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The links listed below are navigation aids to help you find your way around here. Most are also displayed (but without description) in the two horizontal rows below the title of this blog, which are always present at the top of every page. You can’t get lost. Duplicate links for special collections of articles can also be found in the always-visible right margin of every page.

Front Page: Home page, with all posts in chronological order, newest first. To get there from anywhere else, just click on the blog name — The Sensuous Curmudgeon. It’s at the top of every page.

Intro: This blog’s purpose and features — including a copy of this site map.

Table-Of-Contents: Links to most of the articles we’ve written for this blog, grouped by topic, and beginning with a clickable topic index. Some posts are listed under more than one topic. For each topic, articles are in chronological order, newest at the top. Excluded are links to special subjects that are listed separately, described below.

These are sub-pages of the main Table of Contents. They’re accessible by topic links in the main Table of Contents, so they’re not separately displayed below the blog’s title:

Religion and Science: just what it says.

Creationism and Global Warming: When issues collide.

Sarah Palin: Our articles about Sarah Palin & Creationism.

Creationist Foolishness: Our articles about Creationist Foolishness.

Off Topic: Links to our articles that don’t fit any other topics.

The Controversy: Links to our articles on The Controversy between evolution and creationism (legislative, bureaucratic, and judicial), general, state-by-state, and foreign, and also about specific court cases. For links to articles about US and foreign anti-science activity, year by year, see these sub-pages, which are accessible by topic links in the parent page:

Controversy 2008
Controversy 2009
Controversy 2010

Discoveroids: Links to our articles about the Discovery Institute. This has one sub-page, accessible by a link in the parent page:

Expelled: Links to our articles about Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-evolution documentary. For each month, articles are listed chronologically, newest at the top of the list.

Creationist Wisdom: Links to our series of articles on Creationist Wisdom.

Politics: Links to our articles on Politics.

List-O-Links: External links to reliable, off-site information about evolution and creationism, so each new debate doesn’t have to start at ground zero.

Hurricane Links: Off-site links for weather information, an off-topic resource provided for convenience, not discussion.

Indenial Jones — the series: Links to these guest-authored articles are located in their own box in the always-visible right margin of every page. Just scroll down and you’ll find them.

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