Hurricane Links

The Curmudgeon’s Hurricane Links are an exception to the principal focus of this blog. These links are posted here only for information, not discussion, so the comments feature is disabled.

At each site, current advisories, hurricane tracking maps, etc. will be only a click away. For some radar images, you may have to click on “Loop” to see the sweep in motion. Storm-specific links eventually go stale, but the links in this collection should have some enduring utility.

Official sites:
National Hurricane Center Scroll down for current storm tracking maps. You can also click on the storm’s current Advisory or Forecast or Archive. At Archive click on “Graphics Archive” to see all 3-day or 5-day tracking maps in sequence.
GeoStationary Satellite Server Try clicking on “Tropical Atlantic/Pacific” then pick a map.
Atlantic and Caribbean Tropical Satellite Imagery “West Atlantic” is usually good.
Atlantic infra red (Sample from previous link)
National Doppler Radar Sites Select location and click.
Latest Satellite Imagery Select location and click.
National Weather Service Enter your city or zip code at upper left corner.
New: Naval Research Laboratory. Click on “Tropical Cyclones.”

South Florida Water Management District (Not just Florida info):
National Hurricane Service Tracks
Hurricane Tracking Models
Interactive Florida Radar

Not official sites, but very informative:
Central Florida Hurricane Center
AccuWeather Hurricane Center If you’re a Joe Bastardi fan, he’s here.
Good => Weather Underground Scroll down to the storm you want. Then click for regularly updated maps, advisories, tracking models, etc.
Good => Crown Weather Services Zillions of maps, tons of info!
Severe Weather and Flash Flood Warnings
Hurricane Hollow
More links from the Nat’l Hurricane Center
Alternate Real-Time Tropical Cyclone Sites

Florida Weather Sites:
SFWMD Forecasts
National Weather Service: Miami Forecast
Channel 4 Weather in Miami (CBS station, but it has Bryan Norcross locally)
Channel 4 in Miami (Hurricane site & links)
Channel 8 Weather in Tampa
Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN)
FSU Meteorology links
FSU Florida forecasts Select location and click.
Univ. of Miami Weather Site

Other Weather Sites from Virginia to Texas:
Norfolk, Va.: ABC Hurricane News
Wilmington, NC: NBC Hurricane News
Wilmington, NC: ABC Hurricane News
Charleston, SC: ABC Hurricane News
Augusta, Ga.: ABC Hurricane News
Savannah, Ga.: NBC Hurricane News
Mobile, Ala.: NBC Hurricane News
Biloxi, Miss.: ABC Hurricane News
New Orleans: ABC Hurricane News
New Orleans: NBC Hurricane News
Corpus Christi, TX: NBC Hurricane News
Houston, TX: ABC Hurricane News