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June 2021
AIG: Creationism Yes and Flat Earth No. Why?
A Great New Book from Ol’ Hambo
Hambo Says the Millennial Generation Is Doomed
AIG Says Science Fiction Is Ungodly and Evil

May 2021
AIG Says Public Education Is Anti-Christian
The Global Flood Was an Act of Divine Kindness
Hambo Wants To Save the Next Generation
Ken Ham Defends Science — Or Does He?
Hambo Attacks President Biden Again
Is This Good News or Bad News?
The Best Jobs in the Universe Can Be Yours!
Forget About Equality — It’s Sinful!
Hambo Teaches You About the Birds & the Bees
Mother’s Day for Creationist Mothers

April 2021
Hambo On Darwin, Racism, Abortion, & Murder
Don’t Be Confused About the Age of the Earth
Your Destiny Awaits You in Kentucky
We Know Something Hambo Doesn’t Know
Hambo Accuses a US Senator of Heresy
Hambo Disagrees with President Biden
Neanderthals & Creationists — the Same Species?

March 2021
You Can Rely on the Bible’s Tale of Noah’s Flood
You Can’t Teach Math Without a Bible
Hambo Says the Pope Ignores the Bible
It’s Darwin’s Fault that the U.S. Is Going Gay
Hambo Criticizes a Preacher’s Heresy
An Ark-Load of Doublethink

February 2021
Hambo Says There Was Never Any Life on Mars
All Your Questions Are Answered by Hambo
No Life on Venus & Hambo Always Knew It
The Hideous Evil of Darwin Day
Hambo Attacks Snopes and Paul Braterman
How Should We Speak about Animals?
Continental Drift Is Great Creation Science

January 2021
Hambo Cancelled a Post — Now What?
Hambo Sees Political Threat to Religious Education
Hambo Explains the Cambrian “Explosion”
At Last, the Truth™ about the Platypus
Hambo’s Plan To Save the World
Where the *BLEEP* Did Cain’s Wife Come From?
The Truth about Antarctic Ice
Hambo Explains America’s Political Problems
Do Animals Have Rights? Hambo Says “No!”
Millions of Years Is the Problem, Not Evolution

December 2020
Religious Freedom, the Virus, & the Gays
Your Eyes Prove that Evolution Is False
Incredible Clunker Free Fire Zone
The Universe Looks Old, But It’s Not
Evolution Never Happened and It Never Will
Big Surprise: Hambo Is Asking for Money Again

November 2020
Coprolites and the Flood — One Proves the Other
Everything You Will Ever Need To Know
The Return of the Banana Boy

October 2020
Hambo Tells Us Who To Vote For
Natural History Museums Are Lying to You
At Last: The Truth™ about Climate Change
This Could Be Hambo’s Worst Post Ever
Theory of Evolution Dismantled!

September 2020
Hambo Is Upset about Gender Choice
Hambo Tells Us How To Choose a US President
Are These Two News Items Related?
Footprints, Fossils, and the Flood

August 2020
Hambo Is Settling the Ark’s Flood Insurance Suit
Without Creationism, All Is Lost!
AIG Attempts To Explain the Firmament
Hambo Goes Where No One Has Gone Before
Life Shows the Fingerprints of the Designer
AIG Says the Pyramids Were Built After the Flood
Racism, Marxism, and Other Stuff from Hambo
Hambo Explains Why You Need the Bible
Three Options for Creationist Ecstasy
Was There Ever an ‘Age of Dinosaurs’?
How Old Is the Universe? Hambo Knows!
Hambo Is On a Holy Mission

July 2020
Hambo Explains Time Before Creation
Hambo Says Alien Civilizations Are a Joke
How To Defeat Any Secularist Argument
Ken Ham Opposes Black Lives Matter
A Public Opinion Poll Horrifies Ol’ Hambo
Here’s Your Chance To Learn Something
Creationist Clothing You Can Wear!
Hambo Offers What You Desperately Need
Ken Ham Wants To ‘Cancel’ Charles Darwin
The Futility of Searching for Extra-Solar Planets

June 2020
You Can Experience the ‘Reality’ of Noah’s Ark
An Incredible Opportunity from AIG
Hambo Offers a Great Intellectual Opportunity
Shock — Most People Don’t Believe The Truth™
Upside-Down Dino Footprints — What Happened?
Evolutionists Deny the Truth
Hambo Defends Human Body ‘Design’
Look What Darwin Has Done to Us

May 2020
AIG Answers the Greatest Question of All Time
Why Can’t You Be Normal, Like Hambo?
Ol’ Hambo Needs Your Help
Hambo Has Even More Proof of the Flood
Glorious News — Hambo Is Re-Opening!
What Is the Gender of Yahweh?
Hambo Reveals How To Debate Atheists
Hambo Says You Are Probably Confused
Hambo Offers the World’s Greatest Opportunity
Hambo’s Guide to the Coronavirus
The Truth™ About the Origin of Stars

April 2020
Creationism and the Genesis String
The Coronavirus and the Flat Earth
Hambo Debunks Human Evolution
Hambo’s Ark & Museum — Closed But Not Closed
Hambo’s Ark Is Now Lit Up with Green Lights
Hambo Says Humans Could Always Cook
Hambo and the Fossil Fish Fingers

March 2020
Hambo’s Biblical Response to the Coronavirus
AIG: What To Do While Secluded at Home
AIG Reveals the Benefits of the Coronavirus
AIG Says the Earth Is Young But Not Flat
Why Is Hambo Doing this?
The Latest News About Hambo’s Ark
Ken Ham’s Coronavirus Advice
Work for Hambo and Find Fulfillment
You Gave Ol’ Hambo What He Wanted

February 2020
Surprise: Creatures Are Living in the Ocean
Hambo’s Ark — The Numbers Keep Changing
Documentary About Hambo’s Ark Airs Tonight
Hambo Recommends a Bible Movie
Hambo Describes a Whole New Category of Sin
The Mystery of Carnivorous Plants
AIG Says Butterflies Prove the Bible Is True
Ol’ Hambo’s Darwin Day Challenge
The Greatest Event in Hambo’s Life
Hambo Is Really Impressed by Neanderthals

January 2020
Hambo Explains Everything
Hambo’s Festival of Creationist Clunkers
Hambo Presents The Latest Creation Research
Ol’ Hambo Is Asking for Your Help
Ark Ticket Sales — November & December 2019
All the World’s Myths Come from the Bible
AIG Says: Life on Other Worlds? No Way!
AIG Says Atheists Are Religious
Guess Why Hambo Is Upset Today
You Can Work for Ol’ Hambo — Wowie!
Hambo and the Parting of the Red Sea
Hambo Rants about Abortion
Hambo’s Big UK Conference Is Coming
AIG: The Mystery of Betelgeuse

December 2019
AIG Claims There Are No Transitional Fossils
Hambo: The True Definition of Evolution
Noah’s Ark Wins First Place at Science Fair
Learn Why Hambo Is Happy Today
Learn About Your Divine Fingerprints
Hambo Solves the Siberian Puppy Mystery
Hambo Says: Aliens? Forget About It!
Ken Ham’s Conference on Climate Change
Hambo Says the Flood Really Was Global

November 2019
Hambo Tells Us What Adam Was Like
Hambo Says Darwinists Are Cruel
Hambo Explains the True Meaning of Genesis
Ark Ticket Sales — August to October 2019
Hambo Has Proof We Were Divinely Designed
Hambo Will Be Crusading in Australia Again
Hambo Explains Climate Change
Hambo Dismisses the New-Found Upright Ape
Hambo Says British Morality Is Getting Worse
Hambo’s Church Is in Decline

October 2019
Jason Lisle, Quantum Mechanics, & Divine Logic
Hambo, Bats, Butterflies, and Fairy Tales
Hambo Explains Dinosaur Extinction
Kentucky Governor’s Race, Hambo Connection
Ken Ham Explains the Origin of Life
Answers in Genesis and the Peppered Moth
Incredible Information from Ken Ham
Ken Ham Debates an Old-Earth Creationist
Hey, Hey — Hambo in the UK — Update
Ol’ Hambo Ain’t No Kin to No Lizard
Hambo Says the Grand Canyon Proves the Bible
Hambo Says the Bible Is Better Than Science
Hambo Tells the True Age of Saturn’s Rings

September 2019
Hambo and the Neanderthals
Strange Contradiction at AIG
Hambo on Climate Change and Evolution
Hambo’s Conference for Creationist Ladies
Hambo Offers the Best Deal Imaginable
Answers in Genesis Reviews Behe’s Book
Hey, Hey — Hambo in the UK
AIG Gives Writing Advice to Students

August 2019
Faith, Creationism, and Oogity Boogity
Ark Encounter Sued by Grant County Schools
Hambo Discusses the Squirrel Kind
AIG Explains How To Persuade Droolers
ICR Explains Why You Can Trust the Bible
Hambo Has a Thrilling Story
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — April to July 2019
Hambo Shocked by Human-Monkey Hybrids
Hambo’s Creation Science Research Projects
Hambo: Life Has No Meaning in the UK
Hambo Promises Ark Answers
Night at the Ark and the Creation Museum
Hambo Says: Flat Earth, No & Young Earth, Yes

July 2019
AIG: The Truth About Human Origins
Ken Ham Has Proof of the Global Flood
Hambo Says the Bible Opposes Slavery & Rape
Hambo & the Lilies of the Field
AIG Says Evolution Is Never Observed
Hambo’s Ark & the Ultimate Drooler
Ohio Is Proof of the Genesis Flood
Here’s Your Chance To Work for Hambo
Hambo Explains the False Religion of Atheism
Jason Lisle Says There Is No Alien Life

June 2019
Hambo’s Bible-Based Science Camp
Pat Robertson: A Flood of Praise for Hambo’s Ark
Hambo Says Libraries Are Dangerous
AIG Says the Earth Really Isn’t Flat
Hambo Says Blessed Are the Fungi
Hambo Has Proof and You Have Nothing
Hambo Solves an Abominable Mystery
Hambo Says Humans Are Devolving
Ol’ Hambo Explains Climate Change
Ol’ Hambo Is Not a Flat-Earther

May 2019
Ol’ Hambo Is Shocked — Shocked!
Hambo Is Now in the School Business
A Flood of Trouble for Hambo’s Ark?
Hambo & the Micro-Macro Mambo
Hambo Explains Racism
Hambo Announces a Festival of Drool
Hambo’s Response to Pat Robertson
Hambo Says: ‘Anti-Science? Who, Me?’
Another Defeat for Ol’ Hambo
Hambo Explains Taste and Smell
Variety Reviews ‘We Believe in Dinosaurs’
Answers in Genesis and the Flopping Frogs
Ol’ Hambo Says It’s National Tourism Day
Humans from Noah’s Ark to South America?

April 2019
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — Feb & March 2019
Volcanoes or the Flood? Hambo Knows!
Hambo Explains How To Argue with Unbelievers
A Hambo Critic and a Hambo Defender
AIG Explains the ‘Walking Whale’ Fossil
Hambo Says Fossil Find Is Proof of the Flood
Creationism and the Beaver
Hambo Says Humans & Dinos Lived Together
Hambo’s Ark — The Numbers Keep Changing

March 2019
Hambo on Birds, Dinosaurs, and More
Hambo’s Ark Differs Slightly from Noah’s
Dinosaurs and Dragons — Big Controversy
Hambo Explains Species and ‘Kinds’
AIG Says Aliens or the Bible, Not Both
Hambo Says No Compromises!
The Mind of Nathaniel Jeanson
Hambo’s Website Down for a Week
AIG: Transitional Species Were Created
Answers in Genesis: Creationist Cosmology

February 2019
Hambo Offers Creation Science Labs
AIG Says: Beware of Scientific Myths
Hambo Offers the Ultimate Creationist Experience
Hambo Reports Bible Vandalism
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — January 2019
AIG: The Origin of The Universe
AIG Says We’re Alone in the Universe
Hambo Rejects the ‘Fat Eating’ Theory

January 2019
Five Years Since the Hambo-Bill Nye Debate
Hambo’s New Book Destroys Evolution
Hambo’s Glorious Court Victory
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — December 2018
Hambo Proves Evolution Is Evil
AIG: The Mystery of Penguins
A Debating Lesson from Ken Ham
Does Hambo Think You Are Swine?
Hambo Explains the Origin of Flowers
The Hambo Constitutional Challenge
Hambo’s Book-Selling Jamboree
The Big Bang or the Bible?
The Stuff Hambo Thinks About
Hambo: Diamonds & the Earth Are Young

December 2018
The Hambo Way To Learn Science
Hambo and the Discoveroids — Together at Last
Hambo and the Atheist Conference
Hambo Gets Fan Mail
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — November 2018
Hambo Has a New Enemy — PETA
Hambo Says: Teach the Controversy
Hambo’s Ark: Busloads of Droolers
Hambo’s Plan To Save Religion
City Trip to Hambo’s Museum & Ark Is Cancelled!
Hambo Explains the Post-Flood Ice Age
Hambo: The Tower of Babel and the Incas

November 2018
Hambo Says Neanderthals Were Fully Human
Hambo Invites You Into a Cave
Ken Ham: A Tale of Two Numbers
Ken Ham and National Absurdity Day
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — October 2018
Hambo’s Tale of Two Conventions
Hambo Rants Again About Ark Attendance
Hambo Is Upgrading the Creation Museum
The Origin of the Universe — Explained by Hambo
Hambo Unleashes Awesome Power
Hambo & Ray Comfort — The Dynamic Duo
Hambo Says Tigers Prove the Bible Is True
Hambo Disputes Ark Attendance Figures
Ken Ham Has a Job Waiting for You

October 2018
Ken Ham Explains Climate Change
More Info on Ken Ham’s Sex Conference
A Strange One from Ken Ham
Ken Ham Proves the Bible Is True
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — September 2018
Ken Ham’s Young Earth Evidence
Ken Ham: Juvenile Dinosaurs on the Ark
Ken Ham’s Cheerful Halloween Post
Hambo Defends Public School Trips to the Ark
Ken Ham Teaches Ladies About Sex
Ken Ham Gripes About the Nobel Prize
Go on Safari with Answers in Genesis
More on Public School Trips to Hambo’s Ark
Ken Ham: How To Choose a Bible College
AIG: Bible College Does/Does Not Approve Gays

September 2018
The Compassion of Ken Ham
Ken Ham and Pleistocene Park
Hambo’s New Movie About the Flood
Editorial Supports Hambo on School Field Trips
Hambo’s Science Workshops for Kids
Vegetarian Shark Is Proof of Genesis
Ken Ham Is Not Prejudiced
Hambo’s War on the Constitution
Hambo’s Holy ‘Ice’ Skating Rink

August 2018
Hambo’s Helpful Classroom Aide
Hambo Is Going To Rescue Australia
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — July 2018
Ken Ham: The Flood After the Flood
Creationism Is Declining in Australia
Ken Ham, Dinosaurs, and Flowers
Hambo’s List of Recommended Publishers
A New ‘Science’ Book from AIG
Hambo and the Chinese Dinosaur
Hambo Masters the Fourth Dimension
Meet the Future Leaders of Kentucky
Ken Ham — Fossils and the Flood
Hambo’s Ark: More Financial News
Hambo Says People Are Ignoring Genesis

July 2018
Hambo Explains the Ark’s Attendance Figures
Hambo’s Ark — True Figures for the 2nd Year
Ken Ham Tells Us How To Think
Ken Ham: Adam & Eve Must Be Real
Ken Ham: Aliens and Climate Change
A Great New Book from Answers in Genesis
Hambo and His Neanderthal Relatives
Hambo’s Ark Encounter Attendance Figures

June 2018
An Amazing Ark Story from Ken Ham
Ken Ham and Owl Pellets
Ken Ham Is Opposed to Fake News
Ken Ham: Dinosaurs and the Flood
Ken Ham Is Excited by New Research
Ken Ham Criticizes Donald Trump
Ken Ham: Green Blood Proves Creationism

May 2018
AIG Explains Creation Science
AIG Proves Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
Ken Ham Is Related to Neanderthals
Local Newspaper Praises Hambo’s Ark
AIG ‘Accepts’ Natural Selection
AIG: More Evidence of the Global Flood
AIG: Why Wasn’t Day Two ‘Good’?
Answers in Genesis — The Origin of Life

April 2018
Hambo and Aliens, Again
A Logic Lesson from Answers in Genesis
Ken Ham on the Origin of Eyebrows
Answers in Genesis — The Waters of the Flood
Ken Ham — Self-Published Genius?
Ken Ham, the Cosmologist
Ken Ham Will Be in Canada
Ken Ham and the Interstitium
Answers in Genesis — Pluto Again
Ken Ham Is Shocked — Shocked!

March 2018
Hambo Is Making a Movie
Ken Ham: Of Dinosaurs and Birds
Booze and Creationism Fuel Kentucky Tourism
Answers in Genesis: The Bible Is True
Ken Ham: How Many Animals on the Ark?
Ken Ham: No Intelligent Alien Civilizations
Ken Ham: Why Humans Are Evil
Creationist with Military Weapons & Explosives
Ken Ham Will be in Ireland — a Blasphemy Test?
A Logic Lesson from AIG
Ken Ham Says Evolutionists Are Cannibals
Ken Ham and Cheddar Man
Answers in Genesis & the Flat Earth, Part 4
Ken Ham: How the Moon Was Formed
Sleepovers for Teens at Hambo’s Museum & Ark
Hambo’s New Ticket Prices

February 2018
AIG: The Heresy of Millions of Years
Hambo and the Rainbow — Again
Ken Ham and Billy Graham
Ken Ham and the Bombardier Beetle
Hambo Re-Invited to the the U. of Central Oklahoma
Hambo: An Important Lesson in Creationism
Ken Ham Denounces Darwin Day
Outrage of the Century — Hambo Expelled!
AIG Says Superstitions Can Be Useful

January 2018
Ken Ham: Chocolate and Climate Change
A Great Creationist ‘Documentary’ Returns!
5 Days of Hambo’s Creation Science
AIG Is Preaching in Africa
AIG: How To Understand the Universe
AIG: The Miracle of Eye Contact
Hambo in the Golden Age of Creationism
Marriage Advice from Ken Ham
Lenski’s E. coli Experiment Proves Creationism
Great News — Ol’ Hambo Is Hiring!

December 2017
ICR: The Miracle of Chemistry
Ken Ham: A Tale of Two Museums
AIG Is Opposed to Santa Claus
Ken Ham Is Expanding into Mexico
AIG: The Spectrum of Perfection
Ken Ham Says Science Can’t Know the Past
Ken Ham Says Evolution Is a Fraud
Ken Ham’s History of the World
Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark Revealed

November 2017
Four Fatal Arguments Against Evolution
Noah’s Ark Was Perfectly Feasible
AIG: Why the Young Universe Looks Old
AIG Says: We’re Not Uneducated!
Ken Ham Says Aliens Are a False Religion
The Creation Museum Has Goliath’s Spear!
Creation Science Camp for Children

October 2017
An Epic Expedition to Hambo’s Ark
AIG Says: Behold the Cat
AIG Says: Behold the Sloth
Ken Ham ‘Debunks’ Richard Dawkins
Ken Ham: Creationism Gives Us Great Science
Free Stuff from Ken Ham!
AIG Says Creationists Love Science
AIG: Behold the Parasitoid Wasp
AIG: Creationism Is Really Reasonable
Ken Ham: Death, Death, and More Death
The Truth About Global Warming

September 2017
Which Came First — Plants or the Sun?
Ken Ham: The Cause and Cure of Racism
AIG: Ancient Megaliths and the Bible
AIG: Not Enough Time for Evolution
AIG: Creation Science and Asteroids
Ken Ham Ain’t No Kin to Algae
AIG Says There Are No Transitional Fossils
AIG: Your Tongue Detects Water, Therefore …

August 2017
Ken Ham Says Evolution Makes No Sense
Animal Migration Proves Creationism
Answers in Genesis: Behold the Bombardier Beetle
Ken Ham Talks About Life on Mars
AIG Has News for Colon Sufferers

July 2017
Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Figures Released
Ken Ham: The Gecko Is Proof of Creationism
Hambo Explains His Gyrations
Ken Ham Caves on the Ticket Tax
Hambo Reverses the Ark Transfer
Ken Ham Defends David Coppedge
Hambo May Lose $18 Million Sales Tax Kickback
The Environment — Hambo Cares & You Don’t
Hambo and the Rainbow
From Hambo: The Drooler’s Guide to Creationism
Ken Ham’s Latest Tax Maneuver
Answers in Genesis Says Only the Bible Is True
Hambo’s Ticket Tax Battle Continues
Answers in Genesis: Behold the Giraffe
Kan Ham’s Battle for Morality
Hambo Rejects New Stars With Ingredients of Life
Ken Ham Won’t Like This Editorial
Ken Ham: Behold the Lizard

June 2017
Ken Ham’s Ticket Tax Crisis
AIG’s Grand Canyon Lawsuit Is Settled
Service Dog Not Allowed at Ark Encounter
ICR on Dogs, AIG on Whales
More Bad Press for Ken Ham
Ken Ham Is Coming to the UK
Answers in Genesis: Behold the Platypus
Ken Ham and His Reformation
Ken Ham and the Magic Fossil

May 2017
Ken Ham — The Dark Side of Freedom
Here’s Your Chance To Work for Ken Ham
Answers in Genesis: Aliens and the Bible
Ken Ham Has Proof of the Flood
AIG: Information and the Micro-Macro Mambo
AIG’s Grand Canyon Lawsuit May Fizzle Out
Ken Ham Says Roadside Evolution Is Biblical
AIG Panics Over Another Extra-Solar Planet
AIG Creation Scientist’s Grand Canyon Lawsuit
Ken Ham Is Thrilled about Military Religion List
AIG: The Science of Adam & Eve

April 2017
City Wants To Tax Ken Ham’s Ticket Sales
AIG Proves You Ain’t No Kin To No Monkey
Ken Ham’s Rant Against Darwin Day
Ken Ham Interviews Astronaut Barry Wilmore
Was Creation 6,000 or 10,000 Years Ago?
British Tabloid: Dinosaurs Lived With Humans
Answers in Genesis & the Flat Earth, Part 3
AIG: Plate Tectonics and the Flood

March 2017
Bad News for Ken Ham
A Classic Rant from Ken Ham
Ken Ham Is a Victim of ‘Fake News’
AIG: Your Perfectly Designed Body
Advice to Young Creationists from Ken Ham
Ken Ham: Creation Science is Real Science
Ken Ham and the March for Science
Ken Ham — A Call for Jihad?

February 2017
Ken Ham’s Ark Has Disappointed Grant County
ICR and AIG on the Discovery of New Planets
Ken Ham the Warrior?
AIG Asks: Why Aren’t You a Creationist?
City Cancels Trip to Hambo’s Ark
Ken Ham — Guardian of True Science
Ken Ham Offers Meat to the Ladies
Ken Ham Says You Can’t Have the Rainbow

January 2017
Hambo Has Evidence, and You Don’t
Ken Ham: How To Resist the Devil
Ken Ham Explains America’s Problem
Ken Ham Says Adam Was Real — Really Real!
Ken Ham: Making America Great Again
Hambo Warns Against Blind Faith Religion
Oh No — Hotels Without Bibles!
AIG Ain’t No Kin to No Chimp
Ken Ham: A Bit Too Grandiose?

December 2016
Ken Ham Is a Man of Science
Ken Ham: It’s All About Genesis
Answers in Genesis & the Flat Earth, Part 2
Hambo Says Evolution Is a Religion
Hambo Says The Bible Is a Science Book
Ken Ham Ain’t No Kin to Lucy
A Documentary About Hambo’s Ark Encounter
Syphilis, Leprosy & Noah’s Ark
Ken Ham Is Tolerant & You Are Not
Earthquakes Are Caused by Sin

November 2016
Answers in Genesis: The Snake Didn’t Evolve
Stop the Prejudice Against Neanderthals!
Answers in Genesis & the Multiverse
AIG’s Best Reasons To Be a Creationist
Ken Ham Has a New Book on the Flood!
Answers in Genesis: The Creator Smells
Ken Ham: It’s Twue, It’s Twue!

October 2016
From Ken Ham — The Real News on Aliens
Ken Ham & Ray Comfort in the Ark, Tonight
Creationist Wisdom #726: Mark Looy
Dinosaur Footprints Prove the Flood
Ark Encounter Ticket Sales — Another Report
Answers in Genesis: The Eye Didn’t Evolve
How Creationists Think about Ants
Answers in Genesis: Evolution’s Failures
The Rattlesnake and Its Rattle
Ken Ham Says We’re Not Related to Animals
The Big & Little Dippers Prove the Bible
Hambo Says Bacteria Don’t Evolve

September 2016
Ken Ham Tells Us How To Vote
Hambo and the Dinosaur
New Giraffe Species Disprove Theory of Evolution
Ken Ham Offers Hope, Meaning, & Purpose
Ray Comfort’s Movie & Ken Ham’s Ark
Ken Ham: Creationism or Panspermia
AIG: The Absurdity of Secular Science
Ark Encounter Ticket Sales — What’s Going On?
Answers in Genesis and Proxima Centauri b
Ken Ham Explains the Events of 9/11
AIG: The Earth Must Be Young!
AIG: The Miracle of Facial Expressions
Ken Ham: Creationist Designs a Bicycle!
Dismal Attendance at Hambo’s Ark Encounter

August 2016
Jason Lisle — Materialism Is Irrational
AIG: Water and Life on Mars?
Ken Ham Has Proof the Bible Is True
Jobs Available Working for Ken Ham
AIG: The Success of Creation Science
Ken Ham & the ‘Religion of Death’
Ken Ham & The Great Flood of China
Wall Street Journal Mocks Ark Encounter
The Great Flood of China — Without Noah
Answers in Genesis & the Zika Virus
AIG: Atheists Follow a Dogmatic Faith

July 2016
Ken Ham Criticizes Richard Dawkins
Ken Ham Offers $1 Admission for School Kids
Ken Ham Says: ‘Stop Looking for Evidence’
Ken HamSays Bill Nye Is Irrational
WorldNetDaily: The Second Ham-Nye ‘Debate’
Answers in Genesis — Life Is a Miracle
Ken Ham: He’s Moral and You Are Not
Bill Nye & Ken Ham — Together Again
One Letter Criticizes Hambo’s Press Coverage
Ken Ham Says There Are No Intelligent Aliens

June 2016
Ken Ham Rants About “Biased” Ark News
AIG: Noah’s Ark-Building Technology
The Boston Globe Mocks Ark Encounter
Ken Ham Objects to Press Coverage
A Summary of Ark Park Financial Gimmicks
Answers in Genesis Probes Alien Abductions
Ken Ham Explains the Orlando Shootings
AIG: The Flood Was a Great Success
Jimmy Carter Visits Ken Ham’s Ark
Ken Ham: Noah’s Flood and Antarctica

May 2016
Oook, Oook! Ken Ham and Harambe
Ken Ham: How To Find Alien Life
Answers in Genesis and the Flat Earth
Ken Ham: Darwin Plagiarized the Bible
Ken Ham Says He’s Not a Messiah
Ken Ham Explains Atheism
Soon: The International Creationist Conference
AIG: Bird Speciation Since Noah’s Ark
AIG: Top Ten Flood Misconceptions
Ken Ham and the Peppered Moth
AIG: More Evidence of the Great Flood

April 2016
Ken Ham: The Biology of Noah’s Ark
Ken Ham’s Ark Will Get State Tax Funds
Another Ark Replica — And It Sails!
Ken Ham: Bathrooms and the Bible
Ken Ham: Natural Selection Is Not Evolution
AIG Says: We Must Reject Greek Philosophy
Ken Ham Says: Ya Gotta Believe
The Struggle of Answers in Genesis
Ken Ham Adopts Another Discoveroid Doctrine
Ken Ham Featured at WorldNetDaily
Ken Ham Adopts the Privileged Planet Doctrine
Ken Ham: Noah’s Amazing Technology

March 2016
Ken Ham Explains the Constitution
AIG: Millions of Years? No Way!
Answers in Genesis and the Resurrection
Bad News for Ken Ham’s Ark Park
Ken Ham Denounces a Children’s Card Game
Ken Ham Reacts to Anti-Ark Billboard Campaign
Ken Ham Abandons All His Principles
Anti-Ark Billboard Campaign Is Proposed
Ken Ham — The Tweets Heard ‘Round the World
Ken Ham Says Evolution Is Useless
Ken Ham Explains Your Fear of the Ark
AIG: The Gorilla Connection — Oook, Oook!
AIG: Teach Both Evolution and Creationism
Ken Ham and Baby Gorillas — Oook, Oook!
Creationism and the Practice of Medicine

February 2016
Ken Ham Is a Life Saver
Ken Ham Tells Us About Neanderthals
Answers in Genesis Discusses Gravity Waves
Noah and His Wife — Their Final Years
AIG: Creation Science Predictions
Ken Ham Explains the Fermi Paradox
How Creationists Should Deal with Skeptics

January 2016
AIG: How To Teach Evolution to Kids
Ken Ham Rants about Iceland
Why No News about Ark Ticket Sales?
Answers in Genesis: There Is No Ninth Planet
Ken Ham’s Ark Wins First Round in Court
Ken Ham Rants about Darwin Day
AIG: Darwin = Hitler, Stalin, Abortion, etc.
Newsweek Story on Hambo’s Ark
Ken Ham Rants about Religious Freedom Day
Ken Ham Has Proof the Bible Is True
Ken Ham Says The End Is Nigh
Great News from Ken Ham
Ken Ham: Scientists Are Ignorant

December 2015
Ken Ham’s Ark Brings Sin to Grant County
A Christmas Gift from Ken Ham
Ken Ham, Richard Dawkins, and God
How To See Ken Ham’s Ark
Answers in Genesis — A Dynasty of Drool?
Answers in Genesis — Life After Babel
Ken Ham: How To Indoctrinate Children

November 2015
The Incredible Mind of Ken Ham
AIG Proves That We Went to The Moon
Answers in Genesis: Leisure Time on Noah’s Ark
Terrorism in Paris — Who Does Ken Ham Blame?
Ken Ham: Satan’s Primary Tool Is Evolution
Big Thrill — Opening Date for Ken Ham’s Ark
AIG Defends Their Statement of Faith
Ken Ham’s Ark in Matt Bevin’s Kentucky
Ken Ham Blasts Dawkins & Praises Carson

October 2015
Ken Ham’s Definition of Religion
AIG Defends Creationist Delusions
Answers in Genesis — Alien Probes and Darwin
Ken Ham Shatters All Irony Meters
Ken Ham: Time Travel and Genesis
Georgia Purdom on Extraterrestrial Life
AIG: Things That Annoy Creation Scientists
Ken Ham Is Surprised, Shocked, and Saddened
Ken Ham Wants Volunteers — But Not You
Exciting News About Ken Ham’s Ark
AIG: Chicken Necks, Dinosaurs, & the Flood

September 2015
AIG’s Head Buried in the Sands of Mars
Ken Ham Has No Misconceptions
Ken Ham Presents a Mystery
Ken Ham: Evolutionists Are Aliens!
Ken Ham Insists Humans Didn’t Evolve
Ken Ham Ain’t No Kin to Homo Naledi

August 2015
AIG: How Noah Built the Ark
Ken Ham: The Horse’s Smile
Ken Ham: Sin Is Destroying the Universe
Bill To Delay School for Ark Visits
A Great Creationist University
Investment Advice from Ken Ham
Ken Ham’s Proof of Creationism

July 2015
Georgia Purdom Proves Adam & Eve
Ken Ham — Insulted in the Australian Press
Ken Ham Hates SETI
Answers in Genesis: Pluto Is Young!
Answers in Genesis: God and Spider-Man
Answers in Genesis: Evolution Is Impossible
Ken Ham: The Pain of Childbirth
Ken Ham Wants a Theocracy
Ken Ham’s Litigation: 02 July 2015 Update

June 2015
Ken Ham Believes Babylonian Science
Hambo’s Ark Project in the British Press
AIG Explains Why We Resemble Apes
Ken Ham: A Collection of Creationist Clichés
Ken Ham Smells Fresh Dinosaur Blood
Ken Ham on the Origin of Life
Ken Ham’s Answers for Ark Scoffers
Ken Ham Says Forensic Science Is Bogus

May 2015
Ken Ham: Bad Science at NASA
The Professor of Engineering Design
Waste Disposal on Noah’s Ark — Solved!
Ken Ham in the Australian Press
Ken Ham Advocates Intelligent Design
The Kentucky Governor’s Race & Ken Ham’s Ark
Ken Ham Predicts More Ark Visitors
Ken Ham: Reason Is Evil
Ken Ham: Geocentric Universe, No Aliens
Ken Ham: Nepal Earthquake Caused by Sin

April 2015
Answers in Genesis Revises Egypt’s History
Ken Ham Has a 13-Year-Old Fan
Ken Ham: Evolution Is Worthless
Ken Ham: The Water Supply on Noah’s Ark
Ken Ham: Dinosaurs Are in the Bible
Ken Ham’s Litigation: Americans United Joins In

March 2015
Ken Ham’s Litigation: Kentucky Moves To Dismiss
Ken Ham Rages Against “Secular Religion”
Ken Ham’s Crusade Against the “Nones”
Ken Ham Rejects Uniformitarianism
AIG Embraces Uniformitarianism?
Ken Ham and George Washington
Ken Ham Debunks the Latest Fossil Discovery

February 2015
AIG: The Bible’s Divine Origin Is Undeniable
Answers in Genesis Explains an Ark Mystery
Surprise! Ken Ham Opposes Darwin Day
Ken Ham’s Litigation: Two Reactions
AIG’s Complaint Against Kentucky
AIG’s Suit Against Kentucky Is Coming
Ken Ham Blasts Evil Super Bowl Commercial

January 2015
Ken Ham’s Tax Litigation Coming Soon
More Bad News for Hambo’s Ark Park
Ken Ham’s Campaign To Change Everything
Kentucky Newspaper Turns Against Hambo’s Ark
Ken Ham Denies Being a Science Denier
Kentucky TV Station Turns Against Hambo’s Ark
The Galapagos Islands Prove Creationism

December 2014
WorldNetDaily: News About Ken Ham
Ken Ham: How Snakes Got Their Venom
Is Opposing Ken Ham’s Tax Breaks Anti-God?
Who’s Afraid of an Asteroid Strike?
Ken Ham: The Battle of Worldviews
Ken Ham: Booze, Evolution, and the Bible
Ken Ham Reacts to the Bad News
Ken Ham’s Ark Park Loses Tax Incentives
Ken Ham vs Stephen Hawking, #3
Ken Ham Is Enraged over “Dear Santa” Billboards
You’re Either For Ken Ham or Against Him

November 2014
Ken Ham Explains Dinosaur Extinction
Ken Ham: Abortion, Homosexuality, & Evolution
Answers in Genesis: Ark-Load of Nonsense #2
Answers in Genesis: An Ark-Load of Nonsense
Ken Ham Offers the “Opportunity of a Lifetime”
Answers in Genesis: Micro-Macro Again
Ken Ham Wants Full-Blown Theocracy

October 2014
Creationism and Morality, Part 4
Truly the Ayatollah of Appalachia
AIG Talks About Ebola, Again
Ken Ham Spews the Usual Nonsense
Why Would Anyone Build an Ark?
AIG Can Solve the Ebola Problem
Ken Ham Responds to the Tax Rebate Imbroglio
An Ark-Load of Trash from Ken Ham
Ken Ham’s Ark May Be Sinking
Answers in Genesis Explains Miracles
Ken Ham Attacks Stephen Hawking

September 2014
Other Names for Noah?
Thrilling Ark News from Ken Ham
Vomit Opportunity from Answers in Genesis
Jason Lisle: Atheism is Irrational
Ken Ham Is Furious About Scotland
AIG: Putin, ISIS, and the Sexual Revolution
Ken Ham Insists He Ain’t a Ape

August 2014
AIG: Two Facts that Disprove Evolution
Problem for Ken Ham’s Ark Park?
Ken Ham’s New Billboard Campaign

July 2014
Joy to the World — The Ark Is Approved
Ken Ham — Looking for More Tax Breaks
Ken Ham: Aliens Are Going to Hell!
Ken Ham Wants Soldiers for the Battle
What Is Ken Ham Complaining About?
Answers in Genesis — Proving God’s Existence
AIG — The “True” Shape of Noah’s Ark
AIG: You Want Proof? Here It Is!
Ken Ham’s Latest News About the Ark

June 2014
Ken Ham Presents a Great Creation Scientist
AIG Reacts to the UK Creationism Ban
Ken Ham’s Historical vs. Observational Science
Ken Ham: The Sole Source of Morality
Answers in Genesis: Why Science Is All Wrong
Ken Ham Reacts to the Gallup Creationism Poll

May 2014
Answers in Genesis: The Test of Truth
Hot Science News About the Creation Museum
AIG Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 11
AIG: Irony Meter Hazard Ahead
AIG Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 10
AIG Reacts to Newly-Made Form of DNA
Ken Ham Speaks at a Bible College
Jason Lisle: The Logic of Faith
AIG: How To Raise a Creationist Child

April 2014
AIG Reacts to “Your Inner Fish” Episode 3
AIG Offers Proof of God’s Existence
Ken Ham: The History of Death
AIG Proves the Bible Is True
AIG: The Fountains of the Deep
AIG Reacts to “Your Inner Fish” Episode 1

March 2014
AIG Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 2
AIG Reacts to the Cosmic Inflation News

February 2014
Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds Countdown — Live Thread
Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds — 24 Feb 2014 Update
AIG: An Ark-Load of Creationist Rubbish
AIG: Plants Survived the Flood!
Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds — 11 Feb 2014 Update
Debate Fallout: Robertson Accused of Blasphemy!
Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds — Deadline Today
Pat Robertson Reacts to Ken Ham’s Performance
Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham — Live Debate Thread
The Big Debate Is Tomorrow!
Two Creationist Fallacies
Ready for the Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate?

January 2014
Ken Ham Criticizes the Discovery Institute
The Climax of Creationism is Approaching
Noah’s Ark Is Proven To Be Real!
Bill Nye — Why He’s Debating Ken Ham
Noah’s Ark — Two Important Items
Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds — 14 Jan 2014 Update
Food Fight: Ken Ham vs. Intelligent Design
Bill Nye Discusses the Ken Ham Debate
Ken Ham Scoffs at Conspiracy Theories
AIG Says: Ham-Nye Debate Tickets All Sold Out
Answers in Genesis Explains “Critical Thinking”
Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds — 04 Jan 2014 Update
Ken Ham to Debate Bill Nye — Big Mistake!

December 2013
Ken Ham: 20 Years of Imaginary Glory
Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds — 19 Dec 2013 Update
Hey, Hambo — Noah’s Ark Was Round!
Ken Ham on “Fox and Friends”
Discoveroids and AIG on Extraterrestrial Life
Ken Ham: “No One Debates Creationists”
AIG: Spiral Galaxies Prove a Young Universe

November 2013
AIG: Blue Stars Prove a Young Universe
Answers in Genesis — Creation Geology
Bloomberg Reports on Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds
Ken Ham: Noah’s Flood — Global or Local?
Ken Ham’s “Ark Encounter” Bonds
Ken Ham: Is Belief in Young Earth Essential?

October 2013
Answers in Genesis: Are Ghosts Real?
Ken Ham: “We Have a Dino Fossil, We’re Smart!”
Waste Disposal on Noah’s Ark
Ken Ham’s New Billboard Campaign

September 2013
How You Can Be Like Ken Ham

August 2013
Faith — A Mind-Bender from Ken Ham
Ken Ham Is Engaged in a War
Lightning Strike at the Creation Museum
Ken Ham: Where Was the Garden of Eden?
Ken Ham Admits He Has No Proof, No Reasoning
Ken Ham Is Furious at WorldNetDaily
Ken Ham Is Furious at Bill Gates

July 2013
Answers in Genesis — Fan Mail #6
Ken Ham Is on a Mission from God
Miscellaneous News & Free Fire Zone
Ken Ham: Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Flood
Ken Ham Explains What’s Wrong with America
Ken Ham Keeps Getting Pounded
Is The End Coming for Ken Ham?

June 2013
Ken Ham’s Problem: The Gaps Keep Closing
Ken Ham: The Last Flat-Earther
Hey Ken Ham: The Devil’s Gainin’ On Ya!
Ken Ham: The Trouble With Scotland
Another Visit to the AIG Gift Shop
Answers in Genesis Gives Scotland a Chance
Ken Ham Is Sooooo Misunderstood

May 2013
Ken Ham’s Ark Park: A Flood of Problems
Ken Ham Supports the Springboro School Board
Jason Lisle: Faith vs. Reason
Answers in Genesis: Is Science Secular?
AIG: Don’t Let the Children Decide!
Ken Ham Is Under Attack — Send Money!
Answers in Genesis — Noah’s Ark Fan Mail

April 2013
AIG: The True Meaning of “DNA Day”
Noah’s Ark Had a Washing Machine!
Ken Ham Thinks People Are Stupid
Answers in Genesis — Their Fan Mail

March 2013
Answers in Genesis — The Ice Age
Answers in Genesis & Life on Mars
AIG Reports Duane Gish Has Died
Answers in Genesis & the Florida Sinkhole
Wonders at the AIG Gift Shop
AIG Supports Oklahoma’s Creationism Bill
An Ark-Load from Answers in Genesis

February 2013
Ken Ham — A Brain on Creationism
Ken Ham: Important Creationist Conference
AIG: Our Onion Overlords
Ken Ham’s Ark Park — Latest Update
Answers in Genesis: The Relevance Rooms
Creationists & Life on Other Worlds

January 2013
AIG: The Superiority of Creation Science
Ken Ham vs. Zack Kopplin
Answers in Genesis: What Is True Reality?
Ken Ham vs. Scientific American Magazine
AIG Visits a Real Museum

December 2012
Answers in Genesis: Weather Before the Flood
Hot News about Ken Ham’s Ark Park
Another Creationist Toilet Camera?
AIG and ICR React to Rubio and Robertson
AIG Explains Why You are Scum
Ken Ham’s Thoughts on Science Education
What We Found at Answers in Genesis
Answers in Genesis Rebukes Pat Robertson

November 2012
AIG: Comets Prove the Universe Is Young
A Visit to the Zoo with Answers in Genesis
Creationist Wisdom #282: Two Sisters (AIG letter)
Ken Ham’s Creationist Empire is Foundering
AIG Says Your Legs Are Backwards
Creationism and Vitalism, Part 2
How Horrible Was Life Aboard Noah’s Ark?
AIG and the Origin of the Moon
Creationism and Vitalism

October 2012
AIG Urges Veterinarians To Reject Evolution
Dinosaur Fossils Found with Hot Red Meat?
Answers in Genesis Defends Paul Broun
AIG: How Plants Survived the Flood
Ken Ham: A Peek Inside the Ark

September 2012
Ken Ham Offers Proof of God!
Ken Ham and the Genesis Deniers
Ken Ham: Still Ranting About Bill Nye
Ken Ham: “Why Won’t Anyone Debate Me?”
AIG: Why Scientists Are So Wrong
Ken Ham Wants To Debate Bill Nye

August 2012
Ken Ham Responds to Bill Nye
Kentucky Experiences the “Hambo Effect”
AIG: Our Geocentric Universe
AIG: Why Were Dinos Saved on the Ark?
Ken Ham Denounces “Bathtub Arks”
AIG: Darwinists Don’t Know Who They Are
AIG: Secrets of the Creation Museum
AIG Reacts to the Martian Landing
AIG Answers Their Mail Again

July 2012
AIG Defends Lot’s Righteousness
Hey, Ken Ham: A Dutchman Builds Noah’s Ark
AIG’s Advice for Creationist Internet Debaters
Money Problems for the Creation Museum?
Were You There?
Ken Ham: The Death of Darwinism

June 2012
Ken Ham and the Wow! Signal
AIG: Young Earthism Is and Is Not Optional
Answers in Genesis: Sex Didn’t Evolve
More Money Problems for Ken Ham’s Ark
Ken Ham’s Dinosaur Billboards
AIG: Post-Flood Dispersal of Animals

May 2012
AIG Ain’t No Kin To No Monkey
The Mind of Ken Ham
Answers in Genesis: They Get Email #2
AIG: Ignore All Scriptural Antecedents

April 2012
Answers in Genesis: They Get Email
Ken Ham Explains Global Warming
AIG on the Paluxy River Footprints
AIG: Why Big Bang Theory is False

March 2012
AIG on the Tennessee Creationism Bill
Answers in Genesis vs. Intelligent Design

February 2012
Ken Ham: Everybody’s Leaving His Church, #2
AIG: A Progress Report on The Ark Park

January 2012
Ken Ham Wants You To Pray for the Curmudgeon
Ken Ham Is Furious Over Clergy Poll
Ken Ham Supports John Oller’s Lawsuit
Ken Ham on the Meaning of His Ark Park

December 2011
Ken Ham is Furious
Ken Ham: Santa Claus and Noah’s Ark
AIG Accepts Possibility of Alien Life
Ken Ham Says He Loves Science

November 2011
AIG: More Advice for Campus Creationists
AIG: Evidence of the Cursed Cosmos
Creationism and Logic, Part 3
AIG: How To Be the Biggest Idiot on Campus
AIG: God Don’t Need No Space Nebula!
AIG: How To Avoid Learning Anything in College

October 2011
Ken Ham Has Hot News for Creationist Women
AIG: Satan in the College Classroom
AIG: Extraterrestrial Life, Sin, & Salvation
Answers in Genesis & the Speed of Light

September 2011
Ken Ham: On a Mission from God?
AIG: There Were Dragons on Noah’s Ark

August 2011
Ken Ham Attacks Intelligent Design & Behe
Treasures from Answers in Genesis
Ken Ham Thinks America Is Doomed
AIG and the Pillars of the Earth
Ken Ham and the Garden of Eden

July 2011
AIG’s Jason Lisle Tells Us How To Think
AIG Lashes Out at Doonesbury
Hey, Ken Ham: “Were You There?”
AIG: The Battle of Worldviews
AIG Rejects Theistic Evolution
AIG: Male Nipples Prove Creationism

June 2011
Ken Ham: The Understanding of a Child
Ken Ham Disciple Exposes NASA’s Godless Lies
Ken Ham: Taking Candy from a Baby
Ken Ham Proves Noah’s Flood

May 2011
Ken Ham’s “Spiritual War” Against Science
AIG’s Logic: Prepare To Lose Your Mind
Jason Lisle: Instant Starlight & the Lake of Fire
Ken Ham Needs You To Send Money Now!
Creationism and Morality, Part 3
AIG: All Scientific Dating Methods Are Wrong

April 2011
From AIG: The Noah’s Ark Collector Kit
Ken Ham: Everybody’s Leaving His Church!

March 2011
Ken Ham Expelled from Homeschool Conventions!
Ken Ham Rants Against Reality
Answers in Genesis: Sin Caused Japan’s Earthquake
Lisle’s “Instant Starlight” Paper: Convention? Model?

February 2011
Lisle’s “Instant Starlight” Paper: Jupiter’s Moons
Creationists Explain Lizard-to-Snake Fossil
Jason Lisle’s “Instant Starlight” Paper, More
Ken Ham Gets a Few Dollars More

January 2011
Answers in Genesis: The Anthropic Principle
Ken Ham Is Proud To Teach “The Truth”
Ken Ham Says Heaven Is Only for Creationists
Jason Lisle: Darwin Was a Creationist
AIG: Transitional Species Are Really “Mosaics”
Ken Ham Denounces the Pope
Jason Lisle’s “Instant Starlight” Paper, Again

December 2010
Answers in Genesis and the Big Bang
Jason Lisle: Creationism & Extra-Solar Planets
Answers in Genesis: Dawkins’ Weasel, Aliens, etc.
Ken Ham v. Jay Leno
Answers in Genesis and One “Outrageous” Blogger
Answers in Genesis on Arsenic Bacteria Discovery
Ken Ham & Isaac Asimov
Ken Ham Announces Noah’s Ark Theme Park

November 2010
Jason Lisle Speaks, Student Freaks
Answers in Genesis: Rascals or Retards?
Creationism & the Emotional Age of the Earth
The Wisdom of Ken Ham (and Lardo)
Answers in Genesis: Insincere Reality Denial?
Creationism and the Fossil Record, Part 2
Answers in Genesis Rejects “2nd Law” Argument?

October 2010
Noah’s Flood and Plate Tectonics
Answers in Genesis Rejects “Created Old” Argument?
Answers in Genesis Tells of a Creationist Pediatrician
Australian Toads: Evidence of Creationism?
Jason Lisle v. Stephen Hawking

September 2010
Ken Ham Gets a Quick $1K
Ken Ham v. Vatican Astronomer & Aliens
Jason Lisle’s “Instant Starlight” Paper
If We Evolved From Monkeys, Then Why …?
Creation Museum Challenges The Time Cube!
Answers in Genesis: The Slime Cube
Adam, Eve, and the Forbidden Fruit

August 2010
Still Waiting for Jason Lisle’s “Starlight” Paper
Young Earth, Old Earth, or Flat Earth?
Ken Ham Deluded by Poe’s Law?
Ken Ham Contradicts Stephen Hawking
Adam’s Rib Shocker: AIG Follows the Evidence
Creationism and the Tower of Babel
Did Time Begin On Day Four?

July 2010
Jason Lisle Defends His Unpublished Paper
Creation Scientist Overthrows Einstein’s Relativity
Beware of Creationists’ Best Arguments

June 2010
Creationism and Moonlight
Answers in Genesis: Taking the Low Road
Whale Friendships: Proof of Creationism!

May 2010
Ken Ham Unhinged: Creationism & Theocracy Too
Answers in Genesis: Shameless Chicanery

April 2010
One Millionth Visitor at the Creation Museum
This Is Your Brain on Creationism
Ken Ham Says There’s No Extraterrestrial Life
Creationists and Cosmology, Part 4

March 2010
Answers in Genesis on Ayala’s Templeton Prize
Creationism: Adam, Eve and Sleep
Creationism and Logic, Part 2

February 2010
Answers in Genesis on Primordial Soup

January 2010
Do Creationists Think?
Creationism and Logic

December-November-October-September-August 2009
Answers in Genesis: Insane, Deceitful, or Farcical?
Would You Debate Ken Ham?
Hey, Hambo! What you said!

July-June-May-April 2009
Creationists and Cosmology, Part 2
Creationists And The Scriptural Value Of Pi
Creationism and Morality
Darwin’s Deathbed Recantation: It’s Dead!

March-February-January 2009
Life Aboard Noah’s Ark
Creationism and Tree Ring Chronology