These are links to all of the articles we’ve written for this blog about Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-evolution documentary. For each month, articles are listed chronologically, newest first, at the top of the list. Related articles are here Discoveroids (about the Discovery Institute). For other lists of articles, see the Site Map and Navigation Guide.

Expelled Writer Kevin Miller Is Expelled

Ben Stein Is “Expelled”! Oh the Joy!

View the Bankruptcy Court Bids for “Expelled”
Weinergate, “Expelled” Bankruptcy, & Rapture
“Expelled” Available in Bankruptcy Court
Ben Stein Expelled by Citigroup

August 2009
Ben Stein: The Darwinists Expelled Him!

May 2009
Ben Stein Speaks at Liberty University

April 2009
Ben Stein Will Speak at Liberty University

January 2009
Walt Ruloff: The Man Who Bankrolled “Expelled”

December 2008
Congressman Mark Souder: “Souder Delenda Est” (He appeared in the film.)

“Expelled” Being Given Away!
Yoko Ono Drops Appeal Against “Expelled”

Ben Stein’s “Expelled” — Who Was The Distributor?

Blu-ray Release Scheduled for Ben Stein’s “Expelled”

‘Expelled’ to Be Re-Released?

Ben Stein’s “Expelled” — A Canadian Conspiracy
Ben Stein’s “Expelled” Coming to Canada
Expelled: Back Again (Almost)
Yoko Ono Will Appeal “Expelled” Ruling
Kenneth Miller: “Expelled” — Shoddy Propaganda
Discovery Institute — Against Property Rights?
Expelled: Yoko Ono’s Injunction Request Denied
“Expelled” still lives!

Expelled — Weekend Box Office Results (May 23-25)
Expelled — It’s Back!
Expelled — Ben Stein’s Fiasco!
“Expelled” and “Academic Freedom” Bills — the Sectarian View
Expelled: Yoko Ono litigation update
Expelled — Weekend Box Office Receipts: May 16-18
Expelled — Still More Theaters Drop Out
Expelled — Box office results for May 9–11
Expelled — Box office results for May 8th
Expelled — Dropped by More Theaters
Kenneth Miller on “Expelled”
Expelled — Box Office Results through May 5
John Derbyshire bashes “Expelled” again
Expelled — Box Office Results Delayed
Expelled — Dropped by Hundreds of Theaters
Expelled — Box Office Results for April 30
Expelled — The Truth Is Oozing Out
Expelled — Yoko Ono’s Lawsuit

Expelled — Box Office Update for 28 April
Expelled — Links to Solid Information
Expelled — Box Office Analysis
Expelled — Weekend Box Office Results
John Derbyshire on “Expelled”
Expelled — Latest Box Office Results
Is Ben Stein a Communist?
Expelled — Tuesday’s Box Office Receipts
Expelled — Monday’s Box Office Receipts
Expelled — Corrected Box Office Results (Ooops!)
Discovery Institute: More “Expelled” Spin
Expelled — Box Office Results (Update)
Discovery Institute Gushes over “Expelled”
Expelled — Box Office Results

Pre-Release Articles (Release date was 18 April)
Ben Stein’s Expelled — The Lawsuit
Ayn Rand Institute Reviews Ben Stein’s “Expelled”
AAAS Blasts Ben Stein’s “Expelled”
National Review Praises “Expelled”
Ben Stein’s “Expelled”: Triumph of the Swill
Reason Reviews Ben Stein’s “Expelled”
Discovery Institute: Wildly Spinning to Defend Expelled
EXPELLED Producers File Lawsuit
Ben Stein’s “Expelled”: The Plot Thickens
Even Variety Blasts Ben Stein’s “Expelled”
Update on Ben Stein’s “Expelled”
Time Magazine Smacks Ben Stein’s “Expelled”

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