Okay, It’s Trump — Free Fire Zone

We can’t overlook the latest news about the American Presidential campaign. It’s a virtual certainty that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, and in all likelihood he’ll be running against Hillary. Neither appears to be a creationist, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

This strange drama will be going on until November, and we’re already bored with it. However, but there’s nothing else going on we can post about, so let’s discuss it. We promise not to do this too often.

You know the rules. Say what you will — with proper language to avoid the profanity filters. You know your Curmudgeon is a Republican, but that never seems to restrain your commentary. Okay, the comments are open. Have at it.

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Ken Ham and the Peppered Moth

Everyone knows about Peppered moth evolution. Wikipedia says:

The evolution of the peppered moth is an evolutionary instance of colour variation in the moth population as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution. The concept refers to an increase in the number of dark-coloured moths due to industrial pollution, and a reciprocal decrease in the population in a clean environment. … It is the first recorded and experimented case of Charles Darwin’s natural selection in action, and remains as a classic example in the teaching of evolution.

As you might have guessed, creationists don’t like it. A good example is found at the blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed not only for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), but also for the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum, and for building an exact replica of Noah’s Ark.

Hambo’s post is The Peppered Moth: Popular “Proof” That Doesn’t Prove Evolution. Silly title — nothing “proves” evolution, but peppered moths are evidence that supports it — and as we often point out, there is no evidence that disproves the theory. Anyway, here are some excerpts from Hambo’s latest, with bold font added by us for emphasis and scripture references omitted:

[T]hose who understand the principles of biology, regularly read my blog and AiG articles, or who have visited the Creation Museum should immediately note that “rapid adaptability” is not evolution. In fact, it’s really the opposite of a molecules-to-man type of supposed process.

Hambo has made that same argument before — see Ken Ham: Natural Selection Is Not Evolution, in which he argued:

It’s really just an outworking of the phenomenal amount of genetic variability God built into each kind of organism. … Evolution requires an addition of brand-new information so that novel traits (never seen before) can arise. … And mutations don’t add new information either.

Does Hambo have anything new to say on the subject? He’s ranting about an article, 8 Animals That Are Evolving Quickly, that includes the peppered moth, and he says:

None of the animals created new genetic information to form a brand-new feature.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh — information! [*End Drool Mode*] See Phlogiston, Vitalism, and Information. Moving along:

Environmental pressure simply resulted in the expression of a new variation of already existing genes or the increased survival of a certain variety of that created kind. Though these animals can’t be used as examples of evolution, they do highlight how quickly animals can adapt and change to new environments, using the information God placed in their DNA. This showcases the creativity, benevolence, and wisdom of our all-powerful and all-wise Creator.

Aha — everything is evidence for creationism. Let’s read on:

I thought I would note one of the article’s examples that has been used to “prove” evolution for decades — the peppered moth. This supposed proof of evolution had been shown to be a flawed experiment to begin with, but has been resuscitated and continues to be used as a proof of evolution.

Yeah — a “flawed experiment.” That creationist clunker is debunked at the TalkOrigins Index to Creationist Claims, right here. Hambo continues, with an additional argument against the peppered moths:

Well, both varieties [light and dark] already existed before environmental changes caused one version to become dominant over the other one. The darker moths were able to survive and reproduce better than the lighter version, and consequently there were more of the darker-colored moths! This is clearly not an example of molecules-to-man evolution; it simply shows how natural selection works in a population.

Oh — all it does is show how natural selection works. Okay. Here’s more:

Sadly, the idea that evolution and natural selection are one and the same is a very popular idea. But they aren’t the same thing. In fact, they are complete opposites.

Wowie — complete opposites! Moving along:

Natural selection leads to the reshuffling or loss of genetic information. But evolution requires the addition of brand-new information, a process that has never been observed.

For two rebuttal examples we’ve written about before, see How One Gene Becomes Two Different Genes, and also Creationism and Nylon-Eating Bacteria.

The end of the article follows the predictable Hambo formula:

The observational evidence confirms God’s Word: kinds always reproduce according to their kinds [scripture reference].

Now that we know how furious Hambo gets when he thinks of peppered moths, we’ll be sure to mention them from time to time.

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Ray Comfort Is Giving His Book Away

We haven’t had an opportunity to write about Ray Comfort lately, possibly because he no longer shows up in WorldNetDaily. He’s best known for his starring role in Ray Comfort’s “Banana video”.

Today we found some news about him in the Christian Post, which describes itself as “the nation’s most comprehensive Christian news website.” Their intriguing headline is Evangelist Ray Comfort to Give Away $25K in Gift Cards to Atheists at Reason Rally. We don’t see any comments feature. Here are some excerpts from their news, with bold font added by us:

New Zealand-born evangelist and creationist Ray Comfort, co-host of the “The Way of the Master” TV show, has said he will give the thousands of atheists attending the Reason Rally 2016 in Washington D.C. on June 4 $25,000 worth of Subway gift cards, alongside a copy of his book.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Comfort is crashing the event to promote his book. This reminds us of the time he was giving away copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species, augmented by his own 50-page introduction, revealing what he claims are the theory’s many flaws. We wrote about that in WorldNetDaily, Ray Comfort, and Brain Death. Okay, back to the news:

“Most atheists don’t know that there’s never been an atheist president, that no member of Congress is an atheist, that in some states it’s illegal for atheists to run for office, and that recent surveys show atheists in America are about as popular as rapists. It’s a fascinating read,” Comfort said of the book, titled Why Pigs Will Fly Before America Has an Atheist President.

The book has no Amazon listing — the first time that’s ever happened. Also, we have doubts about all of Comfort’s claims, but so what? This is fun! The Christian Post quotes Comfort:

This is a small token of our love for atheists, and when we run out of books and gift cards we will give them millions of dollars,” he quipped, referring to the joke million-dollar bill, based on the book.

We suspect Comfort got those gift cards for free, but unlike his book, they may have some value. Let’s read on:

The Reason Rally is set to be one of the biggest ever gatherings of atheists in the U.S., with organizers expecting close to 20,000 people to attend.

They will undoubtedly be thrilled to have Comfort lurking around. The Christian Post goes on a bit more, but we’ve given you the highlights. If you plan to be in Washington D.C. on 04 June, this is your big chance to get a free copy of Comfort’s book. How can you go wrong?

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Shocking New Creationist Research

This is hot news from the Christian News Network, which “provides up-to-date news and information affecting the body of Christ worldwide from an uncompromising Biblical worldview.” Their headline is Research Biologist Says Bible, Not Evolution, Accounts for Human DNA Diversity, and they have a comments feature. Here are some excerpts from their article, with bold font added by us:

When did human ethnic groups originate? And can the biblical young earth viewpoint explain differences between races today? One research biologist says the biblical model, not evolution, accurately accounts for human DNA diversity today.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] Who is this research biologist? We’re told:

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is a PhD biologist with Answers in Genesis who studied Cell and Developmental Biology at Harvard University. In his latest article, published last week in Answers Research Journal, he considers “why African people groups tends to harbor more mitochaondrial DNA differences than non-African groups.”

Wow — if Jeanson got a paper published in such a highly respected journal, it must be the best available scientific information. We wrote about him before in Ken Ham: Scientists Are Ignorant. Here’s Jeanson’s write-up at AIG. They say he has “a PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University,” and was “formerly with the Institute for Creation Research.” Harvard must be proud of him. His write-up in the Encyclopedia of American Loons says he has “a Medical PhD from Harvard.” Okay, let’s read on:

According to the young earth creation (YEC) model, human ethnic groups began to diverge after the Tower of Babel dispersion some 4,000 years ago. Evolutionists, on the other hand, believe early humans began separating into different populations over 100,000 years ago. Which model is supported by scientific evidence?

That’s the key question! We continue:

To answer this question, Jeanson explored marriage data collected 40 years ago by the United Nations and found that, on average, African women married earlier than non-African women. “The fact that these differences appeared in the oldest UN dataset available suggests that this practice may have been true historically, well before Westernization took hold of the African continent,” Jeanson wrote.

Even if true, why is that important? Here’s why:

These young marriages common in Africa result in shorter generation times and likely accelerated the development of DNA differences, which may explain why African groups today have more mitochaondrial DNA (mtDNA) differences than other ethnic groups. Jeanson also calculated that the YEC model more accurately predicts the number of DNA differences.

Wowie — humans in Africa had more generations than the rest of us after the Tower of Babel dispersion 4,000 years ago, so there should be more DNA differences in Africa. Hey, we can do some calculations. Let’s say Africans had, oh, five more generations per century. In the 40 centuries since Babel, that would be [*Curmudgeon does the math*] 200 extra generations. Of course — that explains everything! Then the article quotes Jeanson:

These results demonstrated the scientific robustness of the YEC model and intensified the explanatory challenge for the evolutionary timescale.

Impressive, huh? There’s even more information in the news article, so you’ll probably want to read it all for yourself. This is big news, dear reader. Your Curmudgeon is proud to have brought it to you.

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