Herman Cummings: Tireless Crusader

Herman Cummings describes himself as “the leading expert on the book of Genesis.” He’s the author (using the pen-name “Ephriam”) of Moses Didn’t Write About Creation! We have diligently reported on his long struggle for recognition (those posts are in our list of Self-Published Geniuses), including the numerous intellectual challenges he’s issued — all of which have been ignored. Yet he perseveres.

Herman’s latest article is titled An Open Letter to the Archbishop of Westminster It’s posted at the website iNewp — the People’s Press, and it tells of Herman’s continuing efforts to tell the world about Genesis. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Earlier this year (2011), I had read about the Easter message given by Pope Benedict XVI. So I wrote an article named “A Challenge Given to the Pope”. It was a universal challenge given to the leader of the “universal (Catholic) church”. During Easter Week, the Pope had said for all to believe the message of Genesis, but not to take the scripture literally (Creative Reason). He implied that Genesis was morally true, but not literally true.

Herman wrote his challenge to the Pope. What happened then? He tells us:

I sent the article to the Pope, and to various divisions of the Vatican (the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Congregation for the Clergy, the Congregation for Catholic Education, and the Congregation for Religious). Not just once, but three times. And for good measure, I also sent the article to the news media and Catholic sites in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Southeast Asia, England, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and all USA Catholic websites and magazines I could find, along with 54 newspapers and news sites in the USA.

Wow — Herman doesn’t mess around! He continues:

How often does someone publically challenge the Pope on points of doctrine and truth of scripture? Don’t you think that should have made headline news? Who (or what) is controlling the news media, and hiding the truth from the people?

We didn’t notice any headlines. Maybe Herman’s right and there is a media conspiracy. Well, what was the Pope’s reaction? Herman says:

The Pope had the whole month of May to respond. Do you think that he was willing to retract his false statements, and inquire about the truth of Genesis? No! After five months, I still have received no communication. But I also sent the article to the “Pope in Exile” and the Greek Orthodox.

What happened then?

Yet still also, no response.

“Yet still also.” Herman certainly has a way with words. What did he do next? Here you go:

Plus I wrote to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York (Anglican Church), but only an assistant of the York Bishop responded, yet it didn’t amount to anything. When it comes to the truth of scripture, the Clergy runs and hides. Perhaps, for that reason, church attendance is on the decline, and the doctrine of Atheism (evolution theory) is not being opposed.

Yes, that might explain it. One final excerpt:

As I said earlier, I received no response from the Pope. Neither did I get any response back from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. So this letter is written to the Archbishop of Westminster, to see if he is any more “godly” than the others. Will he also join the “council of the ungodly”, and “stand in the way” of Bible believers? The correct rendition of Genesis is the “Observations of Moses”, and is the explanation of the 600+ million year fossil record of escalating death.

One day, the world will recognize Herman’s wisdom. Until then, we urge him to carry on the good fight.

Copyright © 2011. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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8 responses to “Herman Cummings: Tireless Crusader

  1. …the 600+ million year fossil record of escalating death.

    “Escalating death” would be a great name for a rock band. But what does he mean? Over the history of life, the number of deaths equals the number of births, for obvious reasons. Maybe he means that animals are progressively becoming more dead now than in the past, that is, 600 million years ago when an animal died it was only a little dead, and now its really, really dead.

    Herman certainly is an energetic guy, though. I wonder if he’ll ever tell us what his “Observations of Moses” is all about.

  2. Over the history of life, the number of deaths equals the number of births, for obvious reasons.

    Not quite. Not every organism that was born has died. Amoebas, for example, are apparently immortal.

  3. Gabe says: “Amoebas, for example, are apparently immortal.”

    And the amoeba’s genome is about ten times larger than ours. It’s their world.

  4. Herman and his refusal to actually state why only he knows The Truth(tm) about Genesis has gotten to the point of being similar to the little kid standing next to you constantly singing, “I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves.” In a really irritating, whiny voice.

  5. To All:

    You want to learn what the “Observations of Moses” is? It’s the correct opposing view to evolution, what would be taught in science classes (not creationism). If you have to, FORCE your church or facility to host the PowerPoint presentation, for the public to see. This is a “stone that has been rejected by the buliders”, without first examining its contents.

  6. Mr. Cummngs, your refusal to recognize the obvious reason for “rejecting your stone” reveals either calculating salesmanship in the hope that some gullbile soul will buy your story or a delusional obtuseness.

    If you think your powerpoint has something of value, then post it on the internet where it can be examined. If you fear giving away your insights without compensation, you could at least provide some inkling of why you think a person of reason would find anything of value in your “stone”. Moreover, your intellectual stinginess promotes the suspicion that there is nothing there.

    Of course, your first hurdle in a audience lacking those already duped by theism would be to convince us that there is some reason to suppose the accounts of genesis anything more than myth. In the absence of convincing argument, you would best be ignored as a poor demented being.

  7. Herman Cummings

    To All:

    If it has not been deleted, you can view a sample of the presentation at http://www.authorstream.com/…/hzcummi-1075826-observations-of-moses-sample. For your information, I neither charge, nor bring anything to sell to any presentation which I conduct. That’s one less excuse for churches & other institutions to use for not hosting the seminar. People should not have to pay for the truth. Those other guys (“creationist clowns”) are the ones that charge registration fees and bring material to sell. I only bring the truth of scripture, and the best way I know how to present it for all to see.

    So get your facility to host the presentation. If its location is too far for me to drive, then certain arrangements would have to be made.


  8. Herman’s sampe has been removed. Pity.