Herman Cummings, Genesis Genius: He’s Back!

It’s been more than a year since we wrote about Herman Cummings: Unappreciated Genius?

Cummings modestly describes himself as world’s greatest expert on Genesis. Not only that, but if you want to teach creationism in public schools, he’s the man who knows how to beat the ACLU in court. He had been willing to help, but the Dover school board ignored his wisdom — to their infinite regret. He declared to the creationists of Louisiana that his wise counsel was available for the asking, if they would only to come to him and seek his assistance — but they were too arrogant to do so.

Our last article about Cummings was about his announcement at the website of OpEdNews that he had written a A Public Letter to the Discovery Institute, offering his assistance in their creationist endeavors, yet they too were so blind that they ignored him.

This makes Cummings a most unusual creationist — he’s being “expelled” by the very people who claim that mainstream science has “expelled” them. The rejects have rejected Cummings. That might discourage an ordinary man, but Cummings soldiers on!

Today we present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from Are The Jews Really That Blind…, Or Worse?, which appears at the website of OpEdNews. Cummings writes under the nom de plume “Ephraim.” The italics and underlining are in the original text and bold font was added by us:

Here we are in 2010, and the prevalent view is the ridiculous theory of evolution. It remains at the forefront, because rabbis and others don’t believe the Word of God, and the writings of Moses. Since they don’t understand what is written, they take the defeatist attitude that chapter one of Genesis is just allegorical. Some even say that the days were long ages of time. But when God told Joshua to march around the walls of Jericho for seven days, did God mean something other than 168 hours?

He’s got a point there. You can’t dismiss this man as a kook. Let’s read on:

Twelve years ago, I was told by the Jewish community in Charleston, South Carolina, that the Genesis text could not be reconciled with scientific reality. They refused to listen to the correct rendition of Genesis, which is now called “the Observations of Moses”. A 63 minute PowerPoint presentation has been created that takes the literal reading of Genesis chapter one, and reconciles it with both the geologic history of Earth, and the fossil record of death. The worlds of Creationism and Theology currently have the wrong view of Genesis.

Are you paying attention? The theologians and the creationists and the scientists are all wrong. Cummings has a presentation that clears everything up. We continue:

Do you think any of the rabbis and/or Jewish education instructors have enough good sense to sit down and re-examine their false beliefs? What about allowing the laypeople and students to learn what sort of infidels are leading and instructing them?

The fools! Cummings can straighten them out but they won’t listen. Here’s more:

In December 1993, the Word of the Lord came to a certain person, saying nine words that opened the understanding of the listener. The next day, that person went to the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh PA, to read the Hebrew text of Genesis, to confirm what he had heard. Now, about 16 years later, the human race is still in the dark.

Nine words? Perhaps they were: “You have too much time on your hands, Ephriam.”

Moving along:

So far, every “so called” rabbi/scholar I’ve written to (830+) in the USA & Israel has either been an infidel (denying the truth of the Pentateuch), or a scriptural coward.

Wow! But being true to his mission, Cummings will not be discouraged. Here’s another excerpt:

The theory of evolution is a direct attack against the heritage of the Jewish people, and the clergy is too blind to grasp that. It is so shameful that of all the Jews in the academic world, I can’t find one with enough belief in God’s Word, and moral fiber, to open their eyes to the truth of Genesis.

How frustrating! On with the article:

They all seem so comfortable regulating the text to the bowels of metaphors and myths.

We think Cummings meant to say “relegating,” although “regulating” and “bowels” may be exactly what he has in mind. It’s presumptuous of us to imagine that we’ve found an error in Cummings’ writing.

Here’s the conclusion:

So, who is going to stand up for the truth, and when, if ever? How can an educator or rabbi teach others, when they don’t comprehend the scriptures themselves?

Our advice to Cummings — or Ephriam — is this: Stay the course! Persevere! Proclaim your message to one and all. Do this, and you shall have the reward you deserve.

Copyright © 2010. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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14 responses to “Herman Cummings, Genesis Genius: He’s Back!

  1. Cummings offers a

    63 minute PowerPoint presentation has been created that takes the literal reading of Genesis chapter one, and reconciles it with both the geologic history of Earth, and the fossil record of death.

    Is that 63 literal minutes? My guess is, the hapless audience will find it feels like 63 eons.

  2. I’ve lately taken to reading the egotistical rants of creationists by imagining them speaking with the voice of Vizzini (from The Princess Bride). I find it helps dull the pain…

  3. Sounds like he gives a whole new dimension to the phrase “Death by PowerPoint.” Not to mention could you imagine having some wack-job trying to explain what your own religious texts mean when you’ve been studying them most of your professional life? He might be lucky to have escaped without said texts lodged into an unlikely orifice.

  4. A powerpoint presentation huh?

    Does anyone know if a potato gun will work with tomatoes?

  5. Tundra Boy asks: “Does anyone know if a potato gun will work with tomatoes?”

    Do what you always do — pelt him with walrus blubber.

  6. This makes Cummings a most unusual creationist — he’s being “expelled” by the very people who claim that mainstream science has “expelled” them.

    Apparently, OpEdNews expelled him too. I tried to see his scriptural lunacy masterpiece, but all I got was a nondescript 404 error (“This article is not currently available”).


    Of course, Google, as always, replied with a friendly “We can remember it for you wholesale“…

  7. Armand K. says: “Apparently, OpEdNews expelled him too.”

    So it seems. I clicked on the article in my post and it’s not at their site. This morning, if you clicked on his name there, they had about six or seven articles of his. Maybe it’s only temporarily down.

  8. If you go to the home page of OpEdNews and use their search window to find “Herman Cummings” they still list 2 of his articles, but not the one from today.

    Okay, here’s a listing of nine articles by Cummings at their site. I tested a couple of links and they work, but not the one for today’s article.

  9. Pedant’s Corner!

    The term you were looking for is nom de guerre. Its English equivalent is pen name. The term nom de plume is not used in French.

    Now write this out 20 times and hand it up to me tomorrow.

  10. Amadan says: “The term nom de plume is not used in French.”

    Who cares if the French use it? Buncha snail eatin’ foreigners!

  11. . . . who don’t even have a word for entrepreneur.

  12. Herman Cummings

    Yes, there may be an internal problem with OpEdNews. However, after the 72 hours agreement, the revised article is on Associated Content, named “Are the Jewish People Really that Blind, .. Or Worse?”. And thanks. I did make an error. Thanks for correcting me.


  13. Good of you to drop in, Herman.

  14. If I’m remembering Herman Cummings correctly… isn’t he the fellow who would book hotel conference rooms in various cities, put ads in the local papers announcing times and dates for his presentations on his startling discoveries, appear with books for sale and Power Point ready to go… and nobody would show up?

    Since I’m a kind-hearted sort, it just sounded terribly sad. Herman… alone… in an empty conference room… facing rows of empty seats… books on a table, unbought, that he will just have to take back to his car… curious glances from hotel staff… finally having to admit one more defeat and no one is coming… a long drive home or a night in a hotel room in yet another strange city… It almost makes me want to support him, just so he won’t feel completely rejected by an uncaring and blindly ignorant world… but then I read his stuff, and well, sympathy only goes so far.

    It also gives me pause in that I have a unorthodox theory or two of my own. Maybe booking hotel conference rooms and advertising in the local papers isn’t the best way to spread the word. On the other hand, since my presentation would include an amusing slide show of conventional depictions of the Man in the Moon through history, maybe I’d draw a better crowd…