Kent Hovind: Creationist Role Model

MANY OF YOU know about Kent Hovind, young-earth creationist, diploma mill graduate, lecturer, creator of Dinosaur Adventure Land (a creationist theme park in Pensacola, Florida), and now … jail bird.

Well, he’s still in the news. In the Pensacola News Journal we read: Jailed owner fights to keep park open. Excerpts:

Chandler [an 8-year-old visiting the park] likely wasn’t aware the park’s creator, Kent Hovind, is serving a 10-year sentence for tax fraud and that he and his son, Eric Hovind, are trying to stop efforts by the Internal Revenue Service to seize the property for unpaid taxes.

Poor Hovind. The Darwinists got him. We read on:

Kent Hovind was found guilty in November 2006 on 58 federal counts, including failure to pay $473,818 in employee-related taxes and making threats against investigators.

Strange behavior for such a holy man. Continuing:

Kent Hovind sparred with IRS officials for at least 17 years before his conviction, claiming he had no income or property since he was employed by God and said park workers were ministers not subject to earthly payroll taxes.


At Kent Hovind’s October 2006 trial, a Florida attorney with the Christian Law Association said Hovind disputed the government’s right to tax him and likened his ministry’s power to that of a foreign industry.

“He tried to stress to me that he was like the pope and this was like the Vatican,” Seminole attorney David Gibbs testified.

Ah yes, the old “I’m like the pope and you can’t tax me” defense.

During an IRS raid of the Hovinds’ home, investigators found about $42,000 in cash stashed “all over the place,” along with a half-dozen guns, including a Russian-made SKS carbine.

Interesting guy. There’s lots more at the Wikipedia link, above, and in the Pensacola News Journal article. What do we learn from all this?

Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Creationists.

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