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Evolution Is Satan’s Deadliest Weapon

This is a good one for the pre-eclipse weekend. It’s titled A Christian Cannot Believe in Evolution, and it appears in The Trumpet. That’s a publication of the Philadelphia Church of God, which has a theological connection to the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong.

The author is Gerald Flurry. Their website says he “founded the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine in 1990. He actively serves as an author and as editor in chief. Gerald Flurry also presents the Key of David television program and serves as Pastor General of the Philadelphia Church of God.” We’ll give you some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis.

The first half of the article describes Armstrong’s teachings about the sabbath, which we’ll skip. Then rev Flurry says:

Since the Sabbath points to the re-creation of the Earth and to the awesome master plan of God, it would only make sense that Satan would devise a counterfeit for it. At the same time God challenged Mr. Armstrong on the Sabbath, He also challenged Mr. Armstrong on evolution.

Ah, now it gets good. The rev says:

Mr. Armstrong recounted in his Autobiography the humiliating evolution challenge he received from his sister-in-law.

[Quote from the Autobiography:] “Herbert Armstrong, you are simply ignorant!” accused Hertha. Her words stabbed deeply into what was left of my ego. “One is uneducated, and ignorant, unless he believes in evolution. All educated people now believe it.”

Wow — what a challenge! How do these things happen? We’re told:

The highly educated of this world — nearly all of them atheists or agnostics — ridicule anyone who dares have faith in God! Professors basically demand that their students accept the theory of evolution without thinking deeply about it at all! This is Satan’s way of discrediting the Bible’s account of creation week. Students are taught that the Earth as it is today came into existence through a process that took millions of years. God says that He renewed the face of the Earth in six days!

Yes, professors are the problem. The rev tells us:

Evolution is nothing but a blind faith! Scientists believe the universe came into being because of a Big Bang or some other insane idea. They reject the existence of a Creator, even though the scientific law of biogenesis states that life comes only from life! They have never found a “missing link” fossil of a half-man, half-monkey, or anything else, yet they wholeheartedly believe in evolution!

Egad — there’s no missing link. Those scientists are fools! The rev continues:

A Sabbath keeper is a true Christian. A Christian cannot believe in evolution! Some say God used evolution as a means to create man. That is nonsense. He created man in one day. All we must do is believe the inspired words of the Holy Bible.

That’s all it takes! Let’s read on:

The theory of evolution is Satan’s deadliest weapon. Our children go to college believing in God, but then they leave college as atheists! Something is dreadfully wrong with modern education.

How horrible! Another excerpt:

When Mr. Armstrong started studying into evolution, he thought it seemed plausible. But when he really got deep into his studies, he discovered that it was a farce! Scientists confine their research entirely to the physical realm. They reject even the slightest possibility of the miraculous or the supernatural. That means, of course, that they deny the Holy Spirit through which God saves us. Satan is so subtle.

Beware the devil, dear reader. Here’s more

It’s either creation by God or the theory of evolution. Both ideas are about the origin of life! We must choose correctly. When the premise is wrong, all that follows is wrong. Mr. Armstrong said that we must view the entire world through the correct prism: creation. When we do, we are on the path to the depths of the riches of God!

There’s much more, but this is our last excerpt:

Mr. Armstrong continued, “The two subjects — or, rather, the two sides of the same subject of origins — should be unprejudicially and objectively studied together, yet seldom are!” God forced him into an in-depth, simultaneous study of these subjects. This dual challenge changed his life and gave him a deep understanding of man’s eternal purpose.

If that didn’t persuade you, dear reader, please consider this: The sun will go dark on Monday! What more proof could you want?

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WorldNetDaily: The Junk-Science of Evolution

Buffoon Award

We almost missed thiis one, but thanks to the ever-vigilant Drool-o-tron™, with its blaring sirens and flashing lights, we were compelled to notice the blinking letters of its wall display, which said WorldNetDaily (WND). As you know, WorldNetDaily (WND) is the flamingly creationist, absolutely execrable, moronic, and incurably crazed journalistic organ that believes in and enthusiastically promotes every conspiracy theory that ever existed. WND was an early winner of the Curmudgeon’s Buffoon Award, thus the jolly logo displayed above this post.

Our computer was locked onto WND’s latest article, Why do Christians follow evolution-based diets? And look at WND’s subtitle: “Exclusive: David Lightsey examines books’ claims about foods allowed by Scripture.” Wowie — it’s an exclusive! You can’t find this information anywhere else!

But who is David Lightsey? WND informs us:

David Lightsey, M.S., is a food and nutrition science adviser with the National Council Against Health Fraud as well as Quackwatch, combating nutrition and health misinformation on a national level. He is also a voting member with the Creation Research Society and an adjunct college professor in nutrition. He is a well-seasoned junk-science spotter (30 years) with appearances on NBC “Dateline,” “CBS Evening News,” etc.

That might be the most impressive résumé we’ve ever encountered. David proudly uses “M.S.” as a title, to let us know that he has a master’s degree — in something, from somewhere. He’s a voting member of the prestigious Creation Research Society, and he has appeared on television. This guy obviously knows what he’s talking about, so we’ll jump right in. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

According to many New York Times best-sellers over the past few years, many of the myriad of diseases that afflict man would subside or be eliminated if we just ate like our purported paleolithic ancestors. For example … . Similar books touting the popular Paleolithic, Caveman and Eat 4 Your Blood Type diets have all made the best-sellers lists in the past, all providing similarly misguided advice.

We’ve all seen such promotions. What of it? David says:

It is understandable why this type of dietary nonsense has become so popular. According to a recently published Gallup poll – May 22, 2017 – 57 percent of the U.S. population believe in some form of evolution, which illustrates the growing science illiteracy of Americans.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You gotta love WND! After that, David tells us:

The obvious initial reason is quite simple. The restricted foods are all clearly allowed by Scripture and have been part of man’s diet since the beginning of time.

We think he means six days after the beginning of time, but let’s not quibble. David continues:

Since evolution is based upon the initial premise of abiogenesis, which is biologically impossible, the various food restrictions based upon evolutionary theory are senseless.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Let’s read on:

Regardless of the obvious arguments opposing evolution and any promoted lifestyle associated with it, let’s look at some specific well-established health reasons why various foods should not be excluded.

We’re going to skip over most of David’s article, because it’s a discussion of things like sugar, dairy products, legumes, and grain. Maybe what he says makes sense, maybe it doesn’t. Your Curmudgeon isn’t a nutritionist, so we’ll leave it up to you to read and evaluate David’s advice if you care to do so.

This is the stunning conclusion of David’s article:

The take-home message here is very simple. Making food choices based upon the junk-science of evolution is misguided.

So there you are, dear reader. WND warns you to avoid making food choices based on the junk-science of evolution. Sound advice indeed!

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The Discoveroids’ Creationist Curriculum

We have big news from the Discovery Institute, dear reader. They introduce their new post with this “Editor’s note”:

We are delighted to welcome a new contributor to Evolution News, our colleague Daniel Reeves, Educational Outreach Assistant with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture.

Wowie — Daniel is an “Educational Outreach Assistant” — whatever that is. Who is this guy? Their bio information for him says:

Daniel Reeves is an Educational Outreach Assistant with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. He holds a BA in Biology with additional graduate studies in Zoology. Before joining the Discovery Institute, Daniel has engaged in both field and laboratory research for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture. He also has a passion for education, and has taught science in both museums and public schools.

They don’t say where his degree is from, so we assume it’s some bible college. Anyway, that’s his résumé. His post at the Discoveroids’ creationist blog is Curricula on Intelligent Design Are Urgently Needed — And Here They Are! What a title! Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Representing Discovery Institute as an educational outreach assistant often means sitting at a conference book table and offering a selection of materials related to intelligent design — readings that range from a brief overview of the corrosive social impacts of neo-Darwinism to 600-page technical breakdowns of complex biochemical systems.

Ah, now we understand. “Educational Outreach Assistant” means book salesman. Then he says:

I’ve watched, time after time, as students and professionals alike approach the table with visible enthusiasm only to leave feeling overwhelmed by the vast array and sheer quantity of information available on the subject.

Are they overwhelmed, or revolted? Anyway, Daniel tells us:

I can fully relate. My own journey to learning about intelligent design began in high school, where I became particularly interested in the biodiversity of life and the glaring inadequacy of natural selection as an explanation for it all. A friend handed me a copy of Darwin’s Black Box, by Michael Behe, and I was hooked.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That was the start of his journey. Daniel continues:

Soon, I learned of other titles and was knee-deep in Signature in the Cell — an argument for design from the complex digital codes observed in DNA. By the time I had finished an undergraduate degree in biology and was getting acquainted with Discovery Institute, I had read another dozen or so books on the subject. My head was swimming with so many ideas that I didn’t know where to turn next.

M’god — this guy sounds serious! Let’s read on:

I wondered: How does this all fit together? What other arguments are out there for intelligent design? What are the counterarguments? What I wish I had to start with was a comprehensive curriculum providing a basic framework for all of the technical books and papers I would go on to read in the years to follow. Such a thing, to my knowledge, did not exist. But now it does.

Oh the joy! A comprehensive curriculum for Oogity Boogity! We’ll skip most of the educational wonders he describes, but you may want to know about this one:

Published recently by Discovery Institute Press [Hee hee!], Discovering Intelligent Design is a comprehensive curriculum presenting the biological and cosmological evidence in support of the scientific theory of intelligent design, as well as challenges to neo-Darwinism. Designed for readers ranging from middle-school students (in private or home schools, not public) to adults, this is a perfect place to begin your studies or to gain an overview of the arguments to date.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s published by the Discoveroids, so you know it’s good!

After promoting some more books by Discoveroid authors, Daniel concludes his post with this:

The textbooks are available for sale at the Center for Science & Culture bookstore. I hope these resources will serve you as they have me.

There seems to be a lot of competition in the creationist textbook industry. Hambo sells books. So does the Institute for Creation Research. Daniel has a tough job. We wish him well.

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Creationist Wisdom #793: The Bible Is True

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Rome News-Tribune of Rome, Georgia. The title is Science vs. religion complicated question , and the newspaper has a comments section.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name is Ira. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Here we go!

To solve a problem, the problem must first be clearly defined. The phrase “science vs. religion” fails on several accounts. As a minimum, it doesn’t identify what science or what religion.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, it makes a big difference if we’re talking about astronomy or biology, and if we’re contrasting that with Christianity or Hinduism. Then he says:

Science is founded on the ability to test and observe. For example, if one states that water at sea level boils at 212 F, the statement can be tested any number of times. While this is a simple example, the principle applies even to the most complex scientific statement.

That’s a bit simplistic, but we’ll let it go. However, for more rigorous usage we recommend the definitions is provided by the National Academy of Sciences: Definitions of Evolutionary Terms. There’s also this: Scientific Hypothesis, Theory, Law Definitions. The National Center for Science Education has definitions right here.

After that beginning, Ira tells us:

But when one wishes to determine when something first came into existence (origin), who observed it and how can one test it? For origins, one can only observe evidence in the present and interpret such evidence as to its meaning for the past. Plus, one must first establish suppositions by which the evidence is to be interpreted.

[*Groan*] Ira is repeating one of the most common creationist distortions — Ken Ham’s re-definition of science itself. See Creationism and Science, in which we discuss ol’ Hambo’s bizarre distinction between historical and observational science, with the result that science — as defined by him — can’t tell us anything about the past. But it’s easily rebutted — see The Lessons of Tiktaalik. Ira continues:

The op-ed by George B. Reed Jr. published in the Aug. 5 issue of Rome News-Tribune fails to recognize the nature of science and misrepresents the problem he writes about, and he uses several straw man arguments.

Ira is probably talking about this: An old controversy revisited. It’s the sort of thing that would infuriate a creationist, so Ira attempts to debunk it. Now the fun begins:

He [Reed] states, “the Bible was never intended to be a scientific or archeological document.” True, it is a history document. He writes, “it (the Bible) was written in the symbolic, pre-scientific language of the day, and in parables, allegories, myths, etc.”

Here’s Ira’s rebuttal:

It was written primarily as historical narrative, it does not include myths, and being the word of God, wherever it touches on any scientific topic, it is truth.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] It’s The Truth. Let’s read on:

He [Reed] includes the canard “They all (Old Testament writers) seem to have written from a flat-earth perspective.” This red-herring has been refuted many times by both Jewish and Christian scholars.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! See The Earth Is Flat! Another excerpt:

Then Mr. Reed offers a solution to the problem of “science vs. religion:” He states: “Science tells us what, when and how; the Bible tells us who and why.”

Ira doesn’t like that either, as he explains in the rest of his letter:

He fails to recognize that the Bible tells us what, when, how, who, and why and that for origins, science cannot tell us what, when, how, who or why — it can only spin scenarios based on naturalism.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Naturalism is so inferior compared to super-naturalism!

Well, dear reader, there you have it. The good people of Rome, Georgia now have much to think about. And so do you.

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