Ben Stein’s “Expelled”: The Plot Thickens

Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education has an informative article on the copyright dispute involving Mr. Stein’s “documentary,” Expelled producers accused of copyright infringement, which notes:

Biologist P. Z. Myers, who was interviewed for the film, has posted a side-by-side comparison of the animations in Expelled with the XVIVO animation, writing, “do notice that they both have roughly the same layout and the same elements in view; this is a remarkable, umm, coincidence, since these are highly edited, selected renderings, with many molecules omitted … and curiously, they’ve both left out the same things.”

That same fine website also has a separate site dedicated to Stein’s “documentary” which is an excellent trove of links to reviews and related articles: Expelled Exposed

And of course, the Discoveroids at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture have a current rant about this: “Expelled Exposed” — Exposed. Excerpt:

The folks at the National Center for Science Education have set up a website to attack the film Expelled before it ever gets into movie theaters. It undoubtedly will be a resource for those already organized to damn the film as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This is the ideology of the NCSE, which, after all, is not what it sounds like, but a lobby for Darwinian evolution.

Most of the material is pure diatribe and misrepresentation. The film’s main theme is that those scientists who support intelligent design, or even question Darwinian evolution, are coming under vicious personal and professional attack. Much of it (the interviews in the film show) is motivated by atheist ideology.

Poor Discoveroids. So very predictable. But they’re entertaining.

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