Discovery Institute’s Triumph #5 for 2013

The great year-end news lull continues. While many would regard it as a blessed relief, your Curmudgeon’s humble blog demands stories about creationist idiocy. So we’ll turn again to a major source of that commodity — the Discoveroids — described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page.

As you already know, 2013 is a year in which the Discoveroids have accomplished nothing at all in furtherance of their theocratic goals — see What is the “Wedge Document”? They are nevertheless driven by fund-raising necessity to post about their Top Ten events of the year.

Yesterday we wrote about their glorious event number six — Discovery Institute Embraces Martyrdom. Today they’re moving on to number five, and this new item appears at their creationist blog: #5 of Our Top-Ten Evolution Stories of 2013: Introducing a New Intelligent Design Curriculum, Discovering Intelligent Design.

As before, their new post isn’t original. It’s a word-for-word repeat of something they posted back in May, about which we wrote Hey Louisiana — Here It Is! Because their latest post is merely one of their oldies, we’ll repeat some of what we originally said in response. We wrote:

We have great news for the schools in Louisiana, which are already primed to allow “supplementary materials” in science class, thanks to the Louisiana Science Education Act

The Discoveroids were proclaiming the good news of a book — Discovering Intelligent Design — published by their in-house vanity press, the Discovery Institute Press, and written by “home school educators Gary and Hallie Kemper [of whom no one ever heard], and Discovery Institute research coordinator Casey Luskin.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Casey is the Discoveroids’ “research coordinator”! But we shouldn’t laugh. It’s a very demanding job. Casey oversees what must be the Discoveroids’ extensive research program, which seeks to: (1) search for the intelligent designer; (2) describe the designer’s precise nature; (3) explore the designer’s technology; (4) document each of the designer’s miraculous interventions into the natural order; (5) learn the designer’s motives; and (6) devise experiments to test all of the foregoing. And he somehow does all of that in spite of the “bullying” of the Darwin lobby. Casey is a true hero of science.

Curiously, the Discoveroids’ announcement of Casey’s book had said:

While DID [Discovering Intelligent Design] is strictly scientific in its content, it is not recommended for use in public schools.

They never explained their lack of recommendation, but that disclaimer is consistent with their often-repeated claim that they’re not trying to get their “theory” taught in public schools. Oh no — heaven forbid! That would invite another court case like Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, a case they are all but certain to lose. Instead, they merely want the “academic freedom” to teach the “strengths and weaknesses” of evolution. That “yes and no” approach is one of many logical pretzels their weird approach to stealth theocracy seems to demand.

Well, dear reader, since there’s nothing new here, there’s not much else to be said. But it’s worth noting that as trivial as this vanity press publishing event may seem to us, it’s one of the Discoveroids’ greatest triumphs of the year. Our fervent hope is that the next year will be as wonderful for them as this year has been.

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17 responses to “Discovery Institute’s Triumph #5 for 2013

  1. One would hope that the Discoveroids will provide us with a mirth-filled 2014!

    Think of the thrills and chills awaiting us as we learn of the new discoveries unearthed by the Discoveroids’ extensive research directed by Casey Luskin himself! I’m hopeful that they will produce as many oft-referenced scientific papers in “Science”, “Nature”, and other top-tier science journals as they did in this banner year of 2013. . .. . . . . . .*giggles and snarks*

  2. Oh, and if their Number 5 example of their triumphs of 2013 is a goofy book scribbled by three people who show only very weak signs of even elementary scientific knowledge, published by their in-house vanity press, I can’t wait to see what triumphs 1 through 4 will be.

  3. I just checked an on-line catalog for libraries world-wide, and it lists 7 (*seven*) libraries with a copy of “DID”.

  4. From the DI website, you can download Chapter 1 of this wonderful tome for free and get a taste of the intellectual pabulum that they are peddling to the rubes. Pure mind-numbing stupidity on the half-shell comes to mind.

  5. SC: “The great year-end news lull continues.”

    Man, will you have egg on your face when the Harold Camping resurrection becomes not only the story of the year, but the story of the whole millennium. 😉

  6. “it lists 7 (*seven*) libraries with a copy of “DID”.”
    A victory for ID if there was any, verily.

  7. SC: “Discoveroids’ extensive research program, which seeks to: (1) search for the intelligent designer; (2) describe the designer’s precise nature; (3) explore the designer’s technology; (4) document each of the designer’s miraculous interventions into the natural order; (5) learn the designer’s motives; and (6) devise experiments to test all of the foregoing. And he somehow does all of that in spite of the “bullying” of the Darwin lobby. Casey is a true hero of science.”

    As you know, what that “research” program really seeks to do is: (1) pretend to search for the intelligent designer; (2) deliberately avoid describing the designer’s precise nature; (3) deliberately avoid explore the designer’s technology, because they know that it’s so close to evolution that their fans would all abandon them if they admitted it; deliberately avoid (4) – (6) for the same reason.

    And don’t forget (7): play a “heads I win, tails you lose” game, because any time someone asks why they claimed to have found the designer ~20 years ago, and have done nothing since then except endlessly repeating “I Found It” (note how all their “research” can fit on a 70’s bumper sticker), they just whine that we “bullies” keep “expelling” them.

  8. The DI is really going to struggle, in 2014, to top these glittering achievements….

  9. Well, praise the Designer (blessed be he), Batman, where is DID appropriate to use?

    From the Disco Tute website we have an answer:

    in settings such as private schools, a general family and home setting, homeschool, church environments, small discussion groups, extracurricular school organizations (such as IDEA Clubs), or personal use.

    Isn’t that special! “Church environments” and the implied Christian homeschool.

    Why not public school? Could it be that DID is a hodgepodge of creationist bunk, lies, misinformation and plagiarized blogs written by a trio of uncredentialed nincompoops? Or, could it be


    I must say, Luskin has written some pretty ponderous creationist propaganda in his day but he really outdid himself in DID by teaming up with a Mom & Pop Creation Homeschool shop to ensure that any last drop of science was thoroughly wrung out of this soggy bucket of tripe.

    I would have thought that their Number 5 story would have been how they clawed their way to an Amazon book ranking of 343,000. I wonder if they sell foam fingers with that slogan?

  10. Oh, I almost forgot. On the Amazon book site, one of the 5-Star reviewers is none other than Luskin’s mother. I kid you not. His Mom endorsed it.

    Thanks, Casey’s Mom! That was sweet of you.

  11. Is there ANYTHING more vacuous that the DI research accomplishments? Might just as well be adapting kids tunes “Old McCasey had a farm….here a designer, there a designer, everywhere……

  12. According to the Amazon website, this wondrous bag of (put favorite expletive here) in paperback has actually zoomed up to a ranking of 111,895 among Amazon book sales. I can see why the Discoveroids are so excited!

  13. “it lists 7 (*seven*) libraries with a copy of “DID”.”

    Oh! What is this world coming to? How could so many librarians be fooled by this piece of $#%!?

  14. Since Discovering Intelligent Design comes from the Discovery Institute Press, that means it’s just another DIPPY publication.

  15. @mnb0, Off-Topic: I finally got around to posting the link you asked for, regarding the grape juice exorcism in Ken Ham’s office, on the previous thread.

  16. Also OT . . Diogenes, where did you put the link?

  17. Still OT . . . Diogenes, I found the link after recovering from the spell of confusion put on me by my cross-eyed calico cat. I then gave the cat a bath in grape juice, which will prevent her from casting spells in the future.