The Controversy

This is a supplementary Table of Contents for our articles about evolution controversies (legislative, bureaucratic, and judicial). Articles of a general nature and about specific court cases are listed below. For each topic, articles are in chronological order, newest at the top.

For links to articles about US and foreign anti-science activity, year by year, see Controversy 2008, and Controversy 2009, and Controversy 2010, Controversy 2011, and Controversy 2012, and Controversy 2013, and Controversy 2014, and Controversy 2015, and Controversy 2016, and Controversy 2017, and Controversy 2018, and Controversy 2019, and Controversy 2020. For other lists of articles, see the Site Map and Navigation Guide.

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Anti-Science Activity: Generally
Creationist School Board Folly
The Mark Armitage Case
The Pamela Hensley case
ACSI v. Stearns
Ball State Imbroglio
The Caldwell Case
The David Coppedge Case
Christina Comer Case
James Corbett Case
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Exhibition Case
Gaskell v Univ. of Kentucky
John Freshwater Affair
Kent Hovind Case
ICR’s Texas Accreditation Case
Kansas NGSS Case
Kitzmiller v Dover
Mercer County Case
Dale & Leilani Neumann
The John Oller Case
Herbert and Catherine Schaible
The Scopes Trial

Anti-Science Activity: Generally
Crazed Creationist Legislator Will Retire Soon
Flatulence or Creationism — Which Is Worse?
Eric Hedin Leaves Ball State, Goes to Biola
Creationist Lawsuit Dismissed in Pennsylvania
Creationism in Scotland
Creationism in India
Creationist Legislation Update: Mid 2017
Serbia — Smarter than Louisiana & Tennessee
Social Scientists Study The Controversy
Creationist Legislation Update: Mid 2016
West Virginia Evolution Suit Dismissed
A Creationist School in New Zealand
West Virginia Evolution Litigation
Creationist Litigation Update: 03 May 2015
Thrills That Await Us in 2015
Italian Seismologists Win Their Appeal
Italian Seismologists’ Appeal Proceedings
Creationist Litigation Update: 13 Aug 2014
Creationist Litigation Update: Mid 2014
Cato Institute: Map of The Controversy
Looking Ahead: The Controversy In 2014
Creationist Litigation Update: 29 Nov 2013
NCSE Announces Their New Executive Director
Justice Antonin Scalia and the Devil
The Controversy: Mid 2013 Report
Eugenie Scott Retiring from the NCSE
Creationist Legislation Update: 01 April 2013
Creationist Legislation: Mid-2013 Report
Italian Seismologists Appeal Their Convictions
Looking Ahead: The Controversy In 2013
Curmudgeonly Thoughts About 2012
2012 Election Roundup: Creationist Issues
Seismologists Convicted, Idiots Delighted
Looking Ahead: The Controversy In 2012
Creationist Legislators: Who’s Who?
Creationism Legislation Roundup (24 Apr ’11)
Looking Ahead: The Controversy In 2011
Creationists on the Ballot: November 2010
Reflections During a Creationist Ceasefire
Creationists on the Ballot: August 2010
Mid-Year Report: The Controversy in 2010
The Rational Necessity of Viewpoint Discrimination
Looking Ahead: The Controversy In 2010
Evolution-Creationism Controversy: Mid-Year ‘09
Events to Watch For (29 Apr ‘09)
Lauri Lebo: “Academic Freedom” is Creationism 3.0
The Curmudgeon’s Amendment
Events to Watch For (Jan 2009)
Evolution & Creationism: Multi-State Update (14 Nov 08)
Evolution & Creationism: Multi-State Update (30 Sept) [2008]
Evolution &.Creationism: Multi-State Update (20 Sept) [2008]
Fired Iowa Professor Bitterman Gets Settlement
Creationism: the Unending Crusade
Discovery Institute’s “Academic Freedom Act” — Presumptively Void
Groups Opposing Anti-Science Legislation
Anti-Evolution Bills: Louisiana, Michigan, Alabama, & Missouri [2008]
Florida Citizens for Science

Creationist School Board Folly
Are Texas Schools Going Insane?
The Return of Steve Abrams, Kansas Creationist
Creationism Struggles in Minnesota
Texas School Board Elections Heating Up [2020]
School Board Madness in Missouri
Drooling School Board Chairwoman
Canadian Creationist School Board Candidate
Strange School Board Race in California
NGSS in Utah — Evolution Is Like Cheerios
Terry Kemple — He’s Back!
Creationist Chiropractor Runs for School Board
Creationist Madness in Atlanta Public School
School Board Madness in Lynchburg, Virginia?
What About Kelly Kohls?
School Board Elections Update — 06 Nov 2013
School Board Election in Springboro, Ohio
School Board Election in Bryan, Texas
School Board Election in Carlisle, Penn.
School Board Election in Durango, Colorado
Springboro Creationist Kelly Kohls on Glenn Beck
Creationism in a Nebraska School Board
Internet Chatter: Freshwater and Springboro
Springboro School Board: Kelly Kohls Is Retiring
Springboro School Board Abandons Some Lunacy
Maryland School Board Splits the Baby
School Board Madness in Maryland
Springboro School Board: Once More into the Ark
Springboro School Board Still Wants Creationism
Springboro School Board — They’re Back!
Springboro School Board Wants Creationism
Two Creationists Run for Mt. Vernon School Board
Brunswick County, North Carolina: Again!
Ohio School Board Retreats from Creationism
Creationists on an Ohio School Board
Chicago Creationist Science Teacher Keeps Job
Creationist School Board Candidate in Missouri
Chicago School Board Candidates Deny Creationism
Massive Creationism Epidemic Near Chicago
Creationist School Board Candidates Near Chicago
Kansas Flashback: The Crazy Days
Failed Creationist Predictions: #6,969 (Tennessee)
Tennessee: No Biology Book Ban for Now
Tennessee Biology Book Ban (03 May ’10)
School Board #69 Election in Montana
Creationism in Kilgore, Texas School Board Election
Creationism in Connecticut Schools
Barbara Forrest on the Tennessee Biology Book Ban
Decision on Tennessee Biology Book Ban Demand
Biology Book Banning in Tennessee?
Creationist on Haddam, Connecticut School Board
Evolution T-Shirts, Journalism, & Brain Death
Kansas City: Evolution T-Shirts Banned
Ohio: Creationism’s Newest Battlefield
Creationist School Board in North Carolina is Slapped Down
Butteville School Board Drops Intelligent Design
Northern California Town May Teach Intelligent Design

The Mercer County Case
West Virginia Bible Classes — 15 November Update
Suit Alleges Creationism in West Virginia Schools

The Mark Armitage case
Mark Armitage — The Legend
Mark Armitage Case — Chaos & Controversy
Mark Armitage Update: 17 August 2016 — Final?
Mark Armitage Update: 02 August 2016
Mark Armitage Update: 21 July 2016
Mark Armitage Update: 06 June 2016
Mark Armitage Update: 05 Nov 2014
Mark Armitage: “Evolutionists On The Run”
Creationist Litigation Update: 13 Aug 2014
WorldNetDaily Supports Mark Armitage
Scientist Fired for Finding “New” Dinosaur Fossil

The Pamela Hensley case
Theocratic Terror in the Classroom

ACSI v. Stearns
ACSI v. Stearns: Viewpoint Discrimination Seems OK
ACSI v. Stearns: Creationists Lose Again

Ball State Imbroglio
Eric Hedin Gets Tenure at Ball State
Ball State Imbroglio: Hedin Is Promoted
Ball State Imbroglio Heats Up Again
Guillermo Gonzalez and the Ball State Imbroglio
Ball State Imbroglio: What About Gonzalez?
Ball State Imbroglio: Jo Ann Gora Will Resign
Ball State Imbroglio: Gora Goes Delphic
Ball State Imbroglio: John West Is Angry
Ball State Imbroglio Update — 04 Oct 2013
Ball State Imbroglio Update — 03 Oct 2013
Ball State to Discoveroids: “Bugger Off!”
Ball State Yields to Discoveroid Demands?
Discoveroids Increase Pressure on Ball State
Discoveroids Issue Ultimatum to Ball State
Battle of Ball State: Baboonery Abounds
Ball State Unites Discoveroids and WorldNetDaily
Ball State: Wishy-Washy Squishy
Battle of Ball State: Setting the Stage
Statement from Ball State University’s President
Ball State University Hires Guillermo Gonzalez

The Caldwell Case
The Caldwell Case — It’s Over!
The Caldwell Case — It’s Back!
Caldwell Litigation Against UC: Dismissal Affirmed on Appeal
Caldwell Litigation Against UC Berkeley

The David Coppedge Case
The Coppedge Case — Alternate History, Part 3
The Coppedge Case — Alternate History, Part 2
The Coppedge Case — An Alternate History
The David Coppedge Case: It’s Over
David Coppedge Case — Appeal or No Appeal?
More Coppedge Coverage — Good and Bad
Discoveroids on Coppedge: Congress Should Act
David Coppedge Trial: Final Order Issued
David Coppedge Trial: Winding Down?
David Coppedge’s Last Stand, Part 3
Discoveroids’ Christmas Gift: A Coppedge Story
David Coppedge’s Last Stand, Part 2
David Coppedge’s Last Stand?
Meanwhile, in the David Coppedge Case …
David Coppedge Decision: Getting Nasty
David Coppedge Decision: A Slight Delay
Discoveroids Develop Their Coppedge Narrative
David Coppedge Trial: The Decision!
David Coppedge Trial: Crickets Still Chirping
Coppedge Trial: Crickets Chirping
Coppedge Trial: Will It Ever End?
David Coppedge Case: Something’s Happening
Alliance Defense Fund Changes Its Name
Coppedge Post-Decision Career Poll
Coppedge Crusade Coming to Canada
David Coppedge Trial: Decision Tomorrow?
David Coppedge Trial: Decision Next Week?
David Coppedge Trial: JPL’s Defense Brief
David Coppedge Trial: Some Background
Coppedge Trial & Klinghoffer’s Alternate Reality
David Coppedge Trial: An Accurate News Story
David Coppedge Trial: Readers’ Poll
David Coppedge Trial: It’s Over!
David Coppedge Trial: Week Six Begins
Coppedge Trial: Discoveroids Are Optimistic
David Coppedge Trial: The “New Trial” Request
David Coppedge Trial: Week Five Surprise
David Coppedge Trial: Week Four Ends
David Coppedge Trial: Fourth Week
David Coppedge Trial: 01 Apr ’12
David Coppedge Trial: 23 Mar ’12
David Coppedge Trial: 22 Mar ’12
David Coppedge Trial: 21 Mar ’12
David Coppedge Trial: 20 Mar ’12
David Coppedge Trial: 19 Mar ’12
Coppedge Trial: Second Week Begins
Coppedge Trial: Imaginary Day Five
Coppedge Trial: Klinghoffer on Day Four
Coppedge Trial: Klinghoffer on Day Three
David Coppedge Trial: Day 3 Begins
David Coppedge Trial: Discoveroids Sense Defeat
David Coppedge Trial: Day 2
Coppedge Trial Day 1: Discoveroids’ Report
Coppedge Trial Starting Tomorrow?
Two Discoveroid Posts on Coppedge
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Continued Again
WorldNetDaily on the Coppedge Trial
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Trial Wednesday
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Pre-Trial Perspective
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: New Pleadings #5
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: New Pleadings #4
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: New Pleadings #3
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: New Pleadings #2
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: New Round of Pleadings
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: The Last Pleadings?
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Yet More Pleadings
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Even More Pleadings
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Pre-Trial Festival
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: More Pre-Trial Action
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Colliding Worldviews
Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: More Pre-Trial Motions
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Pre-Trial Motions
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Trial Delayed
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (29 Nov ’11)
Coppedge Seems Desperate to Settle
Discoveroids: Coppedge is a Modern Galileo
Discoveroids Going Wild over Coppedge Case
Discoveroids Spin Recent Coppedge Rulings
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (27 Oct ’11)
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (03 Sep ’11)
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (17 Jul ’11)
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (03 Jul ’11)
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (28 May ’11)
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (12 Mar ’11)
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (18 Feb ’11)
David Coppedge Ponders His Next Move
Last Comment from a Banned Coppedge Defender
Klinghoffer Unleashed to Defend David Coppedge
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech — He’s Fired!
David Coppedge: Where No Man Has Gone Before
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (18 Nov 2010)
David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech (09 Oct 2010)
David Coppedge vs. JPL & Caltech (03 Sep 2010)
Coppedge vs. JPL: Meet Boardley at Mt. Rushmore
Coppedge vs. JPL: Caltech’s Answer Filed
Discovery Institute: Comer, Coppedge, & Casey
David Coppedge vs. JPL (27 Jun 2010)
David Coppedge vs. JPL (18 Jun 2010)
David Coppedge vs. JPL (10 Jun 2010)
David Coppedge vs. JPL (08 Jun 2010)
David Coppedge vs. JPL: Strange Silence
Discovery Institute: Crazed over Coppedge
David Coppedge vs. JPL (02 May 2010)
Update: David Coppedge vs. JPL (28 Apr 2010)
Update: David Coppedge vs. JPL (25 Apr 2010)
David Coppedge and Young Klinghoffer
Klinghoffer: Coppedge News Blackout Conspiracy!
Update: David Coppedge vs. JPL (21 Apr 2010)
Update: David Coppedge vs. JPL (20 Apr 2010)
Update: David Coppedge vs. JPL (19 Apr 2010)
The Coppedge Case: A Study in Tactics and Strategy
Discovery Institute: Another Creationist Is “Expelled”

Christina Comer Case
Lauri Lebo on the Christine Comer Case
Christina Comer Loses Her Appeal
Christina Comer Appeal: Oral Argument Today
Texas Creationism: Christina Comer Is Back!
Texas: Christina Comer’s Lawsuit Dismissed
Comer v. Scott: Update for 15 Aug
Comer v. Scott — Background Information
Victim of Anti-Evolution Discrimination Files Lawsuit

James Corbett Case
James Corbett Prevails in US Supreme Court
Casey, Corbett, & the Constitution, Part III
Casey, Corbett, & the Constitution, Part II
WorldNetDaily on the Corbett Decision
James Corbett Wins His Appeal
James Corbett Case: Update 12 Feb ‘11
James Corbett Case: Update 05 Sep ‘10
Casey, Corbett, Creationism, & the Constitution
James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett: Update 25 Jun ‘10
James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett: Update 15 Dec ‘09
James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett: Update 15 Nov ‘09
James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett: Update 10 Nov ‘09
James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett: Update 28 Oct ‘09
James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett: Update 24 Oct ’09
Kid Who Sued Corbett: A Political Star?
James Corbett: Not Liable for Legal Fees
James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett (01 Sep ‘09)
James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett (15 Jul ’09)
My Defense, by James Corbett
Corbett Loses “Superstitious Nonsense” Trial

“Darwin’s Dilemma” Exhibition Case
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: Who Really Won?
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: The Empire Strikes Back
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: The Full Story
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: Nightmare Settlement!
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: It’s Settled!
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: They’re Settling!
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: Update 29 May ’11
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: Update 05 Feb ’11
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: Discoveroid Privacy
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: Sudden Turnabout
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: Premature Climax?
Discovery Institute: Could They Win in Court?
Discovery Institute: “Darwin’s Dilemma” and VD
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: Blood in the Water?
“Darwin’s Dilemma” Case: 03 Sep ’10 Update
Discovery Institute Finds “Viewpoint Discrimination”
Discovery Institute Wins Minor Victory
The Goal of the “Darwin’s Dilemma” Lawsuit
Discovery Institute: “Darwin’s Dilemma” Lawsuit

Gaskell v Univ. of Kentucky
Discovery Institute Claims Victory in Gaskell Case
Martin Gaskell v. Univ. of Kentucky — It’s Settled
Discovery Institute Discovers Martin Gaskell
Creationist Astronomer Sues Univ. of Kentucky

John Freshwater Affair
The John Freshwater Saga Has Ended
Creationist Litigation Update: 29 Nov 2013<br
John Freshwater Loses in Ohio Supreme Court
Freshwater Decision Coming Soon?
Freshwater Oral Arguments Today
Freshwater Brief in Ohio Supreme Court
Freshwater Going to Ohio Supreme Court
John Freshwater Update (05 Oct ‘11)
John Freshwater Update (20 Jul ‘11)
WorldNetDaily Supports John Freshwater
John Freshwater Case: Probably Finished
John Freshwater Case Is Winding Down
John Freshwater Update (30 Apr ‘10)
Freshwater Hearing Halts in Chaos
John Freshwater: The Defense Rests
John Freshwater Update (11 Dec ‘09)
John Freshwater Update (27 Aug ’09)
John Freshwater Trial Update (09 Jan)
John Freshwater Trial Update (06 Jan)
John Freshwater Trial Resumes Today
John Freshwater Trial Update (31 Oct)
John Freshwater Trial Update (30 Oct)
John Freshwater Trial Update (29 Oct)
John Freshwater Trial Update (28 Oct)
Freshwater Trial Starting in Ohio
John Freshwater, suspended Ohio teacher: Update
Creationist Science Teacher John Freshwater is Fired

Kent Hovind Case
Kent Hovind Is Arrested Once Again
Kent Hovind’s Latest Lawsuit Is Dismissed
Kent Hovind’s Co-Defendant Is Sentenced
Kent Hovind’s New Trial Is Delayed
Charges Against Kent Hovind Dropped?
Kent Hovind Will Be Tried Again
Kent Hovind Trial: He’s Guilty!
Kent Hovind Trial: His Testimony Begins
Kent Hovind Trial: Week Two Begins
Kent Hovind Trial: End of Week One
Kent Hovind Trial: First Two Days
Hovind Trial: Flood of Drool Hits Pensacola
Kent Hovind Trial: Jury Selection Monday
A Typical “Free Kent Hovind” Rant
Kent Hovind Update: 29 Jan 2015
Kent Hovind Indicted Again
More Troubles for Kent Hovind?
Kent Hovind Seeks Prison Release
WorldNetDaily: Kent Hovind Is A Martyr
Kent Hovind Update
WorldNetDaily on Kent Hovind
Creationism and the Real World
Kent Hovind: Creationist Role Model

ICR’s Texas Accreditation Case
Dragon Wins ICR’s Texas Accreditation Case
The Meaning of ICR’s Courtroom Defeat
Texas Court Slams Institute of Creation Research
ICR’s Texas Litigation Update (21 Aug ‘09)
Creationist Brawl Brewing in Texas?
ICR v. Paredes: Second Impressions
ICR v. Paredes: First Impressions
ICR Sues Over Status Of Creationism Degree
Creationism Epidemic: Is Texas Going Insane?

Texas Education Battle: Creationists vs. Reality
Texas Creationism Controversy — Alive Again!
Texas Creationists Lose Again!
Texas won’t approve creationism degree!
Will Texas Approve a Degree in Creation Science?

Kansas NGSS Case
Kansas NGSS Case — Finally Dead
Kansas NGSS Case — Not Dead Yet
Kansas NGSS Case — Creationists Lose!
Kansas NGSS Case — State’s Appeal Brief
Kansas NGSS Case — Creationists’ Brief Is Filed
Kansas NGSS Case — It’s Back!
Kansas NGSS Case — Dismissed!
Kansas Creationism Case: The State Strikes Back
Creationist Litigation Update: 29 Nov 2013
Kansas Creationism Lawsuit Update: 19 Oct 2013
Kansas Creationism: It’s Back Again

Kitzmiller v Dover
15th Anniversary of Kitzmas — Free Fire Zone
Kitzmas Is Coming and Creationists Are Furious
NCSE Reminisces about the Kitzmiller Case
Big Concert To Celebrate the Kitzmiller Case
Ten Years After the Kitzmiller Case
Casey’s Annual Kitzmas Rant
It’s Kitzmas, and This Is Post Number 2,000
Kitzmas News from Dover
The Creationists’ War on Kitzmas
Judge Jones: Our Constitution’s Intelligent Design
Judge John E. Jones III Honored by His School
Four Years Since Dover — Merry Kitzmas!
Kitzmiller v Dover: Science and Law
Judge Jones Honored, Howling Heard in Seattle
John Haught: Witness in the Dover Case
Three Years Since Dover — Merry Kitzmas!
“The Devil in Dover” by Lauri Lebo
Kitzmiller v. Dover: Michael Behe’s Testimony
Kitzmiller v. Dover: The Role of The Discovery Institute
Kitzmiller v. Dover: What’s the Wedge Document?
Kitzmiller v. Dover: Who is the Intelligent Designer?
Kitzmiller v. Dover: Is ID Science?

Dale & Leilani Neumann
Dale & Leilani Neumann Appealed and Lost
Freak Sentence for Dale & Leilani Neumann
Dale & Leilani Neumann: The Wages of Stupid
Damn You! Damn You All To Hell!

The John Oller Case
John Oller Petitions the US Supreme Court
John Oller Loses His Appeal — Again
John Oller Loses His Appeal — Maybe
John Oller Has Filed an Appeal
John Oller Litigation Update — 02 Sep 2014
Creationist Litigation Update: 29 Nov 2013
John Oller Litigation Update — 18 Nov 2013
John Oller Litigation Update — 04 Nov 2013
John Oller Litigation Update — 19 Jul 2013
Ken Ham Supports John Oller’s Lawsuit
WorldNetDaily Supports Creationist John Oller
Creationist John Oller Has Popular Support
Louisiana Creationist Professor Sues University

Herbert and Catherine Schaible
Herbert and Catherine Schaible Sentenced
Another Child of Faith-Healing Creationists Dies
Megyn Kelly [*sigh*] on Faith-Killing Parents
Creationist Faith-Killing Parents to be Sentenced
Creationist Parents Guilty in Child’s Death

The Scopes Trial
Inherit the Wind: Darrow Questions Bryan
John West: More Scopes Trial Revisionism
The Scopes Trial Ended 86 Years Ago Today
John West & William Jennings Bryan
Scopes Trial: Bryan’s Closing Argument
A Witness at the Scopes Trial
Scopes Transcript: Darrow’s examination of Bryan