Creationism and Global Warming

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Discoveroids on Climate Change and Evolution

Jack Chick on Global Warming
The Creationism-Global Warming Denial Axis

Global Warming Revision: Fuel for Creationists
Jon Huntsman on Evolution & Global Warming
Genie Scott, Global Warming & Creationism
NCSE Expands into Climate Change
Discovery Institute & Michele Bachmann
Discoveroids: NPR Scandal Vindicates Creationism

The Mammalian Methane Emissions Menace
Discovery Institute Praises Global Warming Deniers
Creationism & ClimateGate: Embrace the Madness!
Global Warming, Creationism & Brain Death
Global Warming & Creationism: Yet Again

Creationism & ClimateGate in “Human Events”
Santorum, ClimateGate, & Creationism: Axis of Idiocy
Discovery Institute: More ClilmateGate Madness
Discovery Institute: ClimateGate Crescendo!
Discovery Institute: Frenzy in Seattle!
Another ClimateGate — Creationism Coupling
Scientific American on ClimateGate
Discovery Institute: ClimateGate Obsession Continues
Discovery Institute: The Mask Falls Away
Discovery Institute: Thrilled About ClimateGate
Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s War Against Reason
Killer Algae, Global Warming, & Mass Extinction
Evolution, Creationism, and Global Warming

Evolution, Ben Stein, and Global Warming
WorldNetDaily Links Global Warming and “Darwinism”
RFK Jr. says: Sarah Palin — Creationist Destroyer of the World!