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January – June 2021
The Theory of Evolution Is In Its Final Days
When You Have the Facts, You’re a Winner
ICR Has New Evidence for Noah’s Flood
Are You a Freak Accident of Evolution?
ICR Demolishes Paul Braterman’s Argument
ICR Has Disproved Darwin’s Theory
ICR Says The Butterfly Is Proof of Creationism
ICR Says Evolution Is Fake Science
Were There Walking Whales on Noah’s Ark?

July – December 2020
You Can Read, Therefore Oogity Boogity!
How To Prepare for a Career in Creationism
For Tough Questions, the Answer Is Creationism
ICR Says Evolution Is Absolutely Impossible
ICR Says Evolution & the Big Bang Aren’t Science
High-Altitude Mouse Proves Creationism
The Brains of Mice and Men — and Creationists
A Festival of Creationist Clunkers
Mystery Creature Disproves Evolution
Big News: ICR Has a New President
ICR Explains the Meaning of Liberty

January – June 2020
ICR Tells Us All About Neanderthals
Learn Creation Science Online from ICR
ICR: Secular Astronomers Are Wrong Again
Beware! Scientists Practice Idolatry!
ICR Ridicules Cosmology — for Good Reason?
Mars Is Obviously Young, and So Is the Earth
Big Discovery: The Cause of COVID-19 Is Sin
ICR Says the Sun Is a Miracle
ICR Needs a New Leader. Are You the One?
ICR Reviews ‘Inherit the Wind’
ICR Says Science Is Idolatry
ICR Says Your Teeth Are Perfectly Designed
Turtles Are Proof of Creationism
Creationism and the Genesis String
ICR: The Heavens and the Firmament
From ICR: A New Book on Flood Geology
ICR Has Proof of Dragons
Believers and Non-Believers Both Get Sick — Why?
Darwinists — ICR Explains Your Problem
Coronavirus — ICR Looks on the Bright Side
ICR and the Peppered Moth
Transitional Species Only ‘Confuse Categories’
ICR Explains How Creationists Should Debate
ICR: The Miracle of Whales

ICR Says Genesis Is Right about the Oceans
ICR Says Carbon-14 Dating Is Unreliable
ICR Warns Against Babblings & False Knowledge
ICR Says Saliva Proves Evolution Is False
ICR Has a New Theory To Replace Evolution
ICR Explains the Age of the Universe
ICR Has Proof — Proof! — of the Flood
ICR Is Asking for Your Money
ICR Gets It All Backwards
ICR Proves the Universe Is Young
This One Is Really Bad
ICR: Overwhelming Evidence of Creation
ICR: The Mystery of Human Faces
ICR Says: Carbon-14 — It’s Everywhere!
ICR Says Evolutionists Are Desperate
ICR Has Absolute Proof of Creationism
Was the Genesis Flood Too Cruel?
ICR: There Were Kangaroos in India!
ICR Wants Your Input
ICR: Six Items To Prove the Earth Is Young
ICR: Ten ‘Fake Facts’ of Evolution
ICR Says NASA Researchers Are Fools
ICR Explains Photosynthesis
Who Wrote the Bible? ICR Knows!
ICR Says: You Can’t Explain, Therefore …
ICR: Pre-Genesis Cancer? No Way!
ICR Says They’re Not Biased, You Are
ICR Says You Can’t Fool a Creationist
ICR Has a Wall of Creationist Fossils
ICR: All the Proof You Could Ever Want
ICR: The Earth Is Young
ICR: The Creation of Extra-Solar Planets
ICR Says Sharks Prove Creationism

ICR: Their Most Important Post Ever
ICR: The Truth About Dinosaurs
ICR: Spiders Prove Creationism
Darwinists Beware — A Warning from ICR
ICR: A Bookkeeper’s Wisdom
ICR Teaches True History
ICR: A Creationist’s Journey
ICR Has a New Creation Scientist
ICR: Design by the Creator
ICR Has a New Book that Rebuts Darwin
The Wright Brothers Studied Birds, Therefore …
Meet the Daughter of Henry Morris
Recovered WWII Plane Proves Creationism
ICR: It’s a Young Solar System
ICR: Why No Human Fossils with Dinosaurs?
ICR: Three Terrible Tigers of Doubt
ICR Says Darwin Was All Wrong
A Great New Science Book from ICR
A Thrilling Story from ICR
ICR Is Getting a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Dinosaur Extinction — Asteroid or the Flood?
ICR Ain’t No Kin to Monkeys, However …
The Institute for Creation Research Explains Time
ICR Exposes Flawed Darwinist Thinking
The Latest News from ICR
Meet ICR’s Creationist Geologist
ICR: Genesis or Panpsychism?
ICR Rejoices — Proxima B Isn’t a Habitable Planet
ICR: The Earth’s Core Proves Creationism
ICR: There’s No Evidence for Evolution
ICR: Were There Days Before the Sun?

ICR: Instant Starlight on the Fourth Day
ICR Discusses Aliens Again
ICR: Three ‘Bizarre’ Astronomical Discoveries
ICR: One Dinosaur Disproves Evolution
ICR: The Bible, Darwin and Racism
ICR: Behold the Blind Cavefish
ICR: Bird Fossil Is Proof of the Flood
ICR: Dino Coprolites Prove the Flood
ICR Says: Behold the Trilobite
ICR: Six-Day Creation Means Six Literal Days
ICR: Humans Are Not Evolving
ICR: Coral Evolution Is Proof of the Bible
ICR: Ancient Algae Disproves Evolution
‘Smart’ Questions from Creationists
ICR: Behold the Tardigrade
An Ark-Load of Laughs from ICR
ICR: The Big Bang Causes Suicide
ICR on Dogs, AIG on Whales
Institute for Creation Research Can Cure Cancer
Jason Lisle Discovered a Planet!
ICR: A Dinosaur Fossil Proves the Flood
ICR and the March for Science
ICR: Dinosaurs in the Bible
Jason Lisle’s Extra-Solar Planet Predictions
ICR: The Mosquito Is a Miracle
ICR: Mutations Are Always Bad
ICR Is Labeled a Junk News Website
ICR: ‘Extreme Non-Evolution’ Proves Creationism
ICR and AIG on the Discovery of New Planets
ICR Rejoices — No Habitable Extra-Solar Planets
Jason Lisle Can Think and You Can’t
God and the Dung Beetle

ICR Proves You Can Trust the Bible
Jason Lisle & Vernon Cupps — Together Again
ICR: Why the Earth Must Be Young
Gorilla Extinction — Why Do You Care?
Does ICR Have Hambo Envy?
ICR: Jason Lisle & Vernon Cupps, Together
ICR Says Science Journals Censor Creationism
ICR Has a Creationist Nuclear Physicist
Jason Lisle’s Creationist Wisdom
ICR: Trees Are Proof of Creationism
ICR: Fish With Pelvis Means Nothing
ICR: Theology Makes Science Possible
ICR Explains “Waters Above the Firmament”
Jason Lisle: How To Improve Our Thinking
ICR’s Opinion of SETI
ICR Discusses the Octopus Genome
ICR: Not Enough Time for Evolution
ICR: An Interview with Jason Lisle
ICR: Why Are There Still Mountains?
ICR: Cuttlefish Prove Creationism

ICR: Blue Tarantulas Prove Creationism
ICR: Jason Lisle’s Wonderful Experience
ICR: Sense of Balance Proves Creationism
ICR: “Living Fossils” Prove Creationism
ICR: Ship’s Sea Serpent Carving Proves the Bible
ICR: The Golden Age of Creation Science
Jason Lisle Drools Over Pluto
ICR: Pluto Mission Will Prove Earth Is Young
ICR and the Speed of Light
Jason Lisle Says: Kiss Your Brain Goodbye
ICR: Eyelashes Are Proof of Creationism
ICR Interviews Astronaut Jeffrey Williams

ICR Reacts to the Pope’s Statement
ICR: Your Gut Bacteria Are Proof of God
ICR: The Mind of Brian Thomas
ICR: Big Bang Theory Is Worthless
ICR: Stupidity Is Proof of Creationism
ICR: Ten Evidences for Creation
New Dinosaur Discovery Is Proof of Genesis
ICR Does Real Scientific Research
Apollo 13 and Creationism: The Unknown Tale
ICR: There Ain’t No Alien Life!
ICR: Creation Science Proves the Bible Is True
ICR: The Fountains of the Deep
ICR Finally Reacts to the “Cosmos” Series
ICR: Teaching Evolution is “Brainwashing”
ICR: The Joy of Incest
Jason Lisle Tells Us About Pluto
ICR Resolves Chaos Over Multiple Flood Myths
ICR Reacts to the Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate
ICR: Venus Looks Young, Therefore …

ICR: A Great Year for Creationist Astronomy
Creationists: Science Proves Earth is Young
How To Handle Embarrassing Evidence
Scientists Are Fools, Adam & Eve Were Real!
Jason Lisle Tells Us About Mars
Is Jason Lisle a Flat Earther?
Jason Lisle Describes the Earth and the Moon
Water on the Moon? Therefore, Creationism!
ICR: All Or Nothing At All
ICR: Crocodiles and Watermelons
How To Write a Creation Science Paper
ICR Is Panicked over Creationism Poll
ICR: Insects Are Proof of Jesus!
ICR: Adventures in Creation Science
Jason Lisle Explains the Sun — Biblically
ICR: Evolution, Climate Change, and Creationism
ICR: Proof of Dinosaurs on the Ark
Jason Lisle and the Solar System
ICR Says We’re Getting Dumber
A Fossil Finding Dog?
Vomit Opportunity: Creationism & Abortion
ICR Explains The Tower of Babel
ICR’s Jason Lisle: There Was Never Life on Mars
ICR: The Solar System Is Young
ICR: Cosmology is All Wrong!
ICR’s New Position on Alien Life
ICR: Darwin, Slavery, & the Enlightenment
ICR: A Great Example of Creation Science
ICR: Noah’s Ark Was Seaworthy
ICR: Merchants of Death
ICR Visits a Real Museum
ICR: Only Creationism Explains Life

ICR: Science Is Always Changing!
ICR: Noah’s Ark Was Easy To Build
Jason Lisle: Mathematics is Creationist
AIG and ICR React to Rubio and Robertson
Creationism’s War of the Worlds
Tree Rings Are Proof of Noah’s Flood
ICR: Full Blown Reality Denial
ICR and the Big Bang: Were You There?
ICR Goes Ape Over the ENCODE Research
ICR: The Key To Understanding Biology
ICR: Moving the Goalposts Again
ICR: The Mystery of the Atheist Preacher
ICR: Plants Are Not Alive
Jason Lisle: All Science Is Creation Science
ICR: Creation Science & Meteor Craters
Noah’s Ark and the World’s Biggest Croc
Jason Lisle: The Higgs Boson Is Proof of God
ICR: America’s Creationist Founders
ICR: The Second Law of Thermodynamics
ICR: Maximum Dinosaur Derangement Achieved!
ICR: Four Refutations of Evolution
ICR: The Uselessness of Historical Science
ICR: This Is Your Brain on Creationism
AIG: Cave Art Proves Creationism
ICR: Bats Are Proof of Creationism
ICR: Mouse to Elephant Evolution Is Fallacious
ICR: Even More Proof of the Flood
ICR: Atom Bombs, Cookbooks, and Evolution
ICR: NASA Photo Proves Noah’s Flood
ICR: Unanswered Questions Prove Creationism
ICR: Dogs Are Proof of Creationism
ICR: They Ain’t No Kin to No Monkey
ICR: The Bible Is the Source of All Science
ICR Denounces Noah’s Ark Game
ICR: Evolution’s Devilish “Bait & Switch”

ICR: Jesus Had No Mutations
ICR Flat-Out Predicts: “No Alien Life Exists”
ICR Lectures Scientists on Misinformation
The All-Time Dumbest Creationist Questions
ICR: Multiple Proofs of Creationism
ICR: Uranus Is Proof of Creationism
ICR: The Tarantula Proves Creationism
ICR: The Biblical Shape of the Earth
Zillions of Witness for Creationism
ICR & the Speed of Light
ICR: “Our Readers Are Idiots!”
ICR: Full-Blown Science Denial
Institute for Creation Research: Rocks for Brains
ICR: Bubonic Plague Proves Creationism
ICR: “We’re Not Daft, You Are!”
ICR Celebrates 50 Years of Creation Science
ICR: It’s All About Death
ICR: Continents Exist, So the Earth Is Young
Your Bowels Prove Creationism
Booth at County Fair Proves Creationism
ICR: Laetoli Footprints! Repent, Darwinists!
ICR: Water Canopy, Pioneer Anomaly, & Uranus
ICR: But They’re Still Fruit Flies!
ICR Needs Your Money To Defend the Truth
ICR’s Founder, Henry Morris: Exposed!
ICR: Why Is There Still Yeast?
Miss USA Contest: The Creationist Viewpoint
ICR Says Scientists Don’t Understand Science
Map of the Local Universe Proves Creationism
ICR: Science Confirms Genesis
ICR: Dinosaurs Easily Fit on Noah’s Ark
ICR: Persistent Plant Genus Proves Creationism
ICR Opposes Godless Evolutionary SETI Funding
Curmudgeon University Has Competition from ICR
ICR: Evolution’s Biggest Problem
ICR: Food Is Proof of Creationism
ICR: Chameleon’s Tongue Proves Creationism
ICR: Chimp-Human Pseudogene Isn’t Persuasive
ICR: The Flood Added 5 Days to the Year
ICR: Expelling Ken Ham Is Like Expelling Jesus
ICR: Japan’s Earthquake Proves Noah’s Flood
ICR: Distant Galactic Cluster Proves Creationism
ICR: The Human Hand Is Proof of Creationism
ICR: Reason and Science Are of the Devil
ICR: Two Typically Silly Articles
Henry Morris and the Ministry of Truth
ICR: Extra-Solar Planets Prove Creationism
ICR: Animal Play Proves Creationism
ICR Says the Brain Is Proof of Creationism
ICR: There’s No Evidence of Human Evolution
ICR: “Proof” that the Universe is Young
ICR’s Sad and Lonely Creationist World

ICR Predicts Mutational Meltdown
Dinosaurs Are Proof of Creationism
The Creation Science of Henry Morris
Newfound Extra-Solar Planet: No Chance for Life
Institute for Creation Research v. Stephen Hawking
Creationism and Variable Radioactive Decay Rates
The Sponge is Proof of Creationism
Creationism is the Cure for Stupidity
Another Creationist Assault on Einstein
The Flood! The Flood! The Flood!
Transmutation, Creationism, & Hammerhead Sharks
Creationism & Bar Codes: Mark of the Beast!
Astounding Anomalous Fossil Discovery!
Institute for Creation Research on Primordial Soup
Creationists Say The End Is Nigh!
Creationism and the Fossil Record
Creationism and the Slime Mold

Creationist Wisdom — Example 68: Communism
Creationism and the Age of Saturn
Creationists and Cosmology
Creationist Describes “Weaknesses” of Evolution
More Proof of Noah’s Flood!
Henry Morris: the Ultimate Creationist

Creationists and Neanderthals
Creationism and Our Galaxy’s Central Black Hole
Creationists and the Dilemma of Bacteria
Creation Science Proves Noah’s Flood
Creationist Prediction Comes True!