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Discoveroids: Misinformation about Information

You know about the Discovery Institute’s claim that the universe is comprised of some kind of supernatural pixie-dust they call “information,” about which we wrote Phlogiston, Vitalism, and Information. Despite the intentional similarity in terminology, the magical phenomenon the Discoveroids … Continue reading

The Cambrian Explosion of Information

If you pay attention to sources like the Discovery Channel, some of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries are: What happened to Amelia Earhart? What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Who really built the Sphinx? And where are the remains of Noah’s … Continue reading

An Ark-load of Creationist Gibberish

If you want to be a respected creationist speaker, you first have to master the technical language. To start you on that difficult path, we present this new post from the Discovery Institute. It’s titled Understanding “Information” — A Key … Continue reading

Lincoln Is Immortal & Darwin Is Fading Away

To properly appreciate this post, you need to understand that World Magazine is a religious publication that often promotes Discovery Institute causes and sometimes prints articles by Discoveroids. Their About Us section says: WORLD produces sound journalism, grounded in facts … Continue reading