Herman Cummings Hurls Another Challenge

We are in awe at the persistence of Herman Cummings, who describes himself as “the leading expert on the book of Genesis.” He’s the author (using the pen-name “Ephriam”) of Moses Didn’t Write About Creation! Our last post about him was Herman Cummings Challenges the Whole World!

As before, Herman’s latest appears at a website called iNewp — the People’s Press. His article is titled Atheism in Illinois’ Education System. If you scroll down to the end of it you’ll find Herman’s challenge about which his article is written. We’ll begin with his challenge, which he sent to Representative Ed Sullivan Jr., Representative Carol Sente, Senator Dan Duffy, and Senator Terry Link of the Illinois State Legislature. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

I’m writing to you because I can’t seem to locate an email address for the school board of Community High School District 128.

Hey, Herman, your Curmudgeon is here to help. Here’s their website. At this page you’ll find the administrators and their email addresses — just mouse-over their names.

Let’s continue with Herman’s challenge:

The Community High School District 128 officials have said they have spoken with science teacher Beau Schaefer, and confirmed that he was teaching creationist beliefs at Libertyville High School.

Beau Schaefer? What a coincidence! We’ve been writing about that situation. See: Chicago Creationist Science Teacher Keeps Job. Herman’s challenge goes on:

I commend Mr. Schaefer for caring enough about the students to try to teach them the truth about pre-historic history [Aaaargh!!], but it’s my guess that he has limited knowledge of such, and only knows the false doctrines of Genesis which he has learned from others who taught him.

Ah, Herman approves that Beau is trying to teach creationism, but he fears that Beau isn’t teaching it correctly. We continue:

The “Observations of Moses” conveys the correct rendition of Genesis chapter one, revealing what God was actually showing Moses about the history of our Earth and universe. A 62 minute PowerPoint presentation is available, but academia and the Clergy are afraid of it, keeping the people from learning the truth of Genesis.

Academia (influenced by Atheists) does not want to show students an opposing view to the evolution theory. Evolution is their “god”.


I am asking that you put a halt to any proceedings being held at Community High School District, until they, or your education committee, has seen the presentation. Without the correct information, no one can make a proper decision.

Herman’s letter to the state legislators goes on a bit, but now lets scroll up to the top and see what Herman writes about his challenge:

Atheism in our education system is a bigger threat than terrorism.

Wow! Here’s more:

If students are given ungodly instruction, they grown up [sic] being ungodly. God gave the command to not commit adultery (fornication) to Israel for a reason. … How hard is it for a man in his mid-twenties to find a virgin for a wife these days?

Ah, so ungodly instruction is the cause of that. We never knew. Moving along:

[T]he point I’m making is that the mind set of education is denying the truth of prehistoric history [Aaaargh!!], because atheists want to force their beliefs upon other people, under the pretense of “no religion in science class”, which is a lie.

Verily, truth of prehistoric history must be told! Another excerpt:

As my earlier articles stated, Creationism and Theology are at fault, for not seeking the truth of Genesis. For example, if modern day Israel denies that their nation once crossed the Red Sea (1598 BC), their whole heritage is a lie, and they have no right to the land they occupy.

This is powerful and far-reaching stuff. Herman’s knowledge takes him from prehistoric history to the lack of virgin brides. We therefore recommend that you click over to iNewp and read all of Herman’s post for yourself. There is much to think about, and it’s time, dear reader, that you opened your eyes to The Truth.

As always, we urge Herman to carry on with his work. The world can’t ignore him forever.

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12 responses to “Herman Cummings Hurls Another Challenge

  1. Dear Herman,
    We now have the ability to determine paternity without having to resort to requiring bloody sheets hung over the balcony. But, listen, thanks for your concern.

  2. Hello.

    With thanks, I sent the letter to each of them, with the following addition:

    All religious nonsense aside, your purpose should be to CORRECTLY, educate and inform your students. You would be doing them a disservice by withholding the truth of ancient Earth, and the origins of our existence from them. In order to remain neutral, public schools must present both sides, else the State is forcing Atheism in science classes.

  3. Did you get any response, Herman?

  4. Oh, by the way, an even bigger blast is coming shortly. Head for the bomb shelters….

  5. Yes, State Senator Duffy wrote back. Below is his reply, and my response:

    <<I will review and consider your comments. Please keep speaking out.

    Thanks for responding. I am pleasantly surprised that you responded.
    If many more legislators would answer their own mail, instead of
    delegating that task, the public might be more responsive.

    But don't let it stop here. God said to "remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth". What are we doing? We're teaching then that there is no Creator. Not only that, we are denying that there is a spiritual realm, and saying that we have no "soul", being no different from the animals.

    There are many "infidels preaching from the pulpit" that do not want the
    truth of Genesis known, pretending to be ministers of God. They are working for the adversary, keeping the truth away from the people…., for the last 17 years. I have a sample of my presentation attached. It proves
    Genesis to be correct, and Creationism to be in error. The only way for
    schools to be neutral is to present both sides equally. Else, the State is
    promoting religion…., the religion of denial.


  6. *sigh*

    So, Herman, what about the “truth” of the Hindu version of creationism? How about various African tribal creationisms? How about Shinto creationism? How about Raelian creationism? How about Scientology creationism?

    You see, Herman, your version of that story has no reliable evidence. That’s why it should not and will not (as per the Supreme Court) be taught in a SCIENCE class where EVIDENCE is the primary support for knowledge.

    Sorry, but you don’t seem to realize that your “hypothesis” is poorly supported drivel. That’s why no one will listen to you.

  7. “How hard is it for a man in his mid-twenties to find a virgin for a wife these days?”

    About as hard as it is for a woman in her mid-twenties to find a virgin for a husband these days.

    Herman, don’t be a misogynist wanker. Seriously.

  8. Beside LRA’s well put point, I would also ask what does “DO not commit adultery” have to do with teenagers having sex (unless they married young of course). Since adultery is not fornication, it is a specific subset of it, regarding married couples.

  9. Gabriel Hanna

    What is forbidden in the Old Testament is sex with another man’s woman, as it was understood then, a woman who one is not free to marry for one reason or another. Premarital and extramarital sex for men is okay, provided that the woman be free to marry, not that the woman actually does.

  10. Gabriel Hanna

    Hey, Hermann, still waiting for an acknowledgment that Lucifer appears only once in the Bible, in Isaiah, and that the war of the angels does not appear at all.

  11. Herman, don’t be a misogynist wanker. Seriously.

    @LRA: Look, if you’re a man in your mid-20’s and stuck on the whole virgin wife thing, then wanking is probably not your worst option. Just saying…

  12. SC,

    After getting fired up reading the Louisiana Darwin and racism piece just before this one, I came close to falling over laughing while reading this post and the comment thread.

    I wouldn’t have thought that anyone going by “Curmudgeon” would have such a generally light touch, particularly on a subject that’s almost (intelligently?) designed to enrage thinking people. Please keep it up!