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January – June 2021
Shock! The Tower of Babel Was Real!
Dinosaurs and Humans Lived at the Same Time
Creationist Adnan Oktar Sentenced to 1,000 Years

July – December 2020
Jason Lisle on Politics, Economics, Adam & Eve
Absolute Proof of Aliens on Mars!
The Tragedy of Being a Flat-Earther
Jack Chick Comics Are Still Being Produced
Intelligently Designed Alien Temple on Mars

January – June 2020
Kent Hovind Again, and He’s Amazing!
Wowie — A New Search for Noah’s Ark
The Coronavirus Is a Divine Plague
The Origin of Humans and Bigfoot — Revealed!
The Hoax of ‘Ghost’ DNA
Flat-Earther Mike Hughes Died Yesterday
Jack Chick’s Newsletter — It’s Still Alive!
Get Ready for a Creationist Firestorm

July – December 2019
Meet the Creationist Astronomer
Who Are the Flat Earth Believers?
What You Didn’t Know About Adam & Eve
Interview with a Flat Earth Believer
Egad, Was Darwin Wrong?
Jason Lisle Says There’s Science in the Bible
Creationist Meetings in Colorado
Norwegian Shipowner Promotes Creationism
Greta Thunberg, Climate Change, & Creationism
Sports Stars for Flat Earth
Life After Death? A Professor Says Yes!
Jason Lisle Says a Day Is a Day
A Collection of Clunkers from Ray Comfort
Jason Lisle Says Math Is Creationist
Georgia Purdom: Evidence Supports the Bible
The Space Program Confirms the Bible
A Dialogue with Jason Lisle

January – June 2019
Jason Lisle Says Evolution Is Pseudoscience
Darwinism Is Dying
Time Travel and Warp Drive — Oh Yeah
Aliens Are Breeding with Humans
The Kent Hovind You Didn’t Know
The Latest from the Jack Chick Website
Flat Earth — The Truth At Last!
A Visit to Jack Chick’s Newsletter
Something New from Jason Lisle
We Found Jason Lisle’s New Website

July – December 2018
Global Warming, Creationism, & the Flood
The Expanding Universe Is in the Bible
The Dutch Ark Sails Again
Earthquake Caused by Uranus Predicted
Evidence that God Is Female
Raelian Convention in Japan
Flat Earth Conference in Colorado
Creationists and Pornography — Big Surprise
An Abominable Collection of Clunkers
Creationist Revival Meeting in Bakersfield
School Board Candidate’s Bizarre Sign
Woman Dies Briefly and Goes Through Vortex
Kent Hovind Is Back!
The Supernatural Nature of Time
Ancient Fossil Proves Creationism
Atheists Can’t Function Without God
Advice from a Creationist Teacher
Snake-Handling Preacher Gets Bitten
Creationism at a Flat Earth Conference
Google vs. The Flat Earth Society
And Now Some News About the Raelians
More Creationism in Northern Ireland
Turkish Creationist Adnan Oktar Arrested
Two Strange News Items

January — June 2018
You Want Proof? Here It Is!
Festival of Drool in Ohio
The Sex Argument Against Evolution
Sex Is the Queen of Evolutionary Problems
Bible Astronomy Is Always True, Part 2
Creationists and The Big Bang Theory
Creationism in the Galápagos Islands
Evidence of Aliens Discovered on Mars
The Great Pyramid, Aliens, and Intelligent Design
Texas Legislator Attacks Hawking
California Creationists Threaten Lawsuit
Flat Earth Conference in Canada
Evolution Has No Morality
Creationist Protest in Shrewsbury
Evidence of Ancient UFOs & Aliens in India
Creationists Discuss Evidence of the Flood
Creationism in Shrewsbury, Darwin’s Birthplace
An Education Grant To Study Creationism
Free Creationist Seminar in Arizona
Thirty Proofs that God Exists
The Deadly Worldview of Darwinism
Flat-Earthers Expose the Cult of Globalism
Bobby Jindal — He’s Back!

July — December 2017
Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?
An Interesting School Board Problem
The Problem with Science
A Bold Voyage of Discovery
James Tour at the Jack Chick Website
Intelligent Design — The Cutting Edge
Experts Expect To Find Noah’s Ark!
Las Vegas Shootings — Evolution’s Fault
David Coppedge on Extra-Solar Planets
Flash! Creationist Disproves Natural Selection
Hot News: Evolutionist Admits Theory Is Wrong!
Bible College Biology Professor
Evolution Is Satan’s Deadliest Weapon
Transgender Bathrooms and Darwinism in Texas
A Program that Debunks Evolution
Ray Comfort Can Prevent Suicide
Flat Earth, Creationism, and You
Dinosaurs Are Just a Theory

January — June 2017
Hitler: Racist, Socialist, and … Darwinist?
Crocodiles Devour Creationist Preacher
Dinosaurs on Mars!
Billy Graham’s Daughter — Evolution & Rapture
British Tabloid Reports Alien Base on Venus
Shock! Creationist Teacher Accused of Crime
Reality — Love It or Leave It
A Creationist Astronomer in Montana
The Sun Did Stand Still for Joshua
An Incredible Creationist Article
The Trillion Year Secret — Revealed!
A Bold New Creationist ‘Documentary’
Computer Scientists Claim Proof of God
Jack Chick’s Newsletter Explains Bad Science
Ray Comfort’s Film Nominated for Award

July — December 2016
Creationists React to Possible Physics Discovery
Another Journey into the Drool Zone
Jack Chick’s Last Comic?
Rev. David Rives — Your Mouth Is A Miracle
Prepare for a Creationist Feeding Frenzy
Jack Chick: 1924 – 2016
Year’s Most Predictable Creationist Headline
Bible Astronomy Is Always True
New Book Claims There Is No Death
As in the Days of Noah
Creationism and Morality, Part 5
Forget Creationism & Evolution! Meet Fungus Man
The Intelligent Designer & Wisdom Teeth
Strawberries & Butterflies — Free Fire Zone
Beware the Folly of Scientism
Bizarre New Jack Chick Comic
Amazing Creationist News Report
Irish Creationist MP from County Kerry
Carl Baugh Is Trying to Grow Dinosaurs
Ray Comfort Stumps the Atheists
Tim LaHaye, Creationist Prime Mover, Has Died
Yet Another New Jack Chick Comic

January — June 2016
Dutch Replica of Noah’s Ark Suffers Collision
Creationists and Bathrooms
Journey into the Drool Zone
Billy Graham’s Daughter on Gays & Evolutionists
Israeli Man Sues God
Ray Comfort Is Giving His Book Away
Shocking New Creationist Research
New Jack Chick Comic — Your Soul
The Day Evolution Died
US Capitol Gunman — a Creationist?
Creationists Explain Extinction of Homo Erectus
News of Noah’s Flood from Texas
Creationism in Africa
Two New Jack Chick Comic Books
Albert Mohler: Gravity Waves Are Caused by Sin
Way Down Upon the Paluxy River
Surprise! A New Jack Chick Comic Book
Another Creationist Preacher & Camera Story

July — December 2015
David McConaghie: Conviction Upheld on Appeal
The “Dino Pastor” Is Still Preaching
A Canadian Flat-Earth Preacher
Yes, But Are They Creationists?
Bathroom Pervert David McConaghie Is Sentenced
Documentary: Finding Noah’s Ark
More Controversy Over Homo Naledi
Saggy Pants, Short Shorts, and God’s Will
Atheist Professors and Creationist Coaches
New Comic Book from Jack Chick
Ashley Madison and Creationism
David McConaghie — Guilty!
David McConaghie Trial — What Will Happen?
The Futility of Science
The Dodo Disproves Evolution
“Proof” That Natural Selection Doesn’t Work
Image of Jesus Appears on Bathroom Wall
A Creationist Nuclear Physicist?
David McConaghie Trial Lurches Forward
Rev. David Rives Interviews Jason Lisle
Creation Science: The Springs of the Sea
Creationist Voyeurism: Case #13
An Embassy for the Intelligent Designers
Jack Chick Free Fire Zone

January — June 2015
David McConaghie Trial Begins
Creationism in Nigeria
Catholic Creationism in Canada
Ellis Washington’s Brilliance, Part 2
Creationists Claim Lucy Is a Fraud
Ellis Washington Displays His Brilliance
Ellis Washington Praises Granville Sewell
Update on the Idaho Creation Museum
RenewAmerica — Life’s Vital Questions
Eclipse News from England
David McConaghie Update — 11 March 2015
Rev. Michael Bresciani Exposes the Darwin Fable
Mothers Against Dinosaurs!
Reminder of the David McConaghie Trial
Cosmic History from Jack Chick

July — December 2014
Ellis Washington and Pascal’s Wager
Ellis Washington on Paradise Lost
Buffoon Award Winner: RenewAmerica
Rev. Michael Bresciani — Science Fairy Tales
Church School Biology Teacher & His “Student”
Creationism at St. Cloud State University
McConaghie’s Bathroom Voyeurism Trial Delayed
Ellis Washington: Absolute Chaos
RenewAmerica: Evolution Is a Sledgehammer
RenewAmerica Warns the Pope
Jack Chick and the Nurse
Rev. David Rives: Two New Videos!
Rev. David Rives: Science in the Bible
Darwin, Science, & the Antichrist
Creationism — So What?
Australian Creationist Professor Is Expelled!
James Tour: Creationist Organic Chemist
Our Last Post About Linda Kimball
Creationist List of Bad Creationist Arguments
Creationism Around the World, #2
Ellis Washington: Darwin & the Leviathan
The Miracle of the Ica Stones
David McConaghie Appears in Court
Evolution — The Greatest Hoax of All Time
Ray Comfort’s Latest Movie
A Sad Bible College Story
David McConaghie Is Charged With Voyeurism
Kirk Cameron Wants To Save Christmas
Evolutionists Deny that Demons Exist
A Theocrat Goes to Washington
The Vicious Intolerance of Creationism
Other Creationist Voices
Massive Morning Vomit Opportunity
Swastika Banner Flown by Creationists
New Jack Chick Comic — Demons

January — June 2014
New Creation Museum for Boise, Idaho
Rev. David Rives and the Flat Earth
Rev. David Rives: Astronomy is “Bad Science”
The Ultimate Crackpot Review of “Cosmos”
Rev. David Rives: The Goldilocks Zone
Creationist Voyeurism: Update on Case #5
Rev. David Rives: The Origin of the Moon
Jack Chick Warns Against Booze
Creationism Around the World, #1
Rev. David Rives: The Origin of the Cosmos

December 2013
Fox News Urges Creation-Evolution Dialogue

November 2013
Rev. David Rives: Evolution is a Religion
Creationist Voyeurism: Case #12
Mysterious Intelligent Design Revival
Change Your DNA with Genetic Salvation

September & October 2013
Creationist Voyeurism: McConaghie Update
The Flat Earth Society’s President Speaks
The Worst Creationist Article Ever Written?
Creationist Voyeurism: Case #10 & #11
The Creationist Vomit Show, No. 1

August 2013
Creationist Voyeurism: Case #9
Rev. David Rives: Billions of Earths?
Creationist Voyeurism: Case #8
Peanut Butter Disproves Evolution
Creationist Voyeurism: Case #7

July 2013
Creationism, Abstinence, & Belching in Australia
Rev. David Rives: Evolution Is Bad Science
Ray Comfort’s Film Thrills Creationists
David McConaghie — He’s Back!

June 2013
Ray Comfort’s New Film — Retardation Alert
Rev. David Rives: Creation — It’s Beautiful!
Creationism-Voyeurism Update: 22 June 2013
Your Biggest and Last Regrets
The Worst Creationist Video Ever?
Rev. David Rives: The Evidence is Everywhere

May 2013
Rev. David Rives: Darwin? — Not So Fast!
Rev. David Rives Debunks the Big Bang
Creationist Science Fair in Australia
Jack Chick: Animal Personhood?
Rev. David Rives — Would Jesus Believe Evolution?
Creationist Voyeurism: Case #6
Rev. David Rives — The Moon’s Origin
Another Creationist Bathroom Voyeur

April 2013
Rev. David Rives — Geology is all Wrong
Evolution: The Biggest Lie Ever Told!
Another Creationist Toilet Camera Case
Jack Chick: Creationist Arm Waving
Babu Is Back in Pravda Again
Evolution: No Proof, All Fraud

March 2013
Rev. David Rives — Isaac Newton, Creationist
The Ultimate Creationist Challenge!
Rev. David Rives — Technology Proves Design
Rev. David Rives — What is the Big Bang?
Yet Another Noah’s Ark Replica
Gynecologist with Hidden Pen Camera

February 2013
Babu Is Back: Evolution Is Impossible
Jack Chick: How to Start a Prison Ministry
Rev. David Rives: Extra-Terrestrial Life
Creationists & Life on Other Worlds
Rev. David Rives: In The Days of Noah

January 2013
The World Has Already Ended
Michael Cremo — Cutting Edge Creationist
Rev. David Rives: No Intermediate Species
Another New Tract from Jack Chick

November 2012
NASA Needs Your Ideas
Cracking the Creationist Toilet Camera Case
Essential Creationist Gear: Toilet Camera
Creationist Suspected of Bathroom Voyeurism
Rev. David Rives: Silly Old Ideas
Daylight Savings Time and Jack Chick
Creationism and Vitalism

October 2012
Rev. David Rives: Why Diversity?
Creationism Is Taught in Russian Schools
Congressman Broun on Evolution & the Big Bang

September 2012
82 Days Until the World Ends on 21 December
Jack Chick: Three Awesome Questions
Jack Chick & the Salem Witch Trials

August 2012
A Preacher Disputes Bill Nye
Creationist Revival Meeting in Australia
Rev. David Rives: Extra-Terrestrial Life

July 2012
Rev. David Rives: Don’t Think. Believe!
Of Bosons and Coprolites

June 2012
Murphology — Darwinism Is Belief in Nothing
Rev. David Rives: Chemistry Is a Miracle
Rev. David Rives: We Are Not Animals!

May 2012
Rev. David Rives — Beware the Big Bang
Jack Chick: A Test To Disprove Evolution
UFOs and Intelligent Design Explained at Last
Two New Tracts from Jack Chick

April 2012
Rev. David Rives — Darwin Was Two-Faced
Darwin, the Columbine Massacre, & the Titanic

March 2012
Rev. David Rives — Distance to the Stars
Harold Camping Admits He Blew It
Jack Chick on Global Warming

February 2012
Vomit Opportunity: Bryan Fischer & Georgia Purdom

January 2012
Ray Comfort’s Thoughts on Religious Mysteries
Is Jack Chick Running a Hate Group?

December 2011
What’s the Latest from Harold Camping?

November 2011
The Geocentric Universe: It’s Back!
The All-Time Dumbest Creationist Questions
Jack Chick: You’re Either Stupid or Creationist
Intelligent Design in UFO Digest

October 2011
Goodbye World! Hello Universe 2.0
Goodbye World! It All Ends Today!
Goodbye World! Only Two Days Left!
Jack Chick and Halloween — 2011
Virginia Creationism & Riverboat Gambling
Goodbye World! One Week Left! Aaaargh!!
Goodbye World! Only Ten Days Left!
Goodbye World! Countdown to 21 October

September 2011
Kansas Genius Solves Evolution Controversy
Harold Camping: The World Will Soon End
Creationist Revival in Tulsa

August 2011
Murphology — Evolution or the Bible?

July 2011
Everything Proves Creationism
The World’s Greatest Unanswered Questions

June 2011
Big Creationist Revival in Alabama

May 2011
Post-Apocalypse After-Rapture Wrap-up
May 21 End of the World Open Thread
End of the World Countdown: One Day Left
End of the World Countdown: Two Days Left
End of the World Countdown: Three Days Left
Albert Mohler Rejects Rapture Prediction
End of the World Countdown: Four Days Left
End of the World Countdown: Five Days Left
World Ends Next Week. Goodbye Everyone!

April 2011
Jack Chick: Sex Is Evolution’s Nightmare

March 2011
Murphology — Darwin and Jesus Compared
Ten-Foot Wide Creationist Wall Chart
Babu Babbles about Entropy and Everything
Alien Life, Babu, Pravda, and Creationism
James Perloff’s Creationism Revival in New Jersey
Creationist Homeschooling Is Educational Incest
Hot New Tract from Jack Chick

February 2011
Little Green Men from Uranus
Creationist Lecture at Louisiana State University
John Whitcomb’s Latest Creationist Revival Meeting
Lawsuit Against Evolution: The Plot Thickens

January 2011
Kirk Cameron (Banana Boy): The Joy of Eggs
Lawsuit Filed Against Evolution
“Devil Dog” Woman — Is She a Creationist?
Evolution and Creationism Timelines Reconciled?

December 2010
Jack Chick’s Creepiest Comic Ever

Everything You Know Is Wrong!
Barbara Forrest and Darwin Are Refuted!
Your Defects Were Intelligently Designed
Choose: Jesus the Scientist or Darwin the Fool
The “Wickedness” of Evolution?

November 2010
Seaweed Is Proof of Creationism
Creationism and Pravda, Together Again
Jack Chick Presents Kent Hovind’s Videos
Creationism and Organic Chemistry
Creationism and Social Entrepreneurship
Creationism and Daylight Saving Time
Back Again: Babu, Pravda, and Creationism

October 2010
Have a Jack Chick Halloween
A Rising Star in the Creationist Firmament
Fearless Predictions of Creation Science

September 2010
Rush Limbaugh on Evolution
Babu “Proves” that Reality is Impossible!
New Jack Chick Comic for Halloween

August 2010
Darwin, Marx, and Freud: The Evil Threesome
Ray Comfort on Ben Franklin, Darwin, & Einstein
Is Creationism Racist? You Decide!

July 2010
The Latest Science from Jack Chick
Stalin, Ape-Men Hybrids, and Creationism
Failed Creationist Predictions: #6,969
Nigerian Spam? No, It’s Jack Chick!

June 2010
Song: I Don’t Believe in Evolution
Jack Chick on Dinosaur Extinction
Creationist Discovers the Missing Link!
Funding the Creationism Industry

May 2010
Creationists React to Venter’s Breakthrough, Part 6
Creationists React to Venter’s Breakthrough, Part 5
Creationism and Morality, Part 2
Nature Doesn’t Need To Think
Creationists React to Venter’s Breakthrough, Part 4
Creationists React to Venter’s Breakthrough, Part 3
Creationists React to Venter’s Breakthrough, Part 2
Creationists React to Venter’s Breakthrough, Part 1
Creationism, Darwinism, Dentistry, & the Devil
Creationists and Cosmology, Part 5
Creationists’ Evidence for “Young Earth”

April 2010
Noah’s Ark Discovery: Competition Among Kooks
Whitcomb at Ft. Wayne Creationist Revival Meeting
A Message From Jack Chick
Creationist Revival Meeting in Ontario

March 2010
A Street Preacher Opposes Evolution
The Dark Side: Example 01
Creationism & Pornography
Brian Young: New Creationist Superstar?
Creationism or Voodoo: Which Is More Rational?

February 2010
Creationism and Earthquakes
Don Fultz: “E=MC Unified”
Answers in Genesis on Primordial Soup
Creationist Education Opportunity!

January 2010
Pat Robertson, Port-au-Prince, & Dover, PA
Creationism, Darwin, & Martin Luther King
Creationism and Economic Prosperity
Creationists and Cosmology, Part 3
Creationism and Incest in New Hampshire
Creationist News From Jack Chick

December 2009
Creationism & Life on Other Worlds
Creationism and Racism
Fossil Find Causes Creationist Clash
Creationism, ClimateGate, and Poe’s Law

November 2009
Creationism and Thanksgiving
Richard Dawkins on Ray Comfort
Jokes About Darwin’s Bathroom Book
Insane Spam from a Freak
Comfort & Cameron: The Axis of Stupid
Dynamic Duo: Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron
Creationist Donnybrook in Londonderry
Creationists Defend the Indefensible

October 2009
Creationist Reactions to “Ardi”
Kirk Cameron: “Out Of His Mind” Says Professor
Kirk Cameron and the Crocoduck
Darwin, Satan, & the Illuminati
Raelians, Sexual Robots, and Intelligent Design
Answers in Genesis: Insane, Deceitful, or Farcical?
The World’s Greatest Creationist
Creationism: A Perverted Time Warp

September 2009
World’s Worst Creationist Writing
A Portfolio of Creationist Perversion

August 2009
Creationism and the Uranus Connection
Would You Debate Ken Ham?
Hey, Hambo! What you said!

July 2009
Kent Hovind Update
Creationists and Cosmology, Part 2
The Bitter Fruit of Evolution

June 2009
Creationists And The Scriptural Value Of Pi
Creationism’s Super-Secret Area 69
Egyptian Creationist Dismembers Himself

May 2009
Creationism and Morality
Roswell Conference: UFOs, Aliens, & Creationism
Creationists and Cosmology

April 2009
Darwin’s Deathbed Recantation: It’s Dead!

March 2009
Life Aboard Noah’s Ark
Creationism and the Precambrian Rabbit

February 2009
James Madison, Ken Ham, & Jonathan Falwell

January 2009
Adventures in Creationist Education
Creationism and Tree Ring Chronology
The Brain of Ronda Storms
Creationism and the Real World
Creationism and the Dewey Decimal System

December 2008
There’s No Escape from Uranus!
Creationism and the Galapagos Islands

November 2008
Important Creationist Event in Central Florida
Wall Street Journal: Are They Creationists?

October 2008
Introducing Paul Veit, the “Dino Pastor”
Halloween: The Creationist Viewpoint
Mind-Body Dualism: It’s Back!
Creationist Comic Books from Jack Chick
AIG’s Top 10 Myths About Evolution

September 2008
The Large Hadron Collider: An Islamic View
The Large Hadron Collider: Be Afraid!

August 2008
“I Ain’t No Kin To No Monkey”
Creationist Flow Chart
500,000th Visitor at the Creation Museum

July 2008
Sixth International Conference on Creationism
Creationist Evangelist in Vermont
Hindu Creationism, Just Like Our Own
Kent Hovind: Creationist Role Model
Creation Museum Commercials on Fox News
The Imminent Demise of Evolution
Intelligent Design: It’s A New Junk Marketing Gimmick
Creationist Vicar in England Blames Darwin for Murder

June 2008
The Crackpot Index, by John Baez
Dentists Gone Wild!

May 2008
The Home-Schooled Future — Creationist Morons!

April 2008
Flaming Idiocy About Evolution