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Rev. David Rives — The True Cause of Disease

Rev. David Rives — The Miracle of Mt. St. Helens
WND: Evolution Is the Law of Hate
Rev. David Rives — The Sinful Bald Eagle
WND Likes ‘Dissent from Darwinism’

WorldNetDaily: Uranus Is in the Bible
Rev. David Rives — Darwin’s Bait & Switch
WND Praises William Jennings Bryan
Rev. David Rives — Behold the Behemoth
WorldNetDaily: Evolution Exposed as a Lie!
Rev. David Rives — In South Africa
Rev. David Rives — There Must Be a Creator
Rev. David Rives — The Cambrian Explosion
WND: One of Their Best Creationist Articles Ever
WorldNetDaily and the Octopus
Rev. David Rives — No Extra-Terrestrial Life
WorldNetDaily: The Three Laws
WorldNetDaily: The Universe Shouldn’t Exist
Rev. David Rives — The Four Forces
Rev. David Rives — All about Light
WorldNetDaily: Proof of the Biblical Flood
Rev. David Rives — Black Holes

The End of the World Is Coming — Soon!
WorldNetDaily: Noah Had a Cell Phone
Rev. David Rives — The Miracle of Hair
Rev. David Rives — Three Reasons
WorldNetDaily: Scientists Are Doomed
WND Exposes ‘Fake News’ from NASA
WorldNetDaily: Evidence of Adam & Eve
WorldNetDaily: Four Science Myths
Rev. David Rives — What Is Time?
Rev. David Rives — Gravity and the Bible
WorldNetDaily: Darwin Was a Left-Wing Racist
WorldNetDaily: The Junk-Science of Evolution
Rev. David Rives — The Eclipse Is a Gift
Eclipse Mania — WND: The End Is Nigh!
Eclipse Mania — WorldNetDaily, Part 2
WorldNetDaily and the Scopes Trial, Again
WorldNetDaily: NASA’s Godless Agenda
WorldNetDaily: The Odds Against Evolution
Rev. David Rives — Infinite Filth
Rev. David Rives — Evolution Is a Fad
Rev. David Rives — Science Fiction Is Bunk
Rev. David Rives — Problems with the Big Bang
Rev. David Rives — Evolution’s ‘Popularity’
Solar Eclipse Means Catastrophe Is Coming
Rev. David Rives — Bible Medical Wisdom
WorldNetDaily: Science Proves the Bible
Rev. David Rives Rebuts Criticism
Rev. David Rives — New Stars Are Never Seen
Rev. David Rives — Darwin Was Desperate
Rev. David Rives — Darwin Was a Plagiarizer
Rev. David Rives — Wasn’t the Ark Crowded?
Rev. David Rives — Kinds vs. Species

Rev. David Rives — Living Fossils
Rev. David Rives — Fossils & the Flood
Rev. David Rives — Not Enough People
Rev. David Rives — Helium Disproves Evolution
WorldNetDaily: Aliens and the Universe
Rev. David Rives — The Diversity of Rocks
Rev. David Rives — The Moon Is Young
WorldNetDaily on Columbine, Hitler, and Darwin
Rev. David Rives — Evolution Needs Information
Rev. David Rives — The Miracle of Tears
WorldNetDaily, Ray Comfort, & Hambo
Rev. David Rives — Carbon-14 in Diamonds
Rev. David Rives — Ocean Salt Problem
WorldNetDaily — Evidence of Giants!
Ken Ham & The Great Flood of China
WorldNetDaily: America Is a Theocracy
Rev. David Rives — Not Enough Time
Rev. David Rives — Photosynthesis Didn’t Evolve
WorldNetDaily, Pokemon, & a Saudi Fatwa
Rev. David Rives — Dinosaurs
Rev. David Rives — The Language of DNA
Rev. David Rives — Not What You Think
Rev. David Rives — Evolution Is Defective
Rev. David Rives — Design and Beauty
Rev. David Rives — The Flood Really Happened
Rev. David Rives — Stretching the Heavens
Rev. David Rives — Mutations
Transit of Mercury — The End Is Nigh!
The Big Bang Disproves Atheism
Ken Ham Featured at WorldNetDaily
Rev. David Rives — Excited About Uranus
Rev. David Rives — Evolution of Stars

WorldNetDaily: Science Is Biblical
Rev. David Rives — Noah and the Flood
WND Quotes Ken Ham about Darwin Day
Rev. David Rives — Evolution Is Paganism
Rev. David Rives — The Bible Knows Best
WorldNetDaily: Evolution Is Elitist Ideology
Rev. David Rives — We Can’t Create the Universe
Rev. David Rives — Other Earth-Like Planets?
Rev. David Rives: Jonah & the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
WorldNetDaily — The Scopes Trial
Rev. David Rives — Water Cycle in the Bible
Rev. David Rives — The Oort Cloud
WorldNetDaily: NASA UFO Conspiracy
Rev. David Rives — Not a Flat-Earther
Rev. David Rives Repeats Himself Again
WorldNetDaily on the Nye-Ham Debate
Rev. David Rives Explains Irreducible Complexity
The End of the World Is Upon Us — Again
WorldNetDaily Rewrites American History
Rev. David Rives: Germ Theory Is Biblical
WorldNetDaily, Ray Comfort, and Darwin Day
WorldNetDaily Supports Intelligent Design
WorldNetDaily: Copernicus Was Wrong!

WorldNetDaily: News About Ken Ham
Rev. David Rives: Dinosaurs in the Bible
Rev. David Rives: Your Amazing DNA
Rev. David Rives Is Shocked — Shocked!
Rev. David Rives: Evolution Is Dead
Rev. David Rives: Jesus Was a Creationist
WorldNetDaily: The Earth Doesn’t Move!
Rev. David Rives: Atoms Mentioned in the Bible
WorldNetDaily: It’s a Young World After All
Rev. David Rives Recycles an Oldie
The End of the World Is Upon Us
The Odd Couple: Ray Comfort & Albert Einstein
Rev. David Rives: Hummingbirds!
Rev. David Rives: Earth on a Turtle?
Rev. David Rives: Six 24-Hour Days, No Gaps
Rev. David Rives: Why the Week?
WorldNetDaily: Beware Another Supermoon!
Rev. David Rives Proves Noah’s Flood
Rev. David Rives Demolishes Evolution
Rev. David Rives and the Dragon
WorldNetDaily — Website of the Apes
WorldNetDaily: Beware Saturday’s Supermoon!
Rev. David Rives: Mousetrap Proves Creationism
Rev. David Rives: Plants Prove Creationism
Rev. David Rives: Clams in Kansas!
WND: Why Is There Evil in the World?
Rev. David Rives: Who’s Your Daddy?
Rev. David Rives: Earth’s Perfect Location
Rev. David Rives and the Flat Earth
Kirk Cameron Gets Award for “Excellence”
Rev. David Rives — It’s By Design!
Prepare To Meet Thy Doom, Part 4
Prepare To Meet Thy Doom, Part 3
WorldNetDaily Reviews “Noah”
Prepare To Meet Thy Doom, Part 2
WorldNetDaily: The Ultimate Anti-Cosmos Rant
WND: Prepare To Meet Thy Doom!
Rev. David Rives — Startling Discovery
WorldNetDaily’s Eclipse Madness Continues
WND: NASA Is Hiding the End of the World
The End Is Nigh — Again!
Rev. David Rives — The Wonders of Uranus
Egad — David Rives Has a TV Show!

Rev. David Rives — Astronomy? Astrology?
Kent Hovind, WorldNetDaily, and Rapture
Brontosaurus, Pluto, and WorldNetDaily
Creationists: Science Proves Earth is Young
WND: Bradlee Dean on Evolution & Tyranny
Rev. David Rives — Science Is Faith
Ellis Washington: Down With “Evolution Atheism”
WorldNetDaily: Hitler and Darwin Again
Rev. David Rives — You Foolish Evolutionist!
WorldNetDaily: “Watch Evolution Crumble!”
WorldNetDaily Gets Even Crazier
Kirk Cameron & the Problem of Evil
WorldNetDaily: A Video by Molotov Mitchell
Ellis Washington: Darwin & C. S. Lewis, Part 2
Rev. David Rives — Big Bang Theory Is Doomed
WorldNetDaily Goes Wild Over Ray Comfort
A Blast from the Past — Jerry Falwell
Ellis Washington: Darwin, C. S. Lewis, & Magic
Rev. David Rives — Buy His Book!
Ellis Washington: Lycurgus (who?) and Darwin
Rev. David Rives — The Law of Abiogenesis
Ted Beale (“Vox Day”) Expelled from SFWA
Rev. David Rives Quotes Galileo
WND: Umbrella Site for All Creationists
Ball State Unites Discoveroids and WorldNetDaily
Rev. David Rives — Old Earth Is Wrong!
Ellis Washington: Darwin Destroyed Detroit
Rev. David Rives — Evolution and the Eye
WorldNetDaily Promotes Stephen Meyer’s Book
Ellis Washington: Darwin and Other Villains
Rev. David Rives — Isaac Newton and the Eye
Ray Comfort: How To Be an Atheist
Ellis Washington: Darwin is Destroying America
Ray Comfort: Beware of Lust
Ray Comfort: Darwin and Hitler
Ray Comfort: Dumber than Dumb
Creationists and Tax Protesters, Part 2
Ray Comfort Isn’t Stupid — You Are!
WorldNetDaily: David Barton on Thomas Jefferson
Rev. David Rives — God and the Space Race
Ellis Washington: Driven Mad by Darwin
Rev. David Rives — When Darwin Was Banned
Ray Comfort Says: You Live in Darkness
Ray Comfort: The Pain of Childbirth
WorldNetDaily: Stephen Hawking Is a Fool
Ray Comfort Says: “I Love Science”
Ray Comfort Explains Everything
WorldNetDaily: Garbage on Sale!
WND: Rev. David Rives — What We Don’t See
WND’s Ray Comfort Explains Fossils
WorldNetDaily: Adam & Eve Were Real
WorldNetDaily: How To Avoid Suicide
Ray Comfort: Evolution Requires Faith
WND: The Scourge of Darwinian Philosophy
WND: Rev. David Rives — Atheists Need Faith
WND: Rev. David Rives — Gotta Have Faith
Ray Comfort and Scriptural Literalism
WorldNetDaily & the Cambrian Explosion
WND: Rev. David Rives — Bait-and-Switch
Ray Comfort and Christopher Hitchens
WND: Rev. David Rives — He Loves Science
WND: Darwin Caused 260 Million Deaths
WorldNetDaily — Way Beyond Crazy
WND: Rev. David Rives — Don’t Compromise!
Ray Comfort and Richard Dawkins
Ellis Washington, Woodrow Wilson, & Darwin
WND: Rev. David Rives — The Big Bang
WND: Rev. David Rives — Don’t Compromise

WND: Rev. David Rives — Slaying Goliath
Ray Comfort, Hitler, Darwin, & the Jews
WND: Bradlee Dean on Science Texts
WND: Rev. David Rives — Darwin Doubted
Ray Comfort, John Lennon, & Charles Darwin
WND: Rev. David Rives on Doomsday
WorldNetDaily: Ray Comfort Offers Hope
WorldNetDaily Reviews a Broadway Play
WND: Rev. David Rives — Darwin’s Big Problem
WorldNetDaily’s Theory of Quantum Hogwash
WND: Rev. David Rives — Sorry, Charlie
WND: Rev. David Rives — Evolution Conspiracy
WND: Rev. David Rives — Evolution Isn’t Science
WorldNetDaily: Evolution Causes Suicide
WND: Rev. David Rives — Cosmic Evolution
WorldNetDaily’s War on Bill Nye
WND: Ray Comfort Disputes Bill Nye
WND: Rev. David Rives — God or Evolution?
WND: Rev. David Rives — Beware False Gods!
WND: Evolution Is a Religion of Murder
The Worst Creationist Book Ever?
WND: Rev. David Rives on Alien Life
WND: Evolution Leads to Leftist Coercion
WorldNetDaily Says Evolution is Doomed!
WorldNetDaily Promotes Walt Brown’s Book
WND: Rev. David Rives — Leap of Faith
WorldNetDaily Reviews “Men in Black 3”
The Mechanism of Intelligent Design, Part 2
Rev. David Rives: Geology is Bunk
WorldNetDaily: Spiritual Warfare?
WND: The Absurd Record of Science
WND: Rev. Rives — 2 Minutes of Stupid
WND: Evolution Leads to Eating Babies!
WND: Rev. Rives — The Darwin-Lyell Conspiracy
WND: Ray Comfort’s Darwin Book on Sale!
WND: Charles Darwin vs. the Constitution
WorldNetDaily: What War on Science?
WND: Rev. Rives Strikes Again!
WND: Rev. Rives — A Step Too Far
WorldNetDaily on the Coppedge Trial
WND: Rev. Rives Disproves the Big Bang
WorldNetDaily: Theocracy Is Our Only Hope
WND: Rev. Rives on Creationism in School
WorldNetDaily and Evolution Weekend
WND: David.Rives on Haeckel’s Drawings
WND: Darwin, Hitler, Ray Comfort, & More
WorldNetDaily, Darwin, and Hitler
WorldNetDaily: Rev. Rives Debunks Lucy
WorldNetDaily’s Craziest Creationism Rant?
WND: Evolution’s Fraud Is Exposed!
WorldNetDaily: Kent Hovind Is Still Fighting
WorldNetDaily — Still a Worthless Creationist Rag!
WND Blunders, Publishes Pro-Darwin Heresy
WorldNetDaily: Two Wretched Articles
WorldNetDaily Supports Creationist John Oller

WND: Evolution — The Most Foolish Notion Ever!
WND: The Symphony of Creation
WND: The All-time Worst Creationist Rant
The Big Bang? Breaking the Stupid Barrier
WorldNetDaily: Two Anti-Darwin Rants
WorldNetDaily: Sex is Evil, Darwin Too!
WND: “Occupy Wall Street” & Charles Darwin
Bryan Fischer: Flaming Creationist Theocrat
WorldNetDaily: Their Wildest Article Ever?
WorldNetDaily: Two Quickies
WND: Darwin Lobby Gestapo Tactics
Random Universe or Universal Power Source?
WorldNetDaily: A Voice of Sanity?
WND: Martin Luther King, Obama, & Darwin
WorldNetDaily: Evolution is Finally Doomed
WorldNetDaily on the Corbett Decision
WorldNetDaily: Darwin & the Gold Standard
Another End-of-the-World Prophecy
WorldNetDaily: Darwin Derangement Syndrome
WorldNetDaily and Archaeopteryx
WND: Norwegian Terrorist Was “Darwinian”
WorldNetDaily: Full-Blown Creationism
Phyllis Schlafly: Violence, Gays, Muslims & Darwin
WorldNetDaily: Charles Darwin’s Rotten Fruit
WorldNetDaily: Evolution is a Leftist Conspiracy
WND: Theocratic Lunacy from Alan Keyes
WorldNetDaily: Ellis Washington & Charles Darwin
WorldNetDaily: Where No Fool Has Gone Before
WorldNetDaily Reviews “X-Men: First Class”
WorldNetDaily: Would Jesus believe in evolution?
WorldNetDaily: Birtherism and Creationism
WorldNetDaily: Conspiracies Everywhere!
WorldNetDaily Supports John Freshwater
WorldNetDaily: The Dark Side of Darwin
Texas Creationism: WND Supports Zedler’s Bill
WorldNetDaily Hits Bottom, Keeps Going Lower
WorldNetDaily: Book Challenges Darwin & Dawkins
WorldNetDaily: Evolution Is Killing Us
Noah’s Ark Searcher Murdered on Mt. Ararat?
Weekend Wackiness from WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily: The Essence of Madness
WorldNetDaily Scorns Stephen Hawking’s Book
Two Conspiracies: Birthers & Precious Bodily Fluids
WorldNetDaily: Darwin, Marx, Kinsey & Obama

Creationist Bumper Stickers from WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily: Dispute about Noah’s Ark Discovery
WorldNetDaily: Ray Comfort on Atheism
WorldNetDaily: George Soros & Charles Darwin
WorldNetDaily: Unrestrained Madness
WorldNetDaily & Ray Comfort v. Dawkins & Einstein
WorldNetDaily: Cesspool of Creationist Slime
WorldNetDaily: Still Promoting Theocracy
Darwin, Marx, and Freud: The Evil Threesome
WorldNetDaily: Cognitive Blowout!
WorldNetDaily & the Global Fluoridation Conspiracy
WorldNetDaily: Diabolical Darwin
WorldNetDaily: Theocracy & Creationism
WorldNetDaily: Neanderthal News
WorldNetDaily: Noah’s Ark Found!
Darwin, Dawkins, Comfort, & WorldNetDaily
SeaWorld Killer Whale Incident: Darwin’s Fault!

Creationist Wisdom #96: Alan Keyes
WorldNetDaily Praises Voyage of the Blind
WorldNetDaily, Creationism, Obama, & NAMBLA
WorldNetDaily, Rabbis, & Harun Yahya
WorldNetDaily: Stupid on Steroids
Ray Comfort: New Standard of Stupid
Flat Earth, Uranus, & WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily, Ray Comfort, and Brain Death
WorldNetDaily: A Plea For Theocracy
WorldNetDaily: Kent Hovind Is A Martyr
WorldNetDaily on Kent Hovind
James Madison, Ken Ham, & Jonathan Falwell

WorldNetDaily Links Global Warming and “Darwinism”
WorldNetDaily – Worthless Creationist Rag!
Buffoon Award Winner — WorldNetDaily