Religion and Science

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Darwin’s Arch Collapses, Creationists Are Silent
Is This the End of the God of the Gaps?
Darwin Was Ignorant and You’re a Fool!
Jason Lisle Says Evolution Is a Worthless Idea
Joshua Really Did Make the Sun Stand Still
College Credit for Creationist Courses?
NASA’s Search for Life on Mars — Futile?

Scientists Are Frightened Fools
This Is a Creationist’s Nightmare — or Maybe Not
NCSE Reminisces about the Kitzmiller Case
Jason Lisle Explains Natural Law
In an Evolutionized World, Is Faith Possible?
Jason Lisle Explains the Sun
The Hindu Response to the Coronavirus
Are North Carolina Schools Going Creationist?
Brazil Succumbs to Creationist Madness

Is This Creationism’s Biggest Problem?
Strange New Twist on Noah’s Ark Story
Incest and Western Civilization — a Connection?
Priest Says Darwin Was Absolutely Wrong
Extra-Solar Planets, UFOs, & Religion — Oh My!
Jason Lisle and the Big Bang, Part 3
Jason Lisle and the Big Bang, Part 2
Jason Lisle and the Big Bang
Flat Earth Belief Is Increasing
The Big Bang or the Bible?
The View from India: Darwin Was Wrong

A Bishop Says: Earth Is the Only Planet
Beware of Secular Universities!
Sodom and Gomorrah — It’s Almost True
Creationist Silence on Einstein’s ‘God Letter’
Is This Guy The Ultimate Creationist Preacher?
Hugh Ross Explains Who Created God
Science Is ‘Scientifically Unsound’
Hawking Got Everything Wrong
The Ten Best Arguments for God
Oh No –The Shroud of Turin Is a Fake!
What Are Ya Gonna Believe?
People Think God Looks Like They Do
Three Reasons Hawking Was Wrong About God
Miracles, the Enlightenment, & School Shootings

Science Has More Miracles Than Religion
Something Is Missing
The Reformation and Creationism
Isaac Newton’s End-of-World Prediction
Fundamental Principles of Creationist Theology
Controversial Telescope Will Be Built in Hawaii
Two Big Problems with Science
Eclipse, Eclipse! Aaaargh!
General Relativity Is Proof of God
The Problem of Evil, Reconsidered
‘Historical Science’ Validated Again
An Expert Argues for God’s Existence
A Lesson in Exotheology
Dealing With Miracles
Christianity Gave Us Modern Science
Religion Versus Science in Hawaii — Update
The Galileo Trial Wasn’t Anti-Science?
Do We Need a Temple on the Moon?

Proof That We Live in God’s Matrix?
John Glenn — Religious, but No Creationist
Rationality and Morality
Religion May Defeat Science in Hawaii
Baptist Reactions to Proxima b Discovery
The Shrinking Supernatural Domain
The Galileo Affair — Was the Inquisition Wrong?
Supernatural Science Camp for Children
Defending the Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Seventh-Day Adventists and Galileo
Mad Scientist or Mad Creationist?
Science Is an Opiate for the Unthinking
No Young Icelanders Are Creationists
Templeton Funds “Creation and Science” Course

Did Science Originate with Creationists?
Creationism — The Incredible Shrinking Cult
Religion Satisfies 16 Basic Desires
Creationism and Theocracy
NGSS in Utah — Evolution Is Like Cheerios
Is Evolution a Religion?
Templeton Foundation Funds Creationism Studies
Are Science and Religion Compatible?
John Scopes Was Arrested Today
Science and Religion: The Battle of Two Kings
Alfred Wallace and the Flat-Earthers

The Meaning of the Controversy
Physics Professor Wants To Prove God
Preachers — the Key to Space Exploration
Court Rules Atheism Is a Religion?
The Pope’s Views on Science — So What?
Pope Francis, Evolution, & the Big Bang
Creationist Revival at Michigan State University
Bryan College Litigation — It’s Finished
Mike Huckabee Supports Common Core
Bryan College Litigation Update — 10 July 2014
Bryan College Litigation Update — 18 May 2014
No “Academic Freedom” at Bryan College
Supernatural Visions are Perfectly Normal
“Academic Freedom” for the Inquisition
The Reality of Creationist “Academic Freedom”
Creationist Chaos at Bryan College
Muslims Warned To Avoid Mars

UK Poll Reveals Religious Ignorance
Fox Offers “Five Reasons Why God Exists”
Creation Science in the Petroleum Industry
The Catholic Church and Evolution
The Catholic Church and Science
Pat Robertson: Why Miracles Happen in Africa
Former Pope Endorses Stem Cell Research
Discovery Institute’s Advice to Pope Francis
Religion vs. Science? Try Opera vs. Baseball
Curmudgeon’s Guide to “Academic Freedom” Laws

Pat Robertson: Earth Older Than 6,000 Years
How To Handle Creationist Students
The Origin of Life — Miraculous or Mundane?
ICR: The Mystery of the Atheist Preacher
Another Church-College Creationism Dispute
Creationist University Stifles Academic Freedom
The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Creation Science
La Sierra Professor & Board Members Expelled!
Creationism, Galileo and the Phases of Venus
The Bible and the Speed of Light
Bible Astronomy and the Geocentric Universe
Kenneth Miller: Dealing with Religious Students

November-December 2011
The Vatican, Aliens, and Creationism

October 2011
Albert Mohler Defends Genesis Again
ICR: Full-Blown Science Denial

September 2011
Florida’s Axis of Creationism, Part II

August 2011
Mohler: Evangelicals Grapple with Adam & Eve
One Fine Editorial about Science Denial

July 2011
What Is “Critical Thinking”?
Harun Yahya: Creationist Revival in New Zealand
Is Evolution in the Bible? (Part 2)

June 2011
ICR Says Scientists Don’t Understand Science
Deepak Chopra: Flaming Creationist

May 2011
The Clergy Letter Project Grows Again
Michael Cremo — Hindu Creationist
Is Evolution in the Bible?

April 2011
Pope Benedict on Creation & Evolution
Adventist University: Evolution Battle Continues
Giberson Invites a Creationist Whirlwind

March 2011
Francis Collins Is Treating Christopher Hitchens
Adventist University Will Teach Creationism

February 2011
Albert Mohler: No Science Without Respect
The Guardian Links to the Curmudgeon (Vatican Science)

January 2011
ICR Comments on the Mammoth-Cloning Project
Albert Mohler Insists on Young Earth Creationism
Ken Ham on Reactions to his Anti-Pope Rant
Ken Ham Denounces the Pope

December 2010
The Manhattan Declaration and Apple Computer
A Peer-Reviewed Creationist Paper?
Answers in Genesis Explains Science to Us
Last Month’s Dembski-Hitchens Debate
Some Good Reading, Briefly Available

November 2010
The Vatican and Evolution
Discovery Institute Battles BioLogos
More Denominational Discord Over Evolution
The Latest in Non-Materialistic Science
Creationism Controversy Enters a New Phase?
Francisco Ayala on “Darwin’s Gift to Religion”

October 2010
Creationism: A House Divided Against Itself
Battling Baptists: Young or Old Earth?
Jason Lisle v. Stephen Hawking
Confrontationalist v. Accommodationalist Debate
Albert Mohler and the Age of the Universe

September 2010
Science and Southern Baptists Agree on Something
Jason Lisle’s “Instant Starlight” Paper
Alien Souls, Tentacles, the Vatican, & Creationism
Competition for the Time Cube
Assemblies of God Accepting Evolution?
Theology, Creationism, and Evolution

August 2010
Are Evolution and Christianity Incompatible?
Debating Creationists is Dumber Than Creationism
Young Earth, Old Earth, or Flat Earth?
Creationism, Islam, Proposed Mosques, Everything
WorldNetDaily: Cognitive Blowout!

July 2010
Jason Lisle Defends His Unpublished Paper
Science and the Vatican

June 2010
Stephen Hawking on Science and Creationism
A Baptist Preacher Praises Evolution

May 2010
Adventists and Evolution: No Solution Yet
William Dembski’s Challenge to Ken Starr
Stephen Hawking, Intelligent Design, SETI, & Raelians

April 2010
Creationist Revival Meeting in Ontario

March 2010
WorldNetDaily: Scripture Trumps Darwin
Liberty University & the Natural History Museum

February 2010
The Flat Earth Society: It’s Back!
A Theologian Looks at Science

January 2010
The Clergy Letter Project has Competition
Creationism Revival in San Jacinto, California
The Origin of Intelligent Design
Is This Blog Blasphemous in Ireland?

November 2009
Lauri Lebo on Charles Darwin & Ray Comfort
Adventists Still Battling Over Creationism
Beyond Darwin: Vatican Conference on Aliens
David Snoke: Creationist Physicist?
Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Islam
Adventist University Battles Over Evolution
Report: Dembski’s Creationist Revival Meeting

October 2009
The Universe Is 6,012 Years Old Today
Vatican Approves Galileo, Darwin, Wilde, & Marx
Dembski’s Intelligent Design Revival Meeting
Saudi Cleric Resigns Over Evolution Dispute
Saudi Clerics: Evolution Is Alien Ideology

August 2009
The Creation-Evolution Continuum
Creationism: The Debate About The Debate — II
Would You Debate Ken Ham?
Kentucky “Creation Museum” Arouses Passions
New Harun Yahya Interview
Creationism: The Debate About The Debate

July 2009
Always Ask Candidates: “How old is the earth?”
Creationism and Science

June 2009
St. Augustine on Creationism
Religion and Evolution: Part III
Constipated Dinosaurs, Abortion, and Darwin
Does Creationism Have a Future?
Dimwits of the World, Unite!
Creation Museum is Flourishing

May 2009
Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Pravda
The Earth Is Not Moving!
Did Darwin Kill God?
Harun Yahya — Islamic Creationist

April 2009
Religion and Evolution: Part II
Religion and Evolution

March 2009
Creationists: Moving the Goalposts
Intelligent Design in Schools — A Failed Argument
Pravda Promotes Intelligent Design
Creationism: A Denominational, Not Scientific Issue

February 2009
Creationist Describes “Weaknesses” of Evolution
Hugh Ross: Creationist Oddity
More Proof of Noah’s Flood!
Creationism: How Old Is the Earth?
The Ugly Face of Creationism
Henry Morris: the Ultimate Creationist
Gimme That Old-Time Creationism
Evolution: The Wedge of Reason

January 2009
Atheism, Science, and Darwin

December 2008
Creationism and Natural Selection
Creationism and the Problem of Time
Creationism and the Multiverse Hypothesis
Creationism and the Galapagos Islands
Philip E. Johnson: Godfather of Intelligent Design
Creationism and Our Galaxy’s Central Black Hole
Richard Dawkins Interviews George Coyne
Harun Yahya: Islamic Scholar Defeats Darwin

November 2008
Charles Darwin, Francisco Ayala, and the Problem of Evil

October 2008
Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, and the Pope
Evolution and Creationism Debated at University of Florida
Kenneth Miller Speech at Wittenberg University
Religion vs Science: The Big Picture

September 2008
Harun Yahya Offers Eight Trillion Dollar Prize!
Harold Kroto on Michael Reiss’ Royal Society Resignation
Harun Yahya: Islam and Darwin are Compatible!
The Agony of Evolution vs. Creationism
Charles Darwin on Evolution and Religion
Vatican Congress on Evolution to Exclude Creationism
Professor Reiss Loses Post at Royal Society
Royal Society: Not Creationist After All
Anglicans Express Opposition to Creationism
British Scientist Wants to Teach Creationism
Controversy Continues Over Museum Evolution Display

August 2008
Methodist Pastor With Full-Blown Creationism
Evolution Exhibit Censored — Freak Fight!
Islamic Creationism: Sounds Familiar?
Creationist Astrophysics from Answers in Genesis
Methodists Strongly Accept Evolution
Francisco Ayala: Evolution and Creationism
Richard Dawkins Challenged by Creationist Harun Yahya
Creation vs Evolution Course Offered at Bible College
The Clergy Letter Project: Update
Pope Benedict’s 2007 Statement on Evolution

June 2008
Curmudgeonly Rumblings: The Fixed Earth
Curmudgeonly Rumblings: Biblical Astronomy
Creationist Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) Is Interviewed
The Folly of Creationism
Creationists Claim Evidence of Noah’s Ark

May 2008
A Catalog of Religious Ignorance
Vatican to Celebrate Darwin’s “Origin of Species”
GodTube and Creationism: a match made in heaven
Islamic Creationist Adnan Oktar (a/k/a Harun Yahya) Convicted!
Evangelicals making peace with science?