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See: The Controversy for links to our articles on The Controversy between evolution and creationism (legislative, bureaucratic, and judicial), general, state-by-state, and foreign, and also about specific court cases. For other lists of articles, see the Site Map and Navigation Guide.

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Curmudgeon’s Essays
Curmudgeon’s Guides
Curmudgeon’s Contests
Curmudgeon’s Satire, Parodies, & Spoofs
Religion and Science
Politics and Science
Opinion Polls and Science (Separate page)
Creationism and Global Warming
Sarah Palin & Creationism
Creation — the Movie
Media and Science
Science (mostly evolution)
Olivia Judson
Debunking Creationism
Creationist Foolishness
Self-Published Geniuses
Institute for Creation Research
Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, & Creation Museum
Creationist School Board Folly
Celebrity Creationism (Shut up and sing!)
Food Fights
Darwin, Darwin Day, etc.
Anti-Science Activity: Generally
The Caldwell Case
Christina Comer Case
James Corbett Case
John Freshwater Affair
ICR’s Texas Accreditation Case
Kitzmiller v Dover
The Scopes Trial
US State & Foreign Controversies 2008 (separate page)
US State & Foreign Controversies 2009 (separate page)
US State & Foreign Controversies 2010 (separate page)
Expelled: Ben Stein’s documentary (Separate Page)
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Curmudgeon’s Essays
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part XVI
Let’s Make Nudity Legal!
Why Is There Only One Human Species on Earth?
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part XV
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part XIV
Hitler, Darwin, and Churchill — One More Time
The Seven F’s of Creationism
The Retirement Home for Obsolete Miracles
Creationism vs. Reality — Where Are We Now?
The Enlightenment as the Sixth Estate
The Curmudgeon’s Language Crisis
No Creationism News Is Good News
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part XIII
Will We Go to the Stars, or Go Extinct?
Curmudgeon’s Catalog of Creationist Chicanery
Random Thoughts about Creationists
Darwin, Churchill, and Hitler
The Curmudgeon Presents Two Morality Problems
The Creationist Crabs of Clicking Cave
Honorifics and Creationists
Humanity’s Next Adventure — Trek Three
The Ultimate Proof of Intelligent Design
Understanding the Creationists
Debating Creationists, Revisited Again
We Have Proof of Intelligent Design
Where No One Has Gone Before
The Persistence of Creationism
Mad Scientist or Mad Creationist?
Debating Creationists, Revisited
Creationism and Critical Degeneracy
More Thoughts on Luddism and Creationism
The Curmudgeon’s Statement of Non-Faith
Evidence for the Curmudgeon’s Dog Theory?
Science vs. Religion and Philosophy
Faith-Based and Evidence-Based Thinking
Halloween and Daylight Saving Time
Eugenie Scott: Why Is Science Controversial?
Why Does Creationism Endure?
Further Thoughts on Creation Science
Property Rights in Outer Space, Revisited
Creationism and Theocracy
Are Science and Religion Compatible?
The Origin of The Controversy
Look, Drool, Believe
John Scopes Was Arrested Today
Lest We Forget — Ramu Natu
How Could Creationism Seem Reasonable?
The Bible as Evidence
Do Creationists Have the Right To Be Ignorant?
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part XII
Sherlock Holmes and the Mystic
Intelligent Designer on Holiday, #4
The Curmudgeon’s Tale of Adam and Eve
The Pope’s Views on Science — So What?
How Not To Enter the Space Age
Hey, Creationists: What About Ebola?
A Gruesome Tale of Elephant Abuse
A Little Bit of Data
The Curmudgeon’s Poetry
Creationism and the Greater Good
Flow Chart: The Irrelevance of Theology
Evolution and the Conquest of the Galaxy
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part XI
Compendium of Curmudgeonly Contrivances
The Multiverse or God-Did-It?
William Herschel, George III, and Uranus
The Curmudgeon Laments
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part X
Evolution: the Biosphere and the Shopping Mall
Curmudgeon’s Creationist Flow Chart
Creationists and Tax Protesters
Consider the Divine Amoeba
Top Ten Reasons Noah’s Flood is Mythology
Birth of a Movement: Occupy Creationism!
Creationists — the New Luddites
The Origin of Life — Miraculous or Mundane?
How To Think Like a Creationist
Someone Else Understands Darwin & Economics
Open Letter to Creationists
Of Polar Bears and Penguins
Creationism and Nigerian Spam
Charles Krauthammer and the Fermi Paradox
The Cult of the Invisible Hand
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part IX
Hitler & Darwin, Part II
Theist, Atheist, or Agnostic — Is That All?
Intelligent Designer on Holiday, #3
Creationism and the Value of Life
What Is “Critical Thinking”?
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part VIII
The Two Cultures — Updated
Intelligent Designer on Holiday, #2
Exit 69
Curmudgeon Was Wrong about Creationism!
Creationism, Politics, and Everything
The Devil’s Jockstrap
The Law of Diminishing Consequences
Creationism: The Last Great Awakening?
The Curmudgeon’s Three Year Anniversary
Creationism and the Burden of Proof
No Honest Jobs for Creation Scientists
Creationists and Noble Savages
The Delusion of Special Creation
Creationism or Socialism: Which is Dumber?
“Take me to your leader!” What Leader — the UN?
The Church of the Sacred Loin Cloth
Evolution and the Fermi Paradox
Reflections During a Creationist Ceasefire
The Curmudgeon’s Theory of Everything
Babu and Pravda: Creationism’s Missing Link
The Church of Gravity
A Secular Source of Morality
Compendium of Curmudgeonly Concepts
Hitler, Darwin, and … Winston Churchill?
The Rational Necessity of Viewpoint Discrimination
Creationism: Making Sense of Unreason
Weekend Quickies (05 Jun ’10)
The Infinite Evil of Creationism
A Theocratic Thought Experiment
Intelligent Design, the Great Incongruity
The Plumber and the Stonemason
Bring Me An Angel Detector!
The Curmudgeon’s Two Year Anniversary
Teach the Controversy or Teach the Science?
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part VII
Your Genome Is Your Abstract of Title
Creationism, Socialism, and Intelligent Design
The River of Evolution
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part VI
Creationism: Purity of Essence
Science, Creationism, and Everything
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part V
What Did Darwin Do?
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part IV
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part III
Who Are the Creationists?
Evolution, Creationism, and Global Warming
Racism, Eugenics, and Darwin
Morality, Evolution, and Darwin
What Would Prometheus Do?
Religion and Evolution: Part II
Religion and Evolution
Creationism’s Fallacy of Retrospective Astonishment
The Mind of a Creationist — Inductophobia
Buffoon Award Winner — The Intelligent Designer
But They’ll Behave Like Monkeys!
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part II
The Stupid-Driven Life — Part I
Where’s the Proof — Evolution’s “Smoking Gun”?
Atheism, Science, and Darwin
Intelligent Design: It’s Not About Science
Ben Franklin, Compound Interest, and Evolution
Intelligence Briefing: The State of the Creosphere
Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand and Charles Darwin’s Natural Selection
Marx, Stalin, and Darwin
Why Are the Neanderthals Extinct?
Creationists: Ignorant, Stupid, Insane, or Wicked
Jim Jones, Jonestown, and the Discovery Institute
Born 23 October 4004 BC — Happy Birthday, Universe!
The Future of Creationism
Advice for Creationists
Debating Creationists: Where to Begin?
Creationism: the Unending Crusade
The Folly of Creationism
Hitler and Darwin
Discovery Institute’s “Academic Freedom Act” — Presumptively Void
The Plague of Creationism
Debating Creationists: The Big Lie
The Inevitability of Evolution (I)
The Inevitability of Evolution (II)
The Inevitability of Evolution (III)
Where Are The Anachronistic Fossils?
When Gravity was a Theory in Crisis

Curmudgeon’s Guides
Curmudgeon’s Guide to Successful Creationism
The Curmudgeon’s Statement of Principle
The Curmudgeon’s Rules for Rascals
Creationist Definitions
The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Miracles
Curmudgeon’s Guide: Understanding Creationists
Curmudgeon’s Guide to “Academic Freedom” Laws
The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Opposing Creationism
The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Creation Science

Curmudgeon’s Contests
Creative Challenge #66: Evidence of Creationism?
Creative Challenge #65: The Seven F’s
Creative Challenge #64: Make a Creationist Think
Creative Challenge #63: The Space Force
Creative Challenge #62: Creationist News?
Creative Challenge #61: Was It the Telescope?
Creative Challenge #60: Name this Crime
Creative Challenge #59: If You Had To Respond
Creative Challenge #58: What’s Going On?
Creative Challenge #57: End of the World
Creative Challenge #56: Knowledge Archive
Creative Challenge #55: Science Rejection
Creative Challenge #54: Vulcan Greeting
Creative Challenge #53: More Things To Believe
Creative Challenge #52: The Most Evil Deity
Creative Challenge #51: The Best Analogy
Creative Challenge #50: Star Travel
Creative Challenge #49: Firmament Trek
Creative Challenge #48: Anti-Evolution Argument
Creative Challenge #47: Best Creationist Argument
Creative Challenge #46: The Last Message
Creative Challenge #45: The Eclipse
Creative Challenge #44: Creationist Similes
Creative Challenge #43: Benefit of Religion
Creative Challenge #42: The Missing Factor
Creative Challenge #41: Creationist Conference
Creative Challenge #40: Find the Connection
Creative Challenge #39: What’s the Problem?
Creative Challenge #38: Creationist Nightmare
Creative Challenge #37: How To Say ‘Get Lost’
Creative Challenge #36: Will Creationism Ever Die?
Creative Challenge #35: The Discoveroids’ Top Ten
Creative Challenge #34: Trump & Creationism
Creative Challenge #33: The Discoveroids’ Future
Creative Challenge #32: Positive Creationist News
Creative Challenge #31: Bible Science Blunders
Creative Challenge #30: Name This Creature
Creative Challenge #29: Name One Thing
Creative Challenge #28: Haiku Writing
Creative Challenge #27: The Coming Disaster
Would You Make a Creationist Wedding Cake?
Creative Challenge #25: Can You Top Ben Carson?
Creative Challenge #24: Yahweh or Zeus
Creative Challenge #23: The Discoveroids
Creative Challenge #22: Killer Question
Creative Challenge #21: Knock, Knock
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #20 — Aliens
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #19
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #18
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #17
Creationist Wisdom #523: Creative Challenge
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #15
Through a Glass, Darkly — Creative Challenge #14
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #13
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #12
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #11
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #10
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #9
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #8
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #7
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #6
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #5
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #4
Contest #3: Discovery Institute, Dregs of ___?
Curmudgeon’s Creative Challenge #2
Curmudgeon’s Correlation Composition Contest #1

Curmudgeon’s Satire, Parodies, & Spoofs
The Latest News about Uranus
The Monolith and the Intelligent Designer
Spherical-Earth Propaganda from a Tabloid
Creation History in Science Class
‘Wedge Snide Story’ Part 1, by Dr. Swinefat Pink
The Curmudgeon’s Wager
Rosie Ruiz (1953 – 2019)
Our 6th Darwin Award & Free Fire Zone
Cruise To The Edge of The Flat Earth
Charles Darwin and Jack the Ripper
The Amazing Doctor Creta
Darwin, Hawking, and Einstein Visit Hambo’s Ark
Three Creationists Walk into a Bar
The Frock of Kentucky
13 March: Creationism and Uranus
Charles Darwin and Sexual Harassment
Gravity Is a False Theory!
This Is NOT a Darwin Award Winner
Announcing The Curmudgeon’s Theme Park
Uranus Park Will Compete with Ark Encounter
Curmudgeon Slays Barney the Dinosaur
Our Fifth Darwin Award
Another Supermoon — The End Is Nigh!
GULLIKIN’S ISLAND, by Dr. Swinefat Pink
The Night Before Christmas Eve
Our Fourth Darwin Award
How To Write a Creation Science Paper
Curmudgeon Computes Specified Complexity
Amazing Discovery: Eve’s Brassiere Is Found!
Beware: The Supermoon Is Coming!
Iranian Scientist Invents Time Machine
Curmudgeon Abducted by Aliens!
The Curmudgeon’s Design Detector
Tales from the Napoleon Ward
Ten-Eleven-Twelve Day
Our Third Darwin Award
Our Second Darwin Award
My Bare Spacey, by Dr. Swinefat Pink
Our First Darwin Award
Startling Discovery Announced
Supermoon Tomorrow: Aaaargh!!
The Scientific Case Against Stairs
The Invisible Interstellar Imp
Noah’s Ark Found! On Uranus!
The Latest Curmudgeon Science Research
First, Face on Mars. Now, Arrow on Titan
The Knights Templar and the Flat Earth
Proof of the Theory of Abominable Befuddlement
The Scientific Case Against Law Enforcement
The Earth Does Not Move!
Welcome to Creationism Headquarters
The Earth Is Flat!
The Curmudgeon’s War on Arbor Day
Curmudgeon Releases His Birth Certificate
Leprosy, Armadillos, and Creationism
Curmudgeonly Desperation: It’s Joke Time!
The Curmudgeon Becalmed
The Curmudgeon’s Warning Label
The Creationist Troll’s Toolkit
People Are Not Filthy Animals!
Unexplained Vapor Trail: Missile? Jet? Or …?
Personal Secrets of Creationists Revealed
Creationists’ DNA Sequenced: Stunning Results!
The Scientific Case Against Edison’s Electric Light
What Creationists Think About Evolution
The Scientific Case Against Darwinian Emancipation
The Scientific Case Against Atom Bombism
Template for Anti-Science Activism
Announcing the Curmudgeon’s Slime-O-Meter
Earn a Degree in Creationism Today!
Two Plus Two Equals Three
Intelligent Designer on Holiday
Thank You For Calling
The Scientific Case Against Powered Flight
The Global Darwinian Conspiracy Revealed!
The Lost Voyage of Ringo Darwin
Today Is Triple Nines Day!
The Ten Laws of Creationism
Curmudgeon’s Secret Identity Revealed!
The Theory of Abominable Befuddlement
Down With Gravity!
The Scientific Case Against Craterism
Intelligent Design and Swine Flu
Somalia: A Modest Proposal
Intelligent Design: The Dung Beetle’s Tale

Religion and Science (moved to separate page)

Politics and Science
Georgia Congressional Rep Denies Evolution
Louie Gohmert Wants To Move the Earth
Three News Stories To Start Your Weekend
Will Northern Ireland Have a Creationist Leader?
Racism in Mathematics? Aaaargh!
Aliens Exist and Obama Admits It
Crazed Creationist Running for Montana Governor
Is This the Craziest News Story Ever Written?
How To Persuasively Teach Evolution
2017’s Darwin Day Resolution in US Senate
A Women’s Movement Against Science?
Presidential Candidates Answer Science Questions
Both U.S. Political Parties Oppose Science
Creationism and Theocracy
Creationist President for Florida State University?
Paul “Pit of Hell” Broun — Primary Election Today
Barbara Forrest To Speak on Louisiana Politics
Is Your Political Party Really Pro-Science?
Global Warming and Nuclear Power — Big Conflict
Is the Tea Party Movement Pro Science?
Congressman Broun on Evolution & the Big Bang
Obama and Romney Answer Science Questions
Maximum Retardation Alert
Which Political Party Is Anti-Science?
Bryan Fischer: Flaming Creationist Theocrat
Florida’s Axis of Creationism, Part II
Three on Rick Perry: Dawkins, Cal Thomas, & Biola
Discovery Institute & Michele Bachmann
David Barton: Founding Fathers Rejected Darwin
David Barton: Favorite Historian of Theocrats
Darwin, Marx, and Freud: The Evil Threesome
Stalin, Ape-Men Hybrids, and Creationism
Funding the Creationism Industry
Mark Souder, Creationist: Election 04 May
Sarah Palin & Creationism (separate page)
Santorum, ClimateGate, & Creationism: Axis of Idiocy
Mark Souder, Creationist: Two GOP Challengers
Creationism in Politics: Growing or Fading?
Turkey: Country or Creationist Website?
Governor Mark Sanford: Creationist
Mark Souder Opposes National Science Standards
Heritage Foundation: Going Creationist?
Municipal Politicians’ Creationist Slime-a-thon!
George W. Bush — Pro-Darwin, Old-Earth Too
Buffoon Award Winner — Mark Souder, Creationist Congressman
Congressman Mark Souder: “Souder Delenda Est”
Evolution, Ben Stein, and Global Warming
George Bush and Evolution: The Creationist Reaction
America: Intellectual History In Reverse?
McCain and Obama on Science: Another View
Obama and McCain: Their Views on Science
McCain and Obama: Positions on Evolution and Creationism
Science Debate 2008: McCain and Obama Answer 14 Questions
Ben Bova on Science and Presidential Politics
Creationism in Politics: Time for Benign Neglect?
Creationist Candidates at Cape Canaveral
Open Letter to John McCain
The Founders Rejected Evolution?
McCain’s Possible VP Choices — Creationists?
Presidential Candidates’ Opinions on Evolution
The Politics of Stupidity

Opinion Polls and Science (Separate page)

Creation — the Movie (separate page)

Media and Science
Alien God Seen on Mars — Aaaargh!!
Alien Base Seen on Mars — Aaaargh!!
Aliens Sighted on the Moon? Aaaargh!!
A Creationist Review of ‘Inherit the Wind’
New Star Trek Movie — a Creationist Review
Oook, Oook! Rush Limbaugh and Harambe
Does the Intelligent Designer Lurk on the Moon?
Glenn Beck — Bonkers Over Darwin Movie
The Controversy Comes to “The View”
Science vs. The Regular People
Variety Review of “The Principle”
More Creationism in a Mainstream News Source
More Creationism in the Wall Street Journal
A Few Minutes with Bill Nye
New Creationist Film: “A Matter of Faith”
Ben Stein in Alleged Sexting Scandal
Miss USA Contestants Speak on Evolution
The Final “Cosmos” Episode (#13) Tonight
“Cosmos” Episode 12 Tonight
“Cosmos” Episode 11 Tonight
Barbara Forrest To Speak on Louisiana Politics
“Cosmos” Episode 10 Tonight
“Cosmos” Episode 9 Tonight
“Cosmos” Episode 8 Tonight
“Your Inner Fish” Episode 3 Tonight
“Cosmos” Episode 7 Tonight
“Your Inner Fish” Episode 2 Tonight
“Your Inner Fish” Will Be on PBS Tomorrow
Big Geocentrism Documentary Coming Soon
“Cosmos” Episode 5 Tonight
“Cosmos” Episode 4 Tonight
Is Bill O’Reilly a Discoveroid?
Cosmos Episode 3 Tonight
Cosmos Episode 2 Tonight — Free Fire Zone
Glenn Beck: Bill Nye Would Persecute Galileo
Extreme Media Madness Alert
Egad — David Rives Has a TV Show!
Ken Ham on “Fox and Friends”
Fox News Urges Creation-Evolution Dialogue
Creationism – The Scientists Respond
Rotating Moon — 28 Days in 24 Seconds
Richard Dawkins: The Watchmaker Argument
New York Times Article on Eugenie Scott
Big New York Times Spread on Evolution
Forbes Supports Kent Hovind?
Four Minutes with Kenneth Miller
Ray Comfort’s New Film — Retardation Alert
Three More Minutes with Richard Dawkins
Zack Kopplin on Bill Maher Show
Two Minutes with Richard Dawkins
Three Minutes with Richard Dawkins
One Minute with Ken Miller
Bill O’Reilly Opposes Biblical Inerrancy?
Zack Kopplin on the Bill Moyers Show
Is Bill O’Reilly’s Creationism Evolving?
Monday Night: “The Revisionaries”
Pat Robertson: Earth Older Than 6,000 Years
How Librarians Classify Creationism
Neil deGrasse Tyson on Intelligent Design
A Creationist Source of Business Information
Dr. Pepper Evolution Ad Causes Fury
Bill Nye Blasts Creationism
Barbara Forrest Interview Today — Live
The Revisionaries, Don McLeroy, & Stephen Colbert
Is the Washington Post Going Creationist?
Eugenie Scott on “Academic Freedom” Laws
Discoveroids Promote “Alleged,” a Movie to Avoid
Bill O’Reilly & Deepak Chopra on Science
Bill O’Reilly and Richard Dawkins — Again
Science Film: “No Dinosaurs in Heaven”
Stephen Hawking on TV Tonight
Doonesbury Does Darwin
NCSE’s Bumper Sticker Contest
Miss USA Contestants Asked about Evolution
The Objectivist View of Intelligent Design
New Creation Museum Ads on Fox News
Rush Limbaugh on Pascal’s Wager
Euginie Scott, Barbara Forrest, & Zack Kopplin
Megyn Kelly [*sigh*] on Faith-Killing Parents
Bill O’Reilly — Flaming, Full-Blown Creationist
Rush Limbaugh: Evolution = Liberalism
Glenn Beck Ain’t No Kin to No Monkey
Rush Limbaugh on Evolution — Again!
Rush Limbaugh on Evolution
Video: The Vigil After Dover
Two More Reviews for “Signature in the Cell”
Genie Scott: What Would Darwin Say?
Barbara Forrest on the Kitzmiller Trial
Glenn Beck on Darwin and Racism
Your Money or Your Life, Your Soul or Your Brain
Genie Scott: Who Pulled the Stake Out?
“Alleged” — a New Movie on the Scopes Trial
Review of “Evolution: The Molecular Landscape”
Tennessee Book Ban Promoted on Fox & Friends
Creationism on Fox News
John Haught: Making Sense of Evolution
Chuck Colson, Darwin, Dickens, & Watergate
Eugenie Scott on Creationism
“Time” Magazine Goes Creationist
Videos: Eugenie Scott, Barbara Forrest, Miller, etc.
“The Age of Wonder” by Richard Holmes
Another Conservative Group Goes Creationist
Richard Dawkins’ US Tour
Dawkins Interview: “The Greatest Show on Earth”
Kirk Cameron: World’s Dumbest Human?
Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth
“Weekly Standard” Going Creationist?
The Theory of Intelligently Designed Weather (IDW)
Eugenie Scott is Interviewed
A New Creationism Book To Avoid
Darwinius Masillae, Pravda, & the Discovery Institute
Creationist Reactions to “Darwinius Masillae”
Media Hype About “Darwinius Masillae”
“U.S.News & World Report” Touts Creationism
Ben Bova: Are Humans Still Evolving?
Open Letter to Steve Forbes
Forbes Magazine Promotes Creationism
Darwin Film Project: New Creationist Documentary
Banquet at Delmonico’s — Spencer and Social Darwinism
Joseph Priestley, American Genius
We’re Doomed — Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Evolution
Five Books That Debunk Humbug
Suicide Blamed on Biology Class and Dawkins’ Book
“The Devil in Dover” by Lauri Lebo
Martin Gardner Reviews Ann Coulter’s “Godless”
Two TV Shows on Evolution and Creationism
Book Review: “The Creationists” by Ronald L. Numbers
New York Times Promotes Ken Ham

Science (mostly evolution)
Some Suggestions for the Intelligent Designer
Extra-Solar Planet Update: July 2021
Okay, UFO Fans — Here It Is!
Fungi on Mars? Aaaargh!!
Extra-Solar Planet Update: May 2021
The Wombat’s Cubical Poo — How and Why?
The Genius of the Dung Beetle
Rare Conjunction, or the End of the World?
Strange News on an Important Day
Extra-Solar Planet Update: November 2020
Three Hundred Million Habitable Planets? Wowie!
Extra-Solar Planet Update: September 2020
Why Do Humans Have Peculiar Mating Habits?
Extra-Solar Planet Update: July 2020
Great Success for Evolution Education
Extra-Solar Planet Update: May 2020
The ‘Great Debate’ and Creationism
Oh No! There May Be Life on Mars!
Extra-Solar Planet Update: March 2020
What Will Creationists Do With This?
Extra-Solar Planet Update: January 2020
Is This Where Evolution Is Taking Us?
Is This Artificial Life? If Not, What Is It?
Did We Learn Dancing When We Were Apes?
Extra-Solar Planet Update: November 2019
The Fossil That Shouldn’t Exist Has Been Found!
What Should We Call the Big Bang?
Oook, Oook! A New Human Ancestor Found
What Is Going On Here?
Extra-Solar Planet Update: October 2019
Prize Winner Says Star Travel Is Impossible
Nobel Prize in Physics — Creationists Lose Again
Oook, Oook! Monkeys Attack Monastery
Is It Possible that Adam & Eve Were Real?
Life on Mars? Aaaargh!!
New Research Is Creationism’s Nightmare
The Cambrian ‘Explosion’ Is Fizzling Out
Extra-Solar Planet Update: August 2019
Extra-Solar Planet Update: July 2019
An Anemone Has a Larger Genome Than Ours
The Mutation of Beer Brewing Yeast
Are UFOs Visiting Time Machines?
Super Blood Wolf Moon — Aaaargh!!
100 More Extra-Solar Planets Found
Mars Landing Today — Creationists Are Worried
‘Oumuamua Is Back in the News
Another Adventure in Social Science
Nobel Prize for ‘Directed Evolution’
Pluto’s Status Is Back in the News
As You Always Suspected
The Aquatic Ape Theory Returns
The Peppered Moth Is Back in the News
Strange Statistics on Professors’ Salaries
Forty-Four More Extra-Solar Planets
A Lake of Water Found on Mars
A Dozen More Moons for Jupiter
Evolution and the Size of Nipples
The Universe vs. The Bible
New Research on the Origin of Life
More for Creationists To Worry About
The Cambrian ‘Explosion’ Was Gradual
Is the Octopus an Alien Species?
More Extra-Solar Planets Will Soon Be Found
Some ‘Junk DNA’ May Be Useful
Tiangong 1 Crashes Tonight — When and Where?
Hawking To Be Buried at Westminster Abbey
Stephen Hawking (8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018)
The Death of the ‘Fine Tuning’ Argument?
Super Lunar Eclipse Coming This Wednesday
Two More Potentially Habitable Planets Found
Big Bang or No Big Bang?
NASA Says We’ll Find Alien Life in 20 Years
The Evolution of Alien Life
Why Do Girls Have Breasts?
Amazing Babylonian Mathematics
More Potentially Habitable Planets Found
More Extra-Solar Planets, Less Creationism
The WOW! Signal Explained
NASA’s Tally of Extra-Solar Planets
Early Life on Earth, and Maybe Mars
NASA News Conference on Extra-Solar Discovery
Meet Your Earliest Ancestor — Saccorhytus
Ultimate Evidence of Intelligent Design
Why Humans Don’t Have a Baculum
Feathered Dinosaur Tail Found in Amber
Speciation Has Been Observed
Scientists Claim Anything Is Possible
Is the Speed of Light Variable?
Quantum Mechanics and the Soul
Another Creationist Dream Headline
NASA Reports: Proxima b May Be Habitable
NASA Has More Bad News for Creationists
The NASA Europa Teleconference — Live
Did NASA Find Life on Europa?
Does This Explain the Origin of Life?
Your Brain Wants Your Blood
Another ‘Wow’ Signal?
Proxima Centauri Has Planet in Habitable Zone
From Fish Fins to Fingers
Proxima Centauri has an Earth-like Planet?
Perseid Meteor Shower: 11-12 August
The Mystery of Female Orgasms
104 More Planets & One Amazing System
NASA: Juno Probe Arrives at Jupiter
Hey, Creationists: More Evidence for an Old Earth
New ‘Information’ from Gene Duplication
Celestial Navigation of the Dung Beetle
Oh No! Still More Planets Found
The Latest Witchcraft News
Tree of Life Revised and Expanded
New Model Predicts Where To Find Fossils
Deep Sea Vents — Creationism’s Waterloo?
Mars in Three Days, or Maybe 30 Minutes
One Mutation Is Driving Creationists Crazy
The Sun Has Another Planet?
More Earth-Like Planets Found
Meet Your Ancestor — The Roundworm
Free Enterprise in Space?
Evidence of Evolution in Action
Lisa Randall: Dark Matter & Dinosaur Extinction
Earth May Be a Cosmic Early Achiever
Gravity’s Rainbow or the End of the World?
Transcranial Magnetic Oogity Boogity?
Pluto Has Water and Blue Sky
NASA’s Big Mars Announcement
Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse — Two Ways To Watch
New Version of the “Tree of Life”
Good News: No Invasion from Another Galaxy
A Tale of Bizarre Biological Research
How Did the Snake Lose Its Legs?
Update on Extra-Solar Planets
SETI Is Going Big Time
Pluto Tomorrow!
What Is the Mysterious Heart on Pluto?
We’ll Find Aliens Any Day Now?
Is the Cambrian Explosion Endangered?
Behe’s Bacterial Flagellum — Debunked
When You’re Feeling Lonely …
Canadian Museum Has Sixty Tiktaalik Fossils
What Is the Mysterious Pyramid on Mars?
Stephen Hawking: No Time Travel, No Afterlife
Toilet Technology — 2015 Update
Oook, Oook! A Tale of Ape Rape
You Gotta Read This One
News of the Universe
How Life Began — Problem Solved?
Hot News About Urine Power
A Study of Moving the Goalposts
The Laws of Nature Don’t Change, #3
Your Ancestor, the Sea Anemone
Fine-Tuning Revisited
What Was the Origin of Life?
Dr Jeremy England: Life Is Inevitable
Great Moments in Social Science
Obama’s Face on Mars!
Poop-Powered Spacecraft
Breathtaking British Breakthrough
The Origin of Copulation
The Evolutionary History of the Colon
No Big Bang & Pre-Solar Water — Aaaargh!!
Of Tusks and Testes
The Great Debate Even Before Creationism
Creationism’s Biggest Nightmare
The Laws of Nature Don’t Change, #2
Greetings, Fellow Aliens!
Habitable Extra-Solar Planets Are Everywhere
An Insect with Little or No Junk DNA
The Intelligently Designed Woodpecker?
A Tale of Moose Drool and Fungus
“One Small Step” 45 Years Ago Today
An Asteroid Named Eugeniescott
Name That Planet!
Oook, Oook — Apes Being Sold into Slavery
Our Existence is Improbable, Therefore …
SETI Goes to Congress
Maybe 100 Million Life-Friendly Planets
Rejoice — Our Wisdom Will Survive The End
Should SETI Evolve Its Mission?
First Earth-like Extra-Solar Planet Found
Is the Universe “Fine Tuned”?
Miraculous Signs in the Heavens!
The Latest News in Toilet Technology
Massive Creationist Ecstasy Alert!
715 Newly-Found Extra-Solar Planets
Do Religious Brains Function Differently?
The End Is Nigh!
Dogs Align Themselves North-South To Poop
The Universe Will Collapse — Aaaargh!
Hey, Creationists: Laws of Nature Don’t Change
No Transitional Species? Take a Look at This
Why Is Your Nose So Big?
Scientists Discover a New Sex Technique
Want To Do Some Science? Here’s How!
Australian Toads: A Tale of Two Dogmas
Geocentric Universe Debunked, Again
Hey, Young-Earth Creationists: Dig This!
Shocking News: How Men Really Look at Women
Unexpected Discoveries in Remote Australia
New Skull Discovery Causes Controversy
Dung Beetles, Cattle, and Global Warming
Further Adventures in Social Science
We Welcome Our Moss Overlords
Where Are They? Maybe They’re Here
Hot News: Australia, Urine, & Honeycombs
Manure Dumped on Young-Earth Dogma
Creationists’ “Faint Young Sun Paradox” Solved
What Are We Learning from SETI?
Naked Mole Rat Research Update
Hot News Flash: Men Caused Menopause
Evolution, Political Opinions, and Muscles
Mayan Mound Demolished — So What?
The Emergence of Order from Disorder
Save the Martian Sand Worm!
The Sound of the Big Bang
Life From Primordial Soup — One Step Closer?
Alien Life Discovered on Earth?
Evolution in the Lab — Again
Dung Beetles Navigate by the Stars
A Test To Predict If You’ll Die Soon
The Secret of the Nazca Lines
Human Brain Gene “Sprang From Nowhere”?
Is Convergent Evolution Explainable?
It’s Not Nice To Tease Your Curmudgeon
Two Noteworthy Astronomical Discoveries
Where’s All the Lithium?
Shock! Men and Women Are Different!
Sugar in Spice? That’s Nice.
Happiness Gene Discovered in Women?
The Evolution of Menopause
Another Brief Taste of Social Science
Mars Landing Tonight!
Mars Landing Sunday — Creationist Nightmare?
SETI Will Eventually Destroy Creationism
Meet Your Cousin, the Bonobo
Your Birthday May Be Your Doomsday
Revealed At Last: Sexually Depraved Penguins
Dinosaur Flatulence & Global Warming
Intelligent Design and the Multiverse
Faster Than Light Neutrinos: The Epilogue
Astronomy News & Creationist Nightmares
Maybe Neutrinos Aren’t Faster Than Light
Fungi That Can Eat Polyurethane
Mouse to Elephant in 24 Million Generations
Intelligent Designer Goes on Food Stamps
Maybe Billions of Habitable Planets
Higgs Particle Announcement Soon
Even More Extra-Solar Planets
Of Toads and Earthquakes
Neutrinos & the Speed of Light — 18 Nov ’11
Electrical Power from Urine?
Big Bang: Not Accelerating After All?
Neutrinos & the Speed of Light — 28 Oct ’11
Update on Neutrinos & Lightspeed — 15 Oct ’11
Naked Mole Rat’s Genome Sequenced
The Latest Raw Sewage Research
Latest, Most Accurate Simulation of the Universe
A Brief Taste of Social Science
Neutrinos Move Faster Than Light?
Fifty More Extra-Solar Planets Discovered
Human Evolution: Another Transitional Species
Your Digit Size Reveals Your Libido
Another Transitional Fossil: The Earliest Mammal
Romance-Oriented Women Avoid Science
How Did Life Begin on Land?
Do You Have Neanderthal Ancestors?
If You Like Sex, Thank a Parasite
The 100 Year Starship Study Symposium
You Are a Mutant
Most Complete 3-D Map of the Local Universe
Birch Mouse “Living Fossil” Found
A Glimpse Into Human Brain Evolution
Black Holes from Before the Big Bang
Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D
Marine Organisms with Eternal Life
Origin of Life: Three Recent Studies
Alien Life Discovered? Well, Maybe Not
Alien Life Discovered? Again? Really?
Are You Fat? Diabetic? Blame Evolution!
Intelligent Design without a Designer
Another Transitional Fossil — Lizard to Snake
Now 54 Extra-Solar Planets in Habitable Zone
Circadian Rhythm — Our Legacy from Pond Scum
Evidence of Intelligent Design: Dung-Eating Plants
Shock! Ovulating Women Like Macho-Looking Men
Woolly Mammoth to be Resurrected Soon
Will the Age of the Universe Be Revised?
How One Gene Becomes Two Different Genes
Of Lice, Nudity, and Human Evolution
The Physics and Ecology of Bizarro World
Darwin, Evolution, and Promiscuous Squirrels
Mountain Gorillas and Terrible Hairy Flies
NASA News Release on Alien Life
Age Reversal: Testes and Brains Restored
Earth-like Planets May Be Very Common
A Japanese Plant Has the World’s Biggest Genome
Monkeys Pass Mirror Test for Self-Awareness
Newly Discovered Habitable Extra-Solar Planet
The Very Latest Sloth Research
Meet Your Ancestor — The Sponge
Human Sperm Gene Is 600 Million Years Old
Humans: Be Proud of Your Jaws
Listen to the Sound of the Sun
Why Are Men Attracted to Blonde Women?
Good News: Environmentalists’ Heads Explode
Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?
Artificial Life Produced!
Instantaneous Velocity Observed: Einstein Wrong?
Bowels & Bacteria: A Blogger’s Bliss
The Story of Genie
New Hominid Fossil, but Beware the Hype
Worms, Evolution, and Human Aging
A Real Cure For Blindness?
Evolution of the Eye
In Praise of Promiscuity
Royal Society Celebrates Its 350th Anniversary
The “Red Queen Hypothesis” Tested
Why Are There Still Monkeys?
Cloning a Neanderthal: Yes? No? Maybe?
Hot Primordial Soup News
Big Full Moon Tonight, and Mars Too
Extraterrestrials, Darwin, and the UN
So Easy a Slime Mold Can Do It
New Spider Discovered, Already Endangered
Dolphins, Threatening White Dwarf, and Pi
Golden Ratio, Facial Beauty, and Evolution
Beware of Killer Petunias
Another ClimateGate — Creationism Coupling
Scientific American on ClimateGate
Human Evolution in the Future
Penguin DNA Defies Genetic Dating Techniques
Darwin, Evolution, and Alien Life
The Falklands Wolf, the Platypus, & Leprosy
What Did Darwin Do?
Naked Mole Rats and Cancer Resistance
Sabotage From The Future!
Killer Algae, Global Warming, & Mass Extinction
Why We Can See Blue Sky
Can Noah’s Flood Explain Banded Iron Stripes?
Pygmies: A Small Evolutionary Problem
The 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
“Ardi” — Pre-Lucy Hominid Fossil Found
First Evolutionary Branching For Bilateral Animals
We Are All Mutants
Artificial Life Is Only Months Away?
All In The Family: Our Primate Heritage
The Lessons of Tiktaalik
Transparent Aluminum, Really — Thanks, Scotty
Fossilized Dung Balls: A Dung-Based Ecosystem
Cold Case: Neanderthal Killed by Sapiens?
Ben Bova: The Search For Life’s Origins
Humans Related to Orangutans, Not Chimps?
Martin Cohn: Outstanding Developmental Biologist
The Origin of Life: Solved?
Evolution in a Test Tube
Unique English Snail Species Discovered
US Adults Flunk Basic Science
Kepler Mission: Searching for Earth-like Planets
New Evolution-Creationism Resources
New Discoveries: Earliest Animals and Transitional Whales
Is There a “Longevity Gene”?
Human DNA Repair Process Recorded
Female Promiscuity and Evolution
A Treasure Trove of Bird Poo
“Origins” — A Promising New Website
Synthesis of Self-Replicating RNA Molecules
“Understanding Science” — Great New Website
15 Evolutionary Gems from “Nature”
Desmond Morris on Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin: The Greatest In British History?
Charles Darwin in “Scientific American”
Lethal Mutagenesis — It’s Coming!
Who’s Your Daddy?
Evolution Guides Itself — Without “Intelligent Design”
Evolution in the Lab
Pre-Cambrian Animal Footprints Discovered
How Old Is the Earth and the Universe?
Philadelphia’s Year of Evolution
Why do people believe weird things?
Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters
Evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Visit the AAAS and NCSE Websites
From Reason: Evolution Debate at FreedomFest 2008
Did Alfred Russel Wallace believe in Intelligent Design?
First of July: Natural Selection’s Birthday
“Only a Theory” by Kenneth R. Miller
How Did the Brain Evolve?
Michael Ruse: Why Darwin is remarkable
Darwin’s “Voyage of the Beagle” Reviewed
New Transitional Fossil — linking frogs and salamanders
God and “academic freedom” in science class
Cause of Mass Extinctions Discovered?
More Voices for Reason (Creationists “Insulted” Again)
Where Are The Anachronistic Fossils?
When Gravity was a Theory in Crisis
Clarke’s First Law and Intelligent Design

Olivia Judson (separate page)

Debunking Creationism
Catalog of Creationist Rebuttals
Don’t Forget ’15 Answers’ from Scientific American
Louis Agassiz — The Story Within the Story
Creationist Language Abuse
Dawkins Has a New Book — For Children
The Ultimate Hitler-Darwin Debunking
The Curmudgeon’s Instant Rebuttal Project
‘Project Steve’ Now Has 1,400 Steves
NCSE’s “Project Steve” Now Has 1,300 Steves
NCSE’s “Project Steve” Keeps Growing
Top Ten Reasons Noah’s Flood is Mythology
Curmudgeonly Collection of Debate Resources
A Few More Questions for Creationists
A Few Questions for Creationists
NCSE’s “Project Steve” Now Has 1,200 Steves
Three Examples of Creationist Illogic
Creationism and the Burden of Proof
Some Good Reading, Briefly Available
Peer Review of Behe’s Irreducible Complexity
More of the Intelligent Designer’s Blunders
Common Creationist Claims Confuted
The Controversy in Your Pocket
Creationism: Abuse of the Language of Rights
Nature Doesn’t Need To Think
Michael Behe Has a New Fan
Piltdown Man: The Creationists’ Savior
The Mystery of the Cambrian “Explosion”
The Peppered Moth is Turning White Again
Michael Behe Speaks at Penn State
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lives!
Behe’s North Carolina Fiasco: Part 2
Behe Admits He Has No Theory
Project Steve: Total Reaches 1,000
Project Steve: Total Reaches 900
The Onion: Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain
Creationism and Nylon-Eating Bacteria
How Old Is The Creationists’ Universe?
Curmudgeonly Rumblings: reDiscovery Institute

Creationist Foolishness (separate page)

Self-Published Geniuses (separate page)

WorldNetDaily (separate page)

Institute for Creation Research
(separate page)

Celebrity Creationism (Shut up and sing!)
Ben Stein Expelled by Citigroup
Buffoon Award Winner: Robin Williams
Pat Buchanan, Piltdown Man, and WorldNetDaily
Ben Stein: Expelled by the New York Times
Pat Buchanan Presents Every Creationist Fallacy!
Pat Boone: Rhymes with … Maroon!
Chuck Norris: America’s founding creationists
Ron Sexsmith and Intelligent Design?
Ben Stein’s “Expelled” — A Canadian Conspiracy
Hey, Pat Boone: Shut up and sing!

Food Fights
Pat Robertson vs Ol’ Hambo — Again
Hambo’s Response to Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson Says the Earth Is Old
Food Fight: Discoveroids vs. Paul Braterman
‘Darwinist Yobs’ Rampage in Wales
Debate Fallout: Robertson Accused of Blasphemy!
Ken Ham Criticizes the Discovery Institute
Food Fight: Ken Ham vs. Intelligent Design
Food Fight: Ray Comfort vs. Richard Dawkins
Ken Ham Is Furious at WorldNetDaily
Answers in Genesis Rebukes Pat Robertson
Discovery Institute, William Dembski, & Biologos
Answers in Genesis vs. Intelligent Design
Food Fight: Klinghoffer v. Stephen Hawking
ICR Attacks Discovery Institute (Again)
Food Fight: Kirk Cameron v. Stephen Hawking
Food Fight: Ken Ham v. Karl Giberson
Food Fight: Albert Mohler v. Richard Dawkins
Food Fight: Albert Mohler v. BioLogos
Ken Ham v. Jay Leno
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and BioLogos
Creationism: A House Divided Against Itself
Richard Dawkins Victim of Embezzlement?
Food Fight: Ray Comfort v. Stephen Hawking
Food Fight: Ann Coulter & WorldNetDaily
Debate: Comfort vs. Scott — Phase 2
Debate: Ray Comfort vs. Eugenie Scott
Food Fight: Bill O’Reilly and Richard Dawkins
Creationist Brawl Brewing in Texas?
Discovery Institute: Food Fight with Harun Yahya
Food Fight: Discoveroids, Jonathan Wells, NY Times, NCSE, etc.
Food Fight: Inayat Bunglawala and Harun Yahya
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and PZ Myers
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and Richard Dawkins
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and NY Times
Food Fight: Discovery Institute and Barbara Forrest
Food Fight: Jonathan Wells and Richard Dawkins

Darwin, Darwin Day, etc.
Darwin Repents! Or Does He?
A Darwin Day Vomit Opportunity
2017’s Darwin Day Resolution in US Senate
A Song for Darwin Day
2017’s Darwin Day Resolution in Congress
Curmudgeonly Thoughts on Darwin Day
Another Darwin Day Resolution in Congress
Two Anniversaries Today: “Origin” and Lucy
Darwin’s Letter About the Bible
Surprise! Ken Ham Opposes Darwin Day
Apparition of Darwin in the Sky
Science Museum Promotes Science — Scandal!
Another Darwin Plagiarism Allegation
Muslims Protest Against Darwin Day
It’s Darwin Day and We Have a Question
Tomorrow Is Darwin Day for 2013
Did Darwin Steal His Theory from Wallace?
Darwin Also Caused World War One
A Preacher Quote-Mines Darwin
Darwin’s Marginal Notes Are Now Online
The Curmudgeon’s War on Arbor Day
Asa Gray’s 1860 Review of Darwin’s Book
Darwin Day Resolution in Congress — Divisive?
Casey: Not Darwin Day, It’s Academic Freedom Day
Darwin Day 2011 Is Coming Soon
Get Ready for Darwin Day 2011
Darwin’s Famous Artwork on a T-Shirt
Charles Darwin Africanus
Four Years Since Dover — Merry Kitzmas!
Darwin’s “Origin” Anniversary: 24 Nov 1859
Concert for Darwin in Dover
Darwin Day Miscellanea
12 February: Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday
The Charles Darwin £2 Coin
A Darwin Birthday Message
Darwin in Dayton — Oh Dear!
Darwin Day Draws Nigh– Signs and Wonders!
Arizona State University’s “Darwinfest”

Not yet sorted
Louisiana’s Bible Bill, Nudity, & Raelians
Meanwhile, in Other News …
Scientific American: 1,000 Scientists in 1,000 Days
Richard Dawkins & Eugenie Scott at Ft. Bragg
African Creationism: As Goofy as Our Own
Time Traveler Arrested!
NCSE’s New UpChucky Awards
A Gallery of Creationist Hotties
Of Pandas and Pornography
Islamic Creationism in Africa
Darwin & Evolution: The View From Africa
Romania: Land of Vampires and Creationists
Creationism in South Dakota, and More! (IDEA clubs)
Analogies to Intelligent Design
“Teach the Controversy” T-Shirts
Online Debate: Does Intelligent Design Have Merit?
Katie Couric asks Cindy McCain about Creationism
Evolution Evangelist in Tennessee
British to vote on hybrid embryo bill