South Dakota’s 2014 Creationism Bill — It’s Dead

Creationist bill, road kill

A week ago we told you about South Dakota Creationism: New Bill for 2014.

That was Senate Bill 112, which declared that “No school board or school administrator may prohibit a teacher in public or nonpublic school from providing instruction on intelligent design or other related topics.” In the state’s Senate, the bill’s sponsors were Monroe, Jensen, Lederman, Otten (Ernie), Rampelberg, and Van Gerpen.

We also provided this link to where you can follow the bill’s progress. It hasn’t been updated to reflect what we just learned.

We present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from South Dakota panel kills bill on teaching intelligent design, which appears in the Rapid City Journal of Rapid City, South Dakota. The bold font was added by us:

A measure that would have allowed South Dakota teachers to discuss intelligent design has been killed at the request of its sponsor. The Senate Education Committee on Thursday scrapped the measure, which dealt with the belief that a higher power must have had a hand in creation because life is too complex to have developed through evolution alone.

Whoa — killed by its sponsor! What happened? We’re told:

The measure’s main sponsor, Sen. Jeff Monroe of Pierre, says he had to scrap the bill because it was poorly written. He says he believes there’s a better way to deal with the issue sometime in the future.

Poorly written? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It seemed to be rather straightforward to us. Anyway, we’ll be eagerly looking forward to his next effort.

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12 responses to “South Dakota’s 2014 Creationism Bill — It’s Dead

  1. He got a call from the DI. Has to be.

  2. Eddie Janssen

    The DI wants to win its own Censor of the Year Award!

  3. Honest = poorly written.
    Please consult your DI Newspeak manual.

  4. Poorly written = Let’s not do Dover v. Kitzmiller again

  5. Tomato Addict says: “Poorly written = Let’s not do Dover v. Kitzmiller again”

    He’ll be back with an “academic freedom” bill. That’ll fool everyone.

  6. The San Francisco Chronicle had a longer story where the money passage was:

    The measure’s main sponsor, Sen. Jeff Monroe, R- Pierre, said he had to scrap the bill because it was badly written but didn’t elaborate. He said supporters from across the nation have said there are far better ways to address the issue, but he declined to say what he might do in the future.

    I think it is pretty clear the DI went to him about this.

  7. And, yes, he will be back with an “academic freedom” bill, the “better way” to do it.

  8. Supporters from across the nation?

    Like Seattle.

  9. Tweeted from Diogeneslamp0:

    @d_klinghoffer Congrats DI on censoring non-DI ID creo bill in S Dakota. When will you impose DI-approved rape of Constitution on SD voters?

  10. Well, you just know what’s coming — “A Bill to Promote Intellacademic Fredomign in South Dakota’s Schools”.

  11. Woo Hoo!

    You can hear an interview with Monroe where he says:

    I wanted students in high school and college both to … you know … to hear both sides of the story, whether its global warming or environmentalism or evolution versus creationism.

    Its too late in the session for him to bring a new bill so we’ll have to wait until next year to see what he’ll come up with (as if we didn’t already know!).

  12. “Poorly written?”
    Is that now the official creationist euphemism for what rational people would call “Insane”?