Debate Design Skeptics
Actual Evidence that Intelligent Design Is Real
Evolution Is Impossible and Here’s the Reason

April 2021
An Astounding, World-Changing Video
Isaac Newton and the Discovery Institute
Discovery Institute Reveals a Gaping Hole
Should Government Control Biological Research?
Was Darwin the Most Evil Man Who Ever Lived?
Discoveroids Achieve Publishing Ecstasy
A Podcast That Will Change the World
It’s No Accident That We Live on Earth

March 2021
Why Did Creation Take So Long?
Have the Discoveroids Been Misunderstood?
Eric Hedin’s Book Explains the Whole Universe
A Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Endorses What?
The Biggest News in the History of the Universe
Wowie — You Can Work for the Discoveroids!
Exciting Information about Eric Hedin’s Book
Don’t Miss the Discoveroids’ 2021 Seminar
A Book about the Ball State Imbroglio
Discoveroids Say the NASA Mission Is a Big Waste

February 2021
Surprise! Intelligent Design Is Theology
An Ark-load of Intelligent Design Scientists
Discoveroids Battle Against Disinformation
Lincoln Is Immortal & Darwin Is Fading Away

January 2021
Undeniable Evidence for Intelligent Design
An Ark-Load of Wonders from Casey Luskin
Casey Is Back — O the Joy!
Altruism Is Anti-Darwinian Behavior
Guess Who’s Returning to the Discovery Institute
Discoveroids Make Stunning, Shocking Discovery
The Discoveroids’ Cambrian Explosion Is Fizzling
The Discoveroids Embrace Alfred Russel Wallace
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2020 — #2 & #1

December 2020
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2020 — #4 & #3
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2020 — #5
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2020 — #6
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2020 — #8 & #7
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2020 — #10 & #9
Discoveroid Rumors and Year-End Craziness
Welcome to the Intelligent Design Underground
Two Tearful Tales and a Plea for Money
Discoveroids Discover Yahweh and Beg for Money
The Discoveroids Don’t Like Determinism
Behe Again — Aaaargh!!

November 2020
You Can’t Deny the Data Forever — Or Can You?
Christmas Gift Suggestions for Creationists
Darwin’s Foolish Theory Is Ready To Shatter
What You’ve Always Wanted: Creationist Clothing!
Michael Behe Is Absolutely Triumphant
Discoveroid John West Begs for Money
The Ultimate Irony Meter Overload
A Creationist Crisis and Desperate Plea for Money
Discoveroids Say Evolution Depends on Fraud
The Platypus Is the Intelligent Designer’s Joke
Undeniable Evidence of Intelligent Design
Wowie — the Discoveroids Have a Gift Shop!
A Bigger Contest Than the Presidential Election?

October 2020
The Six Best Arguments for Intelligent Design
Even Atoms Are Intelligently Designed
Discoveroids Rejoice in Their Brief Triumph
The Discovery Institute Wants You!
Exciting News from the Discovery Institute
A Bold Creationist Challenge
Discoveroids Have Proof of Divine Creation
Intelligent Design Is the Science of Information
Lennox Debates Dawkins — What a Movie!
Intelligent Design’s Big Breakthrough!
Thomas Reid (Who?) Joins the Discovery Institute

September 2020
If You Don’t See Design You’re an Idiot!
Discovery Institute Returns to Its Roots
More from the Discoveroids — Proceed If You Dare!
Is This the Discovery Institute’s Greatest Podcast?
Discovery Institute Explains Tushie Evolution
You Were Splendidly Made by the Designer
James Tour and the Mystery of Life
The Discovery Institute Is Now Okay with Aliens
The Problem No Evolutionist Can Solve
Alfred Wallace Supersedes Charles Darwin?
The Discoveroids Want To Help You
Discoveroids Jump on Hambo’s Bandwagon
The Discoveroids’ Design Detector Is Back!

August 2020
There Is No Stairway to Life
How You’re Able To Control Your Body’s Water
Two Creationist Giants in One Discoveroid Podcast!
We’re Finely Tuned and Exquisitely Engineered
Discoveroids Present An Interview with a Drooler
Violence and Urban Chaos — Darwin’s Fault
Academic Freedom Down Under, Therefore …

July 2020
Technology Is a Gift from the Intelligent Designer
Discoveroids: The Festering Evil of Darwinism
Charles Darwin — Godfather of Tyrants
Discoveroids Contradict Darwinist Propaganda
Discoveroids: Naturalism Undermines Rationality
The Solar System Saved Us from the Cosmic Sewer
You Can Trust the Discoveroids, So Send Money!
Discovery Institute Claims They Discovered God
Discoveroids Attack the Museum of Natural History
Was Thomas Jefferson a Drooling Creationist?
A Great New Book from the Discovery Institute

June 2020
The Discovery Institute’s Wikipedia Problem
Discoveroids — One of Their Strangest Posts Ever
Discoveroids Sink Deeper Into the Ooze
An Important Creationist Anniversary
Discoveroids: We Few, We Happy Few
The Discovery Institute’s Latest Triumph
How To Be an Intelligent Design Theorist
Discoveroids: Darwin and Racism, One More Time
Discoveroids Reveal Their ‘Central Question’

May 2020
The Discoveroids Are In Danger!
The Heavenly Gift of Fear
Discoveroids Say Evolution Isn’t Even a Theory
‘Teach the Controversy’ Goes Viral
A Great New Privileged Planet Argument
Eclipse Mania — The Discoveroids, Part 7
Discoveroid Progress — Atheism’s Loss, God’s Gain
Discoveroids: Darwinism and Your Private Life
Discoveroids Tell How To Teach the Controversy

April 2020
Discoveroids Say Science Is Inherently Inhuman
Michael Denton’s Wonderful New Book
Learn Physics and Cosmology from DiscoveryU
The Greatest Challenge You’ve Ever Faced
Discoveroids Say: Judge Behe for Yourself
Discoveroids Say Darwin Was a Whale of an Idiot
Stephen Meyer’s New Book — Soon, But Not Yet
The Discoveroids Want Creationist Medicine
You Can Watch Creationist Videos for Free
The Discoveroids Have Wonderful News

March 2020
Intelligent Design Will Defeat the Coronavirus
Discoveroids Offer a Preacher’s Podcast Series
Discoveroid Greatness in This Time of Crisis
Discoveroids Attack the New Cosmos Series
Behe Explains the Coronavirus
Are We Alone? The Discoveroids Say Yes!
Behe Says Dogs Are ‘Broken Wolves’
What Set the Stage for Intelligent Design?
You Can Escape from the ‘Sea of Darwinism’
Discoveroids Seem To Adopt Freeman Dyson

February 2020
Discoveroids’ Seattle Seminar — Hurry, Hurry!
The Glorious Design of Insects
The Greatest Discoveroid Conference Ever!
Discoveroids Are Building on Darwin’s Strengths
Water Is the Designer’s Divine Gift
The Best Way To Celebrate Darwin Day
Behe Exposes Evolution’s Fatal Flaw
Discoveroids: The Miracle of Photosynthesis
Intelligent Design in a Nutshell
Discoveroids Respond to Brazilian Creationism
Discoveroids Have Big News for Darwin Day

January 2020
Discoveroids: Science Proves God’s Existence
Brazil Succumbs to Creationist Madness
Discoveroids’ 2020 Seattle Seminar — Not Full Yet
Oh No — Another Discoveroid Conference
A Discoveroid Tale from Bizarro World
Discoveroids Say You Have Lost Your Mind
Amazing News from the Discoveroids
Discoveroids: Creationism & the Rainbow
Discoveroids Have Absolute Proof of the Almighty
Discoveroids Say Your Carcass Is Designed
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #1

December 2019
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #2
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #3
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #5 & #4
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #6
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #7
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #8
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #9
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2019 — #10
Solid Evidence for Intelligent Design
Discoveroids See The Fall of the House of Darwin
A Glorious Year Is Ending for the Discoveroids
Discoveroid Conference — If You Have the Courage
There Are Not Enough Transitional Fossils
The Universe Is Evidence of the Designer
Discoveroids: Breakthrough or Baloney?

November 2019
Why Don’t You Embrace Intelligent Design?
Discoveroids Offer an Out-Of-This-World Experience
Discoveroids on the 160th Anniversary of Origin
High Praise for Michael Behe’s Book
Discoveroids: The Press Must Promote Creationism
The Discoveroids’ Annual Beg-a-Thon — 2019
Our Last Phillip Johnson Post?
The Real News About Phillip Johnson
Discoveroid Phillip E. Johnson Has Died
The Discoveroids’ 2020 Creationist Seminar

October 2019
Discoveroids: Still Promoting Expelled
John West Needs Your Money
Intelligent Design for Simpletons
More on the Discoveroids’ ‘Adam & Eve’ Model
The Discoveroids’ Intelligent Design Challenge
The Discoveroids’ Bold Outreach to Facebook
The Discoveroids’ Descent into Mysticism
Discoveroids Claim Another Nobel Prize
Discoveroids Defend the Cambrian Explosion
Three More Miracles of Intelligent Design
Three Miracles of Intelligent Design

September 2019
Shocking News About Discoveroid Douglas Axe
The Discoveroids’ Action Network Meeting
Discoveroids Say Darwinists Are Perverts
The Essence of Discoveroid ‘Science’
Discoveroids Know Their Enemy
Discoveroids Say Scientists Are Idiots
The Wisdom of John West
A Discoveroid Dreams of Victory
Discoveroids Fear Intellectual Captivity
What Has Darwinism Ever Done?

August 2019
Which Came First: the Flytrap or the Fly?
Discoveroids Say the Dam Is Breaking
Discovery Institute: Their 2017 Tax Return
The Discoveroids Are Victorious!
Sex and the Intelligent Designer
Discoveroids Have A New Accomplice
Discoveroids Release Their Greatest Podcast
Discoveroids Are Now Out of the Closet
The Discoveroids’ New European Crusade
A Discoveroid Podcast & Free Fire Zone

July 2019
Clear & Convincing Evidence of Design
Discoveroids Condemn the ‘Darwinian Gestapo’
Discoveroids: A Tale of Two Hermans
Discovery Institute, Diarrhea, and the Designer
Discoveroid Podcasts Explained!
Discoveroids: The Truth About Mutations
Discoveroids and the Goldilocks Zone
Ecstasy or Vomit Opportunity? You Decide!
The Transcendental Origin of Life

June 2019
Discoveroids See Hope — From Australia
To the Discoveroids, You’re a Mere Flatlander
Discoveroids and the Wonder of Water
Discoveroids Challenge the ‘I Suck’ Principle
Discovery Institute Proves Intelligent Design
The Watchmaker and Your Genome
Behe Says Puppy Dog Eyes Didn’t Evolve
Discoveroids: The Cosmic Programmer
Egnor Has Evidence of the Soul
Discoveroids Say Evolutionists Are Witch Doctors
Discoveroids Say Darwinists Are Afraid
Discoveroids Say Darwinists Are Really Creationists
Another Great Discoveroid Breakthrough
Discoveroids Present a Brain-Bending Argument
Discoveroids: Toxic Materialism, Part 2
Discovery Institute: Drool, Drool, Drool
Discoveroids: The Horror of Toxic Materialism
A Discoveroid Podcast by Metaxas

May 2019
Behe Is Triumphant!
Discoveroids: The Joy of Diarrhea
Intelligent Design and Memorial Day
Discoveroids Say Darwinists Must Be Racists
Klinghoffer: Darwinists Are Racists
John Lennox Says Science Is Faith
One Ancestor Down, Discoveroids Thrilled
It’s Wonderful, Therefore Oogity Boogity!
The Discoveroids Say They’re Winning
Intelligent Design and Galileo
A Victory for the Discovery Institute
Discoveroids: Evolution’s Biggest Problem
Günter Bechly Has a New Podcast

April 2019
Discoveroids Say Earth Is Obviously Unique
Discoveroids Return to Bizarro World
Black Holes, Big Bang, and Oogity Boogity
Intelligent Design Is the Logical Answer
The Universe and the Intelligent Designer
Klinghoffer and The Fallacy of Creationism
Discoveroids Say You Don’t Know X, Therefore Y
Günter Bechly Says Darwinism Fails Again
The Discoveroids’ Texas 2019 Revival Meeting
Are You a Blip in a Computer Game?
Intelligent Design ‘Theory’ Has Ancient Roots
Discoveroids: The Universe Sends a ‘Big Message’
Klinghoffer Says The Media Are Lying to Us
Discoveroids: Not Enough Droolers
Discoveroids’ Seminar — BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

March 2019
Discoveroids’ Seminar — It’s Forbidden Science
Discoveroids Weave a Tangled Web
Discoveroids’ Seminar — Somebody Please Come!
Discoveroids’ 2019 Seminar — Not Filled Up Yet
More Evidence for Specified Complexity
Discoveroids’ 2019 Seminar — You Gotta Hurry!
Discoveroids: Evolution Can’t Create Your Mind
Rethinking the Cambrian Explosion
Discoveroids: Mt. Rushmore Again
Discoveroids Say Galileo Was Well Treated
Discoveroids Are Upset about South Dakota

February 2019
Discovery Institute Humor — or Something
Behe’s Book Arrives — O the Joy!
Discoveroids Say We’re Alone in the Universe
Discovery Institute: How Much Longer?
And the Behe Beat Goes On
Another Review of the Behe Review
The Discoveroids’ 2019 Creationist Seminar
First Review of Behe’s New Book
Discoveroids Defend the Inquisition
Discoveroids Say They’re Not Totally Crazy
The Discoveroids Are Gaining Momentum
The Discoveroids’ Latest Campaign
This One Will Blow You Away

January 2019
Dark Ages Free Fire Zone
Michael Behe: Science Is Worthless
Think for Yourself & Be a Creationist
Discoveroids Say SETI Is Creation Science
The Discoveroids’ Latest Triumph
Two Great Posts from the Discoveroids
Discoveroids Revive an Old Fallacy
Discoveroids: The Emptiness of Materialism
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #1

December 2018
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #2
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #3
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #4
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #5
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #6
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #7
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #8
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #9
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2018 — #10
Discoveroids: Apollo 8 and Intelligent Design
A Thrilling Tale from the Discovery Institute
‘Design Science’ from the Discovery Institute
An Idiot’s Guide to Intelligent Design
The Discoveroids and Apollo 8
Discoveroid Doug Axe Insists It’s Undeniable

November 2018
Discovery Institute Ballyhoos Behe Again
Yet Another Discoveroid Book — Truly Amazing
The Discoveroids Are Begging for Money
Discoveroids Say: Give To Promote Behe’s Book
Discoveroids: The Wall Between Faith & Science
Discoveroids Promote Behe’s New Book
Discoveroids Fight Viewpoint Discrimination
The Ultimate Discoveroid Blog Post
Granville Sewell and the Second Law, Again
Discoveroids: The Gaps Are Strangling Us
Discoveroids: Let the Children Decide!

October 2018
The Best Discoveroid Podcast Ever Made
Discoveroids: The Designer Is a Lute Player
Discoveroids: Intelligent Design in History
Discoveroids: The Designer Created Science
Discoveroids: Denton’s Book Proves Everything
Discoveroids: The Logic of Supernaturalism
Discoveroids: Oh No, Another Podcast
Discoveroids: The Evil of Scientism
Discoveroids: Venus and Intelligent Design
Discoveroids: What Are They Saying?
Discovery Institute: A History of Failure
Yet Another New Discoveroid Book
Klinghoffer: The Intelligent Designer and America
Klinghoffer: The Smear of Materialism
Discoveroids Return To Their Roots
Discoveroids Gripe About the Nobel Prize Again
Discoveroids React to Nobel Prize Award
Discoveroids: Nature Has Foresight
Discoveroids: More About Denton’s New Book

September 2018
Discoveroids Support Arizona Creationism
Discoveroid Stephen Meyer’s New Book
Discoveroids: The Miracle of Childbirth
Discoveroids: Science Is Oogity Boogity!
An Amazing New Discoveroid Book
The Discoveroids’ Best Argument Yet
The Discoveroids and the Peppered Moth
Another Triumph of Intelligent Design
The Discoveroids Are Theological Today
Discoveroids and Gender Dysphoria

August 2018
Discoveroids: Evolution and The Blob
Social Science Supports the Discoveroids
Discoveroids: A Convincing Argument?
Discoveroids: Perfection Requires Foresight
Discoveroids, Creationism, and Gastric Distress
Discoveroids: Cancer and Intelligent Design
The Latest from the Discovery Institute
Discoveroids: All the Links Are Missing
Discoveroids Battle the Holy Kaaba of Science
The Scutoid Is Evidence of Intelligent Design
The Discoveroids Are Encouraged

July 2018
Sweat Is Proof of Intelligent Design
Discoveroids & Alfred Wallace, One More Time
The Discoveroids Have a New Fellow
The Discoveroids’ 2018 Creationist Seminar
Discoveroids Have Reason To Hope
Klinghoffer: Evolution Is Taught Wrong
Discoveroids: The Designer Makes Compromises
The Discoveroids and Thomas Jefferson, Again

June 2018
Discoveroids Solve the Fermi Paradox
The Discoveroids Continue Celebrating
Discoveroids Celebrate Ten Years of ‘Success’
Klinghoffer Defends ‘Information’
Intelligent Design in the News!
Discoveroids Favor Objective Science — Maybe
Discoveroids Praise Their Founder
Discoveroids in the Wilderness
Discoveroids and Hambo, Together Again
The Discoveroids Are Furious about Mars
Ann Gauger: The Argument from Beauty
An Ark-Load of Discoveroid Science

May 2018
Roseanne and the Discovery Institute
The Discoveroids Are in Ecstasy
Discoveroids: The Wisdom of Testicles
Why Are There Still Horseshoe Crabs?
Discoveroids Bid Farewell to Tom Wolfe
Klinghoffer Is Insulted
Discoveroids Rebut Darwinist Research
Discovery Institute — Ultimate Slime
Intelligent Design — It’s Twue, It’s Twue!

April 2018
Big News from the Discovery Institute
Discoveroids: A Breakthrough Is Coming
Discoveroids: Intelligent Design Is Testable, #2
Discoveroids: Another Miraculous ‘Explosion’
Discovery Institute: Their 2016 Tax Return
You Can’t Criticize the Intelligent Designer
Discoveroids Say Darwinists Are Brainwashed
Discoveroids: Self-Published Geniuses?
Discoveroids: Privileged Planet, Again
Discoveroids: Free Speech for Creationism
Klinghoffer: Eggs Are Designed, Therefore …
Discoveroids: Science Is All Contradictions

March 2018
Discoveroids Say They’re Making Progress
Creationist Review of a Discoveroid Book
Discoveroid Revival Will Attack Theistic Evolution
Discoveroids: A New TV Series To Rant About
Discoveroids: Hawking Was Wrong
Discoveroids — Bizarre, Truly Bizarre
Discoveroids Reveal Tricks of Science Writers
Here Comes Intelligent Design Education Day
Discoveroids Announce a New Website
Discoveroids: How To Write a Biology Paper
Discoveroids’ Latest View on Alien Life

February 2018
A Classic Tirade from the Discoveroids
Discoveroids Say Steven Pinker Is Wrong
Discoveroids: Behold the Cockroach
Human-Sheep Hybrids & the Discoveroids
The Discoveroids Remember Casey Luskin
Another Indescribable Discoveroid Post
Hummingbirds Are Pretty, Therefore …
Discovery Institute: The Same Old Argument
Discoveroids’ 2018 ‘Censor of the Year’
Discoveroids: Science Journals Are All Insane
Discoveroids: Stonehenge Is Designed, Therefore …
Intelligent Design Is a Knock-Knock Joke
Darwin & the Nightmare of Human Cloning
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part X

January 2018
The Discoveroids’ Crusade Against Cloning
Discoveroids: Frankenstein & the Evil of Science
Klinghoffer and Monkey DNA — Oook, Oook!
Discoveroids Move into New Territory
Discoveroids’ Censor of the Year — Soon!
The Discoveroids and Human Cloning
Yet Another Discoveroid Revival at Biola
Common Descent or Common Designer?
Discoveroids: Evolution Is Self-Refuting Nonsense
The Discoveroids and Neil deGrasse Tyson
A Great Victory for Intelligent Design
The Universe Insults the Discoveroids
Tabby’s Star & the Discoveroids’ Design Filter
Who Will Be the Discoveroids’ Censor of the Year?
The Discoveroids’ Style of Thinking
The Secret Shame of Intelligent Design
Discoveroid Post Beyond Description
A Problem for Intelligent Design
Isaac Newton Joins the Discovery Institute
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017 — #1

December 2017
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017 — #2
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #4 and #3
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #6 and #5
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #7
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #8
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #9
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2017— #10
Discoveroids Don’t Fear Intelligent Robots
Discoveroids Say Scientific Consensus Is Nonsense
Klinghoffer: Why Scientists Are Stupid
Klinghoffer Says Science Is ‘Fake News’
The Discovery Institute and ʻOumuamua
The Discoveroids Are Going Global
Günter Bechly: Evolution Has Collapsed!
Discoveroids Still Oppose Frivolous Lawsuits
Discoveroids Explain Why Scientists Are Fools
Discovery Institute Praises James Tour
Discoveroids React to a New Galapagos Finch
Discoveroids Say Science Is Doomed

November 2017
Discoveroids — Masters of the Universe
Discoveroid Books Are Winning Honors
Discoveroid Language Abuse
Support the Discoveroids’ Great Intellectual Battle
The Discoveroids Now Have a Book Store
Discoveroids Denounce the Church of Naturalism
Six Arguments for Intelligent Design: Parts 5 & 6
Six Arguments for Intelligent Design: Parts 3 & 4
Six Arguments for Intelligent Design: Part 2
Six Arguments for Intelligent Design: Part 1
Klinghoffer’s Weird and Bad Dream
Discoveroids’ Design Detector Used Again
Klinghoffer Complains About Discrimination

October 2017
Discoveroids Triumph Over Adversity
Klinghoffer Says: Behold the Spider
Klinghoffer: Darwinists Know Nothing of Life
Discoveroids Have Proof Evolution Is False
Günter Bechly: Evolution Is Collapsing
Klinghoffer: Intelligent Design & Oogity Boogity
Water Is Proof of Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design — A Progress Report
The Discoveroids Have a Fan Club
Discoveroid Günter Bechly Has Been ‘Erased’
Michael Behe — Science Revolutionary
Klinghoffer: Science Is Mush
Las Vegas Shootings, Darwin, & the Discoveroids

September 2017
The Ultimate Discovery Institute Post
Klinghoffer: Charles Darwin & Hugh Hefner
Football Anthem Protests & Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer: Evolution = Communism
Vestigial Organs Are a Theological Concept
Discoveroids: ‘God-Did-It’ Makes Good Sense
Discoveroids Say Insects Are Intelligently Designed
Discoveroids: Evolution’s Story Keeps Changing
Discoveroids Defend the Galileo Trial
Discoveroids Say: Behold the Ostrich!
Denyse O’Leary and the Multiverse
Discoveroids — Human Footprints on Crete
Discoveroids: Evolution Is Right-Wing Extremism

August 2017
The Discoveroids Believe in Demons
Discoveroids: The Internet Is Mean to Us
Darwin Destroyed — Oh Wait, Maybe Not
Eclipse Mania — The Discoveroids, Part 6
The Discoveroids’ Creationist Curriculum
Eclipse Mania — The Discoveroids, Part 5
Eclipse Mania — The Discoveroids, Part 4
Eclipse Mania — The Discoveroids, Part 3
Cornelius Hunter: The Circularity of Science
Discoveroids: Artificial Intelligence Is Impossible
Discoveroids Present Their Scientific Evidence
Food Fight: Discoveroids vs. Paul Braterman
Eclipse Mania — The Discoveroids, Part 2
Eclipse Mania — The Discoveroids, Part 1
Discoveroid Cornelius Hunter Disproves Evolution

July 2017
Granville Sewell Demolishes Materialism
Denyse O’Leary Demolishes String Theory
Why the Discoveroids Get No Respect
Klinghoffer: Intelligent Design Is Theistic Evolution
Hey Discoveroids: Our DNA Is At Least 75% Junk
The Discovery Institute Is Frustrated
Denyse O’Leary Demolishes Darwinist Cosmology
Discoveroids Pervert the 4th of July Again
Discovery Institute: Dogs Are Degenerates, Part 2

June 2017
The Discovery Institute’s Best Arguments
Discovery Institute Has Another Guru
Turkey Bans Evolution, Discoveroids React
Discoveroids: Intelligent Design Is the Future
Klinghoffer: ‘A Special Kind of Blindness’
Klinghoffer: Evolution Is a Worthless Theory
Discoveroids Have Evidence of Intelligent Design
Human Origin Older, Discoveroids Boggled
The Legend of Granville Sewell

May 2017
Discoveroids and the Big Bang
Discoveroids React to the Gallup Poll
Discovery Institute — Their Most Brazen Post Ever?
Klinghoffer Criticizes Olivia Judson
Discovery Institute — Propaganda Whiplash
Discovery Institute: Their 2015 Tax Return
Discovery Institute: Denyse O’Leary Is Back
Discovery Institute Says Life Is Unnatural
A Discoveroid Defense of Supernatural Science
Discovery Institute Makes Progress in Brazil

April 2017
Discoveroids Praise the Texas Science Standards
Discoveroids Say Science Is a Cargo Cult
Discoveroids and the Texas Science Standards
The Discoveroids and the March for Science
Discoveroids: The Evidence Is Against Evolution
Intelligent Design — The Video Game
The Discoveroids and Their Design Filter
Discovery Institute — The Mind of Walter Myers
Discoveroids & Alabama’s Creationist Resolution
The Discoveroids’ April Fool’s Day Post

March 2017
The Divine Design of Bird Feathers
Discovery Institute Defends the Inquisition
Granville Sewell: Why Evolution Is Impossible
Discoveroids’ 2017 Seminar — Still Time To Apply
Discovery Institute: Darwin Was a Fraud
Discoveroids: We’re Still Alone in the Universe
How the Creationist Game Is Played
Nylon-Eating Bacteria Revisited
Discoveroids: Freedom for Me, [Bleep] You!
Discoveroids: The Odds Are Against Evolution
The Truth About Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design ‘Theory’ Strikes Again
Discoveroids: A Means Not-A
Discoveroids: Tiktaalik Proves Intelligent Design
The Discovery Institute’s War on Reality
Intelligent Design in the Amazon Rainforest
Discovery Institute — Stranger and Stranger

February 2017
Klinghoffer Dismisses Latest Planet Discoveries
Discovery Institute — More S. Dakota Desperation
Discovery Institute — Desperate in South Dakota?
Valentine’s Day at the Discovery Institute
A Discoveroid Easily Refutes Darwin
Count Klinghoffer’s Creationist Clunkers
Klinghoffer: How To Spot Fake Science News
Klinghoffer Praises Tom Bethell’s New Book

January 2017
Discoveroids Support S. Dakota Creationism Bill
Creationists in the Closet
Klinghoffer Says Evolution Is ‘Fake News’
A Demonstration of Discoveroid Doublethink
The Discoveroids’ Magic Filter and Archaeology
A Creationist Visit to a Museum
Discoveroids on Martin Luther King Day
Discoveroids’ Hitler Obsession Continues
Discovery Institute Defends Betsy DeVos
Your Chance To Be a Creation Scientist
Darwin, Marx, and Freud — They’re Back!
Programmed Machines Have No Rights?
Discoveroids Reveal Their Mystical Roots
The Discoveroid ‘Fake Science’ Crusade #2
The Discoveroids’ All-Time Strangest Essay
Discoveroids: Evolution Is Fake Science
Discoveroids Expose Darwinists’ Tricks
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #2 & #1

December 2016
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #3
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #4
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #5
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #6
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2016 — #8 & #7
A Mixed Message from the Discovery Institute
Aliens & the Discoveroids’ Design Filter
The Coppedge Case — Alternate History, Part 3
Merry Kitzmas to One and All!
The Brilliance of Michael Behe, Part 2
Piltdown Man Proves Darwin Was Wrong
Intelligent Design Is All About God
The Coppedge Case — Alternate History, Part 2
The Coppedge Case — An Alternate History
Klinghoffer: Why Can’t Monkeys Speak?
Caesarean Birth & the Natural Selection ‘Legend’
Discoveroids Insist They’re Not Creationists
Discoveroids: Laymen Should Challenge Scientists
Klinghoffer Asks: Is Evolution Falsifiable?
Discovery Institute Celebrates Nothing
Discovery Institute Abducts Fred Hoyle

November 2016
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part IX
Klinghoffer: We’re Special, Really Special!
The Brilliance of Michael Behe
Trump Appoints Discovery Institute Senior Fellow
The Intelligent Designer’s Role in History
Discoveroids Defend Their ‘Adam & Eve’ Model
Discoveroids: The Corrosive Effect of Darwinism
Breasts Are Intelligently Designed
The Discoveroids’ Cambridge Conference
Discoveroids: Intelligent Design Is Testable
Discoveroids Will Test Adam & Eve Hypothesis
A Lesson in Discoveroid Logic
A Lesson in Discoveroid Newspeak
A Lesson in Discoveroid Quote-Mining

October 2016
Birds Fly — Therefore Intelligent Design
A Lesson in Discoveroid Debate Tactics
Theory of Abominable Befuddlement Proved Again
The Intelligent Designer — Still a Buffoon
Eric Hedin, Ball State, & the Discovery Institute
Discovery Institute and the Gecko — Again
The Discoveroids’ Alternate Reality Conference
Intelligent Design Cannot Be Debunked!
The Eleventh Law of Creationism
Nobel Prize for Chemistry Insults Discoveroids
The Discovery Institute’s Glorious Struggle

September 2016
The Discoveroids and Frankenstein’s Monster
Klinghoffer: The Divine Gift of Speech
Klinghoffer Thinks Stephen Hawking Is a Fool
Egnor: Science Is Christian, Not Atheist
Discovery Institute Has a New Guru
Discovery Institute Says Junk DNA Is Vital
Discovery Institute: Science Must Be Controlled
Discoveroids: Birds Fly, Bugs Fly, Therefore …
The Discovery Institute’s Best Idea Yet
Solar Eclipses — Their Design Is Undeniable
Discoveroids: The Design Intuition Is Ancient
Discoveroids Insist on Intelligent Design

August 2016
Solar Eclipses Prove Intelligent Design
Discoveroids: Proxima b Is the Big Test
The Magic of Design Intuition
Discoveroids: Selection Can’t Be Measured
Klinghoffer: Embrace Your Creationist Intuition
Discovery Institute Says: ‘Use Your Brain’
Astronomers Foolishly Reject Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer: A Bed Doesn’t Make Itself
Discovery Institute: 20 Years of Failure
Discovery Institute: The Miracle of Fire
Will Bill Nye Debate the Discoveroids?

July 2016
Discovery Institute: Our Magical Magnetic Sense
Klinghoffer Says ‘Go With Your Feelings’
Discoveroids: Sex Is Irreducibly Complex
Klinghoffer: More Scientists Praise Axe’s Book
Discoveroids: The Impossible Origin of Life
Klinghoffer — The Design Intuition
Klinghoffer: Scientists Praise Axe’s New Book
Egnor: Humans Have Souls
Discovery Institute: Don’t Say We’re Anti-Science
Dembski and Wells: Fossils Don’t Mean Anything
Klinghoffer and the Peasants’ Revolt
Discoveroids’ Fourth of July Creationism Lesson
Discoveroid “Poll” Favors Teaching Nonsense
Dembski and Wells Demolish Darwin — Maybe

June 2016
Klinghoffer: Requiring Evidence Is Fascism
Two New Discovery Institute Books
Klinghoffer: The Glow of the Designer’s Intention
Discovery Institute Adopts a Jack Chick Argument
Intelligent Aliens Terrify the Discovery Institute
Bird Brains and Intelligent Design
Discoveroids, British Independence, and Darwin
Discoveroids: Still More Evidence of Design
Discovery Institute: The Designer’s Language
Granville Sewell: Why Darwinists Are Wrong
Klinghoffer: Why Is the Universe So Big?
Discovery Institute Proves Their Design Filter
Discoveroids: Science Almost Understands Us
Discovery Institute: Darwin and Euthanasia
Klinghoffer Gushes Again About Alfred Wallace
Oook, Oook! Klinghoffer and Harambe
Klinghoffer: The Spiritual Foundation of Science

May 2016
Discovery Institute: Their 2014 Tax Return
Klinghoffer Gushes over Book by Douglas Axe
Klinghoffer: The Anguish of Evolution Skeptics
A Discoveroid Candidate for State Supreme Court
Klinghoffer Still Ain’t No Kin to Monkeys
A Discovery Institute Plea for Tolerance
Two Items from the Discovery Institute
The Discovery Institute and David Coppedge
Klinghoffer and Rafting Monkeys
More on Casey Luskin’s Brilliant Article
Discovery Institute — Casey Luskin News
Klinghoffer Thinks About the Drake Equation

April 2016
What Is Klinghoffer Saying?
Discoveroids: No Thinking Without Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer, Neil deGrasse Tyson, & Lisa Randall
Klinghoffer: Universities Need More Diversity
Discoveroids Adopt a Ken Ham Doctrine
Klinghoffer: Evolution Is a Failed Theory
Discoveroid Math Says Evolution Is Impossible
New “Poll” Supports the Discovery Institute
The Discovery Institute’s Annual Seminar
Klinghoffer: Evolutionists Hate Humanity

March 2016
Klinghoffer & That Old Time Wisdom
Klinghoffer and West: Darwinism is Racism
Removing Junk DNA “Proves” Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer: Denton’s Existential Challenge
Discovery Institute Debate Frenzy
Klinghoffer Exposes Academic Bias
Klinghoffer’s Latest Thoughts on Aliens
PLOS Retracts, Discovery Institute Advises
Discovery Institute — Infinite Brilliance
PLOS Retracts, Discovery Institute Reacts
Peer-Review Ruckus Thrills Discovery Institute
Klinghoffer “Ain’t No Kin” Again

February 2016
Discovery Institute Promotes Baraminology
Klinghoffer Insists Earth Is Unique
Discovery Institute Challenges the World
Discovery Institute Scolds Mississippi Legislature
The True Origin of Intelligent Design Theory
Klinghoffer: “We’re Not Anti-Science”
The “Ancient Roots” of Intelligent Design
Interview with a Creationist Playwright
Discovery Institute’s Thrilling New Enterprise
A Discoveroid Version of “Inherit the Wind”
Discoveroids Admit that Some Junk DNA Is Junk
John West and the Methodists, Yet Again
Klinghoffer: Science Is Evil
Klinghoffer: “We’re Not Flat-Earthers”
Discoveroids Poll on Teaching Intelligent Design

January 2016
Discovery Institute Touts Denton’s New Book
Discoveroids Defend Oklahoma’s Creationist Bills
A “Poll” on Discovery Institute vs. Methodists
Discovery Institute vs. Methodists, Continued
What’s Happening To The Discovery Institute?
Discovery Institute Banned by Methodists
Discovery Institute Descends into Incoherence
Klinghoffer: Darwinists Are Blinded by Ideology
Ann Gauger: Humans, Chimps, and Dishwashers
Discovery Institute: Chemicals Are Dead
Anaxagoras Joins the Discovery Institute
Is the Discovery Institute Dying?
The Discoveroids’ #1 Story for 2015 Is …

December 2015
Casey Luskin Leaves the Discovery Institute
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2015 — #3 & #2
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2015 — #4
The Discovery Institute Has a Whistleblower
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2015 — #6 & #5
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2015 — #8 & #7
The Discoveroids’ Ultimate Kitzmas Post
Discoveroids’ Kitzmas Series: #3 & #2
John West Is Angry at Nick Matzke
Discoveroids’ Kitzmas Series: #4 — Behe & Galileo
Discoveroids’ Kitzmas Series: #6 — Activist Judge
Discoveroids’ Kitzmas Series: #7 — The Designer
Discoveroids’ Anti-Kitzmiller Series: #8 — Behe
Discoveroids’ Anti-Kitzmiller Series: #9
Discovery Institute Prepares for Kitzmas
Discoveroids Whine About Academic Freedom
Discovery Institute — Their Funniest Post Ever!
The Discoveroids’ Design Detector in Action
Discoveroid Silence about San Bernardino

November 2015
Discovery Institute — A Religious Ministry
Thanksgiving at the Discovery Institute
William Dembski Is “Moving On”
Klinghoffer Is Thrilled About Kepler-438b
Klinghoffer & the Ladies of “The View”
Discovery Institute Ain’t No Kin to No Lettuce
Granville Sewell: Intelligent Design Is So Obvious
Ann Gauger: The Mechanism of Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer: Tyson Is Smooth, Cunning, & Snarky
Discovery Institute: A New Philosophy of Science
Reason To Doubt “Darwin’s Doubt”?
Egnor Ain’t No Kin To No Monkey
Eric Metaxas Babbles About Bicycle Locks
“Darwin’s Doubt” Is Setting New Records
Discoveroids: Should They Allow Comments?
Ghostbusters and the Discovery Institute

October 2015
Discovery Institute and SETI — Yet Again
Oh No — Casey and Kitzmiller Again!
Discovery Institute — At Last We Understand
Darwin — Bad Scholar, Good Salesman
Klinghoffer on Science and Morality
An Intelligently Designed Bikini
Discoveroid Dogma from John West
Klinghoffer: More Evidence for Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer’s Opinion of Ben Carson
Klinghoffer’s Wonderful New Video
Casey: Intelligent Design in Resurgence
Another Discoveroid Revival Meeting
Klinghoffer Does the Micro-Macro Mambo

September 2015
Klinghoffer: Darwinists Are Insecure
Discoveroids: Ten Great Years Since Kitzmiller
Klinghoffer Is Afraid
The Sponge — Evidence of Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer — The Designed Universe
Discoveroids: Everyone Uses Our Theory
The Discoveroids and Their Magic Inference
Discoveroids — The Working Man’s Friend

August 2015
Casey Summarizes Discoveroid “Science”
Casey: Wikipedia Is Unfair about Intelligent Design
Ann Gauger: The Discoveroids Are Winning!
Klinghoffer: Public Defecation Is Darwin’s Fault
The Discoveroids’ Hitler-Darwin Theory Refuted
Casey: The Octopus Proves Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer: Theater of the Absurd
Catalog of Discoveroid Creationist Catastrophes
Casey: Nature Is More Rational than We Are
A Visit to the Museum with Klinghoffer
Egnor Rants About Abortion
The Discoveroids and Their Magic Book
Klinghoffer’s Advice to Presidential Candidates
Egnor: Stephen Hawking Is “Sophomoric”
Discovery Institute Proves Life Is a Miracle

July 2015
Klinghoffer: The Impossible Origin of Life
Discoveroids: The Corruption of Science
Discoveroids’ Response to the Scopes Trial
Discovery Institute — The Whale Was Designed
Klinghoffer & The Scopes Trial
The Discoveroids Will Answer Your Questions
The Discoveroids Oppose Academic Freedom
Casey: 50% Junk DNA Is Proof of Design
Is the Cambrian Explosion Endangered?
Behe’s Bacterial Flagellum — Debunked
Count the Discoveroids’ Fallacies
The Discoveroids’ Fourth of July

June 2015
Casey Won’t Admit That The Designer Is Yahweh
Discoveroids: Misinformation about Information
Discoveroids — Disney, Darwin, & Indiana Jones
Casey and Kitzmiller — One More Time
Klinghoffer: Darwin & the Charleston Shootings
Klinghoffer: We’re Skeptics, Not Deniers
Discoveroids Say: Follow the Evidence
Casey’s Positive Case for ID, #2
Casey: The Positive Case for Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer Wants an “Honest Evolutionist”
Klinghoffer Argues Against Himself
Klinghoffer: John West Praises Alfred Wallace
Klinghoffer Attacks Zack Again
Casey Luskin’s New Legal Argument

May 2015
Klinghoffer Attacks the NCSE
Casey Makes a Startling Admission
Casey: Intelligent Design Is Not Faith-Based
Discovery Institute: The Miracle of Phototropism
Discovery Institute Attacks Zack Kopplin
Discovery Institute Attacks John Glenn
Klinghoffer Defends Dr. Ben Carson
Discoveroids Continue Their “Magic” Theme
Discoveroids Cause Global Irony Meter Crash
Klinghoffer Makes a Plea for Modesty
Intelligent Design Flourishes in Turkey
Discoveroids Deny Dinosaur to Bird Evolution
Klinghoffer Finds Evidence — In a Play!
Discoveroids: Gimme That Old-Time Theocracy
Bruce Chapman Says: Beware Consensus

April 2015
Casey and Junk DNA, Yet Again
Klinghoffer Gloats Over Louisiana’s Idiocy
Intelligent Design Has a Mechanism
The Discoveroids’ Intellectual Torture Chamber
Discoveroids: Science Journals & Intelligent Design
Hey, Discoveroids: Is This Academic Freedom?
Casey Explains the Catch-22 of Junk DNA
Casey: Life on Mars and Intelligent Design
Discoveroid Denyse O’Leary: Religion is Rational
Discovery Institute — Ignored Again!

March 2015
Bruce Chapman: No Enlightenment, No Hitler
Klinghoffer Demolishes His Critics
Stephen Meyer Gives Advice to Politicians
Thrilling News from the Discovery Institute
Casey Rejects Origin of Life Research
The Genius of Granville Sewell
Klinghoffer: No Darwin, No Left-Wing Politics
The Creationist Vomit Show from Seattle
Klinghoffer: Inner-City Blight Is Darwin’s Fault
A Plea for “Academic Freedom Laws”
Discoveroids: Evolution Is Self-Refuting
Discoveroids: More on SETI & Intelligent Design
Hey Discoveroids — Here’s Real Intelligent Design

February 2015
Another Discoveroid Revival at Biola
Thomas Aquinas Joins the Discovery Institute
Casey: Saying Nothing Is Censorship
Casey’s Latest Evidence: New World Monkeys
Discovery Institute: Their 2013 Tax Return
Discoveroids: Through the Looking-Glass
Unchanged Bacteria Disprove Evolution?
Discoveroids Denounce “Totalitarian Science”

January 2015
Discovery Institute — Dark Ages Think Tank
Discoveroids: All Theology, All the Time
Discovery Institute: The Joy of Ignorance
Lawrence Krauss Rebuts Eric Metaxas
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part VIII
Meyer’s “Darwin’s Doubt”: An Absolute Triumph
Hey Casey! Our Genome Is 93% Junk
Discovery Institute: How Long, O Lord?
The “Science” of Intelligent Design
Casey: Metaxas Column Is Mainstream Science
Klinghoffer: Metaxas Column Based on Science
Discovery Institute: Another Peer-Review Triumph
All Things Done in the Lab Are Proof of Design
Casey: More on Evolution’s “Weaknesses”
The Discoveroids’ #1 Story for 2014 Is …

December 2014
The Discoveroids’ Proof of Fine Tuning
The Discoveroids’ #3 Evolution Story in 2014
The Discoveroids’ #4 Accomplishment in 2014
Discovery Institute Catastrophes in 2014
Oh Goodie — The Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2014
Discovery Institute and Human Exceptionalism
Discovery Institute Demands Integrity
Discoveroids Oppose Frivolous Lawsuits
Egnor: Hatred of the Material World
The Cambrian Explosion of Information

November 2014
Discovery Institute: Metaphor Mining
Discovery Institute: Still Fighting Junk DNA
The Discoveroids’ Brilliant Question
John West’s Film Shown at Biola
Discoveroids Hate BioLogos, Love Adam & Eve
Discovery Institute: Two New Themes
Klinghoffer Reacts to the Comet Landing
Klinghoffer Equates Evolution and the Multiverse
Darwin Caused World War One, Part 3
Discovery Institute Opines on Alien Intelligence
Michael Behe — World’s Greatest Ebola Expert
Klinghoffer Attacks Tyson, Will, & Krauthammer
Discovery Institute Says Dogs Are Degenerates

October 2014
Discovery Institute: Atheism Is a Religion
Casey Does the Micro-Macro Mambo
Casey Defeats Evolution! Well, Maybe Not
Casey’s Evidence for Intelligent Design
Phlogiston, Vitalism, and Information
Discovery Institute: Natural Selection Is a Fallacy
Bruce Chapman Defends James Tour
Discoveroids & the Fizzling Cambrian Explosion

September 2014
Casey Admits the Designer Is the First Cause
Discoveroids’ War on Science Continues
Klinghoffer’s Query — The Ultimate Challenge
The Discoveroids and Their Magic Filter
Discoveroids’ Revolutionary Revival Meeting
Discoveroid Denyse O’Leary Strikes Again
Granville Sewell — the Best Discoveroid Thinker

August 2014
Discoveroids’ Calvary Church Revival Meeting
Casey Says: Science Needs Checks and Balances
Casey’s Junk DNA Prophecy Is Fulfilled
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part VII
Darwin Caused World War One, Part 2
Discovery Institute’s Lost Creationist Revival
Natural Arches Aren’t Designed, But You Are
Discoveroids: SETI and Intelligent Design
Casey: There’s No Alien Life Out There
Casey Proves the Validity of Religion

July 2014
Discoveroids: Scientists, Cast Off Your Chains!
Klinghoffer: All Scientists Are Scoundrels
Hey Casey! Our Genome Is Mostly Junk
Airplanes Evolve by Intelligent Design, Therefore …
Discovery Institute Catastrophes: Mid 2014
Klinghoffer Is Still Ranting about “Cosmos”
Discoveroids Ecstatic Over Astronomy Error
Discovery Institute Moves into Abortion Debate
Discoveroid Darwin Day Jihad Gains Momentum
Discoveroids: Science Copies Nature, Therefore …

June 2014
Discovery Institute Jihad against Darwin Day
Ann Gauger: A Big Surprise Is Coming
Science Museum Promotes Science — Scandal!
Discoveroid Revival Meeting at Evangel University
Michael Behe: The Edge of Evolution
Stephen Meyer’s “Darwin’s Doubt” Is a “Winner”
Punjabi Boy with Tail Can Grant Wishes
Discoveroids: More Evidence of Intelligent Design
Casey Rewrites Intelligent Design’s History
Klinghoffer Attacks “Cosmos” Yet Again
Klinghoffer Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 13
Discoveroid Denyse O’Leary — She’s Fantastic!
Discoveroids: Intelligent Design Is Really Useful
Casey: New Discoveroid “Peer Reviewed” Paper

May 2014
Klinghoffer: Fine Tuning Proves Design
Denyse O’Leary — Bright New Discoveroid Star
Discoveroids & the California Killing Spree
What’s Happening to Bruce Chapman?
Discovery Institute: Their 2012 Tax Return
Klinghoffer Rebuts the New York Times
Klinghoffer Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 11
Klinghoffer Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 10
Discoveroids and South Carolina Creationism
Klinghoffer: Math and the Intelligent Designer

April 2014
Klinghoffer: “We Don’t Use God of the Gaps”
Casey Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 8
Klinghoffer Admits Intelligent Design Is Theism
Discoveroids’ Seattle Revival Meeting
Casey Attacks the Enlightenment
Klinghoffer: “I Don’t Need Intervention!”
Casey Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 6
Klinghoffer Awaits “Cosmos” Episode 6 Tonight
Discoveroids: Academic Freedom, Not Integrity
Bruce Chapman Dreams of Liberal Support
Discoveroids vs. Glenn Branch: Deny & Evade
Klinghoffer Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 5
Discovery Institute Had Two Weekend Revivals
Casey Proves that Life on Earth Is Special

March 2014
Casey Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 4
Klinghoffer Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 4
Discovery Institute: “We Win — He Said ‘Design’!”
Is Bill O’Reilly a Discoveroid?
“Academic Freedom” for Creationists Only
The Reality of Creationist “Academic Freedom”
Stephen Meyer: Cosmic Inflation Is Biblical
Discoveroids React to the Cosmic Inflation News
Discoveroids React to “Cosmos” Episode 2
Egnor Thinks Evolutionary Biologists Suck
Discoveroid Revival Meeting in Texas
Howard Ahmanson on the Discoveroids’ Blog
Discoveroids Attack the “Cosmos” Premier Again
Casey and Klinghoffer Criticize “Cosmos”
Klinghoffer Attacks the New “Cosmos” Series
Discoveroids Unwittingly Plug the New “Cosmos”
Discoveroids: Horses Can Prance, Therefore …
Discoveroids: Salmon Can Navigate, Therefore …

February 2014
Klinghoffer Ain’t No Kin to No Monkey
Michael Behe’s First Cause Argument
Latest Discoveroid Research — 34 Years Old
Casey: “Our Critics Don’t Understand Us”
Abe Lincoln Joins the Discovery Institute
Egnor’s View on the Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate
Discoveroids: Two Darwinist Fallacies
Two Creationist Fallacies

January 2014
Creationism in Louisiana? Klinghoffer Is Shocked!
The Climax of Creationism is Approaching
Klinghoffer on the Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate
Discoveroids Whine about Zack Kopplin
Bruce Chapman Says: Kaiser Wilhelm — Darwinist!
Discovery Institute Embraces Martyrdom, #2
Casey: Evolution’s Bubble Is About to Burst
A Gathering of Discovery Institute Giants
Discoveroids Say: “You Scientists Are Stupid!”
Casey Demonstrates Intelligent Design Theory
Discoveroids Complain Again About “No Respect”
Discovery Institute’s Triumph #1, 2, & 3 for 2013

December 2013
Discovery Institute’s Triumph #3 for 2013
Discovery Institute’s Triumph #4 for 2013
Discovery Institute’s Triumph #5 for 2013
Discovery Institute Embraces Martyrdom
Discoveroids Promote Full Blown Mysticism
Discovery Institute Catastrophes in 2013
The Discoveroids’ Annual Kitzmas Rant — 2013
Egnor: Darwin, Scopes, and Eugenics
Discoveroids’ Annual Request for Funds — 2013
Klinghoffer Flips Logic Upside Down
Discoveroids and AIG on Extraterrestrial Life
Discoveroids’ Crazed Reaction to Amarillo College
Discoveroids: “Who Needs Prestigious Journals?”
Discoveroids Suffer a Crushing Defeat
Discoveroids and … Werner Heisenberg?
A Moron’s Guide to the Moon’s Origin
The Discoveroids Ain’t No Kin to No Swine
Discoveroids’ Recommended Christmas Gifts

November 2013
Casey: Critics of Meyer’s Book Are Helping It
Discoveroids: You Can’t Trust Your Thinking
Discoveroids: The Designer Gives Us Morality
Klinghoffer Flip-Flops on Alien Life
Discoveroids React to Freshwater Decision
Discovery Institute: Science is Worthless
Intelligent Design vs. Divine Design
Rubik’s Cube Proves Intelligent Design
Discovery Institute: The Copernican Principle
Discovery Institute: 2013 in Review
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part VI
Hey, Intelligent Designer: #*%@ You!

October 2013
Humans Copy Nature, Therefore Intelligent Design!
Discovery Institute & the Ship of Fools
Klinghoffer: Intelligent Design Is Like Gravity
Casey Luskin: The “Heckler’s Veto”
Casey Reacts to the New Skull Discovery
Discoveroids: “Darwinism is Witless Pseudoscience”
Bruce Chapman Is Angry with the LA Times
Stephen Meyer: “I Don’t Use God of the Gaps”
The Designer Can Blunder Intelligently
Discoveroids Learn from the Curmudgeon
John West Is Still Angry
Discoveroids Disparage SETI Again
Ball State Imbroglio: John West Is Angry
Klinghoffer: Higgs Boson Validates Creationism
Ball State to Discoveroids: “Bugger Off!”
Ball State Yields to Discoveroid Demands?
Discoveroids’ Straw Man: Naturalism

September 2013
Intelligent Design Is Science: Cryptology Uses It
John West Blasts the New York Times
The Discoveroids’ Scientific Method
Discoveroids Demand: End All Science Funding
Mt. Rushmore Is Designed, Therefore …
Discoveroids See Evidence of Intelligent Design
Discoveroids: “We’re Not Crazy!”
Discoveroids Can’t Connect the Dots
Discoveroid Stephen Meyer in the News
Discoveroids: “We’re Not Science Deniers!”
Stephen Meyer’s Book: Time for the Hook!
Discoveroids Increase Pressure on Ball State
Discoveroids Issue Ultimatum to Ball State
Discovery Institute’s New Form of Proof
Discoveroids on Climate Change and Evolution
Discoveroids: Outgunned & Outsmarted
Klinghoffer Responds to the Times Article
Discoveroids Reject Reality — It’s Not Nice

August 2013
Discoveroids: The Universe is Platonic
Klinghoffer: Nefarious Nationalized Science
Discovery Institute News Flash: God-Did-It!
Discoveroids’ Revised Second Law Argument
William Jennings Bryan Joins Discovery Institute
Casey Luskin: “What Is Intelligent Design?”
We Welcome Our Moss Overlords
David Klinghoffer — Master of Tu Quoque
Ball State Unites Discoveroids and WorldNetDaily
What is the “Wedge Document”?
Battle of Ball State: Setting the Stage

July 2013
More Discoveroid Quote Mining by Michael Flannery
Curmudgeon Computes Specified Complexity
Life’s Definition — Discoveroids In a Dither
The Discoveroids’ War on Science
WorldNetDaily Promotes Stephen Meyer’s Book
Discoveroids: SETI Uses Intelligent Design Theory
Stephen Meyer’s Book — How’s It Selling?
Ball State University Hires Guillermo Gonzalez
Discovery Institute: Hey Casey! (Number 9)
Discoveroids Again Hijack the Fourth of July
Stephen Meyer’s Book Is a Bestseller?

June 2013
Intelligent Design Theory in Action
Discovery Institute: Hey Casey! (Number 8)
David Klinghoffer and the Multiverse
Klinghoffer: Meyer’s Book is a Symbol
Meyer’s book, Darwin’s Doubt, Debuts Tomorrow
Superman Joins the Discovery Institute
Discovery Institute: They Still Get No Respect
Klinghoffer: the Technique of the False Equation
Casey Luskin: Intelligent Design Isn’t Creationism
Discovery Institute’s “Peer Reviewed” Literature
Zack Kopplin on a Discoveroid Radio Show
The Collapse of Intelligent Design?
Intelligent Design and the “Rat” on Mars

May 2013
Writing Tips from Casey Luskin
Discovery Institute Redefines Evolution
Discoveroids: Hey Louisiana — Here It Is!
Klinghoffer: Scientific Anti-Humanism
Creationists and Tax Protesters
Discoveroids Explain “Darwinist” Incivility
Discovery Institute Quote-Mines Obama

April 2013
Discoveroids: Quote-Mining & God-Gapping
Discoveroids: “Bobby Jindal? Who’s He?”
Klinghoffer: Darwin Has Stolen Our Grief
Klinghoffer Laughs at “Complexity by Subtraction”
Darwin, Evolution, & the Boston Bombing
Jindal Betrays the Discovery Institute
Rock Mounds Are Designed, Therefore …
Discoveroids Launch Another Zack Attack
Creationist Debate Tips from Klinghoffer
Identifying the Discovery Institute’s Designer

March 2013
Discoveroids’ Early April Fool’s Joke
The Curmudgeon’s Design Detector
Discoveroids Dance the Micro-Macro Mambo
Klinghoffer Defends the God of the Gaps
Klinghoffer Quote-Mines Pope Francis
Discovery Institute’s Advice to Pope Francis
Klinghoffer: Life on Mars? No Chance!
Discoveroids: Intelligent Design’s “Wow” Signal?
Confessions of a Discoveroid Lobbyist
Discoveroids Freak Out over Zack Kopplin
Discoveroids’ “Scientific Dissent from Darwinism”

February 2013
Discoveroids Respond to the Miller Challenge
Discovery Institute: Their 2011 Tax Return
Discovery Institute: Too much, Too Soon
Discoveroids Insist that Life Is a Miracle
Jonathan Wells Explains Away the Evidence
Klinghoffer Exploits AIG’s Georgia Purdom
Discovery Institute Quote-Mines Lisa Randall
NDSU’s Response to Campus Creationist Revival
Discoveroids: Artificial Enzyme = Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer: Discoveroids Reach Out to Liberals
Tomorrow Is Darwin Day for 2013
Discoveroid Revival Meeting in North Dakota
Discovery Institute: “But They’re Still Pigeons!”
Creationists & Life on Other Worlds

January 2013
Crop Circles & Intelligent Design
Discovery Institute Sees a Big Year Ahead
John West — Master Quote-Miner
Discovery Institute, King Day, & Creationism
Discoveroids on Coppedge: Congress Should Act
Two Clunkers from the Discovery Institute
The Intelligent Designer’s Identity Crisis
Discovery Institute: God of the Gaps Again
Discovery Institute Says: Abandon Reason
Discovery Institute: Darwin and Eugenics Again
Curmudgeon’s Guide to “Academic Freedom” Laws
The Discoveroids’ Top Story for 2012

December 2012
Discoveroids’ Top Ten for 2012 — #4: Tennessee
At Last — Proof of Intelligent Design
Discoveroids’ Christmas Gift: A Coppedge Story
Discoveroid Discovery: Code Looks Like Code!
Dreams of a Designed Universe
Klinghoffer Defends Photo Trickery
The Woodpecker and the Intelligent Designer
Hey, Klinghoffer: This Is Your Moment!
Casey Thinks Deep Thoughts
Discovery Institute: Beyond Despicable
Discoveroids’ Year-End Request for Funds #2

November 2012
Discoveroids & Indiana’s 2013 Creationism Bill
Klinghoffer Has It All Backwards
Discoveroids’ Year-End Request for Funds
Discovery Institute: The Joys of Martyrdom
Klinghoffer: The Evil of Evolution
Discoveroids Develop Their Coppedge Narrative
Dembski: The Collapse of Darwin’s Berlin Wall
Discovery Institute: Secret Conversation #5

October 2012
Casey Defends Intelligent Design as Science
How Should We Describe the Discovery Institute?
Is This a Discoveroid Joke?
Klinghoffer: Discoveroids & Alfred Wallace Again
Casey Luskin and the God of the Gaps
Discoveroids & Near-Death Experiences
Shock! Discoveroid Quote-Mining
Discoveroids: “Why Won’t Anyone Debate Us?”
Klinghoffer Explains Why There Are Insects
Two New Triumphs for Intelligent Design
William Dembski’s Design Inference
Discoveroid Says Science is Myth

September 2012
Klinghoffer: Darwinism Is a Culture of Death
Discoveroids Offer Free Educational Booklet!
Discoveroids Denounce Their Own Tactics
The Intelligent Designer’s Latest Triumph
Discoveroid Revival Meeting in San Diego
Discovery Institute: Their 2010 Tax Return
Intelligently Designed Eyeball-Eating Amoebae
Casey Luskin Pretzels Himself
Klinghoffer: Authoritarianism is Best
Invasion of the Discoveroid Body Snatchers

August 2012
Klinghoffer Disproves Darwin!
Klinghoffer: Excuses for Discoveroid Failure
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part V
If Astrobiology, Why Not Intelligent Design?
Rethinking Paley’s Watchmaker Analogy
Klinghoffer Totally Misses the Point
Discoveroids Flip-Flop on a Key Principle
Casey Luskin and the Missing Link
Klinghoffer: Why the Discoveroids Are Failing
Discoveroids: One Picture Reveals All
Discoveroids React to the Martian Landing
Casey Defends Intelligent Design

July 2012
Are You Hairy? Thank the Intelligent Designer!
Come on, Klinghoffer, You Can Do It!
Discovery Institute Justifies Vestigial Organs
Colorado Shooter James Holmes & Darwin
Discoveroid Revival in Southern California
Casey Defines “Complex and Specified Information”
Discoveroids’ Thoughts about Life on Mars
Is Intelligent Design Science?
Klinghoffer Tells How Creationism Triumphed
Discoveroids’ Top Ten Problems with Evolution
Discovery Institute: Proof that DNA Was Designed
Discovery Institute: Darwin’s Darkest Secret
Discovery Institute: Their Latest Fallacy
Klinghoffer: Knowledge is Emptiness

June 2012
Discoveroids’ Guide to Creationist Activism
Discovery Institute: Casey & Klinghoffer
Creationism: The Battle of the Flowcharts
Discovery Institute: The Seen and the Unseen
Discovery Institute Says: Invest in Creationism
Discovery Institute: Casey’s New Book!
Discovery Institute: Don’t Federalize Science!
Klinghoffer: Blinded by Blindness
The Discovery Institute and the Ugly Duckling
Klinghoffer Says Eugenie Scott is a Liar
Discoveroids Resurrect William Paley

May 2012
The New Theory of Improvident Design
Charles Darwin Joins the Discovery Institute
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part IV
The Mechanism of Intelligent Design
Klinghoffer: “Alfred Wallace Is Ours!”
Discovery Institute: Design, Design, Design!
Casey’s Big Three Evolution Flaws
Discovery Institute: Beyond Befuddlement
Klinghoffer: A Chimp Proves His Theory
Discovery Institute, William Dembski, & Biologos
Intelligent Design and the Multiverse
Klinghoffer: It’s All About Story-Telling
Coppedge Trial & Klinghoffer’s Alternate Reality

April 2012
A Scientific Test for Intelligent Design
Discovery Institute Snatches Another Corpse
Charles Colson, Discoveroid: R.I.P.
Discovery Institute: Are They Thinking At All?
Discovery Institute: What Are They Thinking?
Discoveroids Spin Tennessee Creationism Law

March 2012
Two Discoveroid Posts on Coppedge

February 2012
The Creationism-Global Warming Denial Axis
Klinghoffer Flips “The Odds” Argument
Discovery Institute Gives Us Their Best Argument
Discovery Institute: The Good Mystical Life
Intelligent Design? There’s an App for That
Discovery Institute: Their Peer-Reviewed Papers
Discovery Institute Finds God in a Dumpster
Discovery Institute: The Designer Can Be Sloppy
Klinghoffer: Better Things To Do Than Science

January 2012
Casey: No Evidence of Darwinian Speciation
Discoveroids’ New Public Relations Campaign
Discoveroids at the Frontier of Science
Discoveroiods on the UK Creationism Funding Ban
Is the Washington Post Going Creationist?
Discovery Institute: Bypassing the Old Regime
Klinghoffer’s New Hero — Rick Santorum
Klinghoffer: The Descent of Knowledge

December 2011
Casey and Kitzmiller — the Case He “Forgot”
Discovery Institute Complains of a Media Blackout
The Discovery Institute “Forgot” About Kitzmas
Casey: Why Are There Still Walking Lungfish?
Discovery Institute Begs for Money Again!
Casey Visits the California Science Center
Discoveroids Praise a New Magazine
Discoveroids Beg for Support
Discovery Institute’s Uncivil Critics
Discovery Institute: 2011 in Review
Casey Almost Identifies the Designer
Discoveroids Embrace Fine Tuning Argument

November 2011
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part III
Discovery Institute: Hey Casey! (Number 7)
Klinghoffer Opines on SETI
Discovery Institute Praises Phillip Johnson
Debate “Raging” about Intelligent Design
No Evidence? No Problem! Start a Website!
Discovery Institute Celebrates Its Cult Founding
John West: More Scopes Trial Revisionism
Discoveroids Promote “Alleged,” a Movie to Avoid
Discovery Institute & Alfred Wallace, Again
Klinghoffer & The Clergy Letter Project
Intelligent Design in UFO Digest
Klinghoffer: His Opponents are Perverse

October 2011
Klinghoffer: A Tale of Creationist Frustration
Hitler & Darwin, Part III
Hitler & Darwin, Part II
Discoveroids: Darwin’s Dead Hand of Dogmatism
Discovery Institute: Eugenie Scott is a Menace!
Casey, Corbett, & the Constitution, Part III
Casey, Corbett, & the Constitution, Part II
Discovery Institute: Intelligent Designer or Zeus?
Darwin Also Caused World War One

September 2011
Discovery Institute Has Another Documentary
Discovery Institute: Junk DNA Dismay
2nd Report on Discoveroids’ SMU Revival
Report on the Discoveroids’ SMU Revival
At Last — A Practical Use for Intelligent Design
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part II
Report on the Discoveroids’ Oklahoma Revival
Discoveroids’ Reaction to Extra-Solar Planets
Discoveroids Reject Australopithecus Sediba
Klinghoffer Advises NCSE To Avoid Kooks
Discoveroids Plan Another Oklahoma Revival
Klinghoffer: Why Are There Still Insects?
Klinghoffer: “Darwinists” Are Like “Truthers”
Discovery Institute: Vesuvius of Vomit

August 2011
Discovery Institute: What Are They Thinking?
Discovery Institute’s Advice to Republicans
Klinghoffer: The Mirage of Evolution
Klinghoffer: Your Spine Is a Great Design
Discovery Institute: The Problem with Science
Discovery Institute: Problems with Perry
Hey Discoveroids: Explain Brain-Eating Amoebae
Klinghoffer’s Endless Barrage: Two More
Discovery Institute: Dominionists? No Way!
Klinghoffer’s Jack Chick Fantasy
Klinghoffer’s Brilliant Analogy
Discovery Institute: It’s All About Definitions
Klinghoffer: His Critics Don’t Know Anything
Klinghoffer: Uncertain Lifespan Proves Creationism
Klinghoffer: Life on Mars Is a Darwinist Fantasy
Bigfoot and the Intelligent Designer
Food Fight: Klinghoffer v. Stephen Hawking

July 2011
Discovery Institute: Breivik a “Social Darwinist”
Discovery Institute: “Stop Calling Us Creationists!”
What Is “Critical Thinking”?
Hey, Klinghoffer: How About Hitler & Gobineau?
Discovery Institute and Texas Biology Texts
Hey, Klinghoffer: What About Casey Anthony?
Discovery Institute: Human Evolution Is Infeasible
Klinghoffer: From Hitler to John Lennon

June 2011
Discovery Institute: The Designer Strikes Again
Discoveroids’ Advice to Presidential Candidates
Discovery Institute: The Intelligently Designed Eye
Discovery Institute & Michele Bachmann
Casey and the Miller-Urey Experiment, #2
Discovery Institute: The Shroud of Seattle
Discovery Institute Tax Returns: 2008 & 2009
Discovery Institute’s Long March to Respectability
John West & William Jennings Bryan

May 2011
Discovery Institute: Secret Conversation #4
Discovery Institute: Ecstasy Over Louisiana #2
Casey Luskin: Lichens Prove Creationism
Klinghoffer: Butterflies Prove Creationism
Klinghoffer: bin Laden’s Death Proves Creationism

April 2011
Klinghoffer on “Darwinist” Acrimony
Discoveroids Tout Their Indoctrination Camp
Discovery Institute: There’s No Junk DNA
Discovery Institute: Hey Casey! (Number 6)
Discovery Institute Downplays Tennessee Victory
Klinghoffer: Fear Motivates Evolution Believers

March 2011
Klinghoffer: The Soul-Crushing Burden of Science
Discovery Institute’s Oklahoma Revival: It’s On!
What Is the Discovery Institute?
Phillip Johnson’s “Darwin on Trial” for Free
Discovery Institute Tolerates Bad Design
Discoveroids: NPR Scandal Vindicates Creationism
Discovery Institute v. Stephen Hawking, Part 3
Casey’s Creationist Talking-Points for Tennessee
Discovery Institute, Wallace, Socialism, & More

February 2011
Discovery Institute Plans Oklahoma Revival
Klinghoffer Invokes “Animal Farm”
Discoveroids Furious with Associated Press
Discoveroids’ Nine-Day Creationist Seminar
Casey: Not Darwin Day, It’s Academic Freedom Day
Chapman: Computers Are Designed, Therefore …?
Klinghoffer: The Demise of Darwinism
Intelligent Design — The Next Level
Klinghoffer: Darwinism is the Path to Putrefaction

January 2011
Hey Casey! Junk DNA Is Still Junk
Klinghoffer Unleashed to Defend David Coppedge
Discoveroids Adopt Alfred Wallace as Godfather
Discovery Institute Rediscovers Alfred Wallace
Discovery Institute’s Blog Will Allow Comments
Discovery Institute Claims Victory in Gaskell Case
Klinghoffer Dreams of a “Darwinist” Reformation
Discovery Institute Quote-Mines the Pope
Intelligent Design in Peer Reviewed Publications
Klinghoffer in “Human Events”

December 2010
Another Creationist Research Paper Published?
A Peer-Reviewed Creationist Paper?
Discovery Institute: Way Beyond Quote-Mining
Klinghoffer: “But They’re Still Fruit Flies!”
Discovery Institute: A Cry for Help
Casey’s Crusade Against Junk DNA
Casey’s Annual Kitzmas Rant
Klinghoffer: The Imminent Collapse of Science
Casey in the Christian Science Monitor
Behe Rejects Evolution by the Numbers
Discovery Institute Discovers Martin Gaskell
Peer Review of Behe’s Irreducible Complexity
New Contest: Name a Discoveroid Success in 2010
The Creationists’ War on Kitzmas
Klinghoffer: The View from Bizarro World

November 2010
Casey Mourns Loss of Philip Skell
Mystery Vomit Flood Paralyzes Glasgow
Discovery Institute: A Festival of Gobbledygook
Discoveroid John West: Live, Tonight!
Klinghoffer: Republicans Should Oppose Science!
Discovery Institute’s Latest Brain-Benders
Discovery Institute Battles BioLogos
Discovery Institute: Darwin = Racism
Discovery Institute v. Stephen Hawking, Part 2

October 2010
Another Intercepted Discoveroid Conversation
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and BioLogos
Discovery Institute: Extraterrestrial Life Is OK
Contest #3: Discovery Institute, Dregs of ___?
Imperfect Design: Casey v. Richard Dawkins
Discovery Institute: Could They Win in Court?
Discovery Institute Targets African Americans
Discovery Institute Demands Accurate Quotes
Discovery Institute Plans Another Revival at Biola
More Fallout after Creationist Revival at SMU
Discovery Institute: Civil War Was Darwin’s Fault
Discovery Institute: Deviant and Proud of It
More Reactions to Creationist Revival at SMU

September 2010
Discovery Institute: Behe’s UK Creationism Crusade
SMU Reacts to Creationist Revival Meeting
Discovery Institute: More Recycled Nonsense
Discovery Institute Incurs the Wrath of Zeus
Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler
Casey Luskin vs. Reality: The Thundering Climax
Discovery Institute, Yom Kippur, & Evolution
Discovery Institute v. Stephen Hawking
Discovery Institute Creationist Revival at SMU
Discovery Institute: High Risk Quote Mining
Discovery Institute: Another Secret Conversation
Discovery Institute on “Darwinian Morality”
James Lee, WorldNetDaily, & the Discovery Institute
Discovery Institute’s James Lee Fever Intensifies
Hawking Inspires Discovery Institute Humor!
Discovery Institute’s Discovery Channel Orgy
Discovery Channel Terrorist: Darwin’s Fault!

August 2010
Discovery Institute Attacked by ICR
Discovery Institute: Workin’ in the Quote Mine
Mohler v. Giberson: Klinghoffer Butts In
Two More Reviews for “Signature in the Cell”
Discovery Institute: Absolute Desperation
Discovery Institute Finds “Viewpoint Discrimination”
Klinghoffer: “You Caught Us. So What?”
Casey, Corbett, Creationism, & the Constitution
Your Destiny: Two Clicks, One Choice
Klinghoffer: “What, me worry?”
Bruce Chapman’s Louisiana Damage Control
Klinghoffer in the LA Times
Discovery Institute: A Secret Conversation

July 2010
Casey Luskin vs. Reality: Who Will Win?
Discovery Institute: Creationist Gibberish
Discovery Institute Disdains “Flat Earth Theory”
Discovery Institute: Comer, Coppedge, & Casey
Discovery Institute: The Truth Revealed At Last!
Discovery Institute’s False Fourth of July
Klinghoffer Disgorges a Creationist Gusher

June 2010
Discovery Institute: El Estúpido, Se Quema
Discovery Institute: Casey at the Bat
Creationism: Abuse of the Language of Rights
Casey Luskin Is Named a Curmudgeon Fellow
Discovery Institute Found!
Where’s David Klinghoffer?
Where Is the Discovery Institute?
Bruce Chapman: Discovery Institute Founder

May 2010
Discovery Institute: Whadaya Mean, No Controversy?
Michael Behe Has a New Fan
Intelligent Design: Dead, Dying, or What?
Discovery Institute: Cornered and Panicked
Intelligent Design: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
Discovery Institute: Crazed over Coppedge
Discovery Institute: Creationist “Peer-Review”

April 2010
David Coppedge and Young Klinghoffer
Klinghoffer: Coppedge News Blackout Conspiracy!
The Coppedge Case: A Study in Tactics and Strategy
Discovery Institute: Another Creationist Is “Expelled”
Discovery Institute: Training Camp for Creationists

March 2010
Discovery Institute: Fossil Gaps Discredit Darwin
Discovery Institute: Their 2007 Tax Return
Discovery Institute: Francisco Ayala’s Templeton Prize
Klinghoffer: Creationism and Morality
Discovery Institute Praises Global Warming Deniers
Discovery Institute Discovers a Jewish Creationist
Teach the Controversy or Teach the Science?
Discovery Institute: Tests for Intelligent Design!
Discovery Institute Weeps for Don McLeroy
Template for Anti-Science Activism
Klinghoffer: Darwin, Occultism, & Terrorism

February 2010
Discovery Institute: No Evidence for Evolution
Discovery Institute: Casey Triumphant!
Discovery Institute’s Recap: $20 Million For This?
Discovery Institute: The Die-Hards
Discovery Institute: Censored by Vandals!
Discovery Institute Touts Another Genius
Klinghoffer Jokes about Primordial Soup
Discoveroids: “No Facts, Please, We’re Creationists”

January 2010
Discovery Institute: Casey in Arkansas, Live!
Discovery Institute: Hey Casey! (Number 5)
Discovery Institute: Math Disproves Evolution
Discovery Institute’s “Academic Freedom Day”
Klinghoffer: A Brain on Creationism
Intelligent Design’s Brief Shining Moment
The Goal of the “Darwin’s Dilemma” Lawsuit
Discovery Institute Faces Another Bad Year
Discovery Institute: “Darwin’s Dilemma” Lawsuit
Discovery Institute: Busted?

December 2009
Discovery Institute: Tantrum at Year’s End
David Klinghoffer’s Christmas Eve Post
Discovery Institute: Waiting For Dark
Discovery Institute: How They Spent Kitzmas
Creationism & ClimateGate in “Human Events”
Discovery Institute: The Wedge Document, So What?
Klinghoffer: Darwin and Mao (Attila Next?)
Discovery Institute: More ClilmateGate Madness
Discovery Institute: ClimateGate Crescendo!
Discovery Institute: Frenzy in Seattle!
Another ClimateGate — Creationism Coupling

November 2009
Discovery Institute: ClimateGate Obsession Continues
Discovery Institute: The Mask Falls Away
Discovery Institute: Thrilled About ClimateGate
Discovery Institute: “Signature in the Cell”
Klinghoffer: Charles Darwin & the Ft. Hood Massacre
Discovery Institute: Dover Derangement Syndrome
Fools Flock to Creationist Revival Meeting

October 2009
Discovery Institute: Brave Struggle Against All Odds
Discovery Institute: Victim of “Hate Speech”?
Dembski’s Intelligent Design Revival Meeting
The Worst Creationism Book Ever?
Discovery Institute: Already Assailing Ardi

September 2009
Discovery Institute: Idiot’s Guide to Evolution
Discovery Institute and BioLogos: Not Allies
Discovery Institute: A Cornucopia of Chicanery
Discovery Institute: Behe Defended By ICR
Discovery Institute: Bloggingheads Hysteria

August 2009
Behe’s “Irreducible Complexity” Gets Reduced
Intelligent Design Explained!
Discovery Institute: Darwin, Atheism & Marxism
Discovery Institute: Desperate Irrelevancies
Discovery Institute: Casey Luskin is Behe’s Parakeet
Ben Stein: The Darwinists Expelled Him!
Discovery Institute: Voices In Your Head
William Dembski: Godfather of Trolls
Klinghoffer: Charles Manson, Evolutionist!
Discovery Institute & Pravda: Soul Mates

July 2009
The Theory of Intelligently Designed Weather (IDW)
Discovery Institute: Casey Spins Himself Dizzy!
Creationist Website Praises Stephen Meyer’s Book
David Klinghoffer: “Darwinists Are Uncivil!”
Discovery Institute: Carville Calls Them Creationists
Thomas Jefferson Joins The Discovery Institute!
Creationists: Crybabies & Nancy-Boys
Quote-Mining Where No Quote-Miner Has Gone Before
Discovery Institute: Another July 4th Hijacking

June 2009
Stephen C. Meyer at the Heritage Foundation
David Klinghoffer, Bruce Chapman, and Jewish Squid
A New Creationism Book To Avoid
Discovery Institute: “The Pit of Hell”
Discovery Institute Quote-Mines Eugenie Scott
Discovery Institute Exploits James von Brunn
Klinghoffer, von Brunn, & Darwin: Part II
James von Brunn: “Evolutionist”?
Discovery Institute Tactics: Recruitment
Creationism’s Super-Secret Area 69

May 2009
Discovery Institute: Education Fairness Doctrine?
Discovery Institute: Conservatives or Socialists?
Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Pravda
Darwinius Masillae, Pravda, & the Discovery Institute
Librarians Scoff at Behe’s Intelligent Design Book
Discovery Institute: A Bad Year So Far
Discovery Institute: Stealth Operative Francis Beckwith
Discovery Institute: Casey on Fox & Friends
Discovery Institute: Hey Casey! (Number 4)
Intelligent Design and Swine Flu

April 2009
Discovery Institute: Columbine Was Darwin’s Fault!
Discovery Institute: Creationist Camp Failing?

March 2009
Discovery Institute: Their Victory in Texas
Texas Creationism Show-Trial: Discoveroid Spin
Discovery Institute: Intelligent Design Redefined
Hey Casey! (Number 3)
Discovery Institute vs. The Vatican and Fox News
Discovery Institute: Spurned by the Vatican

February 2009
Hey Casey! (Number 2)
Discovery Institute: Casey and Puff-Pieces
Hey Casey!
Discovery Institute: Casey is Flipped the Bird
Discovery Institute: Their 2006 Tax Return
Discovery Institute: IDEA Clubs Flopped?
Discovery Institute: Sulking in Seattle
Discovery Institute: Masters of Denial
Discovery Institute: Equal Opportunity Creationism
Discovery Institute: Casey Luskin and Lucy

January 2009
Discovery Institute: Enter the Sphincter
Discovery Institute: The Genius of Jonathan Wells
Discovery Institute: Micro Macro, Tutti Frutti
Intelligent Design: It’s Not About Science

December 2008
Discovery Institute: Deep in Denial Over Dover
Three Years Since Dover — Merry Kitzmas!
Philip E. Johnson: Godfather of Intelligent Design
Discovery Institute: Feasting on Death
Discovery Institute: Whining Again About “Censorship”
Discovery Institute: Toad-Tested Medicine!
Creationism in South Dakota, and More!

November 2008
Discovery Institute: In Full Spin Mode over Texas
Evolution & Creationism: Multi-State Update (14 Nov 08)
Discovery Institute: Planning Darwin Anniversary Disruptions?
Discovery Institute: Transitional Fossils? No Way!
Discovery Institute: They Get No Respect!
Discovery Institute: The Delusional Viewpoint
Discovery Institute: Who and What Are They?
Discovery Institute: They “Doth Protest Too Much”

October 2008
Discovery Institute: Warping Minds, Warping Language
Jim Jones, Jonestown, and the Discovery Institute
Mind-Body Dualism: It’s Back!
Discovery Institute: Ignore the Miller-Urey Experiment!
“Expelled” Being Given Away!
Discovery Institute: Wild Charges of Evidence Suppression
Discovery Institute: Three Equals Zero
Discovery Institute: Food Fight with Harun Yahya
Discovery Institute: Against the New Texas Science Standards

September 2008
Discovery Institute: Their Own Version of Newspeak
Discovery Institute: Tiktaalik — a “Fraudulent” Transitional Fossill
Discovery Institute: Intelligent Design is Everywhere!
Discovery Institute: Eternally Confused
Discovery Institute: “Don’t Call Us Creationists!”
Discovery Institute: First Reaction to Sarah Palin

August 2008
Discovery Institute — Stunning Hypocrisy!
Food Fight: Discoveroids, Jonathan Wells, NY Times, NCSE, etc.
Discovery Institute Attacks the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Discovery Institute: A Progress Report
Discovery Institute: Blogging on Empty
Discovery Institute: ID isn’t even a theory!
Discovery Institute: Their Brilliant Discovery
Discovery Institute: Going Cosmic?
Discovery Institute: Pounding the Table

July 2008
Discovery Institute: ID and Life on Mars
Discovery Institute: Flatfish Fever!
Discovery Institute: Their Recommended Reading List
Discovery Institute: Usurping the Fourth of July

June 2008
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and PZ Myers
Discovery Institute: Through the Looking Glass
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and Richard Dawkins
Discovery Institute: Cognitive Collapse
Discovery Institute –Spinning Louisiana’s Anti-Evolution Law
Discovery Institute — Ecstasy Over Louisiana
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and NY Times
Discovery Institute — Blithering Pettifoggery
Discovery Institute — Against Property Rights?
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and Barbara Forrest

May 2008
Discovery Institute — Recycled Foolishness
Discovery Institute — Freedom is Slavery (and other Big Brother-isms)
Discovery Institute’s “Academic Freedom Act” — Presumptively Void
Discovery Institute — Here’s How They Handle Failure
Discovery Institute — Plagiarism?
Discovery Institute — Perpetually Confused About Science
Discovery Institute — Delusional in Seattle
Discovery Institute: Astounding Stupidity
Discovery Institute — still quote-mining
Buffoon Award Winner — John West
Discovery Institute — Deny, Deny, Deny!

April 2008
Discovery Institute — An Insider’s Tale
Discovery Institute: Full Frontal Stupidity
Discovery Institute: Most Ironic Title Ever!
Discovery Institute Gushes over “Expelled”
Discovery Institute: Wildly Spinning to Defend Expelled
Want a Creationist Physician?
Discovery Institute: Peek Behind the Curtain
Discovery Institute: Beyond Incoherence
Discovery Institute Revives Mind-Body Dualism
Discovery Institute: Their Biggest Lie?
Discovery Institute: Ignorance is Strength
Charles Darwin and the Bicycle Riders
Discovery Institute: A Blizzard of Misrepresentation About Florida
Discovery Institute: Enemies of the Enlightenment