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Curmudgeon’s 2020 Presidential Election Salon
Robertson: Trump Will Win & the World Will End
The Curmudgeon’s 2020 Presidential Debate Salon
Creationism and Marxism, Together at Last
Trump Assures Free Enterprise in Outer Space
Bryan Fischer — One More Time

National Review Has a Pro-Evolution Article
You Gotta Read This From Barbara Forrest
Bill Nye & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Aaaargh!
Sociologist Warns: Beware of Capitalist Aliens
The Dunning–Kruger Effect in Action

Can Government Be an Intelligent Designer?
Election Day 2018 — Free Fire Zone
Mitt Romney’s Nephew — Creationist
A Creationist Heads the EPA
The Curmudgeon’s Proposed Gun Law
Steven Pinker’s Book on the Enlightenment

Alabama Senate Race Free Fire Zone
Donald Trump Says: We’ll Go to Mars, and Beyond
Remember Cynthia Dunbar? She’s Back!
Congressional Candidate Knows Extraterrestrials
Of Chimps and Britons
Trump’s Army Secretary Nominee Withdraws
Trump & ObamaCare — What Went Wrong
War Between Pot-Farmers & Environmentalists?
David Gelernter — Trump’s Science Advisor?
Betsy DeVos Confirmation Hearing Today
The Curmudgeon’s Bathroom Bill

Everything Will Change; Everything Has Changed
Trump Appoints Discovery Institute Senior Fellow
Trump Rumor: Falwell as Education Secretary
Who Will Be Trump’s Science Advisor?
Carson May Not Be in Trump’s Cabinet
Trump and Pence on Science
Presidential Election Free Fire Zone
The Curmudgeon’s Presidential Salon — Debate 3
The Curmudgeon’s Presidential Debate Salon
Presidential Candidates Answer Science Questions
Science Questions for Presidential Candidates
Mike Pence: Creationist?
Beware of All Tyrannical Dogma
Okay, It’s Trump — Free Fire Zone
Where No One Has Gone Before
Hillary, Area 51, Aliens, and UFOs
The US Presidential Election — Early Thoughts
Justice Antonin Scalia Has Died
John Kasich: States Can Teach Creationism

George Will Discusses “Secular Creationists”
The Folly of Economic Creationism
Free Enterprise in Space?
Thanksgiving at RenewAmerica
Oh No — Bobby Jindal Drops Out!
Is Ben Carson Insane?
Who Are the GOP Theocrats?
Colliding Tidal Waves of Drool
First Republican Debates Tonight
Rick Perry Is Unfit To Be President
Ben Carson Is Unfit To Be President
2016 Creationist Presidential Candidates, Part 2
Republican Presidential Candidates & Creationism
James Lunney — Creationist Canadian MP
Early Motto on First US Penny
Scott Walker Is a Creationist
Hey, Obama: Why Not “Creationist Terrorists”?
Is Scott Walker a Creationist?

Oook, Oook — Chimps Lose in Appellate Court
Bryan Fischer: Theocratic Creationist
Bobby Jindal: “Obama Is a Science Denier”
The Curmudgeon Announces Social Creationism
The Insanity of “Social Darwinism”
A Curmudgeonly Fourth of July
Some Political Candidates and Creationism
Weekend Political Rant
Creationist in Montana GOP Senate Primary
“Duck Dynasty” Star Thrills GOP Leadership
Republican Primaries Suppress Creationists
Judge John E. Jones Is Back in the News
Paul “Pit of Hell” Broun in Tough Primary Race
John Boehner’s Electile Dysfunction
NASA Statement on the Income Inequality Paper
NASA Is Insane
Obey Your Masters and Spring Forward
Is Your Political Party Really Pro-Science?
Why Republicans Are Increasingly Creationist
Lifetime Vomit Opportunity: Bryan Fischer

Texas Republicans — They’re All Creationists
Personhood for Chimps Update — 11 Dec 2013
“Personhood” for Chimps? Oook, Oook!
Global Warming and Nuclear Power — Big Conflict
Obamacare and Intelligent Design
Is the Tea Party Movement Pro Science?
A Blast from the Past — Jerry Falwell
Anthony Weiner Free Fire Zone
Al Jazeera: British Labour Party Rejects Evolution
Why We Oppose the Petition to Ban Creationism
The Two Latest Supreme Court Decisions
China’s War on Dogs
White House Petition to Ban Creationism
Creationism and Tyranny
Family Research Council Hijacks Jefferson
A Jerry Coyne Interview
Paul Broun Running for a US Senate Seat

Marco Rubio: Maybe He’s Not a Creationist
Open Letter to the Republican Party, #3
Marco Rubio and Creationism
Broun vs. Darwin: The Final Tally
Paul Broun Doubles Down
Open Letter to the Republican Party, #2
Election Returns in Broun vs. Darwin
2012 Election Roundup: Creationist Issues
Election Day Free Fire Zone
Paul “Pit of Hell” Broun: Craziness Everywhere
Paul Broun vs. Charles Darwin
Presidential Debate #3: Free Fire Zone
Mohler: It’s OK to Vote for a Mormon
Presidential Debate Free Fire Zone
Congressman Broun on Evolution & the Big Bang
Post-Debate Presidential Poll
Obama and Romney Answer Science Questions
Paul Ryan and Creationism
The Curmudgeon’s First Presidential Poll
Republican Billionaire Funds Evolution Exhibit
Is Barack Obama a Creationist?
Which Political Party Is Anti-Science?
Mohler Sides with Santorum Against Kennedy
The South Carolina Primary and Creationism
“Liberal Creationism” — Something To Think About

Mitt Romney Panders to Theocrats
Michele Bachmann Confirms Her Lunacy
Rick Santorum: Dumbest Man in the Room
Hey, “Occupy Wall Street” — Occupy This!
Herman Cain Is a Creationist
Thomas Jefferson on Young-Earth Creationism
Jon Huntsman on Evolution & Global Warming
A Few Modest Reform Proposals
Theocratic Madness in Florida
Rick Perry and Galileo
Why Rick Perry Is Unfit To Be President
Student Claims Perry Understands Science
Michele Bachmann & Ronda Storms — Together!
Three on Rick Perry: Dawkins, Cal Thomas, & Biola
“Tax the Rich!”
Michele Bachmann and Her Friends
Rick Perry — Cunning Creationist Candidate
Rick Perry = Bachmann with Male Genitalia
Evolution & the UK’s National Health Service
Curmudgeon Solves the U.S. Budget Crisis
Discoveroids’ Advice to Presidential Candidates
Michele Bachmann in New Orleans: Insanity!
US Budget: 40 Years in the Wilderness
Weinergate, “Expelled” Bankruptcy, & Rapture
Tennessee and the Ten Commandments
First Weinergate, Now Curmudgeongate
Hey Michele Bachmann: Show Us Your Laureates
Rick Santorum: Proud To Be a Theocrat
Newt Gingrich: Probably Not a Creationist
Online Poll — Chris Christie & Creationism
Chris Christie Ducks Creationism Question Again
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: Creationist?
Florida’s Theocratic Constitutional Amendment, #4
Florida’s Theocratic Constitutional Amendment, #3
Florida’s Theocratic Constitutional Amendment, #2
2012 Election: Who Would Ben Franklin Support?
Florida’s Theocratic Constitutional Amendment
Creationism: The Last Great Awakening?
Open Letter to Republican Presidential Hopefuls
Biology, Beauty, and Political Ideology
Haley Barbour and “The Genesis Code”
Darwin Day Resolution in Congress — Divisive?
A Congressional Creationist Caucus?
Meet the American Family Association
WorldNetDaily Likes Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley
The U.S. Constitution’s “Three-Fifths” Clause

Noah’s Ark: New Symbol of Southern Politics?
Airport Groin Groping: What’s Going On?
Post-Election Wrap-up: Creationism’s Impact
Election Night Open Thread (02 Nov ’10)
Craziest Congressional Candidate Ever?
Good Lord! Alaska’s Joe Miller Is a Creationist
Creationism or Socialism: Which is Dumber?
Creationism and Politics: Aaaargh!!
Christine O’Donnell: Not That Bad, Really
Illinois Governor’s Race: Brady Is Still Crazy
Christine O’Donnell: “Evolution is a Myth”
No Creationism in Republican “Pledge to America”
Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell: Creationist
New York Senate Primary Election Results: 14 Sep ’10
Creationists on the Ballot: November 2010
Amendments After the Bill of Rights
The Unknown Bill of Rights
The New Creationist Political Party
Alabama Creationism: Byrne & Bentley Vote Today
WorldNetDaily: Thomas Jefferson, Theocrat
Open Letter to Elena Kagan
Traditional Americans, Texas Style
Conservatism: Now an Irrational Movement?
Is Texas Governor Rick Perry Insane?
Lauri Lebo on the Shipwreck of Mark Souder
Mark Souder, Creationist Fool, Resigns!
A Theocratic Thought Experiment
Alabama Madness: A Teachable Moment
Is America a “Christian Nation”?
Congressman Mark Souder: 04 May Election Results
Mark Souder, Creationist: Election 04 May
Creationism and the Tea Party Movement?
Marsha Farney’s Victory: What Does It Mean?
The Logic Is Undeniable
Creationism in the Election for Illinois Governor
Thomas Jefferson, Cynthia Dunbar, & Fox News
Creationism on Fox News
Illinois Governor’s Race: A Nightmare Choice
Texas, the Republican Party, & the World
Obama & Creationism: A Clash of Worldviews
The Theocratic Texas Republican Party Platform
Kansas, Creationism, and Republicans
Lincoln’s First State of the Union Address
If Scott Brown Wins (or even if he doesn’t)
Bill Brady, Creationist, for Governor of Illinois
The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

Creationism & the Illinois Governor’s Race
Tim Pawlenty: Full-Blown Creationist
Santorum, ClimateGate, & Creationism: Axis of Idiocy
Rick Santorum: Full-Blown Creationist
Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s War Against Reason
Creationism, Winston Churchill, & UFO Abductions
The Curmudgeon’s Health Care Reform Plan
Creationism in Politics: Growing or Fading?
Yesterday’s Elections and Creationism
Republican Schism: Gingrich vs. Palin
Marco Rubio: Creationist Theocrat for Senator?
Another Conservative Group Goes Creationist
Florida Creationism: Rove Favors Rubio
Buffoon Award Winner: Creationist Bobby Jindal
Creationism and American Politics
Creationisn and Welfare (Creationist Wisdom — Example 69)
Creationism and Communism (Creationist Wisdom — Example 68)
Evolution, Creationism, and Free Enterprise
Barack Obama & The Three Little Pigs
Open Letter to Marco Rubio
“Weekly Standard” Going Creationist?
Evolution, Creationism, and Global Warming
America’s Future: The Worst Possible Scenario
Always Ask Candidates: “How old is the earth?”
The Curmudgeon’s Plan To Save The World
The Curmudgeon at Wit’s End, or “The Crisis”
Sonia Sotomayor Hearings
John Kasich of Ohio: Creationist
Which 2012 Presidential Challengers Are Creationists?
Is Haley Barbour A Creationist?
Creationist Bobby Jindal: Not Running In 2012?
Economics, Intelligent Design, and Evolution
Hey, Glenn Beck!
American Politics: The Lady or the Tiger?
Open Letter to Sonia Sotomayor
Open Letter to Republicans: “Big Tent” Addendum
Open Letter to the Republican Party
Atlas Shrugged and the Tea Party Revolts
Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Barack Obama
Let’s Have William Jennings Bryan Day!
Salem and Philadelphia: A Tale of Two Cities

Rick Warren, Barack Obama, and Sarah Palin
War on Christmas and “What’s in Your Underwear?”
Bobby Jindal: Ignorance is Strength
Of Plymouth Plantation: “Every Man for His Own Particular”
Louisiana Creationist Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Ambitions
Creationism and In-Your-Underwear Politics
Barack Obama, Robert E. Lee, and You
Conservatives and Intelligent Design