Louisiana Creationism: It’s Coming Soon!

OUR last post on this topic was Louisiana Creationism, Gene Mills, & Barbara Forrest. But up to now, all of our posting has been about Louisiana’s anti-science, anti-evolution, pro-creationism law and how it came to be. There hasn’t yet been any reported episode of creationism taught in science class. But that may be about to change.

In the Advocate, the major daily newspaper for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we read School Board might OK teaching creationism. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

The Livingston Parish School Board will begin exploring the possibility of incorporating the teaching of “creationism” in the public school system’s science classes.

Is this the desire of only one creationist board member, or are there more? Let’s read on:

During the board’s meeting Thursday, several board members expressed an interest in the teaching of creationism, an alternative to the study of the theory of evolution, in Livingston Parish public school classrooms.

It was “several board members.” That’s not surprising. It must be remembered that we’re talking about Louisiana. We continue:

The discussion came up during a report on the pupil progression plan for the 2010-11 school year, delivered by Jan Benton, director of curriculum. Benton said that under provisions of the Science Education Act enacted last year by the Louisiana Legislature, schools can present what she termed “critical thinking and creationism” in science classes.

And as everyone knows, “critical thinking” means creationism. Here’s more:

Board Member David Tate quickly responded: “We let them teach evolution to our children, but I think all of us sitting up here on this School Board believe in creationism. Why can’t we get someone with religious beliefs to teach creationism?”

Lordy, lordy — it’s all of them! Moving along:

Fellow board member Clint Mitchell responded, “I agree … you don’t have to be afraid to point out some of the fallacies with the theory of evolution. Teachers should have the freedom to look at creationism and find a way to get it into the classroom.

They don’t have to be afraid. The state legislature and Bobby Jindal have given them the green light. Another excerpt:

When [Board President Keith] Martin suggested that the board appoint a committee to study the possibility of introducing creationism into the classroom, his opinion met with general, if unofficial approval.

“We shouldn’t just jump into this thing, but we do need to look at it,” Martin said. “The American Civil Liberties Union and even some of our principals would not be pleased with us, but we shouldn’t worry about the ACLU. It’s more important that we do the correct thing for the children we educate.”

Yes — it’s for the children! There’s more to the article, but it’s routine school board stuff — nothing else about creationism.

And so, dear reader, as this post comes to an end, think of your Curmudgeon — rubbing his hands together with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the Vesuvius of litigation that is certain to erupt.

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6 responses to “Louisiana Creationism: It’s Coming Soon!

  1. Board Member David Tate is a creationist? Why are we not surprised? Everyone knows that:

    He who has a Tate is lost.

  2. tildeb, that’s the worst ever. And a fine comment indeed.

  3. You know, of course, that someone in the district must complain to get a case into court, preferably someone with standing.

    Is there a student or parent of a student in that parish who has sense and dedication enough to make a fuss? Maybe the school board is loaded with Yahoos because there are no Houyhnhnms in the district to make real, human civilization.


    To: tildeb

    Contents: one internet

  5. Ah, the Dover Trap.

    It doesn’t matter one whit if the La. Legislature passes a balanced treatment act. The Supreme Court has ruled against teaching creationism. The act affords a school district no protection whatsoever.

    Morons. It’s not the ACLU that will bring suit. It will be a brave family willing to persevere community backlash.

    This is what the Disco Tute wants; somebody else to fight their battles. Tally ho!!!

  6. retiredsciguy

    Doc Bill says,
    “This is what the Disco Tute wants; somebody else to fight their battles.”

    Yep. In this case, all the poor taxpayers of some backwater bayou Lose-ee-anne school district.