Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, & Creation Museum

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Answers in Genesis — Global Outreach
Ken Ham’s Ark Park Gets Tax Incentives
New Creation Museum Ads on Fox News
Surprise! Ken Ham’s Employees Support Ark Park

More Opposition to Ken Ham’s Ark Park
Noah’s Ark Park: Hambo Seeks More State Money
Ken Ham: Great Press for the Noah’s Ark Park
Ken Ham v. Jay Leno
Editorial Opposes Gov. Beshear & Noah’s Ark
Ken Ham Announces Noah’s Ark Theme Park
Kentucky’s Governor Is a Flaming Idiot
Answers in Genesis Criticizes America
Ken Ham’s Hate-Rant Against the Smithsonian
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Answers in Genesis: Flocking Report
AIG’s Advice to Evolutionists
Answers in Genesis: Taking the Low Road
Ken Ham Unhinged: Creationism & Theocracy Too
Answers in Genesis: Shameless Chicanery
One Millionth Visitor at the Creation Museum
Ken Ham Says There’s No Extraterrestrial Life
Answers in Genesis on Ayala’s Templeton Prize
Creationism on Fox News
Answers in Genesis on Primordial Soup

Answers in Genesis: Insane, Deceitful, or Farcical?
Ken Ham on “Creation” the Movie
Kentucky “Creation Museum” Arouses Passions
Creation Museum is Flourishing
Would You Debate Ken Ham?
Hey, Hambo! What you said!
Darwin’s Deathbed Recantation: It’s Dead!
James Madison, Ken Ham, & Jonathan Falwell

Creationist Astrophysics from Answers in Genesis
500,000th Visitor at the Creation Museum
Creation Museum Commercials on Fox News
New York Times Promotes Ken Ham