Controversy 2008

This is a supplementary Table of Contents for evolution controversies (legislative, bureaucratic, and judicial), state-by-state, and foreign, in 2008. For each topic listed below, articles are in chronological order, newest at the top. This is a sub-page of The Controversy, which has links to articles about such controversies of a general nature and about a few specific court cases.

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Anti-Science Activity: Alabama [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: Florida [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: Kansas [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: Louisiana [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: Maine [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: Michigan [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: Missouri [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: Oklahoma [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: South Carolina [2008]
Anti-Science Activity: Texas [2008]

Anti-Science Activity: Alabama [2008]
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Alabama creationism bill dies

Anti-Science Activity: Florida [2008]
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Florida’s Ronda Storms: Much More Than Creationism
Intelligent Design and Florida’s Marriage Protection Amendment
Florida Evolution Bills Die in Legislature
Florida Creationism’s Final Day
Florida Legislature — Creationism and Bull Testicles
Florida Creationism Bills are Dying
Florida Creationism News Roundup — 01 May
Florida Creationism News Roundup: 30 April
Florida Creationism Bills — Two Informed Opinions
Florida Creationism News Roundup: 28 April
Florida House Passes Creationism Bill
Florida Creationism Bills Approach Climax
Florida Evolution Debate: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Ronda Storms’ Godly License Plate Bill Fails
The Real Ronda Storms
Florida’s Creationism Bills May Fail
Ronda Storms: Creationist Queen of the Florida Senate
Florida Senate Goes Insane!
Florida’s Legislature: Of Testicles and Evolution
Ronda Storms Creationism News Roundup
Florida Anti-Evolution Bills: Inside Info
Ronda Storms Squirms in Florida Senate Session
Evolution and Sex “Academic Freedom” Update
Ronda Storms’ Head Explodes!
More Press Attacks on Florida’s Creationism Bill
“We’re the laughingstock of the enlightened world.”
Florida’s Anti-Evolution Bills: Sectarian Legislation?
The Meaning of “Critical Analysis” in Florida
Florida’s Creationism (or “critical analysis”) Bill
Florida: The Flat Earth State
Florida Moves Closer to Insanity
Ronda Storms: Florida’s Own April Fool
Florida: Kansas of the South
Discovery Institute: A Blizzard of Misrepresentation About Florida

Anti-Science Activity: Kansas [2008]
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Kathy Martin, Kansas Creationism & Swine Flu
Kansas Creationism: It’s Not Over Yet!
Kansas Creationist School Board Election Results
Kansas Creationism: Kathy Martin Update (02 Nov)
Kathy Martin Slyly Slings Slime
Kansas Citizens for Science
Kansas Creationism: Kathy Martin Update (28 Oct)
Kansas Creationism Update (26 Oct)
Kansas Creationism: Kathy Martin Update (24 Oct)
Kansas Creationism: Kathy Martin Update (22 Oct)
Kansas Creationism: Kathy Martin Update (19 Oct)
Kathy Martin: Kansas and Creationism
Kathy Martin: “It’s in the good Lord’s hands.”
Kathy Martin: Kansas Primary Election Tomorrow
Bleeding Kansas: Pawn in the War for the Enlightenment
Kansas Creationists May Return to Power
Kansas: Going Creationist Again?
Kathy Martin: Creationism in Kansas Politics
Kathy Martin, Kansas Creationist, Up for Reelection

Anti-Science Activity: Louisiana [2008]
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Louisiana Creationism: The National Implications
Louisiana Creationism: Fireworks Today?
Bobby Jindal: Ignorance is Strength
Louisiana Creationist Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Ambitions
Louisiana Creationism: “Double, double toil and trouble”
Louisiana Creationism Update (18 Oct)
Louisiana Science Education Remains in Chaos
Louisiana’s BESE: Where Are You?
Louisiana Teachers: Here’s Your “Supplemental Material”
Science Education in Louisiana: Update
Louisiana: Chaos Expected For New School Term
Louisiana Science Education: Is There Any Hope?
Louisiana Creationists: Getting Restless?
Debate About Louisiana’s Creationism Law
Bobby Jindal: Still Pandering to Creationists
Upcoming debate on Louisiana Science Education Act
John Derbyshire on Jindal and Creationism in Louisiana
Louisiana’s Creationist Cheering Squad
Creationist Louisiana Stands Alone
Louisiana’s “No Kin to Monkeys” Act — Phase II
Louisiana Legislature Used Creation Science Witnesses
Jindal Signs Louisiana Anti-Evolution Bill
Clark Kent Defeats Superman in Louisiana
Bobby Jindal: Silent on Anti-Evolution Bill
Louisiana Creationism News Roundup
Louisiana’s Ben Nevers: Creationist Doublethink
Update on Bobby Jindal Email Campaign
NY Times Editorial on Louisiana’s Anti-Evolution Law
John Derbyshire: Governor Jindal, Veto This Bill!
Send an email to Governor Bobby Jindal
Discovery Institute –Spinning Louisiana’s Anti-Evolution Law
Louisiana’s Anti-Evolution Bill: The Day After
Louisiana Senate Passes House’s Creationism Bill
Louisiana Legislature: Creationist Climax Coming
Louisiana Anti-Evolution: Final Week
Louisiana Anti-Evolution Bill — Bits & Pieces
Louisiana Creationism — The Firestorm Begins
Louisiana House Passes Creationism Bill
Creationism Bill in Louisiana — Vote Today?
Louisiana Anti-Evolution Bill — Might Fail?
More on the Louisiana Creationism Bill
Louisiana anti-evolution legislation — update
Louisiana: Creationist Legislation and a Creationist Governor
Louisiana anti-evolution bill moves forward
Louisiana debates creationism in schools
Louisiana creationism bill — heating up
Creationism Legislation in Louisiana

Anti-Science Activity: Maine [2008]
Maine Creationism Issue Off School Board Agenda
Maine school controversy over evolution is growing
Creationist Madness in Maine

Anti-Science Activity: Michigan [2008]
Michigan Creationism: Update (14 December 2008)
Creationist Legislation in Michigan: Update
Michigan and Texas: Anti-Evolution Bills
Creationism in Michigan
Michigan’s Creationist Legislation
Anti-Science Legislation in Michigan

Anti-Science Activity: Missouri [2008]
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Missouri Creationism Bill Dies

Anti-Science Activity: Oklahoma [2008]
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Oklahoma Creationist Bill — It’s Dead!
Creationist Legislation in Oklahoma

Anti-Science Activity: South Carolina [2008]
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South Carolina Creationist Bill — It’s Dead
South Carolina — Creationism in Science Class?
South Carolina Creationist Bill — Nine Days Left
Creationist Legislation in South Carolina

Anti-Science Activity: Texas [2008]
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ICR’s Texas Accreditation Case (separate page)
Texas Creationism Update (31 December 2008)
Texas Creationism: Meet Ken Mercer
Texas Creationism: Meet Cynthia Dunbar
Texas Creationism Update (01 December 2008)
Texas Creationism: The Infinite Slime Defense
Don McLeroy: The Mind of a Creationist Dentist
Texas Creationism Hearings: 25 Nov 2008
Texas Creationism Debate: It’s “Einstein vs. Newton”
Texas Creationism Hearings: 21 Nov 2008
Texas Creationism Hearings: 20 Nov 2008
Texas Creationism Hearings: 19 Nov 2008
Texas Creationism: The Stakes Are High
Discovery Institute: In Full Spin Mode over Texas
Creationists Respond to Texas Evolution Poll
Texas Creationism: Poll of Professional Scientists
Texas Creationism: When Good Editorials Go Bad
Texas Creationist School Board Election Results
Texas Science Education Update (27 Oct)
Alan Leshner to Texas: Intelligent Design Is Religion, Not Science
Texas Science Education: Update (22 Oct)
21st Century Science Coalition: Great Article!
Texas Science Education: Don McLeroy Again
Texas Science Education: Jumping off the Roof?
Discovery Institute: Wild Charges of Evidence Suppression
Discovery Institute: Against the New Texas Science Standards
Texas Evolution Battle Heating Up
Texas Science Education: It’s up to Don McLeroy
Texas: Classroom Creationism Under Assault
Anti-Evolution Activity in Texas: A Summary
Don McLeroy: Texas Creationist Evades the Issue
Rogue Faction Controls Texas Board of Education
Texas Dentist’s Jihad Against Evolution
Sociologists Advice on the Texas Evolution Conflict
Texas Anti-Evolution Debate: Pure Creationism
Texas “Strengths and Weaknesses” News Roundup
Texas — Editorial on “Strengths and Weaknesses”
Texas: Debating “Strengths and Weaknesses” of Reality